Christian Testimony - August 2005

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 Curiosity caught my eye when you sent advertisements for  

Sid feels comfortable putting his heart in Reyna's hands!

Reyna is Sid's heart bearer :)

I was curious because it had been a couple of years since I dated, and one of the reasons was I just couldn't find someone that I really felt comfortable putting my heart in their hands.

Little did I know, I would find my heart-bearer in your profiles. And little also did I know it would be a person I wasn't looking for. I wasn't looking for someone in a foreign land, because I didn't really want to deal with distance and the money involved in that. But, just commenting to a woman in Indonesia one day, I found an awesome lady that I would fall deeply in love with, and end up asking to marry. I didn't even see this coming!

The heart-bearer's name is Reyna, who is two years younger than me, a great Christian girl who wants so much to please God, and someone who I found out is so comfortable and natural to be with, I feel as if she was made for me. When I visited Indonesia, as I was there, I could not believe the incredible chemistry and shared love, that I decided to buy her a ring well I was there, and popped the question in front of her whole extended family! She said yes, and now we are planning on marrying in November.

I have to give it to you all,, that someone can really find true, absolutely true love, by your wise set up. Thank you so much for being used by God that I may find my Eve, my Rebecca, my "bride." She also is very appreciative of you all, and wanted me to let you know that she is happy to have found me.

Sid-sid846 {California} & Reyna-nadia839 {Indonesia} August 2005

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 Another wedding!  

Daniel and Carole marry

A very happy Daniel with his wife, Carole

On July 16, 2005, Daniel and Carole became Husband and Wife.

Thank you

Daniel-terpgomer516 {Connecticut} & Carole-carole220 {Connecticut} August 2005

[Editor's note: See December 2004 for Daniel and Carole's engagement announcement]

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 There was an instant connection.  

Ben gives Sheila a piggy back ride

Sheila's not letting go of Ben!

I just wanted to say thank you for bringing my husband and me together. Ben and I met online November 20, 2004. We communicated online for two weeks and then on the phone every night thereafter.

We met in person on December 23, 2004. Ben lived 90 miles away so we commuted each weekend to see each other. We were engaged on February 14, 2005 and married on May 7, 2005.

I can't tell you how grateful I am to and to my Lord and Savior for bringing me the man of my dreams. We truly have been blessed! Thank you so much!

Sheila & Ben August 2005

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 I will never forget the first night we first chatted on!  

Gorgeous hills in the background as a newly wedded Christian couple smile and pose together

A very happy Kris and Lester pose after marrying

Christian couple show off their wedding rings

Kris and Lester show off their wedding rings

Lester and Kris face each other holding hands while outside

What beautiful scenery for a wedding!

It lasted several hours and from the start I knew it was something special.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service. It was through your website that I met Lester on January 10, 2004.

Lester was like finding that perfect pair of shoes that finally fits! No more forcing and tugging trying to make them fit and after years and years of trying on awkward fitting shoes (dating non-Christian men) my feet were tired, aching and sore. You have no idea how incredibly wonderful it feels to finally, yes finally, after all these years of looking to find a pair that fits!

Lester is my best friend and soul mate and I know he is the man God designed for me. We were married on July 18, 2005 in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and have attached pictures of our special day for you to post on your website.

I encourage all singles to give a try and to never ever doubt or give up on God. God is so very powerful, awesome, amazing and good.

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, God orchestrated it all through

Kris-beaglegirl831 & Lester-lester472 {Virginia} August 2005

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 "Cafe Baby" Rebekah Jewel!  

Jul and Presh's daughter

Isn't Rebekah Jewel adorable!

After more than two years of blissful marriage we are so proud to share with you our little bundle of joy, another CAFE BABY, Rebekah Jewel.

Jul & Presh August 2005

[Editor's note: See October 2003 testimonial for Jul & Presh's wedding announcement]

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 I found the man of my dreams on, from the other side of the world!  

Fletcher and Melissa's first date was a success!

Two musicians now married!

Thank you so much for your website!

Fletcher wrote to me because we were both musicians who worked at family owned music stores, taught private lessons and played on worship teams. He loved the fact I had been to Australia and loved it; he posted that he had been to America and loved it.

Here we are as husband and wife after one year of marriage praising GOD for your site that helped to bring us together! Thanks guys!

Fletcher and Melissa:
met on June 16, 2001;
met in person July 4, 2003;
married July 31, 2004.

Melissa {Missouri} & Fletcher {Australia} August 2005

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 I feel like I have married my best friend.  

Sandi and Jimmy marry with laughter all around

Southerner Jimmy is glad he made the 916 mile trek to meet Canadian Sandi!

Dear Friends, this is just a quick note to thank and the role it has played in our lives.

Jimmy and I met about 2 1/2 years ago and found we had much in common in many areas of our lives. We wrote for several months before I gave him my phone number and we actually had a conversation (which was interesting considering he had a STRONG southern accent!). Eventually I invited him up to Canada, eh, to spend Christmas with us as that year his family would be spending their time with in-laws. He was courageous enough to drive the 916 miles to a new country, to a woman he had never actually met before and spend Christmas with people he didn't even know.

He got big points for that!

Another couple and I joined him in the drive back to Missouri and spent New Year's Eve celebrating on the Branson Belle Showboat in Branson, MO. What a wonderful time we had. Although the friendship was developing deeper, there was a huge "cost" to count - not just the price of becoming an permanent resident of a new country, but of leaving my family, friends and work. I have always found that when you leave the situation in God's hands, He will give direction and peace. After several trips back and forth, we decided to get married.

Today is our First Anniversary!

We so enjoy each other's company. Perhaps it is our ages, perhaps it is our experience, maybe what we have come through - but probably it is the Grace of the Lord that has allowed this blessing of marriage to feel like such a gift to each other.

For our anniversary, my dear hubby put together some of our first notes, e-mails, etc - what a wonderful read, that was. It brought back good memories and lots of chuckles. We both are very grateful to for the part they played in bringing us together.

For those of you still looking, make lots of friends because you will never know what or who God has in store for you!

In HIS Wonderful Grip.

Sandi {Canada} & Jimmy {Missouri} August 2005

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 All my doubts about online dating are, obviously, changed forever.  

Dale hugs Joan nearly lifting her off the ground

Dale looks very happy to have found his spiritual and life partner in Joan!

We just wanted to say thank you for allowing God to use to bring us together. I logged onto on a whim from a link on the Home Page of my church. Little did I know that I would meet my spiritual and life partner.

Joan was actually the first person I contacted on the site in January, 2004. We corresponded through for about a month. We met face-to-face in February. She lived only about an hour's drive from me and I did a lot of commuting that summer. I fell in love, but Joan was much more cautious. In August, on the day before I was to leave on a short-term mission trip to China, Joan threw me for a loop when, during a last phone call, she told me she loved me too. When I hung up the phone, I realized what she had just said and I had to call her back.

"Did you just say what I thought you said?" was all I could say!

Without a doubt, focusing on the business at hand during the mission trip was both a lot easier and a lot harder. But God let me know that someone was waiting for me at home and I made it through. We were engaged in December and married on July 24, 2005.

Thank you again for allowing God to bring us together.

Dale-tazman & Joan-funlovinglady346 August 2005

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 We finally got married!  

Married couple stand for the photographers

A wonderful wedding for Zillah and Mike

Married couple lean back and laugh while showing off their wedding rings

A relieved Zillah and Mike show proof of their marriage!

A tall Christian man stands behind his beautiful Filipina wife

Mike holds onto Zillah, not just friends, but spouses! will always have a special place in our hearts. Mike and I blossomed in our friendship at We met in March 2003. Everything started in a friendship. We never thought we would end up in marriage. But God is the all-wise God who planned out all these things long before we were born. We had been enjoying our friendship for almost a year before Mike expressed his intentions towards me. We both knew God was leading us to marriage.

November 19, 2004, Mike came over to my country, the Philippines. And on December 4, 2004, we got married. Mike is now in a theological seminary here while I continue working in a Christian organization. We both desire to serve God together in one of the closed countries here in Asia.

Zillah-regula981 {Philippines} & Mike-me597 August 2005

[Editor's note: See April 2004 for their first post]

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A bride kisses her husband in a veranda at night

A romantic wedding kiss for Brooke in a romantic setting

Hello, I wrote to you all several months back saying that I had met my husband (then fiance) on You invited us to email you after we got married.

Well we are married now and happily so! Here is a picture from our wedding.


Brooke-pookie435 August 2005

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 Many, many thanks for being there for all of us lonely singles out here searching for that special someone.  

Richard and I would most likely not have met if it hadn't been for you. Now, I wear his beautiful diamond ring and we are looking forward to a Spring wedding in 2006! How about that! I've been looking for 30 years. Much love and gratitude in the Lord.

Annie-sagebrushannie612 {Nevada} & Richard August 2005

 The journey is over.  

For me the desire to get married was always a huge issue.

I spent many years struggling and fighting with God because all I wanted was to get married and I just couldn't understand why it wasn't happening for me.

Over the years God had spoken to my heart that He had someone specific for me, and I was to wait for him. Just wait. That's all.

Doesn't seem like it would be that hard right? HA! Well, I would wait a while, then get impatient so I'd go looking. That would fail so I would wait a while then go looking again. It was an endless cycle.

I knew I had issues in my life God wanted to work out before I got married but every time we would get through one I would think, "Ok, this is it! Finally maybe I can get married now!" (smile) Round and round we went.

Throughout this process people would tell me, "Hey Robin, it's not until you truly stop looking that you will meet the right person." and I sincerely tried, Lord knows I tried, but I just couldn't let it go.

About eight months ago, after a very long trip through the wilderness, the Lord revealed "the" mother of all issues to me and my true motive for wanting to get married.

Everything I did in my life was based around a need to "feel needed". If I did not feel like I was going to be needed in a situation I wouldn't do it, plain and simple.

My motive for wanting to get married was I believed that was the only way I was ever truly going to feel needed. It took a few months to work through all this but at the end, the driving force in my life, the desire to get married, was finally gone.

For the first time in my life I was truly happy just to be single and with the Lord. I even went out on a few dates and it was like something in me had died. I didn't want to be there, I was perfectly content as is.

Two months ago on June 6th I signed up for a three month membership with for the second time. This time when I wrote my profile I wrote it from my heart instead of putting what I thought people would want to hear.

I didn't put a picture up because I decided that if they didn't want to talk to me without a picture, then they really didn't want to talk to "me", the real me.

And I waited.

I searched a little at first but I stopped because I didn't want to go down the road I had been before.

On June 10th Chris contacted me. He, unlike anyone prior, had taken the time to look up the meaning of my user name (hephzibah907) and sent me a Quick Message saying how neat he thought it was that I had picked that particular word.

I missed the Quick Message but when I saw it the next day I thought, "Wow, someone actually took the time to look this up." I mailed him and thus the communication began.

I knew immediately when I talked to him that he was truly different to anyone I had met before and I had a peace in my heart I had never felt before. We talked every day from that point on and met in person on July 15th when I drove up to CT from FL to help him take some stuff to a friend of his in GA.

The day before I left to drive up there I asked him if he was nervous at all about meeting me. His answer was, "No Robin, because I already know. Meeting you is not the deciding factor for me, it is merely the next step."

When I got out of my truck and looked at him for the first time I knew that this was it. As I looked into his eyes I could see that as much as he thought I was beautiful on the outside, he also saw inside, and saw me for who I am, the way God does.

It changed me and awakened things in me that I never knew were there. He proposed to me on July 18th and we will be getting married on Oct 15th of this year.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff of for being here and allowing God to use your site to bring people together.

As difficult as it was for me at times to wait for the right one, I can tell you that Chris was more than worth the wait. He is exactly what God designed for me. He is above and beyond what I ever asked or even thought to ask God for in a husband.

God bless you all.

Robin-hephzibah907 {Florida} & Chris {Conneticut} August 2005

 I had decided that I would only look for someone to converse with, not necessarily anything more.  

In April 2004 I happened across the profile of another member, Scott, from Omaha which is where I live.

I noticed in his profile that we have many of the same attributes, so I sent him a Quick Message, only to say Hi really and wish him luck on his pursuit.

Scott replied and after a few messages we began talking on the phone, and eventually we met for lunch. We got to know each other a little over the summer without really dating.

In August 2004 we began dating. This August 26th we will be married at Fort Street Christian Church.

We believe is was God who brought us together through your web site as neither of us would have thought to join a Christian Singles network on our own.

We would like to thank you for providing a nice place for Christians to meet other Christians.

Rennae-danctchr618 {Omaha} & Scott {Omaha} August 2005

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 Neither of us thought that we would find love on but God used your site to bring us together.  

In March 2005 Steve and I started chatting on your website. Steve will be moving from Texas to Ohio in the next couple of months.

Thank you for having a part in bringing my boyfriend and me together. God has blessed us so much and we can never thank Him enough.

Leslie-justified106 {Ohio} & Steve {Texas} August 2005

 I just married another member, so please delete my profile.  

Thank you for the use of the site which worked well for me. I fell in love and married 2 weeks ago.

We were both widowed and we met in your Chat Rooms.

Chat helped me to stay alive during a difficult phase. In fact Chat was a life saver, so thank you to all you hard workers.

Alice-littleone817 and Ian August 2005

 I want to take the time to prepare, print, and send this letter to tell the entire staff at how much I appreciate your website.  

I am sure you receive compliments all the time; so this is probably nothing new.

Nevertheless, I am extremely impressed with the number of daily new members. I did not believe it was possible for a Christian-based site to grow so quickly. If it was actually just a 'numbers game', success would be guaranteed. Obviously, there is much more to it than numbers.

My success has not appeared yet. I'm not one of those 'met and married' stories that are so interesting and important to a web site. But, I firmly believe that will be the place where it happens.

I am completely satisfied with the web site and the constant improvements that show up on the user interface. Some changes are subtle and others are major. Nevertheless, I like the humility in putting them out there without a lot of 'we're adding value' fanfare.

My only complaint is not with the site, but with some members. l just wish there was some way to better explain that the proper and courteous 'protocol' is to say "No Thank You" as opposed to silently deleting a message. That is so annoying and rude! Clearly, it is not your problem that most folks just don't get it.

I am glad to be a member. I pray for your continued success. My guess is that nobody is getting rich and this is primarily a labor of love. Labor of love fits in so many dimensions.

Kenneth-senseofhumor101 {Washington State} August 2005

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 Found someone!  

Thank you very much for the service you provide! I have found a wonderful Christian lady here. I have used other Christian sites before and this is the very best I found. Thank you again.

Dave-dmac625 {Indiana} August 2005

 Thank You for the Wedding Bells!  

Thank you for making it possible to find our soul mates.

We met on the Cafe in October 2004 and we hit it off right away. We were taking it slow for a while but then in December we decided to become exclusive.

Now we are three weeks away from our wedding day and are looking forward to starting a family. The date of the wedding is September 3, 2005.

It is a blessing to find the love that God has in store for us. We cannot wait to worship, walk, and grow in Christ. Thank you again.

Kristina-kristia & Dennis-jamesonetwelve718 August 2005

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