Christian Testimony - July 2004

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 First Anniversary!  

Joyful Christian couple hug on their 1st anniversary and look very comfortable together

Don't former Christian singles Kristen and Ron look so happy together!

When people ask how Ron and I met, and I tell them we met on the Internet (and on they can't believe it!

But here we are, married 1 year on June 22nd!

Kristen & Ron July 2004

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 Yet another success story!  

A seated man has a huge smile as a pretty woman hugs him from behind

Greg's big grin tells you all you need to know: he's marrying Melody!

I'd like to announce our engagement (April 2004) and upcoming marriage August 21, 2004 (Minnesotan's yah-betcha).

Thank you for bringing us together! God's blessings have been all over our meeting from the start and now we are even planning on making our wedding ceremony/reception an evangelistic event.

We look forward to hearing stories of salvation from this wedding!

Greg & Melody {Minnesota} July 2004

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 I met my beautiful wife Jennifer on  

Online dating brought this happy Christian couple together. Shown smiling on their wedding day

A very happy Brian marries his beautiful bride, Jennifer

We first met online February 13th, 2003. After several weeks of email and phone correspondence we decided to meet.

We seemed to hit it off and started to date. After a few months we realized that the Lord had brought us together for a meaningful life long relationship, so I proposed.

We were married on January 24th, 2004 and our first 5 months of marriage have been even more than we could ask for.

We bought a house a couple of months ago and God has blessed us beyond belief! We've never had any doubts that he brought us together, 2 people that he created specifically for each other.

Thank you for being the vessel God used to find our life long partner. Attached is a picture from our wedding.

Brian & Jennifer-littlebit642 July 2004

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 Dream come True!  

Newly weds try giving each other drinks and try not to laugh

A dream match for JJ and ST!

All glory, honour and praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ for bringing us this far. We refer you back to our testimonial post of April 2003, under the title "JJ&ST Forever". Hallelujah! Our "forever" has began at last!

After our first meeting in person in January 2003, we had continued to communicate and make plans for a life together. Finally, one year and six months of preparing and organizing came to a beautiful conclusion.

We have been joined together in holy matrimony, in a colourful Christian wedding in Atlanta on June 12th, 2004. It was exactly two years from the date we met online on!

We give all the glory to God who destined us to meet on this revered Christian site; truly, with God all things are possible even though with man it may seem otherwise.

The Lord has been indeed good to us. Our experience has taught us to put God first and foremost in all things. It has taught us to have faith in God and He will surely perform what He has promised.

Who would have thought that his "intercontinental love" would climax into such a harmonious union? We were once worlds apart; our worlds now are one.

Where distance and time once separated us, we now are inseparable. Where we once sang "My darling is over the ocean, my darling is over the sea, my darling is over the ocean, oh bring back my darling to me.", we now sing "I can't believe it's me, I can't believe that you are here with me and I am here with you, kissing you, kissing you"

Thank you Jesus and thank you, J&ST Forever

JJ & ST July 2004

[Editor's note: See September 2002 and April 2003 testimonial for their earlier posts]

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 I have cancelled my membership.  

I met a wonderful man in November last year due to this membership.

We have been in a relationship for six months and hope to share a wonderful future.

belle994 {United Kingdom} July 2004

 My husband and I met on Christian Cafe almost two years ago and couldn't be happier!  

I believe God definitely had a hand in putting us together through and we couldn't thank you enough!

Holly-twins253 {Wisconsin} & Ron July 2004

 He is such a blessing and so much of what I have prayed for.  

Last year I met a wonderful guy through and we are getting married this December. I am glad that your service was available or we may never have met.

Many thanks and blessings to you,

Stacy-sassyartgirl578 July 2004

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 He was in Michigan, I was in Massachusetts but that didn't stop us!  

My new husband and I met on on July 9, 2003. We got married on July 9, 2004. We both know we have married our best friend! Thank you!

abeliever233 {Massachusetts} & Wabin {Michigan} July 2004

 It is amazing to see how God has worked to bring us together, and the many miracles He has done in our lives together.  

Thank You! Last October I met a wonderful Lady on your service. We were engaged in April and married in July.

God has truly blessed us as we seek to serve Him. Thank you,

Rock & Sue-arb882 July 2004

 I am a Spanish speaker, and I had just signed on to make some friends and practice my English, but I met my wonderful husband (my soulmate).  

I met my husband here on New Year's Eve, and after 6 months we got married.

So, thank you for this great idea.

I wish all who are reading this good luck finding your soulmate.

Thank you,

Arlene-free867 {Pennsylvania} July 2004

 Praise the Lord and thank you for  

Connie and I met on At first I said "No Thank You", because we lived too far apart for anything except being pen pals, me (Jim) in Oregon and Connie in Nebraska. God had other plans. After 90 days of blissful talk and worship I flew to Nebraska.

I was grilled by her son and family, then by her pastor and wife. Whew! By the end of that I was ready for the BBQ sauce!

On the 10th of June we married and went on our honeymoon.

God has a ministry in the works for us, we are serving and and praying while waiting.

What a great site is! After a little searching, I thought in vain, I met the love of a lifetime. To everyone reading this, never settle for the second best, because God has someone special for them if they are obedient.


Jim-bearyy192 {Oregon} & Connie {Nebraska} July 2004

 ChristianCafe no longer needed in my life.  

I have met Natalie, the woman to whom I am soon to be wed. :)

Chris-bond336 {California} July 2004

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