Christian Testimony - April 2004

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 We had so much fun getting to know each other through  

Still having fun together, a couple smile on their wedding day

Ashley and Josh still doing great!

I know this is a little late (smile), but my husband and I want to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet.

We met in person for the first time on Nov. 3, 2001; we were engaged by New Year's Eve, 2001; and we were married on June 29th 2002!

We are going on our 2nd year of marriage and still doing great! More in love now, than we were then!

We can't thank you enough! We are very blessed to have been able to meet through Thanks again!

Ashley {Kentucky} & Josh {Illinois} April 2004

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 We couldn't be happier, and it was awesome to celebrate our first anniversary last December!!!  

Woman smiles on her surprise date with her husband at the theatre

Vanias enjoying a surprise date at the theatre with her husband Clint

In February 2002 I met Clint through, and in December 2002 we got married, first in Brazil (my country) on the 14th, then in Michigan, U.S.A (his country) on the 21st.

Now, one of our Aunts is a member at, and we hope she finds someone too.

Thank you for providing a place for Christians to meet and, according to God's will, find friendship, and more than that, our other half. God bless you, and keep you in His hands.

Here is a picture of the two of us at a theater in Shipshewana, on our anniversary (a surprise from my husband who knows I love to see a good play). Love in Jesus.

Vanias {Brazil} & Clint {Michigan} April 2004

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 I ran across your website while browsing the net early last July, and saw a beautiful woman with an amazing profile.  

Laura with Chad on their wedding day

A very happy Chad married his beautiful and equally happy wife Laura

I filled out's extensive profile and then mailed her. We began mailing back and forth that day. We messaged back and forth the next night for about 6 hours, and we started talking on the phone the night following that.

A week following our first email, I was sitting in a jewelry store to find out how much trouble I was in (smile!). We didn't meet in person for a month, as she lived in Michigan and I lived in Kansas City.

The time on the phone allowed us to get to know each other; few people get to do that before their first date. We knew before we met that we were going to marry each other, and it was reinforced by our comfort with each other when we were together that first time.

On November 1st, 2003 we were engaged, and were subsequently married on Valentine's Day this year in a beautiful ceremony.

I wanted to express my thanks for the service you provide in God's plans for meeting the persons with whom we are to spend our lives.

Thank you for providing the medium for which we met. Nine months ago I had never been to Michigan, and now I live there with my beautiful bride. God Bless.

Chad {Missouri} & Laura-allsmiles830 {Michigan} April 2004

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 It never crossed my mind that in an online Cafe I would meet this special man to whom I am engaged, and to whom I am to be married on August 28, 2004.  

Future missionaries

Zillah and and Mike will be serving together as missionaries

I signed up at in January 2003, and in March 2003 I met Mike.

He had no picture in his profile, but his initial letters gave me an idea where his heart is, and what he values. He has a big heart for God, deep love to study His Word and he wants to give the rest of his life in serving Him. That swept me off my feet.

The 9 months of constant communications through, emails and chats strengthened our friendship. And on October 29, 2003, Mike expressed his long time prayer that I would become his lifelong companion, and that we can both serve God together as husband and wife.

Mike visited me here in the Philippines for the first time in February 2004. When I saw him, I loved him even more. My family and friends admire him so much and received him gladly as part of our family. After our wedding, we will be studying together in the seminary for two years before we finally move to this once closed-country in Asia as missionaries. is a great site. Even before I met Mike, I had already developed friendships with several men who really love the Lord. It was so hard to imagine how both of us, separated by 10,000 miles, strangers to each other would be brought together through a unique place like this. God is all-wise. And He is using this great site to fulfill His plans. More power to you!

Zillah-regula981 {Philippines} & Mike-me507 {Florida} April 2004

[Editor's note: See August 2005 for their wedding post!]

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 I signed up on in July 2003 and my now-husband wrote to me about two weeks after I signed up.  

Chemistry at work as loving wife places hands on smiling husband on their wedding day

Laura and Doug looking forward to all God has for them!

We met in person a week later as we didn't want to get into a long email thing; if there's no chemistry in person, then what's the point!

I knew I was looking into the eyes of my future husband!

He lives in San Diego and I lived in Long Beach; because of that distance we never would have met if it hadn't been for both of us being "brave" enough to try an online dating service.

I had tried [a secular site] but the quality of men I was meeting was really lacking. They put Christian on their profile but when I would write and ask them to describe their faith, for the most part they just considered "being a good person" as being Christian.

My husband on the other hand is so on fire for Christ and the spiritual leader I have always longed for; it is truly amazing. We both really appreciated the format on, as the questions when answered sincerely truly give insight to a person's heart.

We were engaged on Christmas night; he took me to the foot of a cross on the top of a hilltop overlooking San Diego and said it was only appropriate to propose to me at the foot of the cross as it was Christ who had so miraculously brought us together through your website.

We were married March 12, 2004, and are so blessed to have found each other!

We look forward to all that God has ahead for us as we now serve Him as husband and wife! Thank you for providing a reasonably priced service that enables Christian singles to meet each other.

Laura-lkatthebeach964 {California} & Doug-srvngod263 {California} April 2004

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 We are now coming up on our 2 year anniversary and life is truly beautiful!  

Christian couple hug at dinner on a cruise ship

Jina and Jerry enjoying their honeymoon cruise

The funny thing about cyber-dating is that we automatically draw such firm judgments, that they truly cannot be broken unless we meet face-to-face.

Jerry mailed me in after his best friend/Worship Pastor had met his fiancee on, but from Jerry's profile, I didn't think there would be much of a connection.

In mid-December 2001 Jerry moved closer to the city (Portland) and mailed me again. About a week later we spent an afternoon walking and praying "hearing each other's hearts" and found that we really were very compatible in the things that matter most ~ our heart for the Lord and our desire to serve Him wholly!

We are serving in our home, church and community and have a ministry to Foster Children (currently we have three siblings in our home) and are being used of the Lord 200% more than when we were single.

We would both like to thank you for your gift to those of us who seek a mate-after-God's-own-heart, yet don't want to go into the world to do so. What a blessing!!

Jina {Oregon} & Jerry {Washington State} April 2004

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 Thank you so much for providing this service. We feel it is God's way of working in our lives through you.  

Washington man meets Missouri woman and they both smile happily

Dale and Pat have so many things in common, including big smiles :)

Friday, February 13, we were married in Parhump, Nevada, just 3 months after meeting on!

It continues to amaze us that a man from Washington and a woman from Missouri could have so many common values and interests. We would NEVER have met through "conventional" methods. But God is not limited by "conventional" methods, and we believe He uses the computer for some folks to get together - namely, us!

Thank you so much!

Dale-dalemock289 {Missouri} & Pat {Washington State} April 2004

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 I am pleased to tell you that has yet again got it right.  

Rodger holding back his laughter as Yvonne tries to take their selfie

Yvonne and Rodger look forward to much joy and gladness!

I started corresponding to Rodger a year ago and what started out as a friendship contact has blossomed into love. I am delighted to tell you we are getting married on June 12, 2004.

Never would I have thought that signing up with would lead me to the partner I will gladly share the rest of my life with. I had to sift through a few prospectives and yet the man for me was sitting right under my nose, waiting for me.

Both of us have had bad experiences in the past and yet we look forward with much joy and gladness to what we see as a union blessed by God. My two boys relate to and respect Rodger, and although life will hold new challenges ahead, the future is looking wonderful.

We both want to take the opportunity of thanking your website and will gladly recommend it to those seeking a partner in life.

Thank you once again,

Yvonne-browneyedgirl279 {Australia} & Rodger {Australia} April 2004

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 I just wanted to thank you and especially God, for  

Because of the grace of God and the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I (artistgirl) met a man under the name "percheron" in October 2003 and now we are engaged.

In fact God willing, I am moving to Washington State from Kansas in October 2004 and in the Spring we are to be wed!!

Thanks again to you and to God for the opportunity to meet others who are in God's grace and looking for fellowship and for love.

Adria-artistgirl424 {Kansas} & "pencheron" {Washington State} April 2004

 Thank you  

Your site is very well organized and was the only thing of its kind I have ever been convinced to give a try.

I was very impressed by how efficient and how pleasant you all must be there to make it such a good service to use. So thanks again and God bless.

Alex-godisincharge303 {United Kingdom} April 2004

 You have an EXCELLENT program here!  

I've checked out other sites and NO ONE offers what offers without charging you FIRST!

I think you have a wonderful way of doing business and will tell anyone I come across that's looking for such a service about!!

Robert-southerngentleman947 {Texas} April 2004

 My name is Rachel and my fiance's name is Eric, and yes, we met on!  

Our story is probably a little different to most of the ones you receive, OK, a lot different, but this is why I feel God is completely, 100% in control of everything!

Eric and I just happened to try out the same exact week, but here's the most terrific part: I live in Montgomery, AL and he lives in San Diego, CA! Cool, huh?

We first mailed on Oct. 19, 2003, began talking on the phone two days later, met Dec. 26, and traveled back and forth from Alabama to California, and now we are getting married this Oct. 9, 2004!

I am so ecstatic about what the Lord has done for me! He is so faithful to all of us who call on Him.

I just want to tell you guys at, "thank you" from the bottom of my heart. I have found the most incredible guy. Thank you for creating a website for Christian dating. I know this is pleasing to the Lord.

Rachel {Alabama} and Eric {California} April 2004

 I just wanted to write you and tell you of my wonderful experience on  

I met a wonderful man through Christian Cafe and we began corresponding in December 2003. We realized that we only lived about 45 minutes away from each other. On January 10, 2004 we met in person and by the 14th we were dating exclusively. We completely fell head over heels in love and we are planning our wedding for May 1st, 2004.

We are so thankful for, because even though we live close we probably would have never met if it weren't for your website. Thank you so much for all you do! This site has changed my life completely and I am so extremely thankful!

In His Arms,

Lindsay April 2004

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