New Year’s Prayer for Singles

New Year Prayer for Christian Singles

Another year has come and gone and the expectation for a new beginning starts right away. Some singles might feel lost or even discouraged with high expectations for New Year’s Resolutions, changing of habits, pursuing new plans and goals, and/or the challenges of looking for a mate. The good news is that by allowing God to work on us, we’ll be able to start the New Year with confidence of a better outcome for our plans (even if it doesn’t always go the way we planned or desired). We should hand over our heart’s desires to God in the hopes for a better future and a more fulfilled life.

New Year’s Challenges

Christian singles, please don’t get discouraged, as our dear Father knows your most intimate desires and wants the best for you. In the end, everything will work out, if you give and surrender your heart and entire being to the One who knows you best, the God of the universe, also known as our Father!

New Year’s is challenging, especially if you’re single, and more so if you’re a Christian single. Some might feel that just because their plans didn’t come to pass that they should give up their search for that special someone. But I invite you to read 3 of our blog posts (below) about being single and the best approach for Christian singles who are looking to start the New Year out right.

Still single: Why aren’t you dating yet?

Christian Singles and the New Year

Single for New Year’s Eve?

This very simple prayer (below) will help you to do just that. It’ll help you to ask God to guide your life, and surrender your desires to Him. Everything will then be done according to His purpose for your life.

Christian Singles New Year’s Prayer:

Dear God,
You’ve brought me to the beginning
of a New Year. Thank You for allowing
me to survive and conquer the past year.
Knowing You were with me all along made
the battle easier. The assurance of your
Love made the path a little less hard.

Please give me again the comfort, strength
and wisdom to deal with my daily struggles
in this New Year. Give me victory against the
enemy who is prowling like a roaring lion.

I know I can humbly put into your
Mighty Hands  my future challenges!


Your Best New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! And remember: placing your life in God’s Hands is the best New Year’s resolution you can ever make, as He’ll be working to make you a better follower of Jesus, a better giver, and a blessing to others. Don’t be discouraged.  BELIEVE and commit your life into the Almighty’s Hands and just trust Him.

Be blessed!

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  1. It has been a challenge for me last year going into this year. But I am determine to trust in Jesus Christ my Saviour and LORD that this year would be a better year for me and hopefully and prayerfully meeting someone. I like the prayer it was very appealing and encouraging to read it, I could feel the Joy of reading the letter as my eyes went over it. As I dedicate my life to Jesus I believe he will bless me to find the right one just for me and with this I know be his will all will be alright for me and I thank Jesus for this my prayer request to him who knows Best; my life is in his hands. May God Almighty in the name of Jesus bless all the Christian Singles who are looking for love their matchmate truly find in Christ Jesus that that they are looking for and may Jesus enriched them in their lives for the love they will find including me. As the scripture has said, Seek and Ye shall find. God bless you all in Jesus name…every single christian devoted Child Of God
    to find your God blessed match in Jesus name.

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