Christian Testimony - October 2003

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 God has totally given each of us a gift so far beyond anything we could have imagined.  

A pretty Christian single woman smiles on the couch while seated with her Christian match

A very happy Laura and Evan, gifted with each other :)

We are so blessed to have met each other here on Even though we live 21 hours away from each other, in our hearts we feel a bond that only the Lord could have formed.

We have each found a new best friend and a new brother/sister in Christ. We are ecstatic to see what the Lord has in store for the two of us. For all those who are skeptical, give a try - God has His hands on it.

Laura-lalyko615 & Evan October 2003

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 We look forward to a lifetime of happiness as a family!  

An overjoyed Christian woman lays her arm affectionately on her pleased groom

Miriam's perseverance paid off: she married Bryan!

I first registered with several years ago but things didn't work out. Recently, I decided to give your service one more try.

I sat down and sent out about 35 messages to gentlemen who seemed to interest me. I used one of the help links to get some advice on how to potentially "spice up" my profile and improve my overall Christian Cafe experience.

Three weeks later a certain gentleman contacted me. He was well-spoken (a characteristic which I must say isn't really that common anymore), very family oriented, honest about the trials in his faith and certainly funny as could be.

Our e-mails grew to become epics and he became more and more interesting with each one. Countless epic e-mails, hundreds of dollars on phone bills and thousands of dollars on plane tickets have come and gone.

Our first phone call was on September 19th, 2002, our first meeting on October 18th, 2002 ... and our wedding was on July 19th, 2003.


Bryan & Miriam October 2003

[Editor's note: See January 2009 testimonial to read about their "Cafe Baby"!]

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  I knew it was him God had prepared me for.  

A man lovingly hugs his bride from behind as she smiles

A beaming Jul found indescribable joy in connecting with Presh

Thank you so much for being instrumental in God's plan of bringing us together.

We met last January 25, 2003, The joy was indescribable and I was filled with overwhelming peace, peace that I believe only comes from Him.

Little by little He is showing me that He knew what I wanted, that He has heard me, and to top it all... he is the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on.

We talked for an average of 3 to 4 hours everyday. He proposed marriage on my birthday, then we got married last July 5 :)

I have never been so happy. Everyday I love him more and more.

He is more than what I asked God for, my dream come true and I believe he is my one and only perfect match, for our Lord is our Perfect matchmaker.

Jul & Presh October 2003

[Editor's note: See August 2005 testimonial to read about their "Cafe Baby"!]

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 I really had had it and was about to give up on the whole "net" dating scenario.  

Christian singles in Renaissance clothes smile together

Melody didn't give up and look at her now (with Greg at the Renaissance Festival)!

But Greg started this whole process by emailing me in November of 2002. We started chatting and the last week in December we "met" in person at a coffee shop.

We didn't stop talking the whole day! We've officially been together 9 months now and God has used us as a ministry team numerous times!

One thing I'd like to encourage everyone, is to take it slow physically. We waited 2 months until we even held hands. 5 months into it we decided he could put his hand around my back. 8 months the hand around the waist was o.k.

With each step we've celebrated it w/ a dinner. We've made purity our highest priority. I've never had a relationship be so rewarding and so blessed by God. Thank you for helping us meet!

Greg has been well worth my wait! :)

Melody-melzahnjc277 & Greg October 2003

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 We are both incredibly thankful for all His blessings which he given and continues to give us both.  

A very happy Christian man no longer single!

A beaming Paul, incredibly blessed

Emma is very happy with her engagement ring!

An equally happy Emma shows off her new engagement ring!

Emma and I met on in the middle of November last year and after rather a lot of emails and phone calls we met a couple of weeks later.

We very quickly became very good friends and in on January 18th this year (2003) we started "going out". We became engaged in May and are looking forward to getting married in four or five years' time. God has blessed us so much.

I prayed for a number of years that he would bless provide someone with whom I could love and share my life with. I have been so richly blessed with Emma - she is so so so much more than I could ever have hoped for, we are both constantly amazed with the ways that God has worked and is working in our lives together.

Paul-paul248 & Emma October 2003

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 If there is one thing I have observed running through all the testimonies I have read, it is that all the couples seem to be "knit" spiritually.  

When they do meet, it appears that there is this 'invisible' bond that holds them together, which seems indescribable.

I want you folks at to know that you have a wonderful site, and that God is really working through you to bring Christian couples together to further the work of His Kingdom. Thanks very much for responding to God's call.

May the Good Lord richly reward and bless you for this good work.

Eugina-godislove389 {Ghana} October 2003

[Editor's note: See February 2004 testimonial for her follow up!]

 We know God brought us together!  

Thank you and your staff very much, for all you do! Because of you, I found my soul mate!

She is a lovely woman of twenty-eight years. She and I have been corresponding for the last couple of months. Praise God for His faithfulness!

Shaun & Cecilia-arcticknight964 October 2003

 I won't be needing anymore.  

I'll soon be getting married as of August 3, 2004! So I guess this is good-bye and thank you for allowing me to access your website.

Timothy - tyrannus431 {Tennessee} October 2003

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 He's a devoted Christian with many gifts and talents and he thinks I'm "strikingly beautiful"!!  

I just wanted to write to thank you for I've been off and on the site for the last two years and it was during my last session on that I was contacted by a spectacular guy in Innisfil, Ontario (KAIROS595).

We met for tea at a Tim Horton's after a week of communicating by email...and we really hit it off!! We believe God has ordained our meeting and are pursuing a serious relationship together.

Karen-julie255 {Ontario, Canada} & Kairos595 {Ontario, Canada} October 2003

 Karl and I have an announcement to make: we got engaged on 7th November!  

We have set the date of our wedding for the 17 April 2004, the Saturday after Easter 04.

We then will take a two week vacation in the Rockies.

June-butterfly258 {Alberta, Canada} & Karl-ambassador334 {New Brunswick, Canada} October 2003

 I won't be needing anymore, nor will my new husband. :)  

We met on and were married last Friday. We are soooo very happy.

We give the praise to God. We both love Him so much and He was our common bond in courtship as well as now in marriage.

We are now planning to sell my home in Oregon and live for a short while in Alabama in his home.

Janeal-jan997 {Oregon} & matesearcher221 {Alabama} October 2003

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 It is with some sadness that I have asked my profile to be removed. However, it is for a happy reason.  

I just wanted to thank you for the role played in my finding a wonderful boyfriend. We 'met' on about six months ago (I was 39 and he was 45), and in spite of living a couple of hours away from each other, God is working wonders in our relationship and in our lives.

To all of those people, like me, who are disappointed by lack of numbers in their area, or by what I would call 'false starts,' keep heart! It's true what they say, that someone special may be just around the corner.

Perhaps this time next year I will be writing to tell you about our wedding! Again, many thanks, and all the best to staff and members for an overall great experience.

Jennifer-jj730 October 2003

 I had tried several other online dating services with not luck at all.  

I joined and within days I had received E-mail from interested women. Some with no more involvement have become friends and we still correspond.

Peg was different - she felt that we had more in common and our E-mailing got more frequent as we explored interests.

We have no date for a marriage yet but are planning for one next summer, probably. Peg has so many of the characteristics of the wife I lost a few years ago now.

She is easygoing and very light hearted about life and a complete joy to be around. I have to thank for finding the relationship God has intended us to have.

airdaleret735 October 2003

 I think has the very best , well set out, efficient dating site that I have seen.  

And I have seen quite a few. My congratulations to your web page builder- ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT and very classy looking.

Cassie October 2003

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  It was through that I met the man who will soon become my husband.  

Thank you for being there for all the searching Christians in the world. Your site has allowed me to meet someone from beyond my normal sphere of activity.

God's hand has definitely worked through your site to bring two people who are on fire to work for God together. Sammy902 and I both thank you for your assistance in the Lord's work of bringing like minded people together so they may be equally yolked in performing His work of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to others.

Gardcath431 October 2003

 I have met someone very special and we are now pursuing a close friendship which could lead possibly to more than either of us ever dreamed.  

And even if doesn't, we feel blessed just to have been able to meet - we will be lifelong friends, without a doubt.

Thank you again for giving us this God filled, once in a lifetime opportunity.

Elissa October 2003 really works!  

We have found each other just when we were about to give up. was the last try at the dating scene for both of us.

And what do you know - we meet each other and fall in love, the way God wants a couple to fall in love.

Thanks for the Christian environment and the chance to find the loves of our lives.

Belinda & Dennis-dennis376 October 2003

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 I gave it a try and bought a membership with  

A girl who met her husband over the internet suggested that I to should try and find a nice Christian girl for a friendly chat.

I met a lovely girl through your Cafe and we were married one year later.

To this day, I would never have expected love to be this way and if it were not for God's fore-knowledge and you as a catalyst, I would not have met the woman who has made me this happy.

My wife and I want to thank you. We still talk about the times we spent chatting into the middle of the morning until we trusted each other enough to meet.

Tim & Lynn October 2003

 Thank you for making this positive experience possible for me.  

Some people might say that since I did not find "my faithful friend" or "my man of honor" that my time was not a positive experience. Instead, I beg to differ.

The three months that I have spent on the have been a very positive experience. My relationship with the Lord has been enhanced. I have met many great women and men of God on this site.

One of my most memorable times was attending a Mariners baseball game in August with a good female friend from Christian Cafe. I have also enjoyed talking and praying with several people on this site.

I was also the humble recipient of encouragement and prayer many times. My pastor once shared with me this statement: "Don't go looking for that person, wait for God to bring that person to you."

Throughout these past three months, I have read the testimonials. Before I close, I would like to share these insights that God has imparted to me. Even though we members have screen names, we are people behind our screen names. We each have our own set of triumphs and trials.

This past summer, God gave me a scripture of Isaiah 43:1-2. "Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze."

My advice for single women and men looking to find that "special someone" is to keep trusting God that He will bring that person in His perfect timing.

Barb October 2003

 What a meeting place... and what a great service you render to such as us.  

We met on the net.... actually in your God worked in our hearts... and although from almost half way across America, we had the supreme luck to fall in love.

Now we hope to get married on Monday 20th October, and together we want to thank God first and foremost for Blessing us and you for the wonderful service you are doing.

Dale-Kuzmicki434 & Eva-Pixie251 October 2003

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