Christian Testimony - July 2005

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 I can't imagine my life without Ed. And, it is so amazing that I met my soul mate online!  

Very joyful Christian singles look very cozy together at sunset

Lauren and Ed are now married with a beautiful daughter!

A man leans over his wife and holds her hand as she laughs

Ed was a total blessing to Lauren!

Ed and I met on in late September 2002. He was living in West Virginia and I was living in North Carolina at the time.

We talked on the phone and Internet for 2 weeks (using up all of our night and weekend minutes in the process!).

Finally we met in person and the rest is a total blessing from God.

We were married in January 2003 and are currently living in Evansville, Indiana.

We have a beautiful daughter, Emma, and a little boy due in September 2005!

We are so blessed and we both thank the Lord for

Thank you!

Lauren {North Carolina} & Ed {West Virginia} July 2005

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 Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary!  

A woman playfully hugs her husband from behind

Jim and Marilyn Celebrate their Third Wedding Anniversary June 2005

Everywhere we go, people ask, "Where did the two of you meet?" They see our joy, our true happiness in each other. We always tell them that we met at

Intrigued, we give them your website address and encourage those still single to join.

We found true love through your site and it's all because our foundation is based on Him. Your service was the catalyst to a beautiful marriage. Without a doubt we had a divine appointment with each other to answer our collective call.

We pray as we celebrate our third wedding anniversary on June 8, 2005, that God will continue to use our marriage as a light and encouragement to others.

Jim-sycamore675 & Marilyn-indi276 July 2005

[Editor's note: See January 2003 testimonial, January 2004 testimonial and Feb 2006 testimonial for their other submissions.]

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A Christian woman affectionately puts her hand on a laughing man as he hugs her

A beaming Cynthia holding onto her fiance, Jan-Eric

Here is an update from our February 2005 testimonial, with another photo of Jan-Eric (Sweden) and me {North Carolina}.

We will be married July 26, 2005 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Then I am moving to Sweden!

I never thought I would meet my husband on the Internet. God can really use anything to bring people together! I thank God again for your website that allowed me to meet Jan-Eric.

I feel truly blessed to have found the right one. Jan-Eric was about to give up looking. He was praying for 10 years for God to send him a wife. He was starting to think he would never meet anyone UNTIL he found me on Thank you so much! Thank you for creating this website and thank you for the all those "3 more days free" emails! We would have never found each other if it wasn't for that! We really love you!

Cynthia-luvzaverb761 {North Carolina} & Jan-Eric {Sweden} July 2005

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 Marriage Announcement!  

Daniel and Carole marry

A very happy Greg and Eva meet in sunny Fiji

I would like to express my sincere thanks to In September 2003 I was signed up for the site by my sister. I logged in and immediately had a message waiting for me from Eva in the Philippines. Initially with the distance being so far (I am Canadian) I wasn't all that excited; and to say that compatibility wasn't easy for me would be a massive understatement. However, I discovered over time that my luck was about to change.

We conversed extensively through email and a bit on the phone for about a year and in November 2004 agreed to meet in Fiji since I was studying in the South Pacific. We had both truly found what we were looking for and became engaged. In May 2005 I traveled to the Philippines to marry Eva, and we are planning a church celebration in Canada for my family after her immigration papers are processed.

I want to thank you all for your site. I feel it is really a miraculous connection that has brought us together. I had to go to the other side of the world to find my special someone but it was so worth it.

If you think our story can inspire others, especially those at a distance than I would be most happy for you to publish it on your site.

Here is our photo taken last November in Fiji! I look forward to seeing our testimonial on your site. I never thought in a million years it would happen. It is truly miraculous!

Thanks again, I am so grateful for what you have done!

Greg-greg215 {Ontario} & Eva {Philippines} July 2005

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 God used to bring us together.  

Blended Christian family

Melodie and Gene pose with their beautiful blended family

A man sneaks a kiss as his bride laughs joyfully

Gene sneaks a kiss!

Blended family light a candle in unison

A beautiful outdoor wedding to marry the the beautiful couple

My precious husband and I were married on May 18th of this year.

In February 2005 when we celebrated Valentine's Day a few days late, my best friend asked me to be his wife at the place he took me on our first date. We were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony surrounded by our closest friends and family, with tears streaming down our faces we entered into an unbreakable COVENANT with God and with each other.

We have now gone from being 2 single parents with 2 children, to being a married couple with 4 beautiful children. The Lord took our fractured families and made a new whole family. (For I am about to do a brand new thing. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness for my people to come home. I will create rivers for them in the desert!~Isaiah 43:19) Our family has bonded so strongly that someone who didn't know our story would never be able to guess that we are a step family. This is something that only God could have done! I am in awe of what it means to be married to such a good man, and that the Lord has finally blessed me with the large family I've dreamed of since I was a very little girl. I have never been given a more precious gift in all my life.

This past year has been such an adventure of learning to let God direct our steps instead of giving Him a shopping list of what we thought we needed and wanted. ( much more will your Heavenly Father give good gifts to those that ask Him."~Matthew 7:11) We look forward with great anticipation to see what plans the Lord has for our marriage and family.

"I didn't marry you because you were perfect. I didn't even marry you because I loved you. I married you because you gave me a promise. That promise made up for all your faults. And the promise I gave you made up for mine. Two imperfect people got married, and it was the promise that made the marriage. And when our children were growing up it wasn't a house that protected them. It wasn't our love that protected them. It was that promise." ~from Thornton Wilder's The Skin Of Our Teeth.

Melodie-aboverubies333 & Gene-ezekielrn181 {Virginia} July 2005

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 We are immensely happy.  

A cute toddler crawls around

Hi from "Cafe Baby" Jacob Paul!

A toddler looking pretty cool!

Jacob Paul ready to take on the world :)

3 years ago Peter and I met in Peter is an Australian man and I am a Guatemalan lady.

We got married and now we are very happy with our baby boy Jacob Paul. We are sending pictures of him.

Now I am recommending my twin sister to meet some guy in

Thank you very much for all, and for making happy so many singles. God bless you and your Cafe.

[No name given} {Guatemala} & Peter {Australia} July 2005

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 We're Engaged!  

Prince George lookalike sits in a convertible with his fiancee who laughs

Robyn and George, First Convertible Ride

Thank you so much from both George and me for allowing us to meet via your website.

I can't believe that George first wrote to me back in December 2003. My first reaction was "Virginia???". You see, I live in Connecticut and I thought "I can find someone at least in New England."

But when I read his profile and heard what was in his heart I said Robyn "Take a chance", and that is just what I did.

By March 2004 we started talking by phone, and Easter Weekend 2004 George drove 9 hours one way to meet me, this woman he had never seen before except for a few pictures on your website. He took a big risk, but we realized from that moment on that we were meant to be together. But George being the level headed one in our relationship did not want to tell me how he truly felt until I came down to VirginiaA to see his farm, and the State, etc.

So on my birthday, end of May 2004, I took my first 9 hour trip to Virginia, and I l loved everything about it. That is when George first told me he loved me at his home on my birthday. He asked my Dad's blessing on taking me as his bride December 27, 2004. Our wedding will be this weekend, June 25, 2005. We can't wait to spend the rest of our lives that God has given us together as a couple sharing both the good and the bad, and just growing old together.

Thank you again, if it weren't for you I would never have met the man that I had dreamed of and prayed for since I was 16 years old.

Robyn-busybee937 {Connecticut} & George-vafarmer242 {Virginia} July 2005

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 We are proof that even God uses the Internet because, yes, we met to be exact.  

Husband catches his wife's bouquet!

Good thing Adriana was persistent - look at her now!

Thank you! We got married on 05/05/05.

Ours is the age old story told before time itself...boy logs on to computer, girl logs on to computer, girl sends message, boy takes a loooong time to respond (boy is stupid), boy meets girl...well, you get the idea.

On September 2, 2003 Adriana saw a photo of a boy with a nice smile holding a small child...she didn't stand a chance. She sent this message to Christopher "Well...I wish I could type something clever but I guess I will stick to: "How are you?" type of first e-mail." She waited...and waited...and waited. In fact, Christopher never responded to that first message. He never even opened the message. Undeterred, she followed up with another message on September 21, which read, "You'll never read my message, will you?" Impressed by her determination and candor Christopher responded and the two continued to talk online until they met on October 25 with their first date the following week...the rest is history.

Chris and Adriana started talking about getting married right after visiting his parents on Easter 2004. They started looking for engagement rings but Adriana didn't find the right one. Actually, she decided to design the ring herself and get what she wanted (...or did she? Just for the record the ring went back to the jeweler twice before she got what she wanted. She almost made the guy cry). Anyway, she didn't know that Chris ordered the ring and on August 14 2004 he proposed. They live on Cape Cod, so he took her to Martha's Vineyard where they had a great time. Chris' parents were coming in for a week long visit that evening and Chris kept saying they need to pick them up that evening. Before going to the airport Chris suggesting going back to his place to change and that is when it happened.

Upon arriving to the apartment, Chris opened the door to reveal the soft light of candles, Nat King Cole in the stereo, champagne on the table and Adriana's favorite food (Olive Garden) in the oven. As soon as they walked through the door she knew this was it! Chris gave her a Garfield's 25th celebration book with a very sweet, unique comic strip. Using comic software Chris created a 16 panel script in which a boy told a girl how much he loved her (including the counting of the days that they were together) and how he wanted to have her in his life. He asked her to marry him in the very end of the comic strip and when she lifted her head (crying already) he was kneeling in front of her. On his hands he had a tray with two Brazilian chocolate candies with the word "yes" next to one and "no" next to the other. After a while (his knee was killing him) she took the "yes" one and found the ring underneath (or, at least, the first attempt by the jeweler).

His parents, picked up by his friends at the airport, came over a few hours later and they had a toast celebrating this happy occasion.

Thank you guys at God bless you.

Chris-capeclimber844 {Massachusetts} & Adriana {Massachusetts} July 2005

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 I met an incredible man on, a man who truly has a heart after God.  

A beautiful Christian woman is hugged by an overjoyed man

Christine met her soul mate online at

A man holds his fiancee on play structure and laughs

What a cuddly pose!

He is from Missouri and I am from Memphis, Tennessee. We began emailing in September 2004 and talked on the phone until we met in November 2004. We knew then we were meant for each other.

In May 2005 we were engaged and we plan to marry in March 2006.

You never know what God has in store, but always be ready. We have recognized that God is ALWAYS faithful, and to keep Him the center of your relationship.

Now, this doesn't mean that everyone on this site will meet his/her soul mate, but for some it does happen. It will all happen in God's timing.

Again, thanks

Christine-southernbell413 {Tennessee} & collegeman799 {Missouri} July 2005

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 Never in a million years did I ever think that I'd be writing a "Thank You" to Christian Cafe for helping me locate my soul mate.  

A couple walk out of church together proudly after marrying

Steve marries his one in a million, Renee :)

A man leans over his wife to close car window after marrying

The 500 mile drive was more than worth it to Steve!

Well...guess what? It actually happened...and here I am!

I was never successful at dating, in fact I've always hated it. I must admit that my initial "dating" experiences weren't much more encouraging; there were no traumatic experiences but trying to find someone can be emotionally draining.

Nevertheless on March 20, 2004 I was surfing the Cafe and was about to log off when I decided to give your "WHO'S ON" option one more shot. That's when I spotted "Renee723" who had just started a new trial membership. I fired out a quick intro message and she responded immediately (later confessing that she found the sincerity and honesty in my profile to be "a refreshing change"). We corresponded for the next two months progressing to a deeper and deeper level and finally decided to bite the bullet. On May 20, 2004 I made the 500 mile drive to Columbus, Ohio for a first date that was to last an entire 4 day weekend (YIKES!). Mutual nervousness was for naught and the initial "click" was instantaneous.

Those 4 days wound up to be a fun filled weekend of hikes in parks, touring museums, a baseball game and of course her Church. At one point she was even brought to tears when I cooked her dinner in her own kitchen - saying that "no man has ever cooked for her".

One beauty of a site such as is that we were able to get to know each other closely before ever setting eyes on each other; in fact it was only a 20 minute wait until our "first kiss" (but don't tell her Dad!). In her presence I felt so comfortable that it was as if I'd known her all of my life.

The rest is history. Our relationship escalated through the summer and fall of 2004 and on November 11th we were engaged; she still gets teary eyed when I replay the videotape of "The Shock" from my hidden camcorder. We were married in a Greek Orthodox ceremony in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on March 12, 2005 - less than a year after we first started corresponding.

Just this past month we settled into our new home and are now praying for a baby. I cannot thank enough for offering me a Christian venue that helped me to find the one that God wanted me to be with. After witnessing the worldly and unessential nightclub dating scene it's a relief to find that there is a Christian alternative towards meeting that special someone.

Steve-steve623 {New Jersey} & Renee-renee723 {Ohio} July 2005

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 We would never have imagined that God had such plans for our future - yet it happened.  

Collage of lovely Christian soulmates on their wedding day

An ocean couldn't keep Matt and Regina from meeting...and marrying!

God bless all of you. We would like to thank you very much for your wonderful service. You are such a great tool of God and we praise Him for leading us to your website when we were seeking for our soulmate. Indeed He works on miraculous ways!

When we met via, neither of us could imagine what God had in store for us. One of us lived in the United States, the another lived in Eastern Europe. From the very first moment we just had this very special feeling towards each other (which still grows ever since).

Secure about God's will about our relationship, we got engaged in March, 2004, and got married in February 2005.

Our relationship with God grows because of our union, and our relationship with each other grows because of God. We thank you for the ministry that you do - we know. Indeed, the Lord can use it, and uses it for uniting people in His Name and love.

Thank you once again and God bless you!

Matt {USA} & Regina {Hungary} July 2005

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 Both of us could tell that God brought us together.  

A tall man hugs his wife at night

James and his beautiful Filipina bride

A woman in pink wraps her arms around her smiling man

Falling in love a 2nd time, and marrying!

My wife and I met on in September 2003. After talking to each other every day on the Internet for a couple of weeks we fell in love with each other.

A friend of hers and a friend of mine had told us about during the same time. Our interests were very similar. I traveled to the Philippines to meet her and I fell in love with all over again. She came to the U.S. and we got married in August 2004, the day after she arrived.

We will have our first baby at the end of July. Thank you for your wonderful site and helping to bring us together. God Bless.

James {United States} July 2005

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 We strongly believe the meeting on was a divine appointment.  

Wife laughs as husband holds her wedding bouquet

John marries his beautiful bride, Carolyn

John and I met on in April 2003. We had both lived in Sydney, Australia for 5 years, and both worked in the IT (Information Technology) industry, but we had never met. When we met online, I had already returned to Hong Kong.

We wrote and wrote - thousand of words, then chatted online, exchanged photos, and phoned each other. First month was all on, and subsequently we moved onto private email.

After 5 months we met in person in Hong Kong where I live. Five months later I visited John in New Zealand and we had 40 wonderful days together.

Soon after, John moved to Hong Kong to be with me. God provided John with employment, and our relationship grew and grew.

On my next birthday John asked me to marry him, and I readily agreed. On April 22 2005 we became husband and wife.

We are so thankful to the Lord for you, your prayers for people on, the site itself, and the guidance provided by Dr Jim.

Keep up the good work!

John {New Zealand} & Carolyn {Hong Kong} July 2005

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 Caroline and I just spent the last two weeks in England, Italy, Slovenia, and we are in Holland now.  

A very happy couple cuddle at sunset

Craig leaves his life in Texas and marries Caroline!

American Christian man laughs as he holds a woman's hand overlooking the ocean

North Sea Sunset

Sunglasses for this cool Christian couple at the beach

More travels for Craig and Caroline!

I am moving here, leaving my life in Texas, as we are moving forward with God's exciting plan for our lives.

Suffice it to say that I will be sending a very good letter for you soon. Right now, it is 1AM, I have seen four countries today, and I am brain dead (smile).

Thank you for your awesome site!

Craig-verybestkiss405 {Texas} & Caroline-bopeep222 July 2005

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 Another successful marriage from your website.  

We have been meaning to contact you for a while. My husband and I met and married as a direct result of meeting on your website in January 2004.

We connected January 24th., 2004 and met in person February 7th, 2004. Rich is from California and I am from Dallas, Texas. We got engaged on April 30th, 2004, then we married on August 7th, 2004.

We are so grateful to the Lord for allowing to be the instrument which has brought us together. I moved to California to be with Rich.

Just wanted to make you aware that your website continues to be successful in bringing Christians together to be with one each other. Thanks so much!

Pilar-pilartx440 {Texas} & Rich-tywebb262 {California} July 2005

 Bill was very easy to get to know and seemed truly real.  

I met Bill online here on August 23, 2004. We messaged back and forth like we were old friends.

We met in person on September 18, at a work function at the mall. We both were nervous but got along very well and when the function was over, we spent the rest of the afternoon just walking and talking.

Our first date went into the evening with hot wings and sports. When the evening was done we still didn't want to leave. Bill almost immediately asked what I was doing after church the next day and from that time on we spent our weekends together.

Bill proposed to me at a family gathering on Christmas Eve. Even though I knew it would happen, it was very emotional. Never did I think that I would actually find someone that suited me so well, and I him. We married in a very private ceremony on March 26 and plan to have a more public ceremony in October. It's not easy being with someone 24/7 when you have lived so long on your own but I am so thankful that I met Bill and we have each other.

Thank you again for the opportunities to meet other Christian singles. It truly paid off for us!

Amy & Bill July 2005

 Update: We have set a Wedding Date of October 15, 2005!  

Our sincere thanks to for a wonderful website to meet other Christians.

Lee and I first 'met' online on November 29, 2003 and met in person in March, 2004. He lives in Vermont and I in Tennessee. I never dreamed of meeting someone so far away, but God does not have a problem with distance so why should we!

It is quite expensive to fly back and forth to see each other, but God provided the means so we have seen each other almost every month since last August. We were engaged February 14th, 2005 and are trusting God to show us where He would have us to live and work. But we have faith He will open the doors for that very soon. We give glory and honor to God and pray others will see God through us.

Thank you for this website and please continue to keep it clean and wholesome for Christians. God Bless You All!

Rhonda-imgodsown698 {Tennessee} & Lee-darkstar495 {Vermont} July 2005

[Editor's note: See February 2005 testimonial for Rhonda's first post.]

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 Who would think that the word "Hi" would get a young lady into so much trouble?  

But that is what happened to my fiance Yami when she wrote a one-word Quick Message on

We come from different countries, primary languages and cultures but we have found we have so much in common and the foundation of this is our mutual faith in Jesus Christ. It took faith, courage, understanding, patience, grace and determination, but now we find ourselves together in Chile beginning to make plans for a life together serving the Lord.

Yamilett: It is so incredible when you see God giving you answers, Chris for sure is one of them. We are happy being together here in Chile, and it is so exciting to get pictures of our future serving the Lord. Chris is my home, my present and my future, definitely he comes from the Grace of God.

Chris & Yamilett-yamilett880 {Chile} July 2005

 I would never change sites because I know that this is the best Christian site I've ever seen .  

I really love and all the great people I've met and gotten close with. The good people certainly outweigh any bad ones I've met.

God bless you and yours. And just know that I've told a lot of my friends in West Virginia and other places how nice and safe is and how good a job the Chat Monitors do.

Peggy-destiny449 {West Virginia} & Tom-tomg533 July 2005 seems to have served its purpose very well.  

I met a wonderful gentleman through this method. It's a great place to meet Christians!

I was very blessed to have met someone through this website dating service and we are in the process of getting engaged soon. We plan to be married by March 2006.

Debra-dcteach522 {Florida} July 2005

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 I can't say that the Cafe hooked me up, however it did provide some much needed confidence.  

Julia-eyesofhazel837 July 2005

 It made my day to come into the Cafe and see who was on, and to begin trying to establish Christian friends who didn't really know me.  

My breakup with my ex is well known in my church (8,000 people) and therefore I am not really free to establish a new relationship with members of my church (i.e. the traditional way Christians meet). has created an environment that I could just go into and talk if I wanted to, or just browse.

Esther {Illinois} July 2005

 My future husband and I met through last year.  

We only lived half an hour away from each other.

We are getting married in September 2005. Thank you for your site!

Linda-godsgirl507 {United Kingdom} July 2005

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 Thank you for this great opportunity to meet a Christian sister for a serious relationship.  

Thank you. You are doing a good job. I hope to support the website soon by subscribing. More grease to your elbow! I sure know I will be back with my wife with a great testimonial.

Gboyega-wapaman149 {United Kingdom} July 2005

 I have been a member at for about 18 months now, and just want to tell you I love the site!  

No, I haven't found "the one" yet, but that's okay - I'll survive (smile). The improvements you've made to the site are great, and do make certain aspects of it more appealing.

Whenever people ask me about Internet matching sites, I always recommend yours first and tell them about the interesting people I've met. Because your site is so large it may seem daunting at first, but it really helps a girl (or a guy, I would imagine!) to assess what they really are looking for. No two profiles are the same, and the kinds of questions we answer in our ads give us telling glimpses into the reality of other people's lives.

Yes, we do have to be careful and guard our privacy fiercely, but this is a very good site for doing that. You provide great avenues for anonymous communication with QM (Quick Messages), Cafe Mail messages, Chat, (and now "winks"), which should never be taken for granted. has given me an education in Internet dating that couldn't compare with meeting people in person. To be honest, I prefer this form of "introduction" and probably wouldn't know what to do with myself if I met someone in the grocery store or the library. "Umm? can we QM first?"

Thanks for a great site.

bookish945-Allison {North Carolina} July 2005

 I just want to say WOW!  

I LOVE the new feature of regional viewing. Well done!

This is definitely the best site. Thank you for all that you do! In Jesus,

Debbie-debbie336 {United Kingdom} July 2005

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