Christian Testimony - August 2003

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 She is more than what I could've ever dreamed for in a future spouse.  

A Christian single man can't stop smiling as he sits next to a beautiful Christian woman who laughs

Christy is better than Gerald even dreamed possible :)

It was Spring of 2002, and I wanted to know if that perfect special someone was out there for me.

So I decided to sign up for the free trial period. I went to the search criteria, and inputted all the qualities I was looking for in that special someone.

To my delight, there was one profile that matched. However, she didn't have a picture on her profile. As I started to read her answers to the questions, I was becoming more interested in this person.

So I decided to email her. The next day she emailed me back. We started to chat that same night and after talking to her, I just knew I had to meet her and we have been together ever since.

We got engaged on February 14, 2003 and are to be wed on December 21, 2003. Thank you so much for offering a place to meet other single Christians and for helping me find my wife. I am forever grateful!!

Gerald & Christy August 2003

 I met God's destiny for me on  

A bride tries running in a field while holding her dress. Husband holds her flowers and laughs

Carolyn married Marty on the most moving day of her life.

He is more amazing than the huge list I dared to asked God for. I was in awe to find he was still a virgin at age 38 waiting for his bride!

If you could see how gorgeous this man is you would know that is indeed a testimony to the grace of God. He is all I had ever wanted and more.

I lived in Australia and Marty in Canada. This did not stop our love. We fell in love through our 200+ letters. We both knew this was God's leading.

I had such peace and clarity in all areas that there was no doubt in my mind God wanted us together.

Our wedding day was the most moving day of my life. Our first kiss was at the altar and we gave each other the gift of our virginity. There is more to this story (I will write a book) but let me say God is so good! He is so faithful. There are no safer hands to be in.

Carolyn {Australia} & Marty {Canada} August 2003

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 To think that at one time they were both about to give up looking but then took a chance!  

A beaming bride cuts the wedding cake with her groom

John and Gail didn't give up looking thankfully: look at them now!

It is nice to share this with others who may feel like giving up LOL.

My son's name is John and he was on for 3 years and would see Gail in the chat room. She had gone through an awful time in the past and he wrote her to comfort her.

That was July of 2001. Things progressed and they met in Sept of 2001 and then in November, John moved to Texas. They dated and then by Christmas they were engaged and Nov. 2, 2002 they got married.

God's love. Here is a picture of them on their wedding day.

Suzy August 2003

 Thank you for helping me meet my husband!  

A bride has her hands wrapped around herself trying to grab her husband as they laugh

Aren't Heidi and Steve having a great time!

Steve and I married on July 19th, 2003 in Barrie, Ontario. This was just a little over one year after meeting each other through

Here's a picture of us celebrating at our wedding.

Heidi & Steve August 2003

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 In this past year I met the most wonderful man of God through  

Christian singles now inseparable on a restaurant date

Jennifer has been greatly blessed, including meeting her special man!

I've had a wonderful experience through I've made friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Just for that alone I am blessed.

We met in March and have been inseparable since then. He's a Christian music artist and we have been traveling this summer touring the MidWest.

Our hearts have been knitted together by the hand of God with the same purpose and vision.

Our wedding date is scheduled for December! We are so excited and blessed! Thank you!!!

Jennifer August 2003

 God is truly working His will through!  

Romantic Christian man sits on the couch after winning over a pretty woman

Good thing Bev didn't give up: she met romantic Ken :)

In February, I signed up for a account, but I wasn't very hopeful, because I knew people who hadn't met anyone through these kinds of sites.

About a week later, Ken sent me an IM, and we started talking. We decided to meet about a month after that, after spending about a zillion hours on the phone and IMing each other constantly!

After we met, we decided to pursue a dating relationship. (We both agreed that the goal of this dating would be to decide whether or not we wanted to get married.)

Three days ago, Ken sent me on a scavenger hunt which ended when I found an engagement ring on my cat's collar!

We will be married in three months, and we just wanted to thank for helping God bring us together! And now back to the wedding planning... :)

Bev & Ken August 2003

 From NY to CA ~ Distance makes the heart grow fonder...  

Smiling single Christians at Disneyland

Lindsay Ann at Disneyland with the man of her dreams, Rick

I actually joined up for as a joke! A friend and I were bored at home and so we did a quick search deciding to look up dating sites as a joke.

Well to make a long story short, we both signed up for the free trial on this site. Now, after one month, a $600.00 phone bill and many conversations .....the guy of my dreams has flown out to see me in California all the way from New York.

We are both dating and excited about what the Lord has in store for us.

Thank you!

Oh, and for all of you who are contemplating using but are not too sure of it.....give it a NEVER know what could come out of it!!!!!

Attached is a picture taken at Disneyland on July 12th when he came out to see me.

Lindsay Ann & Rick August 2003

 Once again was an instrument in the plans of the Lord!  

Senior Christians marry and stand next to grandchildren

Nancy found the desires of her heart!

We met on November 5th 2001.

We met in person in March 2002. We were engaged in November 2002. We were married on June 28th 2003.

God gave us the desires of our heart, worked out all the details for His glory and now is a time of new beginnings!

Nancy August 2003

 We prayed and searched God together before we met. was a blessed tool.  

A woman laughs on the couch as she hugs a joyful man

Telma and Mike aren't letting go of each other!

I met my husband on on February 15, 2001. We corresponded for 9 months. Since the first message we enjoyed each other as brother and sister in Christ, by daily messages.

I am from Brazil (South America) and Mike is from Canada but this was not a problem, because God made a way for Mike to come to Brazil to meet me and my family.

I later came to Canada to meet Mike's parents by which time we could see God leading us and teaching us how to love each other more and more, how to receive His abundant Grace, and how to trust in HIS PLANS.

We got married February 2, 2002. My heart still in love with Christ and I am happily married with a blessed man of God. It was great to be honest and open to meet Christian people through

Telma {Brazil} & Mike {Canada} August 2003

 I just wanted to give you an update on a love story that began November 22, 2001 on  

Seated on the stairs, 2 formerly lonely Christians hug each other

Tody and Kelly aren't lonely anymore!

God moved in His infinite mercy and wisdom and connected two lonely souls. After a sad and unfortunate divorce I found myself sick and unemployed.

God saw me through a very long line of very hard times with my girls, a subsequent abusive relationship and the onset of MS. As I finally lay my life at the foot of the cross, God began some very major changes in my life.

I met Kelly November 22, 2001 online, then in person December 27 the same year. We were 20 hours apart but we fell in love over several visits and tons of hours on the phone and online.

I moved with my girls August of 2002 to allow the relationship to mature. We married March 1, 2003. We give all the glory to God for bringing us together and we are so much stronger together than we would be apart.

We are growing in our walk with Christ as well as in our lives. I am grateful to God for using to bring us together. Thanks guys for this wonderful medium and for your commitment to providing a Christian opportunity for people like Tody and Kelly to live together forever in His love.

Update: Kelly and I didn't have a frilly white wedding, we just had a casual day in leather and jeans but it was lovely and stress-free. The ceremony was beautiful and we included a family vow that included my girls and we presented them with rings in a little ring ceremony. Anyway, we are just happy and in love and are thrilled that God has placed us into each others lives. Yay God! Yay!

Tody & Kelly August 2003

 We both feel extremely blessed in our relationship and are thankful to the Lord enabling to be used as a tool to bring us together.  

Christian couple slow dance in the living room

Brenda extremely blessed in meeting Tom!

I met my husband, Tom, through in July of 2001. We got married five months later on March 23, 2002.

I recommend to my single friends who are having trouble meeting the 'right' person. Thanks for being there!

Brenda-hartaflame596 & Tom August 2003

  I could not have found Matthew without  

A while back, when I first started on I met a wonderful man on your site, Matthew.

First we became friends, then a couple, and now we are going to be husband and wife. Matthew and I are going to be married next year, probably around June.

He is my best friend.

Thank you for your wonderful site.

Vicky-vicky209 & Matthew August 2003

 Kathy has been a wonderful addition to my life and we both feel there is a lot of potential.  

Thank you and God Bless you for all that you do. I went through a bad divorce about 4 years ago and there were times when God seemed so far away.

I hung in there and didn't seek out another relationship until I had worked through my difficulties. I finally felt God leading me to begin to open up and I signed up on

Within a short time I saw Kathy and sent her a note. We began to talk through the site and then on the phone. We talked for 2 months before we met. The night I met her I felt like I was with an Angel.

I thank you and give God all of the Praise for His leading me to her.

Ray-rainman845 & Kathy August 2003

 I have met someone through  

Alvin & I have emailed and talked constantly and met several times. This past weekend he asked me to be his wife and I accepted.

We will be married sometime in September.

Mary-mpp299 August 2003

 I sit up at night thinking how did I get so lucky.  

It is funny how things work out. The love of my life lives 5 minutes from my house. She visited my church.

Who knows the number of times we passed each other on the way to work. I would have never guessed that I could have met such an amazing person through the Internet.

She has given my life a whole new meaning. Every breath I take is sweeter than the last. God is amazing, and I just wanted to say I LOVE ANDREA!

Zach-hdbngr647 & Andrea August 2003

[Editor's note: The next testimonial is from Andrea]

 To think that God would put two people together so perfectly!  

I was scared and confused and very unsure of what to do. But by the grace of God he allowed Zach to allay all of my fears.

I'd like to thank for making this possible. In closing I as well would like to say that, I LOVE ZACH!

Andrea & Zach-hdbngr647 August 2003

[Editor's note: The previous testimonial is from Zach]

 Just wanted to say thank you so much.  

I met the most wonderful woman I have ever met in my life. Words can not say how much this woman means to me.

I have no doubt in my mind that the Lord brought us together. She is just so perfect for me it is almost scary. The beauty of it all is she loves me as much as I love her.

Again I say thank you

Jody-jody711 August 2003

 I praise the Lord for and dedication as He used your website to bring me into contact with the most wonderful girl who will soon be my fiancee.  

We actually went to the same Christian School together for a few years, live only 12 minutes apart, and knew some of the same friends, but never met before we found each other on

I think it is a wonderful way to objectively learn about someone and let the Lord take it from there.

David August 2003

 I have found the one God has designed for me, or should I say she found me?  

I have found to be a real mission field, and pray that it continues to be. Please take my profile completely off the system.

I am reserving all to my new found Love!!!!!!!

Randall-kansastazman430 August 2003

 I met my soulmate on  

We got married June 21st of this year. I have the one that God meant for me to meet :) I keep getting mail, and I email them back, with how I met my soulmate on Christian Cafe, and "thank you for contacting me but I'm taken."

Please remove my profile from your service. WORKS - keep writing to members because she may be out there for you :) We will be forever grateful for YOUR service.

Sandy-onlybygraceiam640 August 2003

 The Lord is so good to us!  

I wish to inform you that I'm getting married on the 30th day of August to a wonderful man I met at He is from Texas.

Bebe245 August 2003

 Thank you so much for being a blessing in my life.  

I have found someone so wonderful and I do not need my account anymore.

Thanks again for being a blessing to, I'm sure, many people as also myself.

Jim-jimissaved278 August 2003

 We have both tried other sites to meet people and had no luck. was such a refreshing change.  

Susan and I both met through the and I know I speak for both of us in saying thank you. After we exchanged letters on Christian Cafe for a while we exchanged phone numbers and talked.

We finally met in person and it has been wonderful. Patience really does pay off. And putting relationships in God's hand instead of controlling it through the human sense can only work for good.

Mike-momike619 August 2003

 You're probably getting a lot of new members because everyone is spreading the word about  

I can't even count the number of Christian friends, and strangers for that matter that are Christians, that I've told to go to your web-site because it's the best.

We just celebrated our one month marriage anniversary on August 11th. We are so happy and blessed and in love. I have to thank you again. We both went to many other so-called "Christian" web-sites and did not find true Christians there, but because of we found each other.

Thank you so much!!!! My eyes are watering as I write this. You're the BEST!!!

John & Sheri August 2003

[Editor's note: See September 2003 testimonial for a photo from their wedding!]

 I want to express my gratitude for what has done for me.  

I think the most important part in my joining, is that it allowed me to communicate and find out about people through the buffer that Christian Cafe offers.

This enabled me to search and select with the complete assuredness of retaining my privacy. Through, I have met the Soul Mate of my life.

Beginning from our first exchange of messages on July the 5th, we spent hundreds of hours, in communicating and learning about each other, before deciding to hear each other's voices, and then hours of phone conversations, before planning to meet and getting together.

We plan on marrying sometime in the next 3-4 months, once all our personal affairs have been satisfied. I will not hesitate in referring anyone single person to Christian Cafe, where they might, also, find the MR. or MISS Right...their Soul Mate.

Jack August 2003

 I've known her a month and feel as though I've known her my whole life.  

Know what amazes me? I was searching and asking God to help me find the person for me. I looked and looked and saw lots of wonderful women, but the one with whom I am corresponding and contemplating marriage is one I initially overlooked.

She is the most wonderful, amazing, awesome, kind, gentle, loving person I know, besides Jesus. Everything seems to fit and we've agreed that we would not touch until we marry if that is the will of God for our lives.

We've the same vision and passion in life and are completely committed to God and His plan for our lives. I know this will work out and thank you so much for giving me opportunity to meet the woman of my dreams.

Daniel August 2003

 Thanks to the Lord has brought me to the man I was meant to be with.  

Richard and I started writing in early April and met 'face to face' on April 30 at, where else, but church. It seems we've been together ever since that date and now are engaged to be married.

Although we haven't set a date yet, we're looking at next May. Were it not for we probably would never have met.

Although we're only 20 minutes, door to door, from each other our lives probably would have never crossed except for your service.

Thank you again so very much for this unique tool and I pray that others find the happiness and success as we have in the name of our Lord God. Blessings to you and the staff.

Linda August 2003

 I came across in a woman's spiritual magazine.  

So, curious as to what it offered, and who was on, I logged a profile, began searching and found a friend.

It's too soon to tell what will happen, but God knows what He is doing. Thank you. Either way, I have found a life long friend.

anonymous August 2003

 Thank you for making the world a smaller place and bringing love into so many lives.  

I met Charlie on in June 2002. After a couple of months of talking each day we decided to meet.

We thought we had fallen in love online but in person it was so much more and much more intense. Charlie proposed to me on 11th July 2003, and we will be married in September 2003.

Roseanne August 2003

 I know it sounds tough to live the single life, but I'm finding all the ways I can serve the LORD while a single man that I can't while married. Two words: IT'S AMAZING!!!  

I met one of my best friends, Anya, on a year and a half ago. We've talked quite often since as well as spent time hanging out IN PERSON and I must say that God totally blessed me with an amazing friend that cares about me a lot and whom I care about, as well.

I originally joined Christian Cafe with intentions to meet the "right" person for me because I was lonely. I never did, to make it plain and simple, and you know what? That doesn't bother me at all!

In fact, I am glad. I'm glad that God didn't let me get into something that may hurt me and someone else instead of allowing me time to mature and heal from a previous relationship that I was hurt in.

I still have great time reading the AMAZING articles by Dr. Jim (I rarely miss one), reading some amazing testimonials of couples who DID meet on here, as well as friends, like Anya and me.

For those of you who join because of lonely, single hearts, take joy! Paul says in 1 Corinthians 7:8 that it is good to remain single! The LORD may be preparing you to meet your future spouse when you're content enough to be single for life and devote your WHOLE to Him, you never know.

All I know is that if and when the LORD brings the right woman into my life, I will be rejoicing! Until then, I'm honoring Him with all He's blessed me with as a single man.

To all who met on this site and are in true and total love, praise the LORD! To all who are on this site and serving Him with their singleness, praise the LORD! Praise the LORD to be single and praise Him to be married!

Randy August 2003

 If angels have halos, then Grant left his hanging on my heart:)  

As you can read from his testimonial (July 2003), he and I met on towards the end of March, met in person at the beginning of June, and we've been becoming best friends ever since!

There are so many things I could say, but I think to sum it all up, I'd have to say that I just absolutely adore Grant.

We've laughed together, cried together, sang together, prayed together, played volleyball together, ridden roller coasters together (and screamed our heads off might I add). We've even driven across two entire states together.

I'm so thankful to God for providing such a great site like to meet awesome people like Grant. To everybody out there who is still searching for their angel, don't lose heart! God has your future in His hands.

He hasn't forgotten you or the person you are meant to be with. Trust Him and He'll provide for you!

And to MY California Angel: Thanks for waiting for me as I wait for you. I wouldn't trade what we have for the world!

Kasey & Grant August 2003

 Just wanted to let you know that my fiancee and I are getting married next week in Guatemala.  

We met on on New Year's Eve. She's from New Jersey and I live in NYC.

We both love the Lord and are so excited to have found each other. Her name is Judith and mine is Jim. Thanks for everything.

Jim {New York} August 2003

 I just renewed my membership, and wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with the overall quality of and the participants on line.  

Although I have been on other Christian singles sites I have not been nearly as impressed by them. Thanks for doing such a great job!

Lois August 2003

 I met and have become engaged to a very lovely lady that I would not in a thousand years have met.  

I believe that through and the works of God that we will be married. Her name on the club was Agapeclown.

I will recommend you to all my friends. I have tried a lot of the on line clubs, but yours seem to have a better quality of ladies, and everyone was very nice.

Again, Thank you very much.

Howard August 2003

 I just wanted to take a moment to share with you something AWESOME that God has done for me recently.  

I was a member of and through that forum God has brought me together with the person He had chosen for me.

I am SO thankful to God for doing this, we are both VERY happy! I thank God also for helping me to find and thankful that He put it on your hearts to do this work for Him and you are about your father's business! is an EXCELLENT tool and a wonderful website! The best I have ever used. I just wanted share all that with you and to say thank you from both of us.

Matt August 2003 is the safest place I find to see a man's lifestyle.  

I will pass the word about your site.

Darlene August 2003

 I want to thank the people who make possible.  

The Lord sent "That special One" to me on a blind date. We will be married before Christmas.

Of more than 5000 profiles I read I had selected 12 to write to. 7 responded with interest from around the world.

The first one I met face to face was my soul match. We are of the same faith. We each have the same number of children of the same age and gender. We have similar goals and hold the same things important in life.

When I speak slowly she finishes my sentences with the exact words I would use to hurry me up. When she looks at me I know her thoughts without speaking. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

All of the women I met were kind and courteous and I hope all will remain strong "Friends In Christ". Again, I would like to express my gratitude for the service you provide.

Veon August 2003

 I had been a member for almost a year and Rose had been a member just a few days.  

I wrote to her and we shared things. I felt as if I could tell her anything. It was as if I had known her for a long time.

I prayed that God would watch over us and the relationship would be blessed by him. When she visited me, we had such a wonderful time. We are both so grateful to God that He has brought us together.

She is a lovely person. Thank you for your part in all this.

Geoff August 2003

 I have found the right woman for me and we are trusting God for His timing in terms of marriage.  

Thanks again for your wonderful service.

Larry August 2003

 I met the most wonderful lady here and I'd like to thank you,  

Gary August 2003

 We started talking and one thing led to another.  

I met my husband Kevin on back in October of 2001. I had been widowed for five months and was not looking for a serious relationship at the time.

Kevin was very marriage minded and a pastor. I truly believe that the Holy Spirit was at work. We are the ones God wanted for each other.

We have been happily married for a year this past June!!! Thank you again for everything that your site stands for!!!

I hope and pray that lots of people find what Kevin and I have found in each other and from!

Irene August 2003

 I met a great guy in 2001 on  

We met in person a year after we met online. We still keep in touch and he is an awesome friend and it is awesome to have a brother in Christ to encourage and to be encouraged by.

anonymous August 2003

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