Christian Testimony - January 2003

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 Before I met Steve, I was always the girl saying to my friends, "I wonder if I'll ever meet 'the one.'"  

Ontario Christian singles in love in front of Christmas tree

Heidi and Steve's first date was a dream

I stumbled upon one night in the end of June, 2002, after going to the movies with a friend.

It was one of those movies that made you go "sigh" in the end and, darnit, I wanted someone special too! Something (somebody?) made me type "Christian Romance" in the search engine, and is what I found.

I had nothing to lose, so I posted my profile and heard from Steve just a couple days later. We corresponded for about two weeks before we decided to meet.

This was pretty easy since he lives in Toronto, only 45 minutes away from my city of Barrie, but it was nerve-wracking! The last thing I said to Steve the night before we met in person was, "I hope we hit it off."

What an understatement! Our first date was a dream filled with dinner, rollerblading, mini golf, driving, walking on the waterfront, and a lot of great conversations.

My mind was free of all of the usual first date worries and I thought only of whatever we were doing at the moment. I was blown away, and did not want it to come to an end.

And it hasn't. Our own love story began on that day in July and will continue forever.

Steve and I will be married on July 19th, 2003, when we'll begin to live the rest of our lives together.

We know the Holy Spirit has guided us to find this wonderful and unexpected path. We want to thank for this awesome ministry, and God for blessing it. He certainly does move in mysterious ways!

Heidi {Ontario} & Steve {Ontario} January 2003

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 Never underestimate God's power and sovereignty in your life!  

Attractive Christian couple smile at altar after marrying

Denny and Michelle are a miracle match!

Denny and I met thanks to website back in September and we were just married on December 21, 2002!

We both had joined the website within days of one another. I found by accident one day, while Denny had been encouraged to join by a friend of his.

Just a few days before both of our memberships were about to run out, Denny sent me a short message and I responded. I knew as soon as I clicked on his profile that he would be the one God had saved for me!

He lived in Pennsylvania, which was pretty far from California! But he came for a visit on my birthday, and a month later he moved to California for good.

Neither one of us ever expected to meet anyone serious on, but God obviously had other plans for us both! We both would agree that miracles do happen and that God surely is good and has a wonderful plan for each of our lives even beyond what we could ever dream!

Thank you for providing such a great site for the Lord to use to bring His people together. God bless!

Michelle {California} & Denny {Pennsylvania} January 2003

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 Married on June 8, 2002, we are happily celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple.  

A man hugs his daughter and new wife as blended family are united

Jim and Marilyn waited a long time for each other but it was worth it!

Most people are surprised that we met through Christian Cafe. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to have posted and described those things that were most important to us in a relationship leading to marriage.

We are proud to have taken a year to get to know one another before entering into a formal courtship. Our beautiful official engagement led us to our very traditional and spiritual covenant wedding ceremony.

To this day we have people asking for copies of the words spoken in our lifetime commitment to one another. Our lives remain a living example to our daughters and we can look them in the eye with a clean conscience, full confidence, and a smile, to tell them we did things "right."

To quote from our wedding "a covenant is based on trust between parties, a contract is based on distrust. A covenant is based on unlimited responsibility; a contract is based on limited liability. A covenant cannot be broken if new circumstances occur; a contract can be voided by mutual consent. A covenant is not made merely between two people and their witnesses. It is made in the presence of God and He is actively involved in the agreement since it is God who joins them together."

We each waited a very long time to find each other. To do things right in the sight of God and man, to be living examples, is worth the wait. We want to encourage others who are at the Cafe now.

Jim-sycamore675 & Marilyn-indi276 January 2003

[Editor's note: See January 2004 testimonial, July 2005 testimonial and Feb 2006 testimonial for their other submissions.]

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 .Just one year after finding each other, God has blessed us immensely!  

Happy couple cut wedding cake in front of Christmas tree

Jason and Suzy are the happiest couple in the world!

My wife Suzy and I met each other on your website on January 3, 2002 and we just got married on December 21, 2002. is Blessed by God to help Christian couples find mates and not have to spend their time "scoping the crowd" in church looking for a mate.

We are the happiest couple in the world and i have found more amazing qualities in my wife than i ever expected or hoped to find in anyone....We are madly in Love and thankful for this website as the catalyst for our relationship.....but now, I have to stop (writing this) 'cause we're on our honeymoon and...well........we've got other things to do.........thanks!

Jason & Suzy January 2003

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 Tinker and LeRae just celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary on New Year's Eve and the birth of their first grand daughter on Dec. 26th.  

A man smiles as a beautiful Christian woman cuddles into him

Tink and LeRae have been celebrating since meeting!

It's been a really great year, thank you.

Tink-Tinker888 {California} & LeRae-Lerae143 {British Columbia} January 2003

[Editor's note: See December 2002 testimonial for their previous submission.]

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  I am so wonderfully blessed!  

Cute Christian couple smile on the porch

Jason and Joei are immensely blessed!

I am a 25 yr old single mother with two young girls and reside in Texas. I met Jason, a 24 yr old dad from Virginia.

Anyway I am writing you from Virginia b/c I am here on vacation. We have been dating for several months now. He has gone to Texas and visited as well.

Jason is planning to move to Texas in June and we are planning to be engaged by the end of the year and planning to wed in early summer 2004. I want to say thank you for having this web site. God bless!!!

Joei {Texas} & Jason {Virginia} January 2003

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 We are so happy together. He is my best friend.  

Couple hug in the shade by the ocean

Rhonda and Randy are so happy together!

My husband Randy and I met on your site in May 2001. We were married on August 10, 2001 here in Florida, where I now live, on the beach.

In fact, I sent you a testimonial around that time thanking you. Once again I want to thank you for being faithful to the Lord and starting this wonderful website.

If it weren't for your website I'm sure we would have never met since I was from Illinois and he is from Florida. A friend of my husband's told him about That friend also met his wife on! She is from Oregon and he is from Florida.

In fact, I know several couples who have met through People can't believe how we met. I was reading the many testimonials you have and it's so amazing. Maybe I will send you a note when we celebrate our 50th together :)

Rhonda & Randy January 2003

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 We live only 15 mins apart and she is wonderful.  

I met someone from TODAY...and we had dinner TONIGHT.

I thank you for such a great site and I'm shocked that in a day or two I found someone that I am committed to getting to know even further.

Brett January 2003

 God has brought a wonderful man into my life thanks to you, Christian Cafe  

Due to your affordable rates and the ease of, I was encouraged to originally join.

Within only a month and a half, I believe I have met the man of my dreams!!!!!!! Thank you and God bless! I will recommend to many more of my single friends.

Rebecca & David January 2003

 We would have met any other way than with God's help and Christian Cafe.  

I was a subscriber from August -Sept., 2002 and found my new wife there. We just got married on Jan. 3rd.

I couldn't be happier with or with my new wife Marsha who is a gift from God.

Bruce, Ph. D & Marsha January 2003

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 I was skeptical at first to join another dating website after having no pleasant previous experiences with any others.  

I joined ChristianCafe on the advice of a close friend. He assured me that was different from the rest and that I would have a positive experience with you. He was more than right!

After two days, I had made contact with several different Christian women from all over the globe. Our conversations were uplifting and encouraging. After being a member for only a month, I met the woman of my prayers. We chatted on the site for a couple of hours the first night and hit it off from the very start.

We became quite close very quickly via email and online "dates". We were finally able to meet each other after two months of forming a relationship. Our first meeting went better than either one of us had hoped, and it quickly became evident that the Lord had something grand in store for us. She is the answer to all of my prayers. Thank you for the wonderful service that your website has provided to me and future bride.

Did I mention that she lives in Arizona, and I live in Minnesota? Without your website, we wouldn't have found each other. We will be getting married in Arizona in June. I just wanted to thank you on behalf of both of us for providing the service you do, and keeping it a Christian atmosphere. May God bless you and your future endeavors. In Christ,

Scott {Minnesota} & Livia {Arizona} January 2003

 The great thing about is most of the women are looking for guys with a real Christian faith. That helps narrow the field of view.  

Thanks for putting this service on-line. It is HARD to meet Christian women in Sydney, Australia; especially when all the friendly ones are married.

So how do you get the correct readership when you are a "Vineyard" style Evangelical in a theologically conservative Anglican church? Simple: use the search engines on the internet and pray for some good results.

Rick {New South Wales, Australia} January 2003

 The whole process moved along so smoothly that we knew God's hand was in it.  

I'd like to thank for providing a venue that enabled Steve and Patricia to communicate matters which led to continuous communication that brought us to each other as God directed us.

After long conversations on a daily basis for several weeks we knew it was time to meet. What a great birthday present when Steve arrived in Idaho from Washington to meet Patricia.

We knew God brought us together for life. It didn't take long to figure out we were suppose to get married. Steve was directed by God to propose marriage to Patricia and move to Idaho.

The marriage took place on December 14, 2002. It was a wedding that many remarked was the most beautiful wedding they had ever attended. We will post our wedding photo soon.

There is no doubt about God's plan for us and His perfect timing. I pray that others will be encouraged to pursue their dreams and trust in God's plan for their lives. They are for good. God loves all his children and wants only the best for you. May God richly bless you always.

Steve & Patricia January 2003

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 It's as if I'm dreaming but I know it's for real.  

I joined December last year. In January this year I received a quick message from Tony and replied. The relationship between Tony and myself became so strong that he raised the possibility of becoming more than friends. I was excited.

I told my dad about it and confided in a friend - "could this be my soulmate, the man I have been waiting for? I fell in love with his spirit. I flew all the way from Africa to meet him in the UK.

It was a wonderful experience. He proposed and I accepted. Things did not stop there. He came to Africa to meet my family.

Even if it is a dream, then I don't want to wake up- this is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. My dad gave us his blessing. We are getting married next year. To God be the glory. We are so grateful to A special thanks to Nikky that introduced my soulmate to Christian Cafe.- it shall be well with thee my sister.

On behalf of my better-half Tony and myself, we would like to thank and wish you all God's favour and blessing for the Christmas and the New Year. To the new members we'll say, wait upon the Lord 'cos there's something good in store.

Jazee & Tony {UK} January 2003

 I just had to write to share my experience with others who may be thinking that Mr. Right or Ms. Right will never come along.  

I thought that too. In fact, I only joined as a dare from my sister. Within a couple of months of being on the site, I met the man I have always dreamed of.

I was skeptical at first because we lived so far apart, but God had things under control from the beginning. We have been dating now for about nine months, and in June we will be married.

Right now he lives in California and I live in Indiana, so we are looking forward to the day when we are no longer separated by the miles. We talk every night on the phone and have flown back and forth to visit one another about every month and a half.

I can't even begin to express how blessed I feel to have found the person my heart has always longed for. He is strong and yet romantic, spiritually strong and handsome, and so wonderful to me.

I have never known anyone like him. So, hang in there ... the Lord is faithful to all He has promised ... you'll find that special someone if you allow Him to do the choosing!

anonymous January 2003

 I found something from Christian Cafe that I honestly didn't expect: a FRIEND!  

Bill January 2003

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 He couldn't have been a better match!  

Thanks to, but mostly the Lord, I have met and married the man that the Lord chose for me. We have been married going on three months now. Thanks for your great ministry.

Louise January 2003

 Right from the beginning, it was clearly a "God" thing.  

I have been married for 2 months now to a wonderful man, Wayne, that I met via in September 2001. After a year of dating and seeking God's will for us, we were married on October 10, 2002.

Wayne lived only 45 minutes from me and our paths had crossed in various places but we had never met. God brought us together through you and we are so happy together. Thanks again!

Rilla & Wayne January 2003

 I was drawn more every time we corresponded.  

Back at the end of October 2002 I started corresponding with a man on your site. I was also chatting with several very nice Christian men. When I was going through profiles I would first look at pictures and location. See I knew I would only move to Florida or somewhere between Florida and Ohio where I live now. I was drawn to Steven's profile. Not his pic or location. I had to at least let him know that I was touched and blessed after reading it. But I knew that was all and it wouldn't go anywhere.

So we chatted every now and then and then he would send an instant message or I would. Not a big deal because I really had my eye on more practical men with the right location. But days went by. Next we talked on the phone. We talked for 1 hour, 3, then 8 hours. All night long. He lives in OceanSide, California. I knew I couldn't leave my family, at least not go that far. But I still continued to be drawn now by his kind voice. Next I learned his heart. We began to pray together and also share in the Word. He would call at night and put me to bed with a devotional story he would read me from his large book collection.

Next the ticket to Ohio was purchased and we met for the first time December 13, 2002. I had been praying for a Godly man for the past 8 months. I had prayed specifically in my prayer. My description matched Steven exactly, but God threw in some extra's that I wanted but was willing to sacrifice. I never mentioned location to the Lord. How silly of me. Lol Never even thought about it. I figured I just wouldn't respond to anyone too far in location and that would protect me. Silly huh, we know God is way bigger than us.

Well now I knew I had Fallen in love with Steven and my prayer to God was that he would protect my heart if he knew that making the move to California would be too much for me. I suddenly got a peace that Steven and I are God's perfect plan. I am ready to move and we are going to start a ministry. Not sure but we feel led to minister to couples is how I feel. I have never felt so much love. He shows me so much of Jesus through him. I am 43 years old and he 45. We do know the difference between lala land and the choice to love each other. So we met at the airport and spent 4 short days together. Before he left he asked me to to marry him and God willing the wedding will take place very, very soon. So there is hope out there with Prayer. Thanks Again.

Karyn {Ohio} & Steven {California} January 2003

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 Just want to let you know that I married a lovely Filipina lady and met her directly through  

So I want to thank you very much and may God bless you and direct you.

Anton & Grace January 2003

 We have a honeymoon baby on the way and couldn't be happier!!  

One year ago , I met a wonderful woman on your site and we were married last June. Thank you for a wonderful site!!

Brian & Wendy January 2003

 I have never felt so blessed, loved, and content!  

I met Jim last June and we fell deeply in love ...the Lord has blessed us in so many ways.

Though we live on opposite sides of the U.S., we wrote and called multiple times daily...then on Nov. 24th, we were wed in Oregon. I'm back in Vt. to sell my house and tie up loose ends, but will be back there with my new husband and step-son in a month or two.

Jim and I feel like old, best friends...thank you all for your part in bringing us together. Thanks again!

Colleen {Vermont} & Jim {Oregon} January 2003

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 As others have put it I want to add my thanks, your site and work is very appreciated!  

I've met some great people on and one young lady from Oregon that is very special indeed.

Jay January 2003

 Christian Cafe changed my life!  

After just over a year of being on, I met a wonderful man right in Christian Cafe, and we just got married this past Saturday!

He's English and I'm Canadian but I was living in England working with YWAM at the time we met and now we're living in England in his home town. He is everything I asked for in a man and I want to thank you for making this all possible!

I've enjoyed chatting with friends I have in the Cafe and I pray that God blesses you richly for what you're doing for others. God bless,

Suzanne January 2003

 Two of my best friends got married from meeting someone on  

I dated three different guys from here. Each relationship ending...but ending in a fine way...Have been on here a little over one year. Have met a few in person......and am writing buddies with a few more...don't know quite how to keep up or how to chose.

That is always the tricky to look around and take your time... yet be honoring to whomever you do write to...But for sure have met many friends here, both men and women.

I look forward to the mail. And I think it takes the edge off being single, takes the loneliness out of it just being able to see so many other high quality people are looking also.

anonymous January 2003

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 Ever since I joined, I have had opportunities to post my prayers here.  

I post when I'm facing some difficulties in my family situations or my personal life and that I needed prayers from my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for me.

I have indeed received some encouraging mails in this from some sisters when they read my prayers. I feel so much at home when I'm with this, knowing that so many brothers and sisters here are concerned for me.

I also have met many friendly guys here too! Most of all God has answered my prayer which I made sometime in June this year and has given me my soul mate via in October.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2003 to all the staff from and all the people who are reading this testimonial page :-)

Clarisse January 2003

  I was quite skeptical when I first signed on, and did not know what God could do through Christian Cafe.  

But I Just wanted to thank My first membership expired and I took a break because I was frustrated with some dead ends.

Then I came back about a month later and it happened when I least expected it to. I met the most understanding, sweet, caring man. We hit it off right off the bat.

We talked for about 100 hours on the phone before we actually met in person and it felt like I was meeting my best friend. Our relationship is going strong even though we are miles apart, but I know I can't put a mileage limit on love.

Please don't give up all of you that are skeptics like I was.

Jon & Jill January 2003

[Editor's note: See April 2005 for Jon's submission.]

 Christmas 2002 (was) our happiest Christmas ever all due to  

We met our dream partners in April and Oct. 12 we were married. We had lived 1000 miles apart and how else would we have met.

We are living in a beautiful new home and are very happy together. Thanks from us both.

Howard & Esther January 2003

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 We both couldn't deny all the common ground we shared, especially with our faith.  

I wasn't actually looking for someone serious at the time, but I received an email from a man who lived about an hour and a half away, in California, and it turns out I was looking for real estate near where he lived.

We corresponded, and found so many similarities between us that it was odd. We met in January 2002, and met face to face about a month later. I bought my house in his area July 2002, and we married in November, 2002!

I am so blessed with my new husband, and we have you to thank for our meeting. God bless you as you help others find their Christian mates as well! Thank you for the privilege of meeting my new husband, I am so happy and blessed!!!

Jennifer January 2003

 .I pray this testimony can be used a proof that yes, God always comes through...Thank you  

The story dates back to one year ago January 5th. That was our first meeting, after corresponding for one and a half months.

The peace,comfort, was just there....Was it, could it be, is this for real????? Everything my heart had desired seemed to be in place! The similarities were incredible..Our thoughts, feelings, morals, values and family lives were one of the same....

And to explain more, we were only three towns apart!!!!!!! We have seen God miraculously work through this encounter....He is still working, and continues....One thing after the other just seems to be falling and flowing , because God is.

It is amazing to me, that neither of us have ever done anything like this before, had no idea something so "real" would ever prosper like this......As time goes on we live, love and laugh more.......

We both plan to have a wonderful 2003, with a wonderful union together with God's love......His love is amazing....

Pam January 2003

 It looks bright for the future and I can't thank you enough for being here.  

I joined last month and soon began corresponding with a wonderful Christian man.

We have met twice with more planned meetings. May God continue to bless your work -- it certainly is a wonderful ministry!

anonymous January 2003

 God has truly been kind to us, and we wish the same for you!!  

We are dating and planning on getting married within the next year. After dating for 22 years, I joined I found Sarah after my first day on Christian Cafe......... Thanks!!

Steven & Sarah January 2003

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