Christian Testimony - May 2013

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 We want to thank you for the great website which you run!  

An overjoyed woman holding flowers on a beach is hugged by a well dressed man

Jeff and Sun were matched by values and faith

I had been been a member of on and off for several years, but in December of 2011 I met my wonderful wife through your site just 24 hours after she joined!

We corresponded through your site for a while, met in person in January of 2012, were engaged in August of 2012 and were married on the beach in Florida on March 30, 2013.

We truly believe that God used to bring us together. When we met though your site, I was living in Florida and she was living in Mississippi. I do not know how we would have met except over the internet.

Although we both looked into several different websites, we found that most match people based on hobbies and interests, not on their values and faith. We both felt that was the best place to find a life partner that matched on a deeper more meaningful level.

Thanks for all you do at!

Jeff-pecten365 {Florida} & Sun-aiwehdeh274 {Mississippi} May 2013
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 Delete my account because I met a keeper!  

Just wanted to let you know that I met someone on after only two months on the site. I truly believed that if God had someone for me, despite how quiet it was, He would bring him to me here on

Well, after 30 days of corresponding with life101, we decided to meet and he came down to my hometown in WA state. We spent 3 wonderful days together getting to know each other better and thanking God for!!

In May we will meet again in TN and I will meet his son and he will meet my two adult sons. I am excited about what God is doing here and I am trusting His will will ultimately work out regardless of the outcome.

I hope that someday we will be able to write to with a beautiful testimony. In the meantime, I just wanted to thank you for being a powerful vessel in bringing people together who otherwise may never have met.

Keep up the wonderful work and I will continue to recommend this site to my single christian brothers and sisters.

Estelle-abbasgirl491 {Washington} & Randall-life101 {Illinois} May 2013

 I just wanted to thank you and encourage you in the wonderful work you are doing.  

I know that this site is not just about finding marriage partners. It is that and so much more!

The Holy Spirit is helping us glorify Jesus as we connect and PRAY for each other. People can pray for someone that is on the other side of the world and give them a word of encouragement and blessing to let them know that they are loved of God. God is ministering His love through people using this website. is amazing and extremely different to ANY other website - let alone singles website!

I thank God for your obedience, dedication and hard work. One thing I have noticed recently is the "prayer" section. I am also aware that you must manage it so people are protected. There is a 'user policy' with guidelines which shows excellent management in general of this website. It reminds me of Moses being appointed of God to manage the people of Israel when they escaped out of Egypt! The people of God quarrelled, fought and killed each other in the wanderings in the desert!

The 'forum/chat' also needs managing to protect our own people (the believers in Jesus) from abusing and hurting one another. You are managing it so well and I want to congratulate you for that. It is not the outsiders that are hurting us but it is ourselves hurting ourselves! That's why the oversight of the website is so important.

God bless you, the leaders, managers and ordinary workers of this website to protect people and to make it more likely that people will be edified and make their connection with Jesus stronger. Well done! has been well thought out and things are put in place to safeguard! Very good organization. I pray more of God's blessing on the leadership as God gives you a vision for the future to benefit our people (the Christians). May you be led of God's Spirit in all things as you help people glorify Jesus who saved us! Well done!

If I were to grade you, you would get grade A.

These things came to me as I was thinking of you guys:

Exodus 16:2 - Murmurings in the desert against Moses the leader
Exodus 13:21- God led Moses by the pillar of cloud and fire
Romans 8:14 - Led by the Spirit of God in all things
Numbers 11:24-25 - Moses has helpers. God took the Spirit that was upon Moses and put it on the 70 helpers to help him.

Bjorn-polarbear857 {England} May 2013

[Editor's note: See February 2024 testimonial for Bjorn's marriage announcement!]

 I was giving up on this site and all of a sudden a man messaged me.  

He was searching for a Christian to share his life. He is the most fantastic man, and I could not have met him if not for your site.

Charlene-handygirllll958 {Ontario} May 2013
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