Help: Forums

What are Forums?

Forums are a place where members can discuss various topics of interest in a group setting.

To help, broad categories are provided (Dating & Relationships, Christianity, and more). Within each category there are further subcategories. For example, within Dating & Relationships, subcategories include Ask Men, Ask Women, Critique My Profile, and more.

Within each subcategory members create discussion topics. For each of these topics members can post comments about the topic. If there isn't a discussion already started for a topic, a new discussion topic can be created by any member.

How do I add comments to a discussion?

You can comment on already established discussions in two ways: Add a new comment that references the original post, or respond to a specific comment that has already been made.

Adding a General Comment

To make a general comment on the discussion topic itself, click the Add to this Discussion button at the bottom of the page. Input your comment and click Submit. Your post will appear at the end of the discussion.

Responding to a Specific Comment

To comment on something specific that has already been posted, you can quote that comment in your post so others understand the context. To do this, find the post in question that you want to respond to specifically, and click the Quote in Reply button that accompanies that post. Within the input box you will see the comment you want to quote. It is surrounded by square bracket tags as per below.

Wow... Forums are a really great way to get to know people!

Add your comment after the [/quote] tag and click Submit. Your post, including the quote, will appear at the end of the discussion.

Etiquette when responding to a specific comment

If there is only a small portion of the comment that you are responding to (e.g. the post you're quoting contains three paragraphs but you only want to respond to part of that) simply remove the unrelated portions of text from the input box. Be sure to keep the [quote=username] [/quote] tags around the section you want to quote (as per the example above). This results in shorter post lengths and thus improves the overall readability of the discussion. Also, quoting only what is required helps others quickly determine what you are referencing.

How do I start a new discussion?

If the topic you want to discuss has not yet been posted, feel free to start a new discussion. Select the subcategory you want to post to (e.g. Bible Study, Ask Women, Ask Men...) and then click the Start a New Discussion button. In the input box add a subject for your discussion and then add a description in the second box to get the discussion started. Click Submit and your topic will be live for others to comment on.

How do I edit what I posted?

Find the post you made and click the Edit button which accompanies that post. Discussion topic titles/subjects cannot be edited.

How do I delete what I posted?

Find the post you made and click the Delete button which accompanies that post. The exception is if your post was the start of a new discussion. Those cannot be removed (you can edit the post but not the topic name). Please reread your comments before posting them to the Forums.

How do I view all posts made by a member?

Find a forum post made by the member and then click the All Messages link that resides below the photo/information of the member.

What types of posts are allowed?

Please read the Guidelines page for more on this.

How do I report inappropriate posts?

Please read the Guidelines page for details on what types of posts are inappropriate. To report a Forum post please use our Contacts form and include for us the name and/or web link (URL) of the post you're reporting, as well as the username of the member(s) you are reporting. The more details you can provide on the situation, the easier it will be for us to address the situation.

Can I post more than simple text?

Yes, but please do so sparingly. For information on how to add bolding/color/hyperlinks/etc, see the Wikipedia resource on BBCode.