Christian Testimony - December 2002

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 I just wanted to let you know that I met my soulmate on  

A formerly single Christian woman smiles and holds her fiance's hand

Karen has been greatly blessed in finding David :)

We will be marrying this coming August .... 16 months after we first talked on

We began "chatting" by text in April of 2001. By June we had become very close and David drove up to meet my family and myself on our vacation.

There were many trips back and forth over the summer (600+ mile trips!), and when he drove up in August he brought me a diamond ring!

As difficult as the long distance relationship can be at times (only getting to see each other about once a month for now ....), I am so very blessed to have been given a man such as David to be my husband.

Karen & David December 2002

 I met, fell in love and married my soulmate, whom I met on the Cafe.  

California Christian man stands next to his beautiful Canadian Christian bride

Karis and Jeff have never been happier!

Who would have ever thought that a Canadian gal would end up marrying a California guy??? God does work in strange and wonderful ways!

I have never been happier - God is so good!!

Karis {Canada} & Jeff {California} December 2002

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 First I want to thank you for creating a Christian chat cafe.  

Loving Christian couple sit together and smile

Darlene and Richard have a wonderful marriage

I want to encourage everyone that it can happen. I was Darlene 388 and Richard was Stillwaters. We are now Mr and Mrs :)

I never thought a marriage could be so wonderful but when God is in it, it's fantastic.

Our anniversary is April 7th and we just wanted to say thank you again. By the way I'm American and he is Canadian, so love has no boundaries.

Darlene-darlene388 & Richard-stillwaters987 December 2002

 David & I just want to claim our award for being the longest distance relationship on the Cafe!!  

British Christian single laughs with her Australian Christian single man who laughs with her

Diane and David 'just KNOW' it feels right

What, there isn't one? Oh well!

Since first meeting David on this site last May, a lot has happened: he came to Northern Ireland in August, and we had a whistle-stop tour of England and the Republic of Ireland.

We had a fantastic time, but as friends, primarily - neither of us wanted to rush anything, as it's a whole different dynamic being with someone in the flesh than talking online. I think that's a mistake that some people can make sometimes, confusing verbal intimacy on the net with the real thing.

We kept talking everyday, and I decided a return visit was on the cards, so I scrimped & saved & worked to earn enough money to go to Australia. We knew it would be a make or break time for us, as you can't exactly traipse that many miles if you're not really interested.

Anyhow, somewhere during our first sightseeing tour, we could see that being together worked, and we could see that this couldn't be a short term thing. So, we are now engaged!

We plan to get married in Northern Ireland in September 2003. I remember asking married couples when I was younger "How do you know if they are right?", to which they would reply "You just KNOW.". That always annoyed me, but I guess I have to admit that they were right!

We know God's hand is on our relationship - he's brought us through a lot, and it makes ALL the difference if you commit everything to Him right from the start - not just saying you do, but hoping to stay in that relationship even if it's contrary to God's will, and getting upset if things don't work out. That's not trusting in God's will, really.

ANYWAY.....I just want to thank everyone at the Cafe, it's such a wonderful site, and even if I hadn't met David, I've made good friends. Most importantly, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Sydney, for showing that he's a man who doesn't forget his Northern Irish roots! If it wasn't for your God-given kindness, David & I may never have met. So thank you again - "you the daddy!!" :-) God bless you all!!

Diane {United Kingdom} & David {Australia} December 2002

 My husband and I met June 23, 2001 on your site.  

Christian couple recently married laugh as they step into limousine

Could the smiles on Norma and Bo's faces be any bigger :)

After prayer and fasting we met in person on July 6, we were engaged July 21 and the Lord blessed us with marriage on August 25, 2001 ------- Praise God

He lived 500 miles away and the Lord brought him to me -----He is truly an answer to my prayers, he loves the Lord and serves His people.

God is faithful in His time.

Thank you for your wonderful site,, and may the Lord continue to use this arena to bless many more brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Norma & Bo December 2002

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 I joined with the coolest (idea) that God would get me someone special.  

My girlfriend has already sent you an e-mail saying how we met etc, etc.

It was all God because I know her brother from a course I did last year and she found the site by divine miracle through a link.

It's all God! I just want to thank God and you guys for setting this site up! Yours In his service,

Raymond December 2002

 Thanks to you, I found my special Love.  

Vivian December 2002

 I am very satisfied with the service I received here.  

I found your site a joy to visit,and I met a wonderful gal here.

We have been spending a lot of time together and we are very appreciative of I found your site a very pleasant site to visit. Thanks for the birthday greeting.

May the Lord bless your work and may it flourish. is a great place for Christians to meet. I never encountered any rude or unsavory people here, and may have met Ms Right here, so, I'm very satisfied and did get my money's worth.....thank you.

John December 2002

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 I wanted to thank you for a wonderful website for Christian singles.  

It's warm, easy to use and fun. I've seen other sites and they don't compare.

It's nice to see a professional and organized site created by a Christian company. I'm on a trial membership and I do see myself signing up. In His Love,

Norma December 2002

 Please cancel my account effective immediately as I have found a special someone!  

Thanks, it was fun!

Linda December 2002

 Through the Cafe, God introduced me to my best friend and future wife.  

She contacted me and I read her bio and said New York City, I don't think so. (I live in Richmond, VA)

I answered Laurie in a noncommital way and she responded. I figured some mail was better than no mail so I responded. Through emails we found we had much in common, chief being our love for the Lord.

We also found we had each been praying to God to find each one a special friend and soulmate. If all goes according to God's plan, next year we'll become one.

Thank you,

Chris December 2002

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 I have been on this site for some time now and have made a great lot of friends.  

Thank you for running and thank you to everyone that made me feel so welcome.

I hope I can still stay in touch with all of you via more traditional methods. And I wish you all the best in finding that one that you are all after.

God Bless, Big Nev hugs,

Nev December 2002

 I have met someone and we are doing very well.  

Praise the Lord. Thanks for a great site and for helping me find the woman of God's own choosing.

Bill December 2002

 I thank God for your service...  

... because I have met someone and we are planning to be married.

Daryl December 2002

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 Found my man Lol yes through  

Thank you.

anonymous December 2002

 I met someone on and feel like this relationship is one to be taken seriously.  

Thank you for your services. It was very nice to enter into an internet site where I was not being solicited by trashy people with trashy conversation.

The man I met is a wonderful person and I am looking forward to a future with him. Thanks again,

Audrey December 2002

 I want to let you all know of the wonderful woman I met on Christian Cafe.  

We began corresponding in June of 2001....we met for the first time in August and we married at the end of May 2002. Thank you for the wonderful site and service you provide.

It is my prayer that all who join will be as blessed as I have been and continue to be.

Through, I have received the most precious treasure ever!!! She is more than I ever dreamed of..more than I ever could have imagined.

Although we didn't "fall" immediately in love....we were able to establish a wonderful friendship.. encouraging one another...building one another up...then as we got to know each other better....the love between us began to grow according to God's plan.

I first read her profile....felt compassion for her...and prayed that God would show her to me as He saw her...which He did and continues to do so.

Her beauty is more than just her physical appearance...her beauty is so incredible. I didn't think she would be the one I would marry at first.... desired to just be friends....but I am so thankful I was able to see her through God's He brought to my attention that she is the one He had chosen just for me.

My life is complete with her by my side....she is my completer....we are a perfect fit according to what God has for us together.

Thank you again for being an instrument in God's plan for our lives. God bless you all.

anonymous December 2002

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 There was a lot of pure sunshine and pure, plain JOY in my Life before I happened upon, but now WOW!!  

There's even MORE SUNSHINE--the LORD truly is AMAZING!!

I just want to thank and ENCOURAGE all you behind-the-scenes workers/folks at Really! The Lord will certainly reward you for all your good works, attitudes in serving us singles, ETC.

We need all the help we can get. It has been a pleasure, privilege, and DELIGHT I assure you all!! Keep up the Good Works--ya'll!!

I was very privileged to meet a great, GREAT Gentleman on called JOSEPH around Valentine's Day, ya'll. GREAT!!! And I also met many wonderful, such NICE people during my stay.

The Lord works/moves SWIFTLY! If we are open and LET HIM have HIS WAY!!!

Once again, Keep up the GREAT JOB you're doing with making/facilitating quality Christ-like connections and lifelong friendships here--The Lords works everybody!

Therefore, works, too. ALL MY BEST in our precious LORD---BLESSINGS!!

DeNise December 2002

 I want to commend your company on the web site. is one of the best organized, most frequently updated and has safeguards that a lot of sites don't, and it's a Christian Meeting Service Site which makes it even better for us.

Pass along my appreciation to the staff there for all their good work.

Tim December 2002

 The cafe has been a very good experience for me, and I have met some very nice people here.  

It has a very nice easy to use format. The best feature that I appreciate is, that every page has the ability to access my mailbox or to see if anyone has sent new mail to me.

It is an absolute joy to be able to log on to a site which has a Godly theme and perspective, and one where you can feel more at ease in locating those who believe as you do hopefully.

I have also met a very kind, Godly man on Christian Cafe. We have spent some time together in his home state. And now, we are praying for the Lord to lead us in His will for our lives.

We feel that HE has definitely brought us together, and has a divine plan for us. My man is preparing to move to my home state, in order for us to continue to seek God's will together.

We believe that we will be co-laborers in the Lord's service. Thank you again for hosting such a wonderful website. I will pray God's richest blessings upon you and all that you set out to do in His name, and for His glory.

Peggy December 2002

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 Maybe you'll receive an invitation to a wedding some day in the not so far distant future,  

"Judy" and I may be on the road to a lasting relationship thanks to

You have been SUCH a help, without you it would have been so difficult if not impossible. I will be flying up to Mass. this month to meet her, we are SO excited.

Bless you and you organization. In Jesus,

Len & Judy December 2002

 Thank you for a really terrific site.  

There aren't many "spiritual" online dating services out there and I'm very happy to have found yours.

April December 2002

 I think the thing I have been most encouraged by is the number of awesome Christian people all over the world, who all pretty much seem to want the same thing.  

A deep relationship with God, with Him at foremost and centre of all things, and for His will to be done in our lives.

It is a great encouragement. I have been richly blessed and God has used so many profiles just to teach me and encourage me in my walk with Him. I just read some of the testimonials, and was so blessed to read some of them. I just wanted to say thank you - I was born again in Canada so will always have a special place in my heart, especially for Whistler, where it all began - such a special time. has been a blessing to me and I hope to be able to continue to use it. It has been fun, too, apart from anything else.

I think it is very creatively and cleverly put together - through it God is ministering to a lot of people, I am sure. Anyway, that's pretty much it from me. I just wanted to say thank you, and God bless you from the land downunder, and may His abundant will manifest itself in all of your lives, in every way.

Yours in Him always,

JM {Queensland, Australia} December 2002

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 I just had to let you know that apparently, you've done it again!  

I live in Atlanta, GA and was a member of last fall. In October of last year, I e-mailed a woman from Brevard, NC.

After some hesitation, she e-mailed me back and we started talking first by e-mail and then eventually by phone. Well, to make a long-story short, this past weekend the Lord confirmed to her and I our love for each other and our desire to spend the rest of our lives together.

We'll be married next winter!

You know, I've used both non-Christian AND Christian dating services in the past (my life is just too busy to try any other way) and despite my attempts I just never thought one would work.

Well, thanks in no small part to the Lord's hand, did and Cherri and Jeremy are two people whose lives are forever changed because it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jeremy & Cherri December 2002

 Your site is one of the most appealing esthetically I've ever seen.  

Not to mention well done in other respects. A blessing to many.

anonymous December 2002

 Thank you, I found the perfect match here.  

Now we are courting each other and it has been great. Thanks heaps for helping me find that someone special.

He is actually my brother's friend and I have met him before and had never thought of starting anything with him. Isn't God great, I believe that he brought us together.

I can't thank you enough. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Pinky December 2002

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 You have another success story through!  

Tinker888 and Lerae143 officially 'tied the knot' on December 31 2001. We met through the previous last spring, met in person in late summer, and married in the early winter.

From the very start, the Lord made it obvious that this was a match from Him. Every step of the way, confirmations came to us. Although there are many wonderful people, and many opportunities to correspond and to date through, we do believe that if you let Him, He will let it be known His choice of mate for the seeking single. In His time, and in His way, He will bring it about.

Lerae is from British Columbia, Canada. Tinker from Southern California. Both reside now in Southern California. Thanks so much for the service you offer.

We believe we were meant to meet and marry. You were a means for God's purpose in our lives. God bless you and your ministry!

Tink-Tinker888 {California} & LeRae-Lerae143 {British Columbia} December 2002

[Editor's note: See January 2003 testimonial for their follow up and photo!]

 Thank you for bringing my fiance and I together.  

We were both members and how else could a man from San Diego be found by an incredible lady from the Philippines and come together as one.

Love... The love on and God's Love have blessed us both and we look forward to a wonderful life together thanks to you.

May God Bless everyone on and we pray others will find the happiness we have found.

Steve & Katherine December 2002

 My friends from my church thought I was a little crazy going to an Internet site to meet a woman,  

seeing I am from a church that has over three thousand members they figured I could meet some one there, but God had other plans and God's timing is always best.

I was contacted from a Christian girl here on Christian Cafe from Georgia. Me being from Florida I thought I would write her back.

That was in May of 01, we started talking back and forth on Christian Cafe and then that led to the phone, we both know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had His hand in this and heard both our prayers.

I truly believe I have found my soulmate. I now drive every other weekend to her town and even started going to her church, and I feel like the Lord is leading me there to serve in that church.

I thank you so much for your service, I do believe that God does use to introduce fellow Christians to each other. I will be leaving soon from your service for I have found my true love and in God's timing I believe we will marry some day.

Robert December 2002

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 Thank you so much for your website.  

My girlfriend and I met here right when I was on one night, one of the last times I planned to check Christian Cafe. We met by chance, she wasn't looking for anyone, but God gave her this feeling.

The only reason I joined was because I was bored and burned out from studying for college exams and I just got Internet hookup in the dorm, so I signed up just for fun to see what it was like.

I left to go home the next day and when I got back I soon met her, she quickmessaged me. Who'd've known I'd meet Nicole on the internet???

I don't know, but we are totally in love with each other and planning to be together forever. We are going to be engaged this summer, and I owe it all to God, who worked through your ministry and through slim circumstances to bring us two together at last.

Thank you so much for your ministry. I am praying for you guys! In His Precious and Worthy Name,

Randy December 2002

 While I had a wonderful time meeting new people,  

I won't be in need of any additional days as I met a wonderful man while using

I have referred people to your website several times because of my own story which is nothing short of a miracle.

He's a beautiful man of God and I grow more and more in love with him every day. I had serious reservations about joining a "dating service" but was encouraged by two women and a cousin who met their husbands using similar methods.

I'm glad I did.

Thank you for your assistance. I'm ever grateful.

Audrey December 2002

 I want to extend my thanks to you for your services which allowed me to meet the man of my dreams.  

Even though he is all the way on the West coast and I am on the East coast, God still made a way for us to communicate.

I would have never imagined that I would meet a man all the way in California while I am thousands of miles away in Pennsylvania.

I first logged on to on December 31, 2001, just to see what you guys were about. I had no intention of meeting anybody, dating, or even writing, but after seeing the way your site was a clean, secure way of meeting other Christians, I decided to do a profile.

After doing a quickmatch, God automatically answered my prayers...his profile came up and everything I read about him was what I wanted and more in a man.

So I decided to write him a brief message about what God was doing in my life and he responded. Well, the rest is history!! We have been conversing since and in April he will fly to Pennsylvania to meet me.

We both decided to cancel our memberships on because God definitely has brought us together for a reason. It wasn't me, it wasn't him, but it was God.

He wasn't looking to meet anybody when he first logged on to, but I am glad that we came across each other on your website.

We talk everyday and that includes praying with each other, and boy that is so awesome when we feel how the power of God moves between us.

We are spiritually connected to one another and we even have discussed marriage because we know that God has orchestrated for us to be together.

We compliment one another, and most of all, we have a wonderful friendship that continues to grow everyday. I pray that God will continue to bless and continue to use it to be blessing to Christians worldwide.

Philippians 4:19 "But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." He definitely can and will supply ALL of our needs, if we just allow Him to. Thank you!!

Charie December 2002

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 We met each other a year and a half ago and were married this last November.  

If you are keeping a count of the number of marriages you can add one to the list! is really a great idea, and I hope that many other Christians may take advantage of it and be blessed by it as we have been. Praise God for the work that you are doing and again thanks!

David & Vanessa December 2002

 I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your website.  

I met and married the most wonderful man in the universe on

You are doing a wonderful thing - bringing Christians together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Cheryl December 2002

 I just wanted to say good on you for  

When I first signed up, I was feeling like man this is dumb, but the more I got into it, meeting people and stuff, the more I realised how cool it is.

I have met some really good penpals and my church friends want to know all about, so I referred them and even some of them joined up.

For me I was only looking for pen pals and that's what I found, but others who want relationships certainly have a safe place to go. This website certainly contains God. God bless you.

Suzanne December 2002

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 I have met the woman of my dreams thanks to your ministry!  

What has happened to me is more than I could ever have hoped for! Thank you for your ministry!

Please remove my profile from view as I am now taken!!

Chris December 2002

 I have enjoyed and met some really nice Christian sisters on your site.  

I think that you have one of the most detailed of the sites that I've been on.

All the info that is gathered on each person is very helpful. Takes a lot of the guess work out of whether to contact a person or not.

I will miss and will tell others whom I think may be interested in it. May God continue to use your site to bring Christian Brothers and Sisters together for the Glory of God.

May God Bless each and everyone or you that help at and my His Hand of Protection be upon you. Until our paths cross again In Christ,

Bill December 2002

 If you think God doesn't work miracles, think again.  

My miracle was worked through For years I have been seeking God to put that special someone in my life.

And through your service He has done just that.

My name is Mike. Brenda I first made contact on Dec. 29, 2001. After only a couple of weeks of emails and phone calls we made arrangements to meet. We knew that we had to get together and needless to say we have fallen desperately in love. Amazing!!

I wish I had the time to tell you all the little details that have helped us to know that we were meant to be together. And even though I am in Kansas and she is in Mississippi, we know that God is really on the move in our lives and is working a plan for us to be together.

Please keep us in your prayers and again thanks for your service. May God bless you all.

Mike & Brenda December 2002

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 My trial days have been a wonderful time of shared inspiration and hope in Christian fellowship and Christ's love.  


I would like to spend more time exploring the site, but on a limited budget as a single parent, I may be waiting until I pass on my experience at this site to other singles.

Thank you everyone that shared scripture and part of your walk!

anonymous December 2002

 Thank God for your website! My wife and I would also like to thank you.  

Ironically, we had both joined on the same day and had made contact the very next day.

Even though we lived 100 miles away from each other, we were married in Spring 2002. Both of us are extremely grateful for your website. Thank God and thank you!

Knunut December 2002

 I have been a member of for almost 2 months now.  

I was definitely ready for a relationship when I started, but I did it just for fun at first because I was burned out from studying for exams and being kinda bored in the dorm, I joined.

Let me tell you, college students have come to gain a lot of trust, and I didn't think much of the site after I joined. I wasn't happy at first when I DID use the site, some girls were kinda rude, some led me on and I never intended to meet someone on here.

That changed when I met Nicole, and I am so happy that I did. It was God truly, she was looking for testimonies to read to her youth group and I just happened to be online.

She was "just curious" as it said on her profile and I would've passed over it because I was "marriage minded". Turns out she didn't want anything from the site, but she put that on so no one would bother her.

She herself was "marriage minded" but didn't want to meet any guys on the site. Then she came across my profile, and in her words, I "gave [her] the chills". We e-mailed and IM'ed, got to know each other and eventually talked on the phone.

It's been a bit now, and we are now dating with intentions of a serious relationship to hopefully one day lead into marriage. I thank God for you people, He has blessed me.

I think that by putting up a profile and just leaving it there, it gave a chance for God to work if He intended, and He sure did. We are so happy with each other.

Thank you so much and may the Lord bless your ministry. I am hereby cancelling my account and requesting deletion of my profile from your site. Nicole and I mutually agreed to ask you this for both of our profiles.

Thank you once again for making us happy. God bless!

Randy December 2002

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 I just wanted to commend you for this site.  

I think you all are doing a super job! I very much enjoy my time on

New folks often ask me what I think of, and I'm always happy to give it a glowing report. I did check out some other sites just to see how they compared, and so far this is by far the best. I find it very user-friendly.

Keep it up!

Lance December 2002

 I would like to request my membership be cancelled as of the end of this month, please.  

Your service has been great and thanks to I've met a very nice person and we are pursuing a relationship now.

From here on we can only pray that God's will be manifested, and that we may follow it.

I'd like to thank you guys for providing the opportunity to meet other fellows of the Christian faith. I also want to add that the Dear Jim section was very, very helpful, informative and inspiring.

Thanks again for helping provide the opportunity for this blessing.

Sonia December 2002

 Shalom and blessings to all my Brothers and Sisters on this blessed'...the LORD is good!!  

He is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth!

Psalm 145v.18 Truly He is the God regarding Israel-He brought me here on this site, for the second time..prior to this time, and after meeting men whose hearts were not truly after His own...i.e., those who did not truly acknowledge Him, nor give Him praise or glory which He deserves

But...ah...the LORD...He is the Giver of life, He is the Beautiful Psalm 35:27-28 says.. "Let them shout for joy and be glad; Who favor my righteous cause; And let them say continually, Let the LORD be magnified. Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His Servant. And my tongue shall speak of Your righteousness, and of Your praise all the day long."

My Abba (Father in Hebrew) - He never lies, He never sways from the truth, His ways are perfect, as it says in Psalm 19..please read.. "The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul; The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple; The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes; The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; The judgements of the Lord are true and righteous altogether MORE TO BE DESIRED ARE THEY THAN GOLD, Yea, than much fine gold; Sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them Your servant is warned, And in keeping them there is GREAT REWARD." HALLELUYAH!!!

Psalm 19....that is the Psalm that defines my blessing from Hashem..the God regarding Israel...I found that in His beloved servant, Thomas..the love of MY LIFE ..and the one whom my soul loves.

Ohhh...Abba...for I never even dreamed..and even had faith the grain of a mustard seed to believe...that YOU truly were desiring to BLESS love honor me as Your Word Song of Solomon-all the verses, my Abba..ALL THE VERSES..I am so taken by Your Love, my Beautiful One, so enraptured by Your MERCY towards me....a sinner...the least of of all of those who love You

And so undeserving of Your Honor as You have bestowed on my husband...My lovely, glorious raven headed husband... "He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me is love. Sustain me with cakes of raisins, Refresh me with apples, For I am lovesick." Song of Songs 2v4-5...."His left hand is under my head, and his right hand embraces me."

We did not sin against Hashem's premarital dishonoring each about the premarital law in Leviticus 18...all of you godly women..find a man who will keep the commandments...if he doesn't keep them sister...will he keep them after you are married...will he suddenly respect you then...if he lies to you now...will he lie to you after you are his wife?

I think he will, I surely KNOW from first hand knowledge of supposedly godly men I have met on Christian Cafe and off line...just use your godly judgement..and the wisdom of heaven is first of all pure...KNOW Hashem's ways...bless His Holy Name...give to Him to blessings of Honoring Him and each other..

I am so Messiah the Prince...Moshiach Negeed...for giving me the man after Your own heart that I prayed for so long.....for letting me honor You in this marriage for letting me be healed in all my spirit mind and body by honoring You!!

I praise You..I love You...I give You the Glory that is due Your Name!! I love you My Sweet Jesus!! xoxoxoxo Blessings to Your Name, Hashem...Glory Glory unto You!! Glory!! Peace and Love and Happiness to all my Beautiful Brothers and Sisters on the Cafe...shine Your Glorious Light of Truth upon them...and show them Your Lovely Face always.

Thank You for my Sweet Husband. I will thank and praise You every day for the rest of my life for your gift of love to me....My Lord..! May our marriage always bless You and Your Ways, and may we always say together.."May God be Magnified."

Thank You for using this great meeting place...Amen!!

Barrie December 2002

 You have helped me greatly on  

It has changed my life to this very day. I have met someone who has begun to melt my heart.

The future is ours because of this start. My dreams are beginning to come alive. The Lord God has let us meet on

Since we met things in my life are going right. We have communicated since our expiration. My disappearance on your site is this explanation.

Going to Cincinnati is worth the drive. I have much heritage in the U.S. and it's still alive. Thank you very much for what you have done.

Light is shining in my life like the morning sun. I must do things in my before it's too late. Thank you again, Gods' peace be with you,

anonymous December 2002

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