Christian Testimony - October 2023

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 I have some great advice for Christian singles.  

A beautiful Christian woman in a toque smiles in a car next to a good looking man

The beautiful couple :)

A man in a shirt and tie smiles in the car while a White Christian woman with black hair smile beside him

Jessica's prayers are answered in Steven :)

Christian singles laugh together on a river boat cruise at night

What's better than a river cruise!

A man in a goatee leans in for a selfie with a pretty woman, next to the ocean

Romantic walk on the beach

A well dressed Christian couple pose during a date night at an indoor event

Always time for a formal date!

A single Christian woman tries to take a selfie in the car as a man leans in and laughs with her

It's important to enjoy time together and laugh a lot

A Christian couple pose in the car while on a road trip date

Nothing better than a road trip with your love!

A pretty single Christian woman stands next to a handsome man as they laugh together

Grace and patience paid off for Jessica and Steven!

A bride in a white dress and nice necklace smiles next to her husband who is wearing a suit and blue tie

Wedding day is here!

Newlywed Christians pose outside in the summer

The newlyweds take a selfie

A beautiful Christian couple pose in front of rocks on their wedding day

Married at last!

Newly married Christians kiss on a deck by a river on their wedding day

Making the marriage official!

I had joined Christian Cafe July 6, 2023. I met my husband July 9th 2023 on your site.

We lived 6 hours apart. I was close to Philadelphia, PA. He was close to Pittsburgh, PA. A straight path from one end of Pennsylvania to the other end!

We started as friends in Christ on then eventually moved to email. Our first phone call was 9 hours long!

God continued to work in both of us and it got serious quickly.

We got married in Christ on September 29, 2023.

My words of advice would be:

Make sure they are 100 percent with a heart's desire for marriage. Nothing less!

I prayed the book of 31 prayers for my future husband every day n night. I journaled and took the challenges in the book as well!

I also got plugged into the online ministry fun and holy. It's very encouraging to do the challenges and read the blogs. She even has Bible studies for individuals and groups!

I was persistent from October of 2022 to KEEP MOVING FORWARD no matter how painful rejections & disappointments were before I met Steven! So don't stop searching for and writing to those who interest you. I kept letting God lead the way!

Right before Steven contacted me to actually move forward in a more serious getting-to-know-each-other relationship GOD TOLD ME TO CANCEL ALL MY DATING APPS. I was confused at the time because Steven and I were not communicating much at that time. But I heard God loud n clear.

I ended my Christian Cafe membership even though I still had paid time left. But I followed God's instructions.

The next day Steven reached out and was serious in moving us forward - marriage minded!

God used Christian Cafe for us to meet but then gave me specifics, so I wasn't distracted knowing that Steven was the one, and I knew it was going to take a lot of time, effort, energy and money to start a long distance relationship.

It's important to know that no matter how old you are now or what shortcoming you have, that God has a perfect plan for you! Keep praying God's Word over your life!

We both lived alone for 12 years before meeting. We both were serving in ministry. We both had specifics of what we were looking for and didn't find it in our local church. We both thought at one point before having the desire for marriage that we would have been single forever.

It's important to let God prepare you fully before getting married. It takes a lot of grace and patience!

And must be willing to sacrifice and die to flesh daily! Two different people with two different personalities coming together as one!

It's definitely just the beginning stages for us but I do know that the seasons of preparation were vital prior to marriage.

It's important to be whole and not broken. If there is any brokenness it's important to let God be your all and heal your heart before meeting your spouse, so you don't bring all that drama & baggage into your marriage.

For me personally I wanted to be debt free when I got married. And that was a goal I achieved with God's help!

Steven's first question to me was "who is the Holy Spirit to me? " and I gave him a thorough explanation.

And our journey began.

We are both strong in the gift of evangelism so that was important to both of us to do together. I'm actually going through the new member class on Sunday at Revival Today so we can serve together in outreach once I'm a member.

It's important to be picky and wait for God's best. When we came together we saw God's hand in everything. He gets all the glory!

Pray specifics and let God do the impossible! I said to God "you created the universe, you can bring my spouse to me! I trust You!" It was when I fully surrendered that things moved quickly for me and Steven. I prayed specifics. For many years too!

It's important to have disagreements and learn how to agree to disagree and let it go at that!

It's important to let God's Word be the final answer!

It's important to not hold a grudge!

It's important to keep Jesus on the throne!

We didn't just want attention. We wanted to get married and do life together in Christ.

One thing I said to Steven in the beginning was "you have to not be stuck and actually meet me in person and get to know me. I'm not just a profile picture and a bio. I'm a real person with a whole life! You will never know unless you spend time with me!"

And that stuck with him.

Then God spoke to him while he was at the gym and told him to call me! It did help that we are both health nuts! We had a lot in common! So it sparked more interest! Similar lifestyle always helps!

Hope this advice helps any who are reading this!


Thank you so much Christian Cafe for your ministry!

Jessica-redeemed732 {Pennsylvania} & Steven-sas902 {Pennsylvania} October 2023

[Editor's note: See April 2024 testimonial to see how they're doing 6 months later!]

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 I can't thank ChristianCafe enough for enabling us to meet.  

A couple laugh and hug each other as they enjoy a cool day out on a picnic date

What's more romantic than a picnic date!

A middle aged Christian man smiles as he stands next to a pretty woman in glasses, in front of beautiful rose bushes

George and Victoria beam with with delight at their relationship

This was the perfect place and I appreciated all the questions you put up for us to fill out, they certainly did the trick for both of us.

We are engaged and will be married on January 14, 2024.

Our relationship has been progressing in leaps and bounds and Victoria has been putting her stamp on my house in preparation for when she moves in.

Kind regards,

George-curiousgeorge335 {Western Australia} & Victoria-victoria3372 {Western Australia} October 2023

[Editor's note: See April 2023 testimonial for George's first post and February 2024 testimonial for their wedding announcement!]

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 I just wanted to say Thank You!  

I met Jerry here on ChristianCafe and I'm praying that this will be God's plan for me.

So far we've been understanding each other very well! Thank you!

Maribel-maravilla464 {Massachusetts} & Jerry-jerryj562 {South Carolina} October 2023

 I found my husband :)  


Kelly-kelly2963 {Ontario} October 2023

 I need to cancel my subscription to  

Thank you, I found someone on your site.

So I do not need your services any longer. Hooray!

Thank you again.

Richard-richard1754 {North Carolina} October 2023

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 Thanks to I did find someone!  

I'm recommending the site to friends and family.

Naomi-omi976 {Ontario} October 2023

 I have found my Wife-to-be SDA from your Dating site.  

So I thank you so much.

I will be going to New York for our CELEBRATIONS.

Joseph-walkers386 {England} & Magaly {New York} October 2023

 Christian Cafe outshines them all.  

Off and on for years I've been on different sites and now I'm "gun shy" because the other sites have been SO compromised: it was one spam or scam after another.

So I quit dating sites for a long time.

Then, recently I discovered It's been so interesting reading about men and their walk with the Lord!

Rather refreshing.

Eileen-eileenanne921 {New Mexico} October 2023

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 God is good. I was very hard to convince.  

I had given up when things didn't work well at first.

But something made me come back to her profile and try again.

We finally worked everything out and now we talk almost everyday for hours now and we lose track of time somedays.

She is a very down to earth person and we're looking at marriage soon. I truly believe that God brought us back together this reason.

Thank you!!!

Lonnie-honesty692 {Texas} & glenyging176 {Philippines} October 2023

 Christian Cafe run a good site - a lot of quality people on here.  

Paul-paulalaska408 {Idado} October 2023

 Thank you to Christian Cafe!  

I met someone on Christian Cafe and we were married Sept 2.

Marilyn-marilyn647 {Alberta} October 2023

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 Met someone on Christian Cafe.  

I wanted to let you all know that I was able to meet someone on this app.

Chris-chrisb287 {Virginia} October 2023

 Cancel my membership!  

Yes, I have met someone :) Thank you so much.

Stephen-stephenj369 {Virginia} October 2023

 Thanks to ChristianCafe, I'll be married to someone I met at your service in December of this year.  

I'm really happy with my Steven!!

Eva-sunshine5940 {California} & Steven October 2023

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