Prayer For Love

prayer for love
Sometimes Christian singles feel they should pray for love but they’re not sure how they should pray, what words to use, or even if they should pray for a future spouse. We present a simple prayer for love that singles can use to help them to seek God’s guidance and help to find that special someone.

Should you pray a Prayer For Love?

If you feel the need to pray for love, for a future spouse, but you’re not sure what words to use, or what to say to God, we came up with a prayer for love to help Christian singles ask God for help into finding true love.

We, as Christians, believe that God answers prayers, but sometimes we are too eager or to hasty and get impatient with God’s timing for blessings in our lives. But we ask you, dear single, not to get desperate, not to get discouraged, and never stop entrusting your life to God.

If it’s in God’s desire for your life, He will put you on the right place in the right time of your life to meet that person who will turn your world upside down (in a good way). You have to trust Him and His plans for your life for everything to come to the fulfillment of His love for you.

We believe that if God has plans for you to meet that person whom you have been searching for, you should take some quiet time to pray and pour out your heart’s desires to God, so that He might grant you your future spouse.

Prayer For Love

Dear Lord,

I ask You, that my desires be your desires and that if You have someone for me, that I may be the joy of that special person. I ask You, dear Father, that my desire to meet my future spouse won’t dampen the love and desire I have to serve You.

Thank You, O Lord, that I can trust You to guide me and prepare me to be the right person for the one I will love. Thank You for protecting me from the wrong ones and for keeping me for the one you have for me.

I ask You that our love be not aroused or awakened until it so desires, until we’re ready and prepared to share what we have learned about You, so we will able to share our love as You have commanded us to do.

When the right time comes and I meet my true love, please have us know that You’ve made a seal on our hearts, so we both can tell that You approve of our relationship. Teach us to realize that there is no fear in love, as perfect love drives out fear.

We pray that our love, when we finally meet, never fails and only grows stronger every day, so we can keep worshiping You for the remainder of our days. And that we can understand that we love you because You first loved us.

Dear Father, I humbly place my future love into Your gracious hands and know I can count on Your blessing to help me to connect with my soulmate at the right place and at the right time.

I trust that You, O Father, can help and guide me to look for, find, meet, and unite me with my future spouse. I ask that You preserve my heart and only allow the one that deserves it to be able to reach it and touch it.

O dear God, help me and assist me to become the best other half that I can be. And, that I look for the best of what I can give, instead of looking for what I can get from my other half.

Please show me how to humble myself, like our Lord Jesus did, so I can show my love for You by doing to others what I would like them to do for me. Teach us to love like You do, so we’ll be able to love each other unconditionally.

We ask that our love binds all the virtues that come with love in perfect unity so we cannot just love with words but with actions and in truth.

Even if I haven’t yet found my future love, I please ask You, Father, to show, teach, and guide me to keep myself pure and respect my future spouse, even if I don’t know him/her yet. Please keep me away from sin and temptation. Please help me to stay pure for my beloved and please keep my beloved pure for me.

Help me to become the best future spouse that I can be. Teach and guide my actions so they’re pure and respectable towards my future spouse. Please protect me from temptation and sin. And, that my love for the one You have for me, continues to grow and deepen even if I don’t know him/her yet.

I would ask You to help us to Be Still and wait on You, because You knew us before the world was created. You knitted us in our mothers’ wombs.

Guide me to the right person, and if I need it, permit me to meet some wrong ones as well, so I can learn from them on how I can improve myself to become a better person and a better follower of Christ. I also ask you Lord, please protect me and give me guidance concerning the wrong ones. Also, protect me so I don’t fall for any traps set by the Devil. I request that You remove the ones who don’t belong in my heart and even in my life, so I can clearly distinguish to whom my heart belongs.

I pray to You, O Lord, that other singles, who feel lonely and sad, just like millions out there, who are also searching for their soulmate, can be also comforted by Your love and Word. That You, Father, make them realize that everything has its right time and place with the right people. And, that they trust in You to bring them happiness and fulfillment that no other person can give to them, but only You, O God.

Help us to be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. And above all, help us to love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of our sins and only by loving each other, will we be ready to love our future true love.


Please read the following blog post: When prayer for relationship isn’t being answered, if you’re still anxious about finding someone, even after praying this prayer for love.

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  1. Be carefully about prayers, we all praise God but,We are impatient for life .so if we ask God for any type help,you should wait the Gods’ answer,not wish God to answer you for direct time.God know whatever you ask so be faithful into what you pray for.

  2. That prayer was truly the desire of my heart – I know my God sees me and hears me and knows the person who is out there who will fit with me perfectly. I leave finding my love to HIM because He does all things perfect and I want my Lords Blessing on my future husband and myself – All Glory and Honor and Praise are His – Amen and Amen

    1. I have been praying also for a future husband I have been hurt n been in a wrong marriage because WS not patient

  3. Just finished reading; Prayer For Love by Polly….. A thing of Beauty ! Well thought out,thorough,comprehensive…..Others and God centered. One Bible verse says; If you do not love man (and woman)whom you have seen,how can you love God whom you have not seen ?
    This prayer spoke well to the paradigm that in order to attract love you must seek first to give love and consider others before yourself….. Mature meat for mature thinkers.May all in search of the Holy Grail of affection learn agape first !

  4. I think God is sort of like the genies in all the legends. You can ask for your wish to be granted, but you need to be VERY specific.

    “Please send me a husband,” isn’t specific enough. It might get you married to a man, yes—but somebody totally incompatible for some reason. Or worse, since you didn’t specify “a husband of my own,” it will make married men get attracted to you. That’s a hassle you DON’T want, trust me.

    Maybe a good prayer would be, “Please make somebody I could actually WANT, want me enough to marry me.”

    Of course, God isn’t noted for great communication skills. If he would just tell us what’s going to happen in simple terms in our mother language, instead of using parables and “signs” that are easy to misinterpret—that would help.

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