Christian Testimony - April 2003

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 God has just been blessing us like crazy and as I look back over the last months, I'm just completely baffled by His love for us.  

Christian singles full of smiles as they pose together near the ocean

Aaron means the world to Debbie!

My boyfriend, Aaron, wrote in February sharing a testimonial, but I wanted to give a small update about what's been going on with us lately because it's been so exciting.

Aaron has come to New Jersey at least five times since the end of December to visit me (including one surprise visit!), and I've been to Chicago once to visit him. (His teaching schedule gives him more free time to travel than I have, working as an office manager, but I'm definitely not complaining because I LOVE having him visit me!)

As I sit here and think about who Aaron is in the Lord and how willing and eager he is to constantly be working at our relationship to make things better or to better understand me, it amazes me n I am an extremely blessed woman!

We talk on the phone every night for at least an hour, and our conversations are filled with prayer requests and praises from throughout our workdays. We also encourage each other with the Word via text messages on our cell phones.

Is having a long distance relationship hard? At times, yes it is, but ultimately, the Lord is our stronghold (Psalm 46:1 "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble").

At times I feel I don't deserve such a wonderful man as I have in Aaron, but God longs to give good gifts to His children! It's our prayer that we continue to walk in obedience to His Word. His perfect and pleasing will is beginning to become very evident to us, and we continue to seek Him in all that we do.

Thank you and thank you, Aaron you mean the world to me, babe!

Aaron-Aaron612 {Illinois} & Debbie-keeper457 {New Jersey} April 2003

[Editor's note: See February 2003, May 2003, September 2003 for updates and February 2004 testimonial for their engagement announcement!]

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 How great God is!  

Cold outdoor shot can't spoil the joy for these Christian singles who lean in together

Lisa can't contain her joy at meeting Matt!

I want to shout a sincere and hearty HALLELUJAH (something my reserved self doesn't often feel). Blessings have been spread before me in places and plans I could never have imagined.

Only a year ago I was contemplating buying a home here in the Boston area and settling down. I was meeting steadily with a prayer group, settling into a new church, a new workplace and eagerly anticipating my summer trip to England. I was content.

In early March I had a strange sense that God was asking me to not go to the C.S. Lewis conference in England. I had been looking forward to this summer trip for over two years. I thought I was crazy. But after three weeks of praying and asking others to pray, I submitted to the inexplicable request and cancelled my reservation (at a loss of $300).

Around the same time I was reading The Journey of Desire by John Eldredge. It encouraged me to abandon unconscious assumptions. I was living as though God would take away anything I really wanted.

I was trying to squelch any desires I had; that way I wouldn't be disappointed. This book challenged me to acknowledge that I really did want to have a life-long partner and a family. In my desire to make that public, I posted a profile on with the full knowledge and encouragement of housemates, prayer partners and small group members.

I didn't expect to find anything; I felt liberated to have finally claimed who I was and what I desired.

Within a month, I had met Matt. We wrote often. I watched him via webcam. We talked on the phone. We met in person. Since my summer was not committed, we were able to spend over six weeks together.

This time included hiking in the Smokies, a road trip to Kansas, completing a Superman PowerPoint presentation with sound effects, going on two photo shoots, playing racquetball, meeting each other's parents, leaping into a freezing mountain stream from a cliff, walking along the Charles River, worshipping at each other's home churches, reading Wild at Heart together, camping on the Cape, watching 4th of July fireworks and laughing with each other often.

His easy laughter, strong arms and delight in my quirky mischief have become a resting place. His commitment to daily prayer together, to early morning conversations, to speaking truth in my life - these are all welcome.

I am delighted to share that these will be permanent additions in my life.

On November 27th (the day before Thanksgiving), Matt proposed to me at Walden Pond. The platinum ring I wear symbolizes the commitment we share with one another.

In the coming year I will be moving to Tennessee. We will be married (God willing) on October 11th and begin our lives together. Our hope is to spend a week of our honeymoon in a secluded mountain chalet and then spend a couple weeks volunteering at a Guatemalan orphanage (see for information on the specific place!).

This is reflective of the life we hope to live together, one of celebration and service. Thanks ChristianCafe!

Lisa & Matt April 2003

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 Special Notice!  

Typed letter of their relationship

Rest of letter of their relationship

A couple hug inside a party room

JJ and ST, not disappointed after finally meeting in person!

I want to thank all of you that have written me and expressed interest. My membership expired the 16th of March, 03. I have been tremendously blessed to have also made such good Godly friends here which I am sure some will be life long!

I have met an incredible Godly woman on this site and feel I must concentrate on our Special Friendship and see where God leads it! I wish to convey to each and every one of you to keep your faith strong in our Lord! He is faithful.

There are many people on here that are really strong Christians and there are also wolves in sheep's clothing. Be discerning! Be cautious! Remember that God does not choose your mate for you. That is unBiblical.

There is no such thing as a "Soul Mate". That is a pagan belief. God gives you absolute "FREE WILL" to chose your mate as long as they are a "believer", Born Again.

God will bring you prospects but so will Satan! Again be discerning! And ladies, look for the inner qualities of a man and give him time to prove his walk as you must also prove yours. Look for consistency! Look for passion for Christ and his desire to spread the Gospel!

Is he a spiritual leader?! Look for his commitment to remain sexually pure before marriage! If he isn't then run from him. There are many Christians who see nothing wrong in Pre-Marital sex! Run from such a person!

If you look more so at his good looks and what he can "provide" you monetarily, you are building your relationship on shifting sand and it is doomed to fail when the storms of life come, and they will come! If you build it upon solid character and integrity with Christ as the center, then you have something that can and will last.

I hope I didn't come across as preachy but I just want to impart some words of wisdom that will help you and encourage you!

Psalm 37:4-5 "Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring [it] to pass". This however does not mean God is a cosmic bell hop either. :~)

JJ & ST April 2003

[Editor's note: See September 2002 for their first post and July 2004 testimonial for their wedding post!]

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 I really thought it was going to be a waste of time and money to even try  

But I now want to thank you with all "our" hearts for your service.

To "our" surprise and God working on "our" behalf, and "us" seeking His will and many prayers, it is such a blessing to know without a doubt "we" found true love with each other.

"We" are now planning our future together"! "our" profiles were browsed at present...785 times and 58 times (respectively).

We had to process through the not so good matches, and then finally... A miracle occurred months later for me, and days for him. does work, thank God and you so very much with all "our" hearts! An answered prayer for us both.

anonymous April 2003

 I am getting married in August to a man that I met through  

He is one of the most awesome Christian guys that I have ever met and I am incredibly blessed that God allowed me to have such a man in my life.

I am so in love with him and we are going to be together forever. I am incredibly grateful for you guys bringing us together.

Thank you so much. truly is the matchmakers along with God helping you out.

Brandy April 2003 is a great site and I like the way it works.  

I've been to a few others, and is superior. I found my mate here.

Dennis April 2003

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  So far it seems we're made for each other.  

Julie and I both live in Devon in England. We met on your site recently and then met up in person and a strong relationship has been growing since.

Thank you for your part

anonymous April 2003

 We truly have a great God!  

I am so grateful to him and the people who have made this method of meeting people possible.

I have been through some very tough years in my life, and the last few were some of the hardest. As I watched my friends settle down and start a family I began to find myself more and more alone, and it was easy to question God as to why he doesn't choose to bless me in that way.

I'm reminded of a verse that says "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

It is so easy to run ahead of God and it only causes us trouble. But, if we truly trust him, he will direct us. God has used this place as a means of directing my life in a very personal way.

I met the most awesomely beautiful Christian lady here who is way beyond what I ever dreamed of or prayed for. I am so grateful to God for what He has done and will continue to do as we draw closer to Him as well as each other.

For those of you out there who are lonely and still searching I would like to say this: God promises He will not withhold anything good from His children. He also says "Seek and ye shall find".

Even the sick who Jesus healed were required to do something on their own almost every time. The Lepers, the lame man in the temple, the sisters of Lazarus, etc... There are a lot of tares among the wheat in this place, but with diligent prayer and searching, God can sort it out for you.

Just remember, it only takes one! :) I wish you all peace, joy, and happiness that only God can give!

Now to the Staff, thank you for your efforts in keeping this a sacred place. I am in your debt.

Danny April 2003

 I think that is a Godly, loving site, well laid out and helpful. Way much better for Christians than a worldly site - cheaper too.  

I just wanted to thank you for my time on I found you through part of an offer from another Christian site.

I met many nice people on the site, and actually went out with four ladies. Someone from North Carolina found me on the site, noticing that we went to similar fellowships.

We corresponded some, then she referred me to a friend of hers in Florida. We corresponded, then she referred me to a friend of hers, also in a similar fellowship.

We're corresponding now - it's good that I don't mind being passed around! Thanks again. God bless you, and may you and yours prosper.

Ken April 2003

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Already a member? Sign in here. is terrific! I would recommend it to anyone.  

All the members which I have chatted with and met have been very nice and supportive. It's a great site and I pray that you will grow and continue to be able to offer this wonderful service.

Thank you for having this site! Keep up the great work!

anonymous April 2003

 Yes, we met here on  

Krissy and I are getting married come this June.

Ramon & Krissy April 2003

 I've been a member since the early stages and I can't believe how well the site has grown!!  

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Sam and the rest of you at I recently married, so I'm deleting my profile.

My husband is someone I met at church and was also a member of and he did pop up quite high in my Quickmatch! All the best for your continued success.

Marsha April 2003

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 I met my husband on  

Robert and I were married last September 21, 2002. Thank you for your service and the Love of my Life who loves the Lord and serves him as I do.

Margaret & Robert April 2003

 Through, I met my husband  

We got married in Oct. 2000 and are living happily-ever-after. So thank you for your website - for this is where I met the joy of my life...

LaVerne April 2003

 I found my love Debby on  

We have been married since March 4th, thank you God.

Stig {Sweden} & Debby April 2003

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 Nathan and I met May 26th 2002 in person after dating online at for some time.  

We married August 3rd, 2002 and I would just like to update our August 2002 testimonial to say we have been married almost a year and we couldn't be happier!!

We'd like to tell every new person at your soul mate is just a click away- you never know which profile is the man or woman of your dreams ;)

God has ways of bringing people together that were meant to be. We think that was the case with us! Thank you again - you made our dreams come true by helping bring us together!!

Samantha-bigaquarium821 {Pennsylvania} & Nathan-butterflykisssc259 {Connecticut} April 2003

[Editor's note: See August 2002 for their marriage announcement!]

 After 5 years of praying, patience and faith, the Lord sent me a beautiful Christian woman.  

We were married last October.

Thanks for your help beforehand.

Dale April 2003

 I met my husband in the fall of 2001 on  

We married in June of 2002 and have had a wonderful start to many years of happiness.

Thank you for all that you do! You helped bring an amazing blessing into my life.

Julie April 2003

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 I joined because I was having a very hard time in my life.  

I realized I needed to increase my pool of Christian friends. That is when I met someone very special at Christian Cafe.

Now Brantley and I are getting married July 12, 2003. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful website.

We have truly grown together as Christians, and it is so wonderful to be with someone with the same beliefs as me. Thanks again!

Stacey April 2003

 Through your wonderful service my husband and I met in January of 2002  

We have been very happily married since Dec. 14, 2002. He moved from his church, home, and job in Winston-Salem to be where my job is and most of my family.

We bought a lovely home, and are still moving in. He has now joined the Methodist church where I am the pianist.

God is blessing us with love and joy and a very full life. Thank you for being the instrument God used to bring us together.

Stephanie & George {North Carolina} April 2003

 Thank you for your efforts to be about the Lord's work amidst a confusing world society which preys on our young people.  

Our newspaper (The Press Enterprise) in Riverside County featured an article about in Redlands, CA.

My husband, a Presbyterian USA pastor, and I, an elder in my local church, appreciate the opportunity for young Christians to have a place to meet which is Christian-based, a safe place, a place which honors their beliefs and their commitment to Christ.

May God continue to bless you work as you glorify Him.

The Lymans {California} April 2003

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 Thanks to I met my husband a year ago.  

I had been single for 12 years. I had dated only recently and had given up on that because the people I had met did not have the same values and convictions I did. Then a friend suggested I try

So I tried and was contacted by Ben. We wrote to each other and then met. We have been married for three months now, have a great church and my whole life has changed. Thank you very much.

Rita April 2003

 Six or seven ocean crossings later.......and six months down the line we got engaged.  

We are hoping to get married in June this year. Thank you for a great site!!!!

Jabe April 2003

 I have visited many different single Christian websites and yours by far has been the best.  

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks and to let you know what a wonderful website is.

It's very easy to understand, the set up is great. I will recommend it to all my single Christian friends. Keep up the good work.

anonymous April 2003

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 I have been on the site for a short time and found the one God had for me.  

Thank you

Rebecca April 2003

 I am pleased to say that I have met the most wonderful man who really loves the Lord and we love each other immensely.  

Not sure if we have the record for a long distance relationship on this site but I am sure we must come close.

My man sent me a message from China where he was working teaching English (he is British) and I am living in Australia. This first contact occurred at the beginning of Dec 2002 and we corresponded nearly every day after that!

He was coming to Australia for a holiday in the school break in Jan 03 and decided to make a detour so that we could meet. Well what can I say!! He is still here and now it is April!!

We have so much in common and really love each other. He is looking into staying in Australia at the moment. So we are praying that it all works out for us and he is able to stay, whatever happens the Lord is in control and has His hand in it. is truly wonderful, definitely the best of its kind. The Lord has really used this site to bring us together from opposite sides of the world!!

Praise His name and thanks to you,

Dee {Australia} April 2003

 First I want to thank God for leading me to  

I started out just looking for friends to attend Spirit West Coast with in July 2002 and instead found 8 months of great support and self discovery from friendly emails and quick messages.

It was so great to be virtually surrounded by people with Godly intentions and spiritual words. I also want to thank for all their technical support and providing me a place to come in the late hours so that I could find kind words and prayers in the chat rooms.

As we all know, there are a lot of options out there, but not only do they set ourselves up to be most likely unequally yoked, they also make way for us to be verbally assaulted with sinful talk or malicious intentions.

I always felt was a safe place to open up... and so did Mike. It's only the beginning of our story but... I first started writing Mike in November when I saw that he was a soldier overseas in Korea and away from friends and family for his birthday.

I just wanted to send him a friendly hello and happy birthday, and offer myself as a pen pal and friend. We started out on a path of friendship, just offering support and kind words.

As time went on, our letters turned to deeper subjects of goals and dreams, theology and politics and found that we were cut from the same cloth. I was in the Army for six years, and could understand his accomplishments and found the appropriate words for his frustrations.

For me, he encouraged me in my decision to resign my job and start my own business. Then after a month or so we started flirting with the idea that this coming together across thousands of miles might be God's plan for us both....

He was cautious because of his life experiences, and I was fearful that it might just be another relationship that was meant to stay in the virtual world. As hopeful as we both were that this could be a lifelong love commitment, we tried to expect only a commitment of long lasting friendship....

He decided to give us a chance and spend 8 hours driving to see me during his 10 days of leave back to the States. On 3/30/03, we came together, our conversation had a flow, and things picked up in person, where they they were left on line.

We decided that he would stay another day and meet my girls, which I don't normally do as I want to protect them from the possibility of a break up. But, it was a great day, they cried when it was time for bed because they would miss him so....

He'll have to go back to Korea for another year. In that time, we will both continue to work with God's guidance in becoming better Christians and becoming more prepared for the life we want. We will build our foundation, hoping that this relationship built on sacrifice and hard work and the rock that is our God will only reap a great harvest for us all.

Our prayer is that he will return from Korea, and I will move to his new duty station and we will spend the next few months, solidifying what was built... and planning our wedding and family...

Please, if you have a prayerful heart, pray for Mike's safety in Korea, and that of his soldiers and friends. Of course, the soldiers in Iraq are in the forefront of our minds, but there are thousands of soldiers in many countries who work diligently to ensure that there is not another Iraq... thanks.

Oh, and a prayer for our successful relationship would be nice too.

Yolanda April 2003

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 After being on looking for that someone special, at last I have found him.  

We are so blessed to have found each other. He is exactly what I was looking for. My Mr Right :)

So don't lose heart you can be happy too, when the time is right, God willing. God Bless you all and a very BIG THANK YOU to

Delia April 2003

 Thank you Lord and!!  

I have met THEE love of my life thru your ministry! We're getting married May 3rd and plan on serving the Lord in oneness all the days of our lives.

Seek His face and He will give you the desires of your heart!!!

Lisa & Ernie April 2003

 We are excited to let you know of God's good work through  

If you trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, He WILL direct your path.

God has all matches that are made in heaven, and through this service, our faithfulness to God, & patience He gave us each other.

This comes about because when you know God ordained a relationship straight from Heaven, you have no choice but to go and run with it. We have found our heaven on earth that was made from heaven above.

We are so happy!

We met by the leading and the grace of God Himself, and He has blessed us both beyond any human understanding. We KNOW what God has in store for our future together.

To KNOW that your soul-mate is the one that God has not only given to you but CREATED for you is so mind blowing and awesome! His hand is all over this one! Our love for each other is only surpassed by our thriving and growing love for Jesus Himself. We love each other more than we could ever explain to you in words & you have to see it to know how God moved in both our lives in such a short span of time.

But when God moves the whole world shakes! He has blessed us with this relationship that we KNOW will be forever-IS forever, and He has done this in just three weeks!! He has never been more prevalent in our lives than before and all the glory goes to Him in His awesome power for revolutionizing our lives in such a radical way.

Once He made it clear to us - separately - that all He wanted was for us to submit to Him and His will, and that by doing this His blessings would be poured out upon us like never before & we were both ready to do His will instead of our own. We have never been so content in our lives and we know that this is just the beginning!

Glory to God! He is so good!

So don't give up single brothers and sisters in Christ because God will bring someone into your life by some means when you least expect it. With God, there is no geographical distance factor.

Focus on HIM: Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added unto you!!! God bless and if we can say one thing to give hope to the ones who have lost faith in God's activity in their lives it is to submit and THEN God will fill your cup to overflowing, just like He is doing for us!!!

Joel & Cheri April 2003

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 I was a member on a year ago with little success.  

I figured that it was not God's time for me.

I was doing wonderful in my walk with God so I decided to rejoin I met the most wonderful man at the beginning of February.

We started chatting and spent a month on the computer talking until the early hours of the morning. After a few conversations with him I knew he was different and I felt that God had sent him to me.

I believe that he is my soulmate. Especially when I came home to find him on and I told him what a horrible day I had had. He then proceeded to encourage me and support me and that's when he said it.

I love you.

I was in shock, but I had been feeling that with him for a while now. We have yet to meet in person although he is coming out after we break for summer from classes. I am looking forward to what God has in store in our relationship.

Thank you so much You are truly a wonderful source. God is Truly Awesome!!

Anonymous April 2003

 I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on, and i must say this is the best site I have ever come across.  

One thing I have noticed is that the staff at are very professional and very efficient.

During my time here, I emailed a few questions, and the staff delivered the answers quickly and efficiently. This site is very professionally designed for Christian singles.

I met some wonderful people, and some people really uplifted me,which made me feel very special. I want to thank all the staff at from my heart for all your wonderful and lovely work,that u all are doing.


"Spunky" April 2003

 I am one of your success stories.  

God used your services to connect me with my soulmate. We met on line, e-mailed each other and then finally met on February 1st. It has been incredible ever since!

We are currently courting with marriage in our future. God gets the glory in this story of relationships. It is one more testimony that God who created everything can use even the Internet to bring two people together who are meant to be.

Thanks for and allowing God to work in today's modern age technology. For His Purpose and His Glory,

"Mr. Sid" April 2003

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 Thanks to God for His bottomless pit of blessings and thanks to for being the right way to meet like-minded people.  

Michael sent me a message in Jan 2002. After many days messaging we spoke on the phone for 2 weeks.

We began to feel that we were connecting and decided to meet for a drink, with the understanding that we would remain friends if things didn't move past that stage.

After about 3 weeks we both felt that our relationship was right but God hadn't spoke into it. I told Him I needed to have it confirmed and He told me we would be engaged on my birthday and married on Mike's. (April and September)

I didn't tell Mike as I needed to know that he was hearing the same and that we didn't make it up because that was what we wanted.

Mike went to a football match and phoned me at half time to tell me that God had just spoken to him and said we would be engaged on my birthday and married on his.

Praise God for His clarity.

Needless to say we were engaged April 2002 and married in September 2002. And lastly to all single Christians - don't give up a blessing may just be around the corner.

Bev & Michael April 2003

 It seems odd but we just seemed to know it was right and that God was leading us to each other.  

I joined the site around Dec. 1 of last year, and went on for a couple of months without much success. Then I met someone and we hit it off right away.

Since we met online, we've talked an average of 3-4 hours per day on the phone, and it's been better every day. Although we haven't met in person, we got engaged over the phone.

I'll be sure to send an update after we marry, and perhaps send some pictures too. Thanks again for the great site.

anonymous April 2003

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