Christian Testimony - February 2009

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 This is a long time in getting to you, but we wanted to share that we met on your website in February 2007.  

Modern Day Issac and Rebekah sit together smiling in front of a Christmas tree

Tim and Laurie have been very blessed in their relationship

We married June 3, 2007 and have been so blessed with all that the Lord has done in our lives.

We wanted to share how grateful we are to and so thankful that the Lord used this avenue to bring us together!

Here is a brief summary of our story:

Isaac & Rebekah

It was two years ago today that The Lord brought together this modern day Isaac & Rebekah. I was in Georgia, originally from California. She was in California waiting on The Lord.

I had promised The Lord that I would wait on Him too. Our hearts were open to chatting with other lonely followers on

It started with "hello" and never ended. After three months of endless chatting on the phone, webcam dinners, & KLOVE serenades, she boarded her modern day camel, AirTram Airways, and followed His Spirit to the south.

I met her at the airport, led by His Spirit in me, and took her home to Moultrie; Georgia, that is.

We married June 3rd '07 at Heritage church prayer chapel and Genesis 24 was our theme. Both of us had suffered loss of a loved one; her husband had died and I went through a divorce, but The Lord and His Word was our hope.

She said, "I will go" even when family & friends begged her to stay. We live today against all odds. She has CF and I'm in nursing school full-time for missions. We follow His Spirit daily and trust Him in all things.

Genesis 25:20 says Isaac was 40 yrs old when he took Rebekah as wife; I was 40 and she is handmade.

Tim-chipawar843 {Georgia} & Laurie-lpie210 {California} February 2009

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 I'm so thankful to God for having Don in my life. He is the answer to my prayers.  

A pretty woman from the Philippines stands arm in arm with her new Hawaiian husband

Ricamae with husband Don on the happiest day of her life!

A man hugs his wife from behind as she beams with joy

Don was the answer to Ricamae's prayers

I just wanted to share some of my pictures during my wedding day which was the happiest moment in my life.

On January 21, 2009 we got married and our first honeymoon was in Boracay Island, Philippines.

Don't give up on love.

Ricamae-lorrainehanna449 {Philippines} & Don {Hawaii} February 2009

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 Successful Match! Tere emailed me first in April of 2007, just as I was preparing to leave for a five day golf trip with my brother and some friends.  

Bahamas honeymoon for a seated couple who look very pleased to be together

Jim and Tere honeymooned in the Bahamas

I answered her email and said I would get back in touch with her as soon as I returned.

We communicated via email for about a month and then she decided we had to meet. She drove from her home near Raleigh, North Carolina, to Williamsburg, Virginia, about a 3 1/2 hour trip.


We began the courtship, taking turns traveling north or south, every weekend. The most amazing fact is that we both give all the credit and glory to God for bringing us together.

I asked her to marry me in February of 2008 and we married a month later. Honeymoon in Nassau, The Bahamas, and then we returned to living in separate states.

Yup, that's right, she in N.C. and me in VA. We both had full time jobs, but very soon I had made the decision to retire from the Fire Department after nearly 35 years and move to North Carolina to be with my wife.

We have 7 children between us, all adults, and we even have five grandchildren between us! Thanks!

Jim-mrblff337 {Virginia} & Tere-joyful500 {North Carolina} February 2009

[Editor's note: See October 2007 for Jim's first impression!]

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 We would like to thank you for setting up  

1st anniversary selfie

Angus and Mercedes just celebrated their 1st anniversary!

English Christian celebrate anniversary

Angus and Mercedes hope other members find the happiness they share

It was through this site that we met and today (16th February 2009), we are celebrating our first WEDDING anniversary.

Once again, thank you and we hope more people "find" each other as we did and it turns out to be as happy as we are.

Angus-reynard740 {England} & Mercedes-merc799 {England} February 2009

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  I was at the point of giving up since I had been on for some time and not really hit it off with anyone.  

Kissing bride on the cheek

Margaret and Marquez hit it off straight away!

Overjoyed Christian man holds his wife's hand over his heart

Margaret is overjoyed at having met Marquez

However, I met my husband, Marquez, on in April 2008.

We hit it off straight away. It was a challenge as Mark lived in California and I lived in England.

We decided to meet up and in May 2008 I went to San Jose to meet Mark and we knew straight away that we were made for each other.

We married on 14 December with a few family present and had a wonderful and blessed wedding in Las Vegas.

We just want to encourage others that God has someone for you. Don't give up. Mark was even on a few days trial when we met and I believe God put us together.

Margaret-mags871 {England} & Marquez {California} February 2009

 We met on the site during June/July 2004.  

Christians singles from Northern Ireland toast their marriage

Christine and Barry lived quite close but had never met

We both lived in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and as it turned out we lived around 12 miles from each other.

We decided to meet up and we hit it off right away and have been going out ever since. We just got married on 17/01/2009, it was the best day of both our lives and everything ran so smoothly.

God had a hand in our day just like he had a hand in our meeting on your site. Thanks for allowing us to be as happy as we are today!

Christine-misshappy769 {Northern Ireland} & Barry-notperfect590 {Northern Ireland} February 2009

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 I have met some very nice people and even some people from my local church which I may not have otherwise.  

I would not have entered this site if it had not been for the ability to view members before creating a profile and using the free trial.

This is my first time using the Internet for meeting people. In addition, as a woman, and as someone who is very cautious about posting things on the internet I felt safe.

I still will be using common sense practices when talking with new people but just wanted to thank you for breaking down the barriers that a lot of single Christians face and that is meeting other like-minded singles.

Suzanne-happiness417 {British Columbia} February 2009

 Lee and I (Vicky) met through this site and we highly recommend it to anyone.  

We have told other people about this site. Thank you to staff and to our Lord and Saviour for bringing Lee and I together.

We truly are blessed. Lee and I will be married April 18th, 2009. We haven't stopped thanking the Lord for each other since the first day we met.

Vicky-elvis550 {Alberta} & Lee-leegarbe798 {Alberta} February 2009

 I wanted to tell you that I met a person I may marry, on  

It all occurred when I got more specific on my profile, but did not get too personal at the same time.

I also listed what I really wanted, but had previously hesitated in placing on my profile. It seems when I did clarify what I wanted I got the one I am with now and I also got many good inquiries of the calibre I wanted to date from.

Lonnie says I am the one!

Shirley-belmontbeauty872 {California} & Lonnie-bluejay975 {South Dakota} February 2009

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