Christian Testimony - May 2003

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 It's been a little while since you received an update from Aaron and I, so here goes...........  

NJ Christian single in stylish summer hat smiles with her match at the Jersey Shore

Debbie is soooo thankful for her relationship with Aaron!

It's the middle of May and things are really going beautifully for the two of us. Aaron is actually moving to NJ from Chicago in the middle of June!!

At this point, he's just one short step away from being accepted for a job teaching German to middle school students a few towns away from where I live - we continue to trust the Lord for opened doors for that, as well as a living situation when he moves here.

I have several guy friends from church that are possible roommates for Aaron, so things are really going wonderfully. We're both so excited for his move here - it's obviously a big step in our relationship, but we're also looking forward to being closer to one other on a more consistent basis.

We agree that his move will make our relationship more "normal," as right now we only see each other every other weekend - we do realize this is more than most long-distance relationships, but we're ready to take a step forward and have our time together be more balanced.

As of right now, I plan on visiting Aaron in Chicago in a week and he has one more visit planned at the end of May before the move in June - God has truly blessed us with so many opportunities to spend time together and we are so thankful!

But not only that, I am SO thankful that Aaron is taking the step of faith to uproot from Chicago and move to NJ to be closer to me - and this is only one of his MANY amazing sacrifices, not to mention all his remarkable qualities!!!

God truly showered me with blessings when he allowed me to meet Aaron and I'm so thankful to Him for using as that vessel. We'll be in touch!

PS - Here's a picture of us from the end of April at the Jersey shore!

Aaron-Aaron612 {Illinois} & Debbie-keeper457 {New Jersey} May 2003

[Editor's note: See February 2003, April 2003, September 2003 for updates and February 2004 testimonial for their engagement announcement!]

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 I am so happy to tell you that your website has yet another success story.  

About 2 months ago I signed up, just wanting to see what would happen.

Within a couple of days I received a Quick Message from someone and decided to talk to him. We exchanged emails and began writing each other.

Soon after we began talking on the phone. It was love at first conversation. He and I have grown so close just talking over the phone. Neither one of us can wait until we get the chance to see each other, which is slightly difficult given that he lives 12 hours away.

Thank you so much for bringing me the man that I know God had for me!!

Andrea May 2003

 There is no way we could have met had it not been for!  

Richard was in California, I was in Kampala, Uganda. I logged onto your website in February 2002 and I met Richard in May 2002.

We used all available means to get to know each other as the distance between us was too great but not greater than our faith in the Lord and in this relationship. We communicated by email, online messaging and phone for a while till in December 2002, we decided to meet in a Sweden.

I was on holiday for a month and he had 4 days off for Christmas so he flew on Christmas Day to join me.

We were engaged on Dec 28, 2002 and we plan to marry later this year.

Thanks to

anonymous May 2003 is a wonderful site.  

What I like about it is that you can immediately see the quality of the persons that sign up to, I felt I could trust this site to meet someone with similar likes in life as mine.

I'm leaving only because I have started a relationship with someone I met a year ago, if it weren't for that, I would definitely be here knowing I could meet the person just right for me, but fortunately, God has sent me that special person to my life already.

The way you manage this site is wonderful.

Ligia May 2003

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 I was in great need of some like minded Christian Friends  

God not only uses for romance....I have made one of the best friends ever from this site....

Kate {Australia} May 2003

 I want to thank God for you the way he has used to minister to His children through this site.  

I joined this site in December last year, and in Jan, God gave me a man of my dreams and we are getting married in Aug this year.

May the good Lord bless you mighty.

Annet May 2003

 I truly believe I have met my future wife on  

God chose to use as a meeting place for us and I thank you for providing the service.

Thanks again and may the grace of the Lord be with you.

Derik May 2003

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 I have met the most wonderful angel.  

Her name is Pearlie and she is totally unbelievable. The first day I was on I got a couple of e-mails.

They all didn't pan out for one reason or another but one I struck up a conversation immediately with. We have talked for hours on end. We love the same things. We both like to cook and cook the same things.

We both put GOD first in our lives and have found that tragedy usually brings us closer to GOD. We both have been married before and share the same views about marriage. We both attend church and we both read the Word daily. We believe what GOD says is gospel and stand on his word for the trials we face daily.

Pearl, as I call her, is a school nurse and is such a loving person taking care of the kids the way she does. On many occasions she has gone out of her way to help a little girl or boy, she never asks for any compensation she just loves doing things for "her kids", as she calls them. She has thrown birthday parties for kids and given clothes to kids and given many a present to the kids she works with. She is truly an angel.

During our ups and downs we send things to each other. Christian web sites and loving e cards. She is always thoughtful and caring. When we talk we seem to finish each other's sentences. No matter what we talk about we seem to be able to talk about it for hours and have.

One day I remember we talked for 4 hours by e-mail and another 4 on the telephone. See she lives in Florida and I live in Ohio. I plan on paying her a visit later this summer for vacation. At some point I will move to Florida. GOD knows the time frame. But till then we will just enjoy each other's company and e-mails.

I really can't say enough about this woman. After my divorce I believed there really wasn't a good female in the world. But since GOD brought us together I have found that one. She sings like an angel and she sings to me. I love to hear her sing.

I cannot remember all the coincidences that brought us this close together but I can say we will talk about something and the next day or two there it will be in a newsletter or another web site, we both subscribe to many Christian newsletters and web sites.

It really blows our minds just how connected we are. I remember one day she was down and crying after getting her divorce papers and we were talking by messenger and she didn't let on she was crying and I asked her why she was so sad and crying, she stopped for a minute and asked me how I new she was crying and I told her GOD told me.

You see GOD told me I would meet the one on and when I did He also told me I would fall in love with her and I did and when He said I would marry this woman I almost fell off my chair. Because just a short time after that I asked her to marry me, even though we have never met face to face, but I did.

She turned me down, for the moment, but has agreed to date till we get better acquainted. I just believe what GOD has told me and expect the rest of the world to just follow along. But as GOD told me she will come around in time.

I am so very grateful to for being there when we both were looking for the right Christian person. When I go to Florida I will send you guys a picture of us. Again Thanks for being there.

George & Pearlie May 2003

 I have another success story to report.  

Michael and Karis are now happily married and living in Williamsburg. We met on your site in April of 02.

We met in person in July of '02. We married in September of '02 and consider ourselves blessed beyond measure.

Thanks for providing this opportunity to meet people in such a safe, focused environment.

Karis & Michael May 2003

 I've checked out the other Christian dating sites and is the most user-friendly site available!!!  

WOW! What a wonderful site. I feel soooo at home at the site when I log in.

It's like being at my favorite neighborhood cafe. You've accomplished your mission!

While I've met one or two frauds on-line, completely insulates us (female members) and keeps us safe from these predators! I can now spot a fraud on-line very quickly because of the way the site is designed.

Thanks for a place to call home! I'm having fun!!!

Catherine May 2003

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 I am so impressed with  

I have been members of other services and they are not so user friendly and the quality of people I have met has not been the most desirable.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you and hopefully finding a future mate or companion.

Sharal May 2003

 I never thought it was possible to find someone exactly like me.  

I have met a truly wonderful, Godly man. We have so much in common, the most important being our relationship with Jesus Christ.

If not for, it is possible we would never have met. We will send you a photo if everything goes as well as we have been praying and believing it will.

Suzanne May 2003

 It was a wonderful experience and I am eternally grateful.  

Thank you for a service, ministry, like Thank you for giving Christians the opportunity to connect with other Christians.

May you be blessed with true success.

anonymous May 2003

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 The Lord has blessed me with that "special someone" and I am very grateful for His blessings and so is she.  

We are attending church, praying and having devotional time together.

She's absolutely outstanding. Beautiful inside and outside. God has really blessed us both.

Thanks to's vehicle, our paths have intersected as God has seen fit. All praises be to God Almighty,

Rgj May 2003

 I have met a wonderful and beautiful man via  

We have experienced spirit-filled and fun times together. We agree that God used your site for our paths to connect.

I am so full of joy and peace these days...Thanks to! I will spread the good news:)

Annette May 2003

 Since I discovered, I found it to be very interesting, available; well-structured and very reasonable in its policies, prices, goals, etc.  

As in the gospel account of the 10 men healed by the Lord of their leprosy, I don't want to become like the ungrateful 9 who forgot to come back to thank the Lord for His caring and kind deeds.

I have recommended to several lonely Christians of both genders; and I think it has great potential for helping one to find that special someone; especially when good Christian men and women who are compatible may be more difficult to find for those seeking in their own smaller living quarters.

Thanks again and may God richly bless you !

anonymous May 2003

 She's a lovely, lovely person and woman no matter what happens.  

There was a very special woman who responded to my ad, and we're enjoying a very good and meaningful new friendship, which could easily blossom into more. It's in the good Lord's hands.

God's speed to you in your good work.

Kit May 2003

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