Christian Testimony - July 2022

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 We've been married for 20 years!!  

Happily married Christian couple pose at Milwaukee's waterfront

Sheila and Ken, loving life in Wisconsin

A beautiful Christian couple pose together in church gym

Sheila and Ken, loving each other 20 years into marriage!

A young man with ripped jeans sits on a rock while smiling

"Cafe Baby" Jonny is now a full grown man!

We celebrated 20 years of marriage 7/14/22.

It was in Jan of 2002 that I stumbled upon ChristianCafe. I was newly widowed and in San Diego, having grown up there. What I was initially looking for was a widowed pen pal.

Then I met Ken!

He was a dairy farmer in north central Wisconsin, and we started writing. Then calling and finally met.

Within 6 months we married and then 9 months later we welcomed a son, Jonathan David.

We have been happily married now for 20 years, many thanks to ChristianCafe!

God has been so good to us and I know that it was God's plan we meet all along. The years have flown by and the only regret I have is not meeting sooner.

Our son "Jonny" is already 19, and I do believe when I put up our update in Sept of 2003, he was the first "Cafe Baby" posted to the testimonials. Jonny has almost completed his AA in auto mechanics.

I run a small post office 5 miles from home and love life in Wisconsin. We all attend church together and my hubby and I serve in the Awana program at church and a few other areas.

Thank you again and many blessings! May many continue to find they're happily ever after!

Sheila-gina132 {California} and Kenny {Wisconsin} July 2022

[Editor's note: See September 2003 testimonial for their original submission and a photo of "Cafe Baby" Jonny :)]

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 I have met someone amazing on Christian Cafe.  

Thank you so much!

Richard-husbandtobee739 {England} July 2022

 I was really only browsing to see what was out there, never expecting to find a match so soon with a lovely Christian woman.  

I joined last month and straight away matched with a lady in Queensland (I'm in Western Australia).

We've already exchanged emails, progressed to some very long phone calls and now I am flying over in September to meet up with her. is excellent and the questions in the profile are quite relevant and meaningful.

George-gem991 {Western Australia} July 2022

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 After 3-month paid membership last year and a few trial memberships this year, I finally met my soulmate!!!!  

Dating now 1.5 months, we are connected and look forward to a marriage future together.

We were 1000km apart, but my relocation to her country has made our connection a real commitment for our future together.

I would advise others to commit to a paid ChristianCafe membership that goes beyond the free trial member to be serious in the search effort.

Secondly, be persistent in searching for that quality person to change your life.

Common Christian Values are the roots to finding that special person and ChristianCafe offers a unique platform for those willing to be open to the world.

We agreed to meet after a month of emails and video chat, extended my long visit in order to get to know each other more deeply...with our sincere hope that leads to marriage in the near future.

Thank you Christian Cafe!!!!

Mike-aboveallthing493 {Italy} & Anita-anita148 {Latvia} July 2022

 Delete my account from the site.  

I found the person I was looking for!

I would like to thank you immensely - is a blessing.

Renata-modestorenata828 {Florida} July 2022

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