Christian Testimony - July 2003

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 Krissy and I met online in January, met in February and married in June.  

Happy interracial couple laugh together

A very happy Krissy and Ramon on their wedding day

Former single Christians kiss after marrying

Krissy and Ramon make their marriage official :)

Here's the proof! We had a nice dinner afterward in New York's Tavern On The Green.

Ramon & Krissy July 2003

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 I heard about through a friend playing a joke.  

ex-single Christians hug and smile in the winter

Tony is very glad he joined: he met Julaine!

I didn't think I'd be the sort to use a dating site. After sorting through just a few of the profiles I came across Julaine and was instantly taken by her.

She was online so I sent her a little note that said nothing but 'hi.' A year later we were married.

We met for the first time at Niagara Falls. I flew in from Nashville, TN and she drove from Rochester, NY.

My biggest piece of advice is for the women. Set up safety measures for your first meeting. We had her friends call her every hour on her cell phone when she and I first met to check up on her.

Anyway, thank you for your site! We are very happy and blessed that God used you to bring us together!

Tony {Tennessee} & Julaine {New York} July 2003

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 I met via some nice people but One was the best and he thought the same of me.  

Newlywed Christians can't take their eyes off each other

Evelyn found the best man, Reggie!

We talked many hours and a month later were married. Our families are happy for us and we love each other very much!!!!

Reggie & Evelyn July 2003

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 My heart has found a home.  

I sat in front of my computer 12/2002 with tears in my eyes because I was a little sad and lonely.

On my computer screen was At this point I had met some very nice people on the site but no one special.

Then here comes the New Year and boom, the LORD/GOD renewed my spirit as only He can do and I met Christopher. Since January we have spoken on the phone everyday, with the exception of a few days here and there.

He is definitely a GOD send, we will meet in person for the first time in July, 2003. When you believe JESUS CHRIST and HIS promises you find yourself exactly where you should be with all the gifts that HE promised.

I never would have believed that there was a man in this world like Christopher, words cannot begin to express, except to say I will keep you informed as we progress within this miracle.

By the way, when I speak to Christopher I feel like I am participating in a parade. Thank you

Owena & Christopher July 2003

 I just have to say thank you for your site.  

Now I am married to a wonderful guy that I met on here and life just couldn't get any better. Thank you very much.

anonymous July 2003

 I never knew that God's Will for my life could be so perfectly manifested in a spouse.  

I met my wife Heidi on in April of 2002.

We were married on January 3rd of this year. We found out quite early in our relationship that God had made me for her and her for me.

Your ministry allowed us to find peace and joy unspeakable and full of glory! God bless you all!

Frank & Heidi July 2003

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 I took a leap of faith and joined  

In late March my boyfriend of 2+ years and I ended our relationship. God had made it clear to both of us that we were not meant for each other. I was crushed, but I was not going to let that show.

I decided that I was going to "get back out there" and see what God now had in store for me. I was scared when I first joined -- what would people think of finding friends/dates via the Internet?

I just wasn't sure what this would bring. I was initially flattered -- I corresponded with a bunch of different people for a while. Then I met one of them in person -- before I knew it I had three different dates in one weekend with three different guys!

It was very flattering. Turns out the one that I had the 3rd date with that weekend was the one the Lord was leading me to start a relationship with. In the seven weeks we've been seeing each other our relationship has really deepened and grown in such a way that it is amazing to me!

God has such a wonderful way of carrying out his plans for our lives! It is often hard to know just what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and why, but God knows!

I believe that God led Nate & I to meet on and then to meet in person. What I find funny is that we could have met in other circumstances -- his parents live down the road from me; his family & some of mine attend the same church; we do "travel" in some of the same circles -- yet God did not have us meet that way, (probably b/c we are both shy enough that we would have admired each other, but done nothing about it!).

So, thank you for this service! It seems like it has brought a lot of people together & I know what it has done for Nate & I!

anonymous July 2003

 Praise the Lord for!  

My experience with has been an awesome experience! God truly does have a way of working things out for his good, glory, and edification!

God's blessing to all the staff at! And to the members God bless you! Keep asking, knocking, and searching and the Lord will bless you! I can say I have truly been blessed!

anonymous July 2003

 It was worth the wait.  

God worked all the details out. I met the man of my dreams and we were married June 4th.

Marilyn July 2003

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 I met a great guy named Kevin!  

He and I are like such good friends and so far we have chatted for like 3 days; emailing back and forth and we're gunna meet soon!

I can't say OBVIOUSLY, that I love him just yet, but HELLO, we're talking about marriage! Thanks again!

anonymous July 2003

 I signed up on and that is where I met Kasey.  

She first IMed me about volleyball and the rest is history. We began to email each other every so often, and then all of a sudden the emails were practically daily and then the emails were 2 and 3 a day.

Not to mention we were on the phone every night talking about everything for hours at a time. Anyway, Kasey and I clicked so incredibly well, it was almost too good to be true.

So finally about a week ago she flew down to see me for 4 days. The best part was that while staying she decided that she wanted to extend her stay so she called the airlines and stayed an extra 4 days.

I very much believe God brings people into your life for certain reasons and Kasey was the one. I was immediately attracted to her because of her love and compassion for her piano playing, love for her family and friends and love for God.

She is absolutely the most wonderful person I have ever met and it was all thanks to God and I have never in my life met someone like this.

I learn more about her everyday and I just am so amazed and thankful. She means the world to me and although she goes to school in Washington and I go to school in California, if it is in God's plan, we are going to try to have a relationship and try to see each other as much as possible.

This one is way too good and special to get away and if things work out, then I am going to be the happiest man alive.

Grant & Kasey July 2003

 I have met this beautiful person through  

We are building a wonderful relationship together. Thanks for all you do to ensure the site remains Christian and clean...God bless each and every one of you.

Debra July 2003

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 I know that your goal has been to put couples together, but I would like to let you know that your site has also "given life".  

I met Mac on here several years ago. Nothing romantic, just a nice friendship. But several months after meeting Mac, I met my husband Ross.

We met, and married. He is not a jealous man, and very gracious.

So I continued chatting with Mac. Mac has kidney failure, and was in need of a transplant. My husband gave him his kidney yesterday at Toronto General Hospital.

The surgery was awesome. Totally of the Lord.

But because of, this man is now able to continue his life. Thank you for Christian Cafe. Also, if you want to see the story, it was in the May 27th issue of the Toronto Star (newspaper). If you use the word kidney in the search, it will come up. The title is "Tell Mac I'll give him my kidney".

Patty {Ontario} July 2003

 Last week I met a guy on that lives in my home town and goes to my church!  

Our church is pretty big with 5 services on the weekend... so without Christian Cafe we would have been two ships passing each other all the time and may have never met.

It turns out that his boss is the husband of one of my key support people, whom I love dearly and have the utmost respect for...this connection allowed for a valuable character reference and background check!!!

Isn't God good?

Thank you so much for allowing God to use you. God bless all of you and yours.

Lisa July 2003

 I joined from September 2002 to January 2003 in order to help a friend to prolong her time and of course :) out of curiosity.  

Through Christian Cafe and the contacts I made I was encouraged to wait for the man God has promised me to meet in the ministry I am called to be in and I will keep on waiting gladly for him.

Nevertheless meeting a "precious one" at Christian Cafe has not only helped me to survive a time of intense spiritual warfare and testing but has changed my heart and life.

We have never met in person but our lives are woven together for eternity testifying that where 2 or more are gathered in Christ's name He is in their midst.......... changing us from glory to glory.

Veseli July 2003

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 March 2002 I met the most wonderful man in the world via  

Aand a week ago we got married. Thank you and God bless you.

Rose July 2003

 Two of your previous members are getting married on July 26th.  

I won't be needing your services and I do highly recommend to single Christians! Thank you and God bless.

Mark July 2003

 I'm happily married thanks to you guys!!!  

Good luck with your good work. God is using you!!!

Madeleine July 2003

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 Today I purchased the 3 month package from you and am thrilled with it.  

I personally wanted to take the time to tell everyone there how much I have enjoyed I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of nice decent people I have met in such a short period of time.

As to date, I have not met in person anyone I've talked to here and I don't know that I ever will, but I can honestly say that before this week, I would have never paid to have access to this type of site.

Keep up the good work and I would recommend you to every single Christian that is looking.

Keith July 2003

 A girl I met on here last October said yes to my proposal this week.  

We're getting married in November. is a great site.

Chris July 2003

 I met a wonderful man through  

We are going to be married July 14, 2003! I felt more trust in using your dating site than any of the others I checked into.

Thank you for the opportunity to use your website and blessing my life with Dave.

Charlene & Dave July 2003

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 I wish to share my happiness and tell that I am very Blessed with my Marriage to Thomas.  

I had joined last year in July 2002. I met the most caring, wonderful and kind person on this earth to whom I am married to now.

We corresponded and dated on email for 5 months and 17 days, from the 9 of July 2002, and we finally met one another on 26 December 2002.

This is the day we anticipated to so much all this time. My husband flew all the way from Pennsylvania, USA to Fiji to meet me after all these weeks of writing to each other, after all these weeks of loving and caring for one another so much with each passing day.

Meeting each other was the happiest moment of our lives. We had our legal marriage on the 6 January 2003 according to the Fiji Government. And on the 18 January 2003 we had our Indian traditional wedding at a hall.

I am a Christian and believe in God but we had our cultural wedding ceremony. We have not had our church wedding yet, but will have one sometime soon. My husband, Thomas wrote to and posted some pictures of our wedding in March 2003.

Our wedding was very beautiful and spiritual, a special moment in our lives filled with so much of love, fun, laughter and so much happiness. I will never forget this moment for as long as I live.

My mum whom I love so so much did so much for me, mum did all the preparations and organised everything for the wedding in less than two weeks.

Everything was so beautifully arranged and filled with bright colours and very joyous for everyone. My two brothers came from Australia and New Zealand and all our families and friends helped one another hand in hand to make our wedding very successful, blissful and memorable and very special.

Thomas was with us for 4 weeks and time flew so fast but we knew that soon we would be together and this would be forever. This was the saddest moment, to be away from one another.

And here I am now in Pennsylvania, USA and very happy with my husband. I arrived here on the 6 April 2003 and it's already two months now and happily married to the most wonderful and amazing person I have ever known.

I am filled with so much joy and happiness and he is everything I asked God for in a husband. He has it all and is very special. Thank you God.

My new family is so very wonderful to me and love and care for me so much.

Once again I thank for this wonderful site. I am very very thankful to God for helping me find my soul mate. God has blessed our lives with each other.

I pray for every person who joins, God bless you all and may all your dreams and wishes some true and may you all find your soul-mates. God bless Praise the Lord.

Geeta {Fiji} & Thomas {Pennsylvania} July 2003

[Editor's note: See March 2003 testimonial for their wedding photos!]

 Thanks for providing this fantastic resource.  

I appreciate your site. Though I really haven't "hooked-up" with anyone yet, I've enjoyed meeting new Christians from around the globe. Ps 61.4.

Trey July 2003

 I really appreciate the customer service (something really lacking in most institutions)  

But especially nice to see it coming from a Christian organization - and even more so, when it wasn't even expected. THANK YOU! Blessing in your growing ministry!!!

Tedd July 2003

 Thank you for the opportunity you've given us to pray for one another and encourage one another.  

I just want to say a big thank you to all those who prayed for me regarding my professional medical exams.

I made it and I know that it was the Lord who saw me through. Though I read I strongly believe the Scripture which says that horses are ready for battle but victory belongs to God.

anonymous July 2003

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