Christian Testimony - January 2024

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 The Lord has blessed us with a full life.  

A beautiful interracial Christian couple beam during a selfie

So happy to be together

A bearded knight weds his princess in front of a fireplace.

The dashing knight weds his princess!

A man on bended knee presents a flower in the snow to his beautiful bride in a white dress

Isn't that the most romantic!

A man weds his princess in the snow at foot of Banff Springs Hotel

Is that the knight's castle in the background?!

A mother cuddles her newborn at home, while surrounded by 5 curious children.

Daphne, surrounded by her "Cafe Babies" :)

A collage of 5 cute children sitting on a desk, with a second photo of their new baby brother.

5 beautiful "Cafe Babies" welcome number 6, with 7 on the way!!

My husband and I met through Christian Cafe. He's from Canada and I, Australia.

He contacted me Feb 25, 2012.

We made a decision to commit to getting to know each other after a few days chatting.

In June of 2012, he flew over to Sydney, and proposed to me on my 32nd birthday.

6 months later we got married in Banff, Alberta Canada.

Then he migrated over to Australia with me.

We've been married for 11 years.

With 6 kids, five boys and one girl, under 11 years of age...and now 13 weeks pregnant with my 7th!

We are forever grateful that Christian Cafe was the instrumental tool He used to bring us together.

Daphne-littleasia738 {New South Wales, Australia} & Joshua-atreyu498 {British Columbia, Canada} January 2024

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 We are so happy, and we thank you.  

Christian singles pose outside Cathedral of Brasília

Brett with his lovely wife, Magda

A bride in white dress shows off her wedding ring, beside her new husband, who also shows off his rings

Magda and Brett show proof they're married!

A new bride in a sleeveless white dress stands with her new husband flanked by their wedding party, at church

What a beautiful ring

A Christian couple in glasses pose in the sun in front of the Cathedral of Brasília

Enjoying an excursion in Brasilia

A tall Brazilian woman in glasses hugs a Texas man in glasses in a field at sunset

What a beautiful photo, with a wonderful sunset!

A man hugs a beautiful smiling woman from behind while they stand in a field at dusk

Brett is overjoyed he met Magda

Former Christian singles kiss after meeting and falling in love.


A family photo at dinner in Brazil.

Brett's new family rejoices in their union

A Brazilian teenage girl takes a selfie with her extended family in the background.

Everyone is happy for Brett and Magda

We are pleased to announce our marriage on January 13th 2024.

God brought us together by using

...First comes prayer, then Love...

Magda and I met on back in March of 2023 and then I traveled to Brazil last summer.

God was with us, and He provided for our love to grow.

Brett-joyforyou874 {Texas} & Magda-garotacrista418 {Brazil} January 2024

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 I am married!  

We had our wedding celebration December 27, 2023 :)

Myrna-shalomyrnabpa303 {Philippines} & Frank {Pennsylvania} January 2024

 I am really enjoying the site.  

It feels very "clean", safe, and with high integrity.

Rebekah-steadyheart726 {Hawaii} January 2024

 I started as a trial member and then invested in a membership, and then...  

...I met a nice woman :)

I saw Anna sent her a wink and she responded.

Anna and I met through Christian Cafe in 2022 and I flew to the Phillipines to get to know her better.

Now we are engaged :)

Thank you VERY much Christian Cafe!

Chad-jesusman447 {South Carolina} & Anna-annatgdq134 {Philippines} January 2024

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 It all started at Christian Cafe and we are coming up on the 20-year anniversary of our initial contact there.  

I'm a very blessed former member from the Netherlands.

I joined Christian Cafe in 2003 and, without much expectation or intent, I met the woman of my life there whom I have proudly been calling my wife for 17+ years now.

She lived in the US at that time and I moved there.

God has blessed us incredibly with each other and 2 beautiful daughters (16 and 13).

Gerward-dutch485 {Netherlands} & Lindsay-mllemissions782 {California} January 2024

 I want to delete my account.  

I have just recently gotten married to a girl I met on

And I no longer want my profile out there listed for other ladies when I'm already taken :)

David-davidkrzemien233 {Oklahoma} January 2024

 Please remove from this account.  

I actually met somebody through your site!

Thank you Christian Cafe!!

Asha-ashajyothi116 {Florida} January 2024

 This is probably the best dating site in my opinion.  

God bless you all for the work you do.

anthony-anthony9935 {Pennsylvania} January 2024

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