Christian Testimony - November 2004

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 I always suspected that God would surprise me in how I would meet my husband, but I never thought I'd meet him on the Internet!  

Christian singles sit together and smile while holding up a Just About Married sign

Anticipation in the air for Darrell and Becky

A handsome gentleman wraps a coat around a pretty woman in a white dress in the winter

Darrell and Becky married in a beautiful December wedding!

This is a long overdue but thank You from my husband and me!

I joined in January 2003, and in just three weeks I began corresponding with Darrell.

Soon, emails turned to phone conversations, and finally we met each other. We had a whirlwind courtship and married last December.

Thank you so much,! We are enjoying married life immensely!

Keep up the good work. :o)

Becky-pirueh940 {Alberta} & Darrell-wyl327 {Alberta} November 2004

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 We both had the pain and betrayal of divorce and broken families but God knew what was waiting for us when we put it into His hands.  

A Christian couple pose together against a tree and look very pleased

When Renee and Jimmy met, they knew they'd each found their match!

We met over a year ago on and became good friends.

We decided not to meet face to face because I was not willing to entertain the thought of moving with my 3 children from Texas to Oklahoma.

We stayed in touch and I continued to get emails from Jimmy and be encouraged in the Lord by him with the occasional hilarious forward email.

After dating other people and not finding the partner that we felt we were meant for, we started getting in touch more and more. We finally met in April of this year, and we knew!

When we prayed and continued to get to know each other, we decided someone had to move. We both looked into the options and continued to pray and seek counsel from family and friends.

Finally, I was offered a job in Oklahoma and we moved in July and were married this September.

We want others to know that if you let the Lord guide and direct you, no matter what the obstacle, He will accomplish His will for your lives and your children's lives. When He does something, He does it right.

In His Love,

Renee {Texas} & Jimmy {Oklahoma} November 2004

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 Before we met neither of us had ever considered the idea of an international relationship, but apparently God had different plans for us.  

Overjoyed American Christian woman smiles on her wedding day standing next to her Dutch Christian husband

Martin and Tiffany Married in the Netherlands October 2004

Martin & I would like to thank for helping to bring the two of us together.

We were married October 13, 2004 in the Netherlands, two years and two months after our first email contact through Christian Cafe in 2002.

Without your help, and God's of course, Martin and I would have never met considering the fact that he is a Dutch citizen, and I'm an American.

Like most international relationships, it has been a bumpy ride for both of us from start to finish, but we are comforted by the conviction that this is the course our lives were meant to take, and that we have God's full support.

Thank You

Tiffany-janedoe281 {USA} & Martin {Netherlands} November 2004

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 Now only a Christian can appreciate the behind the scenes movement of God in our lives.  

A happy and confident divorced Christian man looks intently as he hugs his new wife

A marriage made in heaven for Dorothy and Tom!

We just celebrated our third anniversary on June 28th, 2004! We both were using to find suitable Christian people to meet.

Dorothy found my profile first, discovered that we worked for the same state agency, same building but on different floors and had been there for several years without crossing paths.

We had even lived in her home town for 2 years in 65/66, I was in the military at that time.

Prior to our meeting I had had a full beard for many years, she says she wouldn't have given me a second look because of the beard. Anyway, the beard had been gone for several years.

She sent me a Cafe message, I looked up her profile and we decided to meet face to face.

I had been divorced for 5 years, owned my own home and was content being single. Dorothy was going through a divorce and I supported her through that difficult time.

Now, I had no intentions on getting married again, my children were all grown, my time was mine and I could come and go as I pleased. Dorothy had been through a difficult marriage, had just completed building a nice house for her and her husband to share, when he informed her he wanted a divorce.

I hate to use the cliche "love at first sight", but at our ages we knew that God had brought us together. Now we enjoy our time together, a day does not pass without telling each other "I love you". When one of us starts a conversation, the other becomes focused and we share the moment.

I became disabled, after we got married, and she has stood by me at every turn during this difficult time. Another cliche, we share a "marriage made in heaven".

Tom & Dorothy November 2004

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 Like so many others, we met on  

Bible believing Christians look very proud as they hold their newborn baby

Lisa and Jim with their "Cafe Baby", James, born April 2004

We want to thank you for your ministry. We liked because it gives you information to make decisions and doesn't insult your intelligence by making you take a psychological test and them deciding who you are compatible with.

Jim and I began corresponding in September 2001, met each other soon after and eventually realized that God had a plan for our lives in marriage.

We were married in July 2003 and were quickly blessed with a beautiful baby boy, James.

We still can't believe how much has happened in such a short period of time especially after waiting such a long time for God to reveal to each of us the special person He had planned for us to marry.

We are grateful to have found each other through a site that places such an emphasis on faith in Christ and are glad to have Him as the strong foundation for our marriage.

God bless and keep up the good work,

Lisa-lisa447 {Pennsylvania} & Jim {Pennsylvania} November 2004

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 I am still amazed and in awe of how the Lord works.  

Online dating for Christians brought these happy newlyweds together for their Autumn wedding

What a beautiful setting for Chris and Jennie's wedding photos!

Beautiful baby hugs dog and wins first prize

"Cafe Baby" Grace - isn't she just adorable!

I wanted to let you know how the Lord used you to introduce my husband and me. Chris and I began messaging on in February 2003.

On November 1, 2004 we were married. I became pregnant on our honeymoon and now we are praising the Lord for our daughter Grace born 3 weeks early July 17, 2004.

Thank you for being the vessel that the Lord used in our lives.

Chris-followhim303 {Ohio} & Jennie-evangeline743 {Vermont} November 2004

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 Just got married!  

Happy Christians from Ohio and Romania stand proudly together for their Autumn wedding

No distance was too great to bring Stelian and Springeh together!

Indeed, God is great! Like many others we met on, and we got married on 23th October 2004.

emanuel623 from USA and springeh546 from Romania, long distance but great relationship.

Thank you very much, God bless you!

Stelian-emanuel623 {Ohio} & Springeh-springeh546 {Romania} November 2004

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 What a blessing my membership has been!  

I moved to MA from CA in February this year and was having a difficult time finding a new church home and meeting Christian singles in the area. Thanks in large part to (and in whole to the Lord our Father!), in the three short months I've been a member, I've found a new church home (based directly on feedback from another Cafe member), and I've met tons of Christian singles in the area.

I've allowed my account to expire, not because wasn't a good experience, but because it was such a successful one. I really don't have time now to be on my computer looking at my Christian Cafe account!

Thanks for the service, and may God continue to bless your ministry! In Christ,

Estelle-cagirlnowma118 {California} November 2004

 I was really skeptical, but now I am a believer in!  

I met someone through your service. We have been seeing each other since April 22, 2004.

On October 30th, 2004, he asked me to marry him!

It was a true "God thing." We had gone to the same church for a while and had never met. I left and started going to another church.

We started mailing back and forth in and found out that we had lots in common. It has been a wonderful blessing for both of us.

Kathy-zoeaustin985 November 2004

 Remove my profile: I have recently married!  

I have really enjoyed being a member of Christian Cafe, and have met some wonderful Christian ladies over the time I was a member.

The lady I married was a member when I saw her online on She was from Panama City, Florida and I am from Bloomington, IN.

It has been a challenge with the distance between us but we both feel that the Lord led us to each other. Thanks again for your fine web site and the service you provide to Christian singles. The Lord bless you.

Stephen-coralreef512 {Indiana} November 2004

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 We would never had met or fell in love, if it was not for your Cafe service.  

We met in's Chat Room on December 1, 2003 I live in South Carolina and Susan lived in Toledo, Ohio over 800 miles away.

We were engaged on May 22, 2004. We were married in Toledo, Ohio on October 2, 2004 and reaffirmed our vows in South Carolina on October 30, 2004. We had two ceremonies for both of our families to share in the joy of our love.

Both of us were ready to throw in the towel at the end of November 2003. We had met a few people on the Cafe, but we hadn't met the ONE.

We were content to ride our time online in the chat room. However, both of us, as in sync, prayed to the Lord a similar prayer the night of November 29, 2003.

We prayed, if it was His will, to find someone special for us to spend our lives with for all eternity. If it was not the Lord's will, we would be content being single and living our single life to His service.

We both had a heart to heart with the Big Guy that night. Susan added a little extra to her prayer. "Lord, I think I am dating the wrong type of guy. I have strong morals. Maybe I should be dating a minister?"

Forty-eight hours later, I came into her life. I am an ordained United Methodist Minister. I serve three churches in South Carolina. Susan accepts my ministry, and she can separate me from my job.

We like to advise people who stay within their state jurisdiction to venture out and to take chances. You need to trust in the Lord and He will provide you with the greatest gift, the gift of Love!

John-circuitrider826 {South Carolina} & Susan-sue281 {Ohio} November 2004

 . His whole demeanor intrigued me and I must admit after a while I thought "Am I falling for him?"  

I have met my husband-to-be on!

I messaged him because he lives so close (12 miles away), rare to see, and I wanted to wish him the best in his search. Ken is younger than me (46, I am 52) and a widower, and, I had no picture of myself online, so didn't think there was going to be any interest from him.

He travels a lot so it took a while (almost three weeks) for us to meet.

The first time we met I knew we would be friends, it was so comfortable to talk and laugh with him. He seemed very conservative and shy at first, but I found him to be very smart, gentle, kind, compassionate.

I felt an immediate physical attraction and chemistry but didn't rely on that as I have been divorced for ten years and preferred to just be friends.

Ken wanted to continue to get together so I thought it might be all right. We talked a lot about what we wanted in our future and found we have so much in common.

I knew I was placing myself in an incredibly vulnerable position! It seemed after my past experiences of not always saying what I thought I should just tell him what I felt.

So, I told him, no strings or obligations, but just know that I loved him. Well, shortly after he told me he loved me too, then he asked me to marry him.

I first emailed him Aug 27, we met Sept 13, he asked me to marry him Oct 23. We will be on the road in an RV come April-Sept, as he is an event photographer, among many other things, should be a lot of fun as I was planning on being on the road as well.

I have felt love for many men in my life, and now this one is somehow different. One thing is his relationship with the Father.

I feel Ken and I have places to go with the Father. I am a new Christian, about 2 years, trying to just live in the present and live according to the messages from the Holy Spirit. I miss a few, but know He lets it pass and lets me try again.

I wanted to thank you for your service, I have met some interesting people on here! I wish you continued success on your site!

Jan-jannyg747 & Ken November 2004

 I am leaving the site tonight. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers.  


I have met the most wonderful person through, my soul mate. I know this is your plan Lord, it feels so right.

I have never been happier or more content.

I ask Father that You will continue to bless our relationship, and that we will continue to build it on Your solid foundation. I thank you Lord for the many friends I have made on here, and ask that you will bless every person on this site.

In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen.

Linda-shyanon818 {United Kingdom} November 2004

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 Engaged to be married.  

Christina and I are engaged as we both met on We plan to get married in the spring of 2005.

I would like to thank you for bringing us together with God's help.

John-raxem695 {Canada} & Christina-magnoliablossom105 {Canada} November 2004

 I met the love of my life on and I want to thank you beyond belief.  

Derek and I first starting talking the middle of July. It was truly a divine intervention from God as to how we met.

Around the 4th of July, I was supposed to go to DC with several friends and one fell through and then another friend and I were going to go but he canceled on me as well.

So I went to a Fourth of July picnic with several friends from Bible Study and there was another couple there that had met on Christian Cafe.

I found out about Christian Cafe from there and decided to check it out.

My first message to Derek was something to the effect of "I want to get to know you better and I think we might have a few things in common." We starting talking on QuickMessage about 3 weeks later and then on August 28th, we talked on the phone for the first time.

Our conversations were always lengthy realizing how much in common we really had with each other.

Then on September 12th, 2004 Derek came up from Williamsburg so we could meet for the first time. We had that instant connection that I have never felt with anyone in my entire life.

We have been dating ever since and talks of marriage come up all the time, that it isn't a question of "if" but "when."

I thank God everyday for Him blessing my life and I just pray that He will continue to bless our relationship and remember the very reason we are together is because of Him.

Thank you for bringing me for bringing me the love I have always wanted.

Jen-theatergoddess139 {Virginia} November 2004

[Editor's note: The next testimonial is from Derek]

 God has taught me so much about trust this year.  

I have been so blessed this year. I have met many wonderful ladies on the Cafe and God has used each and every one of them to teach me something along the road.

That road has led me to the love of my life, Jen. When one path ends something better really is around the corner.

It is apparent that God has been working in both of our lives this past year and I know it was all Him and we didn't have to make any of this up in our own little worlds.

I did that once but even that was a blessing and I was prayed over and things were reaffirmed in my heart. I was "told" to keep trusting God. I did and that trust led me to Jen.

Of course that trust doesn't end now. It continues along side by side with the love of an amazing young lady.

I knew 2004 was going to be a blessed year, but it started with a humbling of my heart and Jen's. After that God was able to mold us and bless us with the perfect love He has given us for each other. We have both been speechless countless times.

Thanks so much for the role you played by allowing God to use this site to bring so many blessed people together.

Derek-Dreamer606 {Virginia} November 2004

[Editor's note: The previous testimonial is from Jen]

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 I have met a wonderful person through your excellent site.  

People using should keep in mind that it is possible to meet others in an "indirect manner".

I met my friend because she was the one who drove the person I was to meet for lunch to the mall.

In addition, I have acquired many new online penpals.

For all this I want to extend my thanks and prayers for your continued success.

Alphie-receptor671 {Ontario} November 2004

 The Lord has given His plan to us, and He knows what He's doing.  

He used as a blessing channel for us to 'see' each other for the first time on June 2004.

After that everything ran smooth like water. We met face to face this November and now we're planning to have the future together by His guidance.

This is truly a blessing for both of us, because we are so far away, me in Indonesia and him in Germany, but the distance and the differences become something that bind us together by His will.

We have been really blessed because of your website. God bless you in all that you do.

Phoebe-Phoebechow581 {Indonesia} & Saki-sakis458 {Germany} November 2004

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