Christian Testimony - April 2005

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 We met on the Cafe 2 years ago and have been in a very fruitful and meaningful relationship ever since.  

A Christian man in a cowboy hat holds hands with a pretty woman dressed in black

Kay found her loving, caring and Godly spouse: Wes!

Dancing cowboy under a tree with a happy woman

God has been awesome to Kay and Wes!

Wes and I will be married on April 8, 2005.

God has been awesome in His work in our lives and as we embark on this new horizon entering into a lifelong covenant, and we both thank you tremendously. God met us where we were at, through the Cafe.

Keep up the fantastic job and keep spreading the word that if we "Seek first the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness all other things will be added" including a loving, caring and Godly spouse!

Always Giving our best Expecting HIS.

Kay-kay462 {Texas} & Wes April 2005

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 Update from Jeff and Heather.  

A happy man looks down at a pretty woman who cuddles with him

Heather won't let Jeff out of her sight!

An ecstatic man smiles as his Canadian Christian fiancee sits on his lap at Christmas

So happy to be engaged!

Here are a couple of photos from our engagement - 8 weeks till the big day so things are getting busy.

Jeff-kiwiguy440 {New Zealand} & Heather-hmj203 {British Columbia} April 2005

[Editor's note: See December 2004 testimonial for Jeff's submission before their engagement.]

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 This was the 3rd attempt to meet the man of my dreams through the Cafe, and I had previously tried other dating sites to no avail.  

A happy man embraces his sweetie in the kitchen

Odette and Shawn on their Engagement Day (Married 4 days later!)

Then my sweetie found me in the Cafe. I connected with my husband at the end of August 2004.

I really believe that God is using this Christian vehicle to bring men and women together. I met my partner in person 4 months after he sent the first message to me. And on March 7, 2005, we were married.

I don't have a wedding picture as I haven't had them developed yet. But I'm sending a picture of the day we got engaged, which was only 4 days earlier. When you know it's right, why bother waiting eh. We had a civil marriage with a JP, Mar. 7th, with just my best friend attending.

We are planning on having a religious wedding ceremony August 27, 2005.

My advice to those of you still looking, don't give up, it will happen, and don't settle. Let God bring you together. You'll know he or she is the 'One', when you meet, and make sure you've asked all the big questions, even if it feels awkward to do so.

Thanks to those who ensure a fun, safe venue for people to meet.

Odette-Lalafun736 {British Columbia} & Shawn-shawn430 {Texas} April 2005

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 After a friend of mine told me "You have to try", I joined and 15 minutes later Mark sent me a message.  

A pretty Christian bride in a veil is shown with her husband as they get married

Mark's message to Belienda was all she needed. Look at them now!

A pretty bride in veil holds her flowers

Beautiful Belienda on her wedding day

We began talking and quickly realized that God had brought us together. He used to do it and for that we are deeply grateful.

We were both filled with mixed emotions about Internet dating but Christian Cafe helped ease all our concerns. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be used by GOD.

To our many friends in the Cafe, keep on praying and seeking God, He had everything under control and He will never leave you. He has a plan for your life!

Much Gratitude,

Belienda-heartforhim361 & Mark April 2005

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  I almost wrote her off.  

A smiling Christian man from California on a dinner date with a happy woman

Edward is so glad he didn't write off Caren!

Thank you for your great service, and I'm happy to report that I met my fiancee on

I corresponded with Caren off and on for a few months before we finally met. She claimed she was really busy, and I initially took it as a "blow off." But right around the Christmas 2003 holidays, I decided to write her a "Merry Christmas" email. I'm sure glad I did. Much to my surprise, she wrote back a heartfelt response, and said she still wanted to meet up.

From the moment I met Caren, I thought she was one of the most beautiful and charming young women I'd ever met. We had some funny, awkward and memorable moments that first date, but we both decided we wanted to see each other again.

I've tried many online dating sites, but I've had the best success (obviously) by far on

Anyone reading this, please give my friends at a try first. I assure you that at the very least, you'll make a lot of good friends and may find the love of your life, as I did.

Edward-spdracr926 {California} & Caren April 2005

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 Our Wedding Day was 9th. April 2005.  

Oklahoma Christian seniors sit close together and smile

Norm and Sue beaming after having met

We met on in June 2004.

We now live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We appreciate the opportunity to meet on

Norm-normhilp625 {Oklahoma} & Sue {Oklahoma} April 2005

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 Remember that God is faithful so be encouraged.  

A very happy bride sits while her husband stands with his arm affectionately on her shoulder

An encouraged and overjoyed Stephanie married her love, Jeffrey

A big "Thank You" to, and may God bless your network for providing us with an opportunity to meet.

We met in February 2004 and were married in October 2004, and are enjoying married life.

This is our personal testimony to all of you brothers and sisters looking to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Stephanie & Jeffrey April 2005

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 The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways!  

I have been meaning to contact you to tell you "thanks!" for about 3 years! I met my husband on this site, by accident. It is a true testimony to how the Lord works in mysterious ways!

I have a girlfriend that lives in another country, and instead of paying huge long distance bills, we decided to try a chat room. However, many of them are full of filth and that definitely wasn't our scene. So, we did an Internet search for "Christian Chat" and there was!

After only a few minutes of chatting with her, a Quick Message pops up from a guy who lived about 4 hours away. I responded, and it all goes from there!

That was in 2001. Now we've been married since 2002, and had our first son, Noah, in 2003. I am thankful for the service you provided, even if I didn't initially use it to find a spouse. I am glad I did.

Thanks again!

Heather {Canada} & Peter April 2005

  I want to thank you so much for the Post a Prayer feature.  

and for the diligence with which the Prayer Page is monitored.

hildanne694 {Ontario} April 2005

 Jill is everything I ever wanted in a woman, and so much more.  

My wife Jill wrote a testimonial in January of 2003. Since then we have been married two years on the 11th of this month and everything is working great!

God placed her in my life at just the right time and through his strength and love we have had the best two years of my life. I love her more now than I did when I married her, and I continue to fall in love with her over and over.

Thank you for having somewhere for me to turn to when I was at such a horrible place in my life. I am forever grateful for being introduced to my wife.

Jon & Jill April 2005

[Editor's note: See January 2003 for Jill's submission.]

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 We never would have met without  

My wife and I met a little over five years ago on She was in Pennsylvania and I was in Oregon. I now live in Pennsylvania with her and we have been married for 3 1/2 years. Thank you for your service.

God has worked miracles in both our lives and we feel blessed beyond measure. Thank you.

Jeff [Oregon] April 2005

 Were not for I would not be getting married on the 23rd of this month to a wonderful man whom I met on this site back in 2003.  

I can't thank Wish us well for our wedding.

Vivien & Dave April 2005

 Danny told himself that he wasn't going to look anymore; he was just going to sit back and wait. Then my note came to him.  

I came home from work one Friday evening not wanting to face another lonely weekend, so I jokingly thought about seeing what it would be like to get on the Internet and check out the dating sites.

I found and started browsing. I wanted to stay close to my home but came across a picture and profile on Danny who lived in Chipley. He was all-cool looking, sitting there on "Silver" his Harley. But where was Chipley, Florida?

The last thing I wanted was to have a long distance relationship. But I was curious to find out where he lived. So, I got brave and wrote to him.

Danny was a widower and had met some ladies on the Cafe but many disappointments came his way. He had one month left before his membership expired and had made up his mind that he wasn't going to renew his time. So he literally felt like a bobber in the water.

After I reached out to him, we talked via the Cafe and then by telephone. He sent me pictures and I sent mine. The only thing left to do was meet. Danny had a pen pal from the Cafe who lived in Australia that suggested he ride "Silver" down to Lakeland, 6 hours away, and meet me. We talked about our first meeting and he decided to straddle the Harley and whisk me away! But when the weekend came, so did the storm. The weather didn't look good so I asked him to not to take the chance in coming that weekend. Well that storm wasn't going to stop Danny, so he jumped into his truck and headed toward me with anticipation.

The Meeting! I had the time and the place chosen but when the storm hit it was like a river in the streets. What was I going to do? I didn't want to be a drowned rat! Well I felt so comfortable with our developing relationship that I told him directions to my place. All the time it was pouring down rain and the traffic was slow going. But he made it and I opened the door to my home and then to my heart. He melted my heart from our first meeting when he insisted to begin our time together by holding my hand and bowing our heads to ask God for His will to be done, not ours. That was the beginning of our story that started in August of 2004. Our long distance relationship has proven to be challenging but there hasn't been a day gone by without us talking by phone and I drive 6 hours to Chipley once a month and then 2 weeks later he comes to see me.

On Valentine's Day Danny proposed to me. We are to be married on Sept 10, 2005. We are going to literally sail away into the sunset and be married by my son-in-law on a dinner cruise ship, then off to Mexico on a Carnival Cruise.

Our meeting has become a dream come true. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to find each other.

Rosalyn-rosalyn458 {Florida} & Danny-dpslookin734 {Florida} April 2005

P.S. After our cruise, I think we'll ride off as the sun rises and I'll be Dan's backrest!

Hi Ho Silver, away!

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 When I joined I was not sure what I would encounter.  

Well, after writing many members I struck up a conversation with one young woman. After a few months of writing and phoning she came to visit me.

We both are pleasantly surprised, and waiting to see what God does next.

Elwyn April 2005

 Thank you for being the instrument God used to bring my husband and I together.  

After a short courtship of 10 months, beginning in February 2004, we were united in marriage on December 4, 2004.

We are both so very happy and grateful for God's grace in our lives. Married life is wonderful and the gift of serving the Lord together is a very precious gift!

Joanne-jvdz587 {Canada} & Sid April 2005

 The whole experience was so right for us.  

I would like to share the details of my courtship and recent wedding to Kelly.

We met on over two years ago. We were married through our church on April 2nd.

We're both active in the church choir. Our spirituality was very important to us in our search for a lifelong mate.

No other dating website has faith in Jesus Christ as its top characteristic. There was no guessing about Kelly's values.

Robert April 2005

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 This is a wonderful place to meet other Christians, it really has made a difference in my life.  

I met the man God had for me in in June 2004, and we married April 9,2005.

Thank you so much for making it possible for us to meet.

I have been a member of other sites, but the right One just was not there, then the Lord led me here to your site,

I want to encourage others out there not to give up, for God has that special someone all picked out just for you!

God Bless,

Sue-ozarkiesue265 {Arkansas} April 2005

 True love found! (and God!) has brought another couple together through the website.

We "met" on Christian Cafe in September 2004, and are getting married May 5, 2005. We truly clicked and God has His way of making things work out when the right people need to meet each other.

Needless to say, we are very happy and thanks to God and for helping to bring us together!

Denise-denise778 {Kansas} & Jim-jim980 {Kansas} April 2005

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 I have been a very happy member of since October 2004.  

Thank you for your site.

Michelle-thelordmysaviour619 {Ontario} April 2005

 This is by far the greatest Christian website.  

You always respond to emails. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the service you provide and being so helpful.

One of your competitors does not respond to emails and I know has many, many singles leaving that site.

Anyway, thank you again for your help, I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work with

Pam-pamelat244 {Nebraska} April 2005

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