Christian Testimony - September 2023

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 We wedded last Saturday. Now we're Mr. and Mrs :)  

A beautiful Christian woman smiles as her husband stands behind her in the kitchen

It's easy to see why Francis is so pleased :)

Former Christian singles smile while cuddled up close on a couch

The beautiful couple!

A groom dances out of the church in his blue suit while his beautiful bride walks ahead, laughing

Pure joy on their wedding day!

A single Christian man tries to contain his joy while standing next to a beautiful woman in a classy pink dress

All dressed up!

A Black Christian man puts a ring on the finger of his beloved, who looks on in admiration

Francis makes his pledge to his love, Becky!

I joined Christian Cafe in January 2023, met Becky and we started our journey!

Though we're both from the same country, we had never met. She lives in another town and she's from a different tribe and culture.

But love brought us together. When I saw her, I knew she was the woman I wanted to be with.

I made the first move to visit her town, and then she came to visit me in Nairobi.

We planned for the introduction to her parents, which happened in May 2023.

Our engagement was on 19th August followed by a Church wedding two weeks later, on 2nd September 2023.

We're now exactly one week old in our marriage. We are both very happily married.

Francis-pstodhiambo190 {Kenya} & Becky {Kenya} September 2023

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 It is a privilege for us to find ourselves in this moment of waiting.  

A mature Christian couple stands together at church

The happy couple

A Latina single Christians smiles with glee as she leans into a White man with glasses

Ilsi is over the moon after meeting Roland

A couple giggle as they try to take a selfie while the man stands behind her

Roland looks pretty pleased, too!

A couple stand arm in arm at church

An evening out together

A woman in a flowing red dress and medium length hair smiles as a man in a blue suit stands next to her

More formal wear - that's a lot of dates!

A man in an red golf shirt poses next to a beautiful older women in a blue dress, as they both stand in front of a mirror in a hall

A man in an orange t-shirt, wearing sunglasses and a baseball hat smiles at the camera as a woman in glasses leans in. The ocean is seen in the background

A man in a striped shirt and blue tie stands in front of a stage while a woman with curly hair wearing a green dress puts her arm around him

An older Christian couple smile in the sunshine in front of the seaside in Honduras

A date at the seaside!

And we feel very grateful to you,, because you have been the means by which I have met the most wonderful man of my life, Roland.

He came to Honduras to visit me and meet part of my family April 21-29. That week went by very quickly! Everyone thought that Roland was a blessing in my life.

God is faithful when we as children are faithful to Him, Amen!

I congregate in a church which is Evangelical Christian, and my pastor Leonardo has taught us to do everything in order. Roland and I had a public presentation to the church, and everyone prayed for us, for our future together and for God to bless us.

To those reading this testimonial, we encourage you to keep trying, don't get discouraged, keep praying and hoping in God, that soon your answer will be ready!

Ilsi-ilsi877 {Honduras} & Roland-roliusa793 {Indiana} September 2023

[Editor's note: See March 2023 for their engagement announcement!]

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 I love that fact that you make it easy to search using a range of criteria.  

Other dating site platforms that I used limit search, but your added options are very important to me.

One of the other things I found impressive about was the detailed profile pages. Many guys go out of their way to write an in-depth and insightful profile, which inspired me to do the same.

I also appreciated the fact that you gave us 10 free days to enjoy the site and the recent bonus free days have been a delight.

eleganttwist165 {England} September 2023

 ChristianCafe does absolutely have the best customer service!  

Irma-evesoasis252 {New Jersey} September 2023

 I very much appreciate your app and website.  

I was a paid member and met and fell in love with a fantastic woman. Thank you for serving the Christian community.

Troy-troy437 {North Carolina} & Daisy September 2023

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 I just wanted to thank you for creating  

It's the only one that has helped me find a special someone.

I have found my love and we're moving towards our journey together. Praise God.

His timing not ours. Thank you again.

Bonita-greyshade257 {South Carolina} September 2023

 I am so glad that there is a Christian site like  

God bless you all as you continue your work.

David-hillside298 {Ontario} September 2023

 I found someone on the site and we getting married on the 16th of December.  

And we're from two different countries!

Natasha-natasha559 {Zambia} & Larry-honestlarry700 {North Carolina} September 2023

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