Christian Testimony - February 2005

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 We have now had our beautiful baby boy that God blessed this family with and tied us all together.  

Cut baby in blue laughs

Cute little Caden Thomas brightens has blessed Todd and April's family!

In June 2004 I sent you our testimonial of how my husband and I had met on here, married and had a blended family.

We just wanted to send a picture of our new baby, Jaden Thomas, to add to our testimonial.

Todd {Louisiana} & April-apdun297 {Alabama} February 2005

[Editor's note: See June 2004 testimonial for Todd and April's wedding testimonial!]

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 We have been truly blessed!  

Cute baby girl in white and red dress

Beautiful Audrey, without feet in her mouth :)

Ken and I met on in February 2003, were engaged by June and married in October. About a month later, our first child was conceived, and in August 2004, I gave birth to Audrey.

She is such a beautiful, sweet little girl, and I'm so happy that God used to introduce her father and I so that we could make her!

Hard as it is to change a diaper when Audrey's sticking her feet in her mouth, at least I know she's not lick-toes intolerant. :)

Ken-talarin294 & Bev-satori888 February 2005

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 He passed my house every day coming home from work, but without we would have never met.  

Born again Bible Believing Christians smile together on their wedding day

Thankfully neighbours Todd and Jenny both joined so they could meet!

My husband and I met on in 2002. At the time, he lived in Lanesville, Indiana but worked about 10 minutes away from where I was living in Louisville, Kentucky.

We were married on August 2, 2003. He is my best friend. We're perfect for each other. We never have any big arguments but yet we're together all the time and love being with each other. I thank God for bringing us together through Thank you guys!

Todd {Indiana} & Jenny {Kentucky} February 2005

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An overjoyed Christian singles woman from NJ smiles as her new fiancee presses close to her cheek

Matt and Sandra, very happily engaged!

After almost a year of being on, I had basically asked God why He had led me to this site and why did I keep coming back on month after month. Well the Lord answered my prayers shortly after.

In the beginning of August 2004, I started talking to Matt and what a blessing he has been in my life! We started out as friends but knew shortly after that God was leading us towards courting and eventually getting married. We met for the first time in mid-September in my State of New Jersey and then saw each other again just this month in Oklahoma, where I received the most beautiful ring and now it's official!

Marriage is in our near future and we'll make sure you update you!

Thank you for your service and God Bless.

Matt {Oklahoma} & Sandra-vietalian803 {New Jersey} February 2005

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 God used to give us both new life!  

Divorced Christians find love. Couple sitting on bench on nature hike

Kelley and Rob are happier than they've even been!

I had been married 30 years when my wife decided to go her own way. I was stunned.

A few months after she left, I found's link on another Christian website. I was serving alone as a missionary in New Zealand. I had never been in a chat room online, or any such area of the web. In loneliness, I decided maybe I could find a friend there, so I signed up.

The third time I visited, I looked at who was online and saw a lady in Sedona, Arizona. I used to live in Arizona and love the northern part of the state, so I sent her an Instant Message. Kelley was a new Christian who had just signed up too.

Out of 6+ billion people in the world, we were 11,000 miles apart and "just happened" to be in the same cyberspace at the same moment. We quickly discovered how much alike we are. It only took a few weeks for a friendship to develop. That gradually became best friends, then the discovery that we are soul-mates. Neither of us had believed in that concept, but it was a wonderful discovery.

As months went by, I discipled Kelley by email, phone, and instant messages. Our friendship continued to deepen. I returned to the States and we arranged to meet. Before she trusted Christ, Kelley had had some bad experiences with guys she met over the Internet, so she was understandably nervous. Our first meeting, in Kingman, Arizona, was totally platonic. But we connected in a way neither of us had ever experienced.

After two years of ever increasing friendship, God gave us the green light and we married in September 2003. We shared our vows in the presence of the Lord by flashlight under the stars at Rainbow Lake, Colorado.

We are both happier than we have ever been in our lives! We thank God for leading us both to that first day. We are totally committed to serving Him as a couple and just starting to minister together.

Thanks to, too, we are equally yoked at last!

P.S. The photo is us in Arizona the weekend we met.

Kelley {Arizona} & Rob-robs831 {New Zealand} February 2005

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 Praise be to God for all we have in each other.  

Funny Christian man blows a party favour while his laughing new bride leans into him

Mark and Denise ham it up on their wedding day

Denise and I met online on January 1st of 2004. She lived in Portland, Maine. and I lived in Wiscasset, Maine.

10 days later, we met in person and spent the whole afternoon and evening together. We made dinner, watched a movie (You Got Mail) and watch the New England Pats playoff game.

By Valentine's Day 2004, we were in love. In June Denise moved to nearby Bath, making it easier to date. By the end of the first week of June we were engaged. On October 16th, 2004, we were married, and to this day, still super happy.

Thanks to for the means of meeting each other.

Mark-jonesyuno715 {Maine} & Denise-newengland {Maine} February 2005

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Senior Christians marry. Posing together in a field near a river

Bob's perseverance while single paid off: he met and married Laurel!

In January 2004, I joined

I had been single for almost ten years, having a difficult time finding someone who was both interested in serving Jesus Christ and committing to a relationship with someone who was serving the LORD.

Most "Christian" ladies weren't serving the LORD with their whole heart and they didn't want a fellow who was. Those who were serving the LORD were too involved in their own sphere of ministry to leave their commitment. I had confined my search to ladies within a 50 mile radius because anyone further than that wouldn't consider leaving their job or family.

One day I received a note from a lady who lived half way across the United States from me. She seemed like a nice lady, but she had a house, a job and family, which I was sure she wouldn't leave. I wrote to her saying that she seemed like a nice enough lady, but she was in Wisconsin and I was in Oregon and I couldn't see it going anywhere.

A couple of days later she wrote again saying that she understood, and that I seemed like an older brother, and she asked if she could share some negative dating experiences and get my input. I agreed, and we wrote to each other for several weeks about what we had experienced on the net dating sites. We became good friends, period!

About a month into our corresponding, she was walking during her lunch, and the LORD spoke to her the way the LORD speaks to one's mind, that if she were ever going to get married she would have to leave her comfort zone.

That evening after work, she shared this with me, so I decided I'd better start praying to see if the LORD was working in our lives. For the next few weeks, we asked each other a lot of tough questions, about our past, failures, triumphs, expectations, goal and life styles. The more we talked, the more we realized that the LORD was calling us together.

I knew that Oregon was much different to Wisconsin, so I flew her out for a visit. Before she came, we both set up accountability partners and we made a firm agreement that we would keep ourselves pure until we married. On the first day, we kept distant until we became acquainted, then when walking up a waterfall trail, we held hands and we knew the chemistry was there. I proposed marriage on the last day of her stay.

There were several hurtles before a marriage could take place, the two largest were getting her family at ease with her leaving, and selling her house. The LORD took care of selling the house, she posted a sign on her fence and her house sold within four days.

I went to Wisconsin a few weeks later and met the family, all of whom agreed that I could take their Mom away. We got married in July 2004 and have just celebrated our six month anniversary.

Having made the decision to remain sexually pure until marriage was the best thing that could have happened to us. The LORD has blessed our marriage richly, we haven't had an argument yet.

The LORD has shut down all of our ministries and called us to join another couple in starting a church. It's a grand life when things are done the Lord's way.

Happily married,

Bob {Oregon} & Laurel {Wisconsin} February 2005

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 Dear What a blessing you are being used as an instrument of God bringing couples together.  

A seated man looks pleased as his new bride embraces him from behind

Neither age nor borders could prevent Cynthia from marrying her love, George

Marriage April 16th 2005.

George and I met on several months ago. We were engaged December 18th and our marriage will take place April 16th. GOD does not look at age. There is 26 years difference between yet God fit us so perfectly in His Divine love.

Looking back back we see where God prepared each of us for each other. Through years of transformation and seeking Him closer the preparation ends in a relationship that will be like none other.

We fully intend to do God's will together. Pray for us as the details of our marriage are worked out by the Father as George is in Canada and I am in the United States. Enclosed are our pictures.

Cynthia-cynthiak525 {New Jersey} & George-judshiloh483 {Arkansas} February 2005

[Editor's note: See December 2010 testimonial for Cynthia's follow up]

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 A man named Ross gave me one of his kidneys so I could live, out of God's love.  

He felt led to offer the kidney when he understood the depth of the verse "There is no greater love than a man is willing to lay down his life for a friend." This all happened through

I had met Patty through the Cafe and Patty had met Ross through the Cafe and they also got married. Ross came to Canada a few times from South Carolina for tests and we had a perfect match even though he was not related to me! That in itself is a miracle.

The really awesome point of this miracle is the similarity to God's gift to us. Just as with Ross's kidney, I didn't deserve it, I couldn't buy it, I couldn't work for it. All I could do was graciously accept it. This is the same position I realized about accepting God's forgiveness and eternal life through the redemptive work of His son Jesus the Christ.

I thank you Sam and Polly for such a great service.

Mac February 2005

[Editor's note: The Toronto Star featured the story on Tuesday May 27, 2003 about Mac, who received a kidney from Ross, whom he met on We are pleased that Mac chose 2005 Valentine's Month of Love to express his gratitude on our Testimonials Pages.]

 I just want to give Glory to the Lord for an EMOTIONAL HEALING - A HEALING OF THE HEART that I received while on  

I share this because I want you all to know that you may never know the results of how you have touched the lives of others you meet on

The Lord is able to use Christian Cafe for whatever He so desires, for you or for someone you know. It can be so many things to so many people: an opportunity to minister, a place to make new friends, a place to take a chance and share your heart with someone willing to hear.

There is a song I heard (not a Christian song) "I overlooked an orchid while searching for a rose" that can be used to describe not only people but circumstances. As my friend said, "THE LORD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS". I can agree with that.

I only suggest that you leave yourself open to ALL the Lord may have for you here. You may come here to make some new friends, like I did, and come away with a changed heart. AGAIN, the Lord is so good. It's a process and He keeps on changing our hearts again and again. I will probably be changing my profile as a result of this so don't be surprised. Blessings,

Lenore-lovesjesus504 {California} February 2005

 We have been happily married for 2 1/2 years.  

Three years ago I met my darling Kevin through this site. Thank you for developing

God certainly used it for a divine appointment for us! God bless you.

Rhonda and Kevin February 2005

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 Without we would probably never have met.  

May I take this opportunity to thank for helping bring Abi and myself together. We met last February and are getting married on Easter Sunday this year.

I never thought i would join a dating agency let alone an Internet one, but I can truly say that God led me to you and brought Abi and myself together.

Many thanks and God Bless,

Nick-nicky399 and Abi February 2005

 I would like to offer up our testimony of God's grace in leading me and my wife to discover each other on  

We met in Christian Cafe in October 2004 and corresponded for about 2 and a half months.

During that time God moved in our hearts with such power and certainty that we committed ourselves to marrying each other without ever having met. My job with FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) ended on December 17th and after selling my RV I moved to her hometown on December the 22nd.

Three and a half weeks later Vonda and I were married.

When my account had first expired I had no intention of renewing. It was when my account was expired that Vonda got online to place her profile.

However, offered me a 5 day "Get re-acquainted" free membership and I decided to try one more time. I never looked at the profiles of women who had no picture.

Since Vonda didn't place a picture with her profile, we might never have met. But this time I felt I should look at women's profiles who had no pictures. That's when I read Vonda's profile.

Her essay answers were what attracted me to Vonda and made me realize I wanted to get to know her. It was only after I told her about how much her essay answers meant to me that Vonda told me the rest of her story.

She had decided to go online just before we met and change her entire profile. However, as she was beginning to do so she felt God telling her to leave it just as it was, totally honest, creative and obviously sold out to the idea of serving God. Had she changed it I doubt I would have responded.

There are many other incidents that reveal the hand of God in our getting married, but there is no room to tell them here. I hope that our testimonial has offered you some hope. God bless.

Leroy-threecirclesusa952 & Vonda {Tennessee} February 2005

 We lived only 20 minutes apart, but we would have never met each other based on our schedules and routine. Many thanks!  

Joseph and I met on in September 2004.

We were married on Saturday, January 22, 2005. Joseph is awesome! God is still in charge, and we knew quickly that we would spend the rest of our lives together.

A huge thanks to you for allowing us to make the connection.

Inga-generations339 & Joseph-super184 February 2005

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 Upcoming marriage of two members.  

We just wanted to let you know that justed931 and myself, lee330, are engaged to be married Dec. 16, the day after I turn 60. We had planned to marry sooner but I would lose my social security (Smile!)

One of my good friends met her husband-to-be in the Cafe too; Janice and Tom will marry June 4th.

Thanks for the introductions. Sincerely,

lee330 {Arizona} & justed931 February 2005

 God is so good!!  

I met the most wonderful guy on back on November 29, 2003 and we have been to see each other several times.

He lives in Vermont and I live in Tennessee - many folks did not think that would work out because of the distance. But I know that God brought us together and it is because of Him that we are hoping to be married soon.

I thank you for and the opportunities I have had to make many wonderful, lasting friendships as well.

Rhonda-imgodsown698 {Tennessee} & Lee-darkstar495 {Vermont} February 2005

[Editor's note: See July 2005 testimonial for their update!]

 I just want to thank you for letting me be a part of your community.  

I praise God for your website.

Michelle-michelle779 {Illinois} February 2005

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