Christian Testimony - September 2003

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 We are so thankful that the Lord brought us together and thankful that aided in His Divine Plan.  

A beautiful Black woman hugs her man from behind as he tries not to let go of her

Sheri and John aren't letting go after being connected from such a distance :)

We are writing to tell you of our wonderful love story.

My new husband wrote to me for the first time on April 5, 2003 at He asked if I would like to make a new friend in the Chicago area. I hesitated because I lived in California.

However, I felt that I had to be open to wherever the Lord was leading me and if it was Chicago then, I would be willing to go. We wrote to each other for a while on Christian Cafe and then we talked on the telephone for Hours.

We both had expensive telephone bills! But, it was certain we were right for each other. We were both Born-Again Christians with the same qualities and love to give.

We prayed about our union and knew it was right because the Lord made so much happen in such a short time. I sold my townhouse in Los Angeles the first day it was listed on the market.

Then, I flew back and forth between Los Angeles and Chicago interviewing for work. I got a great job offer immediately. John came to help me pack and proposed to me on June 27, 2003.

I moved to Chicago on July 1, 2003. Then, we returned to California to get married on July 11, 2003 in a private ceremony in Lake Tahoe.

Sheri & John September 2003

[Editor's note: See August 2003 testimonial for John's submission last month!]

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 I owe  

Pretty Christian woman tackles a man by wrapping her arms around him. He smiles.

Jeremy took a chance and look at him now - he met Jennifer!

I know most people would never consider meeting someone online because I was one of those people. I signed up just to see what was out there.

Ye of little faith.

I was in Toronto and began talking to a lady from Nebraska. I almost never wrote her and only did to say, "I was in Omaha a few months ago...just driving through - nice city"

That comment launched us into many chats, eventual phone calls, and a 16 hour drive down to meet her and her family. I spent 6 days in Omaha - drove back to Canada, and realized I had to be near Jennifer to see if there was potential.

I moved to Omaha in March of 2002, and in June of 2003 she became my wife. I am so grateful for the wonderful service you provide and for introducing me to my beautiful bride.

Jeremy & Jennifer September 2003

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 Thank you, because of your service I have found my heart.  

A man lets a pretty woman take a selfie of the two of them

George found his heart, in Denise :)

Her name is Denise and she is everything I have prayed for and more. We have so much in common, of which most importantly is our faith in Christ our Savior.

God brought us together through We are making plans for marriage and a life together.

George - realguy623 & Denise September 2003

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 Thank you for providing the site and the opportunity to meet Jim.  

A man looks very pleased to hug a woman, who leans her head on his shoulder

A very happy Anita with her special man, Jim

I met a wonderful man through (after being divorced and not dating for 4 years). We are working together through a book and workbook entitled "Saving Your Second Marriage Before It Begins" by Les and Leslie Parrott.

Anita and Jim September 2003

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 What seemed impossible became possible. That's how Jesus Christ works.  

A relaxed man sits on the couch next to a pretty Christian woman

Karen and Carlos, together in love, joy and service to the Lord

Carlos and I met on about a year and a half ago and we got married April 11th of this year.

It was the hardest to keep a relationship strong considering distance and our culture differences, but God will always make a way. He has certainly used as the means for two people so far apart to meet.

We are now together in love, joy and service to our Lord. Thank you for this wonderful Christian site.

Karen and Carlos September 2003

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 When I came on it was just for curiosity more than anything.  

Born again Christians hug in the living room

Monica's curiosity paid off: she's engaged to Steve!

I never dreamed that I would wind up meeting one of the most wonderful people in my life.

"Soulmate" wrote me an email and I was hesitant to respond because I was just recently divorced. My daughter read his profile and kept telling me, "Mom you need to contact this guy...I feel really good about him!"

..So I did.

We talked for a few weeks on Christian Cafe and then on instant messenger and phone. We wound up meeting at a festival in NC and when we met it was instant chemistry & love at first sight.

I have found the love of my life and he feels the same way. We are talking wedding bells in July 2004 :o)

Thank you once again for allowing God to use to send me His special gift to me and the gift of love to both of us.

Monica - monica992 and Steve-soulmate September 2003

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 I met my sweetheart on She is a gift from the Lord beyond a shadow of a doubt.  

Bible believing Christians sweethearts cuddle

Walt with his sweetheart and gift, Pam

We are now living in the same city and have closed the gap from the 5 hours that separated us when we met on

I live in NC she is from WV. Thanks for having this site and for this way of ministering to Christian men and women.

Walt {North Carolina} and Pam {West Virginia} September 2003

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 I want to thank you guys for opening the doors for Ron and I!  

Christian bride sits on her groom's knee as he hugs her tightly

From open doors to wedding bells!

We met on in January of 2002, met in person in March of that year, and were married June 22, 2003.

We recommend you to all our single friends!

kelayne120 & Ron September 2003

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 It has been an awesome experience these past few months and we are excited for what lies ahead.  

A man smiles as he embraces a pretty Christian woman

Chad who had found God's favour in Tanisha :)

Chad and I met through in early March 2003. We exchanged messages and talked for about three weeks before we went out on our first date.

Ever since that first date, Chad knew I was the one. The Bible says in Proverbs 18:22, "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD." Such favor he has obtained!

Since I love the depiction of Ruth & Boaz in the Bible, I encourage every woman to read Ruth 2.

Chad proposed to me on June 3, 2003 in my home. Our wedding will take place April 9, 2004 here in Greenbelt, MD!

There is so much in store for the ministry God has given us. Our purpose is to bridge cultural and doctrinal gaps as we both come from two different religious backgrounds: Evangelical & Pentecostal; but guess what, we serve the same God!

Our theme is "Breaking Down the Walls of Partition" based on Ephesians 2:14-22. Thank you and I am telling many others about this website.

We'd like to close by saying, "Don't put God in a box." There is no limit to what God can do and how he can bring two different people together, make them one, and have them fulfill their destiny unto the glory of God.

Tanisha-crispylee927 {Maryland} and Chad-sweettee961 September 2003

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 It has been an incredible journey - but God has blessed my husband and myself in so many ways!  

Christian man leans over a bench and talks to his pretty bride in a beautiful dress

Korinda didn't settle for less and is now married to Tim!

We met this Spring on and chatted via instant message for 8 hours the first night.

Later we chatted via phone for about 12 hours. He is an amazing Godly man.

No one should ever settle for less than what God has planned for you and for someone who is Christ centered! And Tim was a definite plan!

Tim lived in Los Angeles and I lived in Denver. We did the phone calls, emails, snail mail cards, flights to each others cities...and alas we knew that God wanted us together for the rest of our lives!

God's plan also had Tim moving to Denver! We were married 2 months after he moved to Colorado. God has blessed us with a best friend for life in each other.

May God be a part of the equation in all the relationships on Christian Cafe!

Korinda {Colorado} & Tim {California} September 2003

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 In Jan. 2002 I happened to stumble upon by clicking on a banner.  

Widowed Christians pose together and smile outdoors

Former widowed members Sheila and Kenny have been greatly blessed!

Super cute baby rests open mouthed

"Cafe Baby" Jonathan David!

I had been a widow for just one year, and thought perhaps I could find a pen-pal who too had lost his spouse, and we could share and pray for each other.

Well, I did end up writing to a gentleman from Central Wisconsin who had lost his wife about the same time as I had lost my hubby.

Well, we quickly became friends, met, fell in love, and married in July 2002, where I relocated from California, to Wisconsin.

The Lord not only blessed us with each other, but also with a baby, and in April 2003, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Jonathan David.

We both love the Lord Jesus Christ, and get along so great, and feel so blessed to have found one another through!

Sheila-gina132 {California} and Kenny {Wisconsin} September 2003

[Editor's note: See July 2022 testimonial for their 20th anniversary submission and a grown up Jonny!]

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 We knew from the moment our eyes met that we were blessed with a love from God that was unmatchable.  

Newlywed Christians hold each other and gaze lovingly

Connie and Jeff can't keep their eyes off each other :)

We wanted to thank you for, from the bottom of our hearts, and to let you know that we are very grateful for a Christian based web site.

We met on Christian Cafe back in Sept. 2002, and we talked a lot on the site, and then personally on the phone and many emails.

Then we finally met in person in Feb. 2003. We went to church revivals all week that I was in Georgia and Jeff proposed to me the day before I was to return to New York.

I accepted with gladness in my heart and a certainty from God that this was right for us. Jeff and I were married on May 24th, 2003, and we want to encourage others that join Christian Cafe to never give up hope and always put God in the center of any relationship and He will show you , what He has in store for you .

I am truly Blessed with a man that will love me and I shall love him till the end of time.

Connie-loveofmusic544 & Jeff September 2003

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 God has blessed us hugely with some great laughs (often at the expense of each other!!)  

Very happy Christian singles sit together on a slide at the park

Aaron and Debbie full of laughs at Lake Ontario.

Aaron and I are doing wonderfully!! Most of all, we've come to realize that disagreements are a part of all relationships, and working through them allows us to grow closer to each other.

So, as much as I really dislike the tough times, I remind myself that they're bringing Aaron and I closer together - it shows we're maturing and communicating, which is bringing us to new levels within our relationship. We continue to seek the Lord for guidance.

Thanks again to for being the avenue where God brought Aaron and I together!!

Aaron-Aaron612 {Illinois} & Debbie-keeper457 {New Jersey} September 2003

[Editor's note: See February 2003, April 2003, May 2003 testimonial for their first posts and February 2004 testimonial for their engagement announcement!]

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  Everything I planned God changed and gave me what I never knew I really wanted.  

A baby looks very pleased!

Jason and Bree's "Cafe Baby" James

My husband Jason and I have been married now for 18 months. Although it has been loads of hard work sometimes I couldn't be happier.

It is amazing how we met on just over 2 years ago and how much my life has changed. My advice is to relax and let God do the planning.

God is amazing: not only am I married to the man of my dreams, I have the most beautiful baby boy and another on the way!!! GOD IS GREAT.

Jason and Bree September 2003

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We just want to thank for your help. My husband and I met on your website in Oct./Nov. 2001. We got married in Dec. of 2002.

Mimi and "Ronniecat" September 2003

 I was a member of for a time and in my last renewal a wonderful Christian man contacted me.  

We began e-mailing each other in early February 2003 and then began dating each other exclusively and then two months ago became engaged.

We are planning our wedding for February 14, 2004. I was registered on other single web sites and so was Joseph but our LORD wanted us to meet through and we are so blessed!

Thank you so much for allowing people to come try the service on a trial basis. This "window" into your web site allowed my "Boaz" to meet his "Ruth".

Another interesting thing: while planning my wedding, I went to visit a beautiful hotel/condominium in Galveston, Texas. I was discussing my wedding reception plans to the catering manager, and she asked me how Joseph and I had met.

I told her it was through To my surprise she told me she had met a Christian man through your site!

I can't describe to you the awesome feeling I felt knowing that our LORD had taken me there to give a testimony to my Christian sister.

Know that our LORD is working through and bringing together Christian singles who are sincerely searching for their mates.

Gloria and Joseph September 2003 has a great customer service staff.  

This site is better than other online services I have used.

Erica September 2003

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 Thank you for allowing my husband and I to meet on  

It's been over a year since we married and met here. I have encouraged other single Christian friends to come to - in fact my husband and I tell people about you all the time.

Thanks again for our happiness and success with your help.

Rosalyn-scarlettofthesouth878 and John September 2003

 Thank you for bringing a precious lady into my life!  

We have been together for a short time, and we both know there is something very special there!

Thanks again for your fantastic site and i will recommend it to all that need it! God bless you and those that make it all possible!

Paul-butforhisgrace420 September 2003

 I've been a member for a month so far and have already met the most beautiful, smart, God loving woman on Earth.  

Her name is Mia and we just hit it off. Since our first conversation I don't think we went 2 days without talking to each other.

She lives an hour away but it's totally worth the ride.

Michael-livingstone396 & Mia September 2003

 Thanks to, I met the most wonderful man in July 2003.  

We live in the same city which gave us opportunity to meet in person. We have been inseparable ever since.

I know God has blessed me by bringing him into my life. We both have gone through pain in our lives and never thought we would love again, until we met each other.

God has a way of healing pain and replacing it with more love than we ever thought possible. We bring so much joy, happiness and love to each other - our lives have changed!

Thank you for this website; without it I may never have met the love of my life!

JoAnne-angel242 September 2003

 I think the most important part in my joining is that it allowed me to communicate and find out about people through the buffer that the Cafe offers.  

This enabled me to search and select with the complete assuredness of retaining my privacy.

Through, I have met the Soul Mate of my life.

Beginning from our first exchange of messages on July the 5th, we spent hundreds of hours, in communicating and learning about each other, before deciding to hear each other's voices, and then hours of phone conversations, before planning to meet and getting together.

We plan on marrying sometime in the next 3-4 months, once all our personal affairs have been satisfied.

I will not hesitate in referring any single person to, where they might also find the MR. or MISS Right...their Soul Mate.

Jack-Jack439 September 2003

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