Christian Testimony - December 2004

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 Thank you! Last January (2004), I met a lovely lady named Carole on  

A man on his knee in a restaurant surprises a very happy woman at work

Carole said "Yes!" to Daniel's proposal :)

We messaged each other then met face-to-face in late February.

We have been seeing each other ever since. On November 29, we became engaged (see attached photo). Our tentative wedding date is 16th July 2005.

Thank You!

Daniel-terpgomer516 {Connecticut} & Carole-carole220 {Connecticut} December 2004

[Editor's note: See August 2005 testimonial for their Wedding photo!]

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 Who knew what incredible results could come from the lowly price of a monthly subscription to your site!  

A very happy Christian couple stand arm in arm after marrying in Winnipeg

Connie and Herb with the beautiful Winnipeg skyline in background

Newly married Christians laugh as they pose together

Connie and Herb were greatly impacted by!

We met and chatted online through the website over the Christmas holidays in 2001.

On January 8th, 2002, we spoke to each other for the first time over the phone and soon after we began dating. Since that time our lives have been greatly impacted forever by!

On February 21, 2004, we were engaged to be married. Then, on September 20, 2004, we were married in a small ceremony in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!

It seems close to being miraculous that we could find someone almost perfect for each other so far away from each other. Connie was in Toronto and I was living in Florida.

Yet that was facilitated by, and it does prove that God moves in mysterious ways in our lives if we seek His will and have an open mind and heart.

We thank God that he used Christian Cafe to give us hope and love and a vision for the future.

Through God, works and has produced amazing results in our lives and will continue to do so in others in the future. We are thankful and grateful for for what it has done in our lives.

Please see the attached wedding photos of the ceremony in Winnipeg in September 20, 2004. Thank you and may God bless you and your good work!

Herb {Florida} & Connie {Ontario} December 2004

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 With God, ALL THINGS are possible! Even when you're 4,000 miles away!  

Interracial couple smile broadly on their wedding day

A beaming Alison and Gabriel at their wedding in Senegal

I joined in February 2003. In January 2004, I met Gabriel.

He lives in Senegal, West Africa and I live in New York City. Through phone calls and emails, we fell in love.

I visited him in July and we were married on 27 November in Dakar, Senegal. We plan to live in New York City after all the immigration stuff is worked out.

We want to thank and encourage others.

Alison-alison689 {New York} & Gabriel {Senegal} December 2004

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  I have been online for years and never met anyone I thought was worthy. But being on definitely changed my mind.  

A happy American Christian woman embraces her African match

Renee with her most loving and caring man :)

We met on a year and a half ago and were married this past July. The only drawback is that my husband is in Africa now. I live in the United States.

I traveled thousands of miles to be with him but now we must wait to be together. We presently await permission for him to come here.

I want to thank you, for he is the most loving and caring man I have ever met. I love him with all my heart. We are surviving this punishing wait on our application.

We have put the situation in the Lord's hands and we know soon our prayers will be answers. We desperately want to be together but if God tells us we must wait then so be it.

We talk everyday and are closer than some people who live in the same neighborhood. Again without we may never have met.

Thank You for my husband.

Renee {United States} December 2004

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 "God Bless You" for being the catalyst which brought the dreams of two people to fruition.  

Bible believing Christians hold up their marriage license and laugh together

Proof! A very proud Mike and Maria holding their Marriage Certificate :)

During March of this year, I began a "pen pal" relationship with a wonderful woman in Venezuela through

As time passed, we became more and more aware that God had other plans for us. Our friendship quickly grew into a deep and wonderful love, and after meeting face-to-face we knew for certain that marriage was in our future.

Upon clearing the hurdles of the U.S. immigration marathon, Maria has now joined me in the United States as my wife, best friend, and partner. Thank you from the bottom of both our hearts for bringing us together and making this blessing possible.

We both recommend to our friends and families as a positive and rewarding experience and a place to meet like-minded Christian singles.

May God Bless the staff and friends of for many years to come, and we hope each and every one of you has a joyous and Blessed Christmas season!

Mike {United States} & Maria {Venezuela} December 2004

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 Please keep up the great work that you are doing for singles!  

Attractive Christian interracial couple in Toronto by Lake Ontario

Charlie and Lisa with the stunning Toronto Skyline in background

I met a wonderful man on your site in March 2004.

We got engaged the day after Thanksgiving (November 26, 2004).

I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and he lives in Toronto, Canada. We plan to get married in June 2005, and we will send you photos.

Attached please see our photo taken at a beautiful park called Toronto Island. We both want to say thank you to, from the bottom of our hearts.

Lisa-thejagirl780 {Florida} & Charlie {Ontario} December 2004

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 We wanted to thank the staff of for providing a wonderful place for Christians to come together and meet, for friendship and for love.  

Nova Scotia Christian bride sits on the stairs with her new husband who holds her hand

After waiting many years both Cheryl and Jerry knew instantly they'd met "The One"!

We began talking in the Chatroom (the place to be!) in late January 2004, and both instantly knew that something special was happening between us - no mean feat for two people who were somewhat jaded about interaction on the Internet due to past experiences!

God made it abundantly clear to us, our family, and our friends that we were meant to be together (including making the immigration process go as smooth as silk!), and on November 7, 2004, we were married.

Not only did we find each other, but during our time here (me: approx. 3 years, Jerry: 6 months) we managed to make some amazing friends that continue to be an important part of our lives.

In early August 2002, I (Cheryl) suffered a stroke - the outpouring of love, support, and more importantly, prayers from Christians all over the world during my hospitalization and recuperation is something that I will NEVER forget.

We have been blessed from our time on and God is good!!

Cheryl-cas831 {Nova Scotia} & Jerry-simeonargus927 {Oklahoma} December 2004

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 Edward and I would like to thank for being the vehicle God used to bring us together.  

Alaskan Christian man hugs a California Christian single woman wearing a winter coat

Edward and Annelyse were incredibly blessed by God

I was only on a short time and met some really wonderful people, but was not expecting the incredible blessing that God had planned for me.

After a couple of months I decided not to renew my membership and just continue to wait on the Lord, but a few days before I left I received a message from Edward in Alaska.

I was surprised to hear from someone so far away, but liked his profile and asked if we could get to know each other as friends.

We began talking after emailing for a month, and a few months later I took an Alaskan vacation!

Seven months after we began communicating, on Thanksgiving evening in Anchorage, Alaska, Edward asked me to marry him.

We're planning to get married sometime next year. Looks like this California girl is heading for some "Northern Exposure"!

Annelyse-anna821 {California} & Edward-edinalaska721 {Alaska} December 2004

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 We're getting married, and I wanted to say THANK YOU!  

A man can't stop smiling as a pretty woman behind him hugs him affectionately

No distance was too far for Andrew to connect with Jodel. And just look at his smile!

My fiancee Jodel and I met through in September 2003.

We met in person in November, and by March 2004 I'd moved from Massachusetts to California to be near her! In May 2004 we got engaged, and we'll be married in less than three months!

Jodel really is a wonderful match for me and I never would have met her if it weren't for your service. On I got to know a lot more about her in five minutes reading her profile than I would have in a whole first or second date (let alone just running into her at church!).

She read my profile and her first QuickMessage said, "Hey, I read your profile. It looks like you're looking for me!" I couldn't disagree!

Thank you,! Cordially, in Christ,

Andrew-forthenations782 {Massachusetts} & Jodel {California} December 2004

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 Neither of us would have ever dreamed that God would use in the manner He did.  

A man looks very joyful as a Born again Christian woman hugs him from behind

Tricia is glad she took a leap of faith to write Stephen: look at them now!

Thank you from Tricia and Stephen! Through Him, all things truly are possible.

Our story began last February when I contacted Stephen after finding his profile on I took a leap of faith and contacted him.

What started out as a spirit-filled friendship full of laughter, quickly turned to more when God began to reveal His plan for our lives. We were married last month (November 2004).

Thanks to Christian Cafe, we have each found our perfect compliment, soul mate, and ministry partner. Together we pray we will have a mighty impact on couples for Christ.

It all started with you! Blessings to all of those who still search, never lose hold of the promise that God is always faithful!

Tricia-tricia248 & Stephen December 2004

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 Thank all of you at for being such a wonderful instrument for singles to meet.  

The first week of January 2004, the week I joined Christian Cafe, I met a gentleman from Pennsylvania who really captured my attention.

Since I am from Georgia, it was quite interesting to carry on an online conversation with someone who was in the middle of a snowstorm at the time!

We met in person in March 2004 and have been growing closer every time we get to be together. After much prayerful consideration, we are to be married January 2, 2005, and we are both grateful to you for helping the Lord bring us together.

God Bless You all and I hope many, many more Christian marriages result from relationships started on your wonderful site!

Yvette-Yvette382 {Georgia} & Robert-Robmac972 {Pennyslvania} December 2004

 We lived 20 miles apart, but probably would have taken years to meet without  

This is a long overdue thank you for your site.

We met on Christian Cafe in my first week, which was in my husband's first full month in January 2000.

We were married June 29, 2001. Three and a half years later, I can say that we are very happily married, and I'm enjoying the marriage that God always intended for me.

Thank you so much for this site!

Betsy {Georgia} & Mike {Georgia} December 2004

 God has used your site in another remarkable way to bring two lives together, literally from opposite sides of the world.  

Humanly speaking I can't see any way for our paths to ever have ever crossed otherwise.

You probably get a lot of testimonials, but I wanted to write and let you know that thanks to your site Heather and I have met, and on New Years Eve I am going to propose to her (we've already talked about things a fair bit and have a date set, etc.).

The amazing thing for us is that I am from New Zealand and she is from Vancouver, Canada.

While briefly clearing some messages that had come in I happened to notice her online. I was taken by her profile and decided to send her a QuickMessage. As it turned out her sister had talked her into giving your site a go!

Her free trial had expired by the time my message reached her mailbox; however your system informed her by email that a message was waiting for her. So she signed up as a paid member, and I guess the rest is now history!

That was almost exactly a year ago now and things are well underway for us to forge our lives together.

So I get to marry the most incredible woman of my dreams thanks to YOU.

I have moved to Dallas, Texas to study at Seminary here so this is still very much a long distance romance, although now we are only a little over 2000 miles apart, practically neighbors!

Our wedding date will be 29th May 2005.

Yours in our Saviour, and with much gratitude!

Jeff-kiwiguy440 {New Zealand} & Heather-hmj203 {British Columbia} December 2004

[Editor's note: Jeff did propose to Heather, see their Engagement Photos in April 2005's testimonials!]

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 I don't think either of us would have met someone who was not only a romantic, but a spiritual match without ChristianCafe.  

Last Christmas I met Moses on your site. We began to write and chat and eventually talk on the phone.

For me, there was an attraction right away and a strong feeling that this was the man that God wanted me to marry.

During the previous year, I had come to very much enjoy my relationships on The people I chatted with and wrote to were, what I considered, a very special and supportive group of Christian friends.

I didn't really "click" with anyone as more than that, but I enjoyed the fellowship. This included chatting with guys and gals as Christian friends.

I think that sometimes adult singles can end up feeling a bit lost and isolated in the Christian churches. So much is family and couples oriented, even though there are plenty of singles!

Moses and I were married June 12th here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, approximately six months after meeting through

Valerie-prayerfriend362 {New Mexico} & Moses December 2004

 We realize that God ordained us to be together but your site is what allowed our paths to cross.  

In November 2002, Collins and I met on

We have been communicating for the last two years via email and telephone. Collins lives in Nigeria and I live here in the United States.

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to meet face to face. We both believe we are soulmates and have a mission together to spread the gospel of Jesus to the world.

God has confirmed our lives together to many people. We are trusting and believing God that He will allow us to meet in person and begin our journey together.

Please keep us in your prayers that we will be together very soon and thank you so much for your website.

Tanya-tee727 {North Carolina} & Collins-collins289 {Nigeria} December 2004

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