Christian Testimony - January 2005

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 We thank the Lord for bringing us to each other to share our lives together.  

A pretty former California Christian single woman looks radiant as she stands arm in arm with her groom

Yolanda and James married at last!

Christian couple in love hug near a river

James and Yolanda happy to share each other's lives!

Father of the bride gives a rousing welcome to the groom as his daughter looks on proudly

Yolanda's father welcomes James

Yolanda and I met through

We first wrote to each other on August 29, 2004, met in person on September 4, 2004, got engaged on October 9, 2004 and got married on December 18, 2004.

We are happy to share our wedding pictures.

James-jjhou960 & Yolanda-perlas208 {California} January 2005

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 Thank you,, for being used by God to bring my husband and me together.  

Born again Christians from Canada marry near a beautiful garden

It didn't take long for Jason and Kenda to realize they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together!

Jason and I met on in December 2003.

Soon after, we began talking on the phone for hours a day (Yes, Jay had a great long distance telephone package, tee hee!). Then in February 2004, we met face to face for the first time.

It did not take long for us to realize that we wanted to spend our lives together. We saw each other once a month until May when Jason proposed to me.

We got married on July 11, 2004. We now both live in Eastern Canada where Jason has been planted for many years.

I am blessed that God chose me to not only to become Jason's wife, but also to become a part of this great ministry. We are enjoying married life immensely, but we are loving serving the Lord together even more!

May our wonderful Lord and Saviour continue to bless you richly!

Jason {Ontario} & Kenda-aeriel465 {Saskatchewan} January 2005

[Editor's note: See May 2004 testimonial for their earlier testimonial written shortly after they met!]

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 We got married! Thank you!  

A bride teases her new husband from Ontario as he looks at her affectionately

Pina gave God's plan a try and met her husband Chris!

Newlyweds laugh as they try to feed each other wedding cake

Chris and Pina found love at first sight :)

My husband Chris and I met through just over a year ago. Our relationship progressed rapidly after we met face to face and we got married 7 months later on August 7 2004.

We are tremendously blessed. Today, January 3rd 2005, we celebrate our one year anniversary since we met. We praise the Lord and thank you for being there as a vehicle for God's perfect matches.

The following is my love story that was inserted in our wedding ceremony bulletin and our wedding picture. Credit is given to your site and all of our wedding guests know the truth about how we met!

The Bride's Love Story.

For as long as I can remember my dream has been to get married someday. In fact, as a young teen I would do pencil drawings of my handsome prince and me, and one of them was displayed at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

In my mid 20's I developed a closer walk with God and gave my heart to Jesus. I learned how to pray sincerely and not just selfishly, asking the Lord for His will to be done in my life. As much as I longed for a husband it was difficult for me to pray for a husband for myself.

Three years ago I met a friend at work who felt strongly called to intercede for me in prayer. She's quite a prayer warrior and prayed daily for my husband to come into my life. Even though she is not very computer literate she kept advising me to join a Christian singles club or dating service over the Internet. Quite against the idea I adamantly said "NO" every time. Finally a year ago, she wrote a letter encouraging me once again that the Christian dating service was not her idea but she felt strongly that this may be part of God's plan. I decided to give it a try.

I signed up for a 6-month membership on and met wonderful Christians all over the world, online! There were a few whom I considered to be a good match however we never met in person. Toward the end of my membership I felt frustrated and decided this was NOT for me and perhaps my friend was a bit too zealous with her intuition!

Two weeks before my membership expired Chris sent me a message after viewing my profile. As sweet as his message was I ignored it thinking "this just isn't for me anyway". Over the course of a week I keep feeling a little tug at my heart to reply to this fellow and perhaps we could at least be friends since he was only in Mississauga.

One week after he sent his message I finally replied. He responded right away. Two days later we spoke on the phone and we both felt an immediate connection. We enjoyed our conversation. Two days after that we met in person at the Hamilton bus terminal.

I never really believed in "love at first sight" and you may not quite believe this either. However, when I saw his eyes as he walked into the terminal from the platform my heart pounded and my face lit up. Chris said he saw my smile and that was it! We both knew we would share something very special.

My biggest prayer for the past two or three years has been "God, please change my life". He certainly has done that!!!

Perhaps it sounds idealistic to say we fell in love instantly. But since our first date Chris and I have been almost inseparable. And the best news is that we have seen God's hand on our relationship every step of the way! In fact you may want to hear some of our stories, they truly are awesome. We sincerely believe that our love is a miracle.

Love is indeed a choice and we decided from the beginning to love each other whole-heartedly. If you are a believer you would agree that love is also a triangle: In my case our love includes Chris, myself and Jesus! This understanding is our foundation, our security, our life-long commitment.

God bless you,

Pina {Ontario} & Chris-hotkaratedude222 {Ontario} January 2005

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  Little did we know when we started creating our profiles that we would end up meeting our soulmate.  

Former Wisconsin Christian singles look really joyful on their wedding day in Autumn

Britton and Marcy are so happy to have met their soulmate!

We would like to thank for bringing us together. It all started in April 2003 when Britton sent me a QuickMessage saying "Um hi." I responded which led to emails and eventually phone calls.

After meeting and dating long distance (2 hours apart, thankfully we were in the same state of WI) we actually decided to break up.

That only lasted for a short two months and before we knew it, we were back together.

We ended up taking a trip to Italy with some friends on our 1 year anniversary of meeting on and fell head over heels back in love with each other knowing that this time we weren't going to give up.

We got engaged over 4th of July and were married on October 16, 2004. Thank you so much for your site and for bringing people together. Life was certainly a whirlwind in 2004 and we look forward to facing many more adventures side by side. Thanks again.

Britton {Wisconsin} & Marcy {Wisconsin} January 2005

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 God used my small step towards Him to bring Justin into my life.  

Attractive Christian singles stand close together on a bridge and look very happy

Laura is move grateful every day for Justin!

It's been seven months since my husband and I married, but I'm just now taking the time to write and thank your staff for the wonderful opportunity that presents.

I met my husband on during a very difficult time in my life. I had been running from God, had been meeting men on secular sites and felt completely lost.

Even though I wasn't prepared to come back to the Lord, I looked on in hopes of finding company with someone who wouldn't try to take advantage of me and wouldn't have morals and values that were polar opposites to mine.

It has been an incredible journey ever since. Justin stayed by my side as I went through a process of healing and restoration. We dated for about a year and a half and on Valentine's Day 2004 he proposed to me.

We were married May 16th, 2004 and have since moved across country together to be with Justin's ill mother. Although life has thrown some curves at us, we are confident in God's plans for us and more grateful every day for the gift He has given us in each other.

And to think Justin's trial period had run out just as he met me online! He purchased a 6 month membership just so he could write back to me.

Thank you for the work you do and for providing a place where Christian singles can connect online safely. God bless. In Christ,

Laura-jyndalay599 & Justin January 2005

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 Our relationship progressed quickly, but it was clearly God and we both have felt nothing but total peace throughout.  

A super happy man smiles as her stands next to his beautiful bride, who holds her wedding bouquet

Could the smiles on Lisa and Darryl's faces be any bigger!

My husband Darryl and I met on on May 13, 2004.

We got engaged August 13 and were married November 6th.

We are so happy and want to thank you for the service you provide. God is using the Internet these days to bring couples together!

Lisa & Darryl-gentlewarrior110 January 2005

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 We came from opposite ends of New Zealand, and would never have found each other without your site.  

Former NZ Christian singles stand next to each other and embrace on a porch

Johan and Tanya are enjoying a wonderful life together

We would like to thank you for your wonderful service. Johan and I found each other on and have since married and are enjoying a wonderful life together. is a wonderful safe site to meet amazing people.

Thank you again,

Johan {New Zealand} & Tanya {New Zealand} January 2005

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Widowed Christian find love and are shown with their blended family

Ken and Wendy will soon become a new family

Wendy and I are both widowed, each with a 4 year old child.

We met on Christian Cafe on July 10th 2004, became engaged on January 5th 2005, and will be married on May 28th 2005.

Ken and Wendy January 2005

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 I must admit, I didn't really believe I was going to meet a long term material type guy on an Internet Singles site. To my great surprise, I was WRONG!  

Cute Christian couple about to kiss on their wedding day

No longer single mom Joy with her new husband Jason

I was a single divorced young mom with 2 little girls and was praying for a good husband who would be just right for us. Jason and I met on in October 2002 just after we had both joined.

Jason messaged me and asked if I'd be interested in getting to know each other. My first reaction was, "Wow, he is good looking, a Christian with an appealing profile but Too Far Away to pursue anything." He was in Virginia and I was in Texas. But I replied and the long, daily emails began from there.

Eventually he came to visit and meet my family here in Texas for Thanksgiving 2002. The airplane visits were becoming more frequent, and we had made the decision that we wanted to get married. So, Jason packed his bags, quit his job and moved here to Texas He ended up landing a great job in Texas and we were able to save money to buy a house.

We became engaged in 2003 and married the following summer 2004. We bought our first house July 2004 and our so very happy together.

He is my best friend and partner and I know I can depend on him for anything. This was a dream come true. I can't imagine what I would have done without! You're a blessing to so many people. Thank you!

Joy {Texas} & Jason {Virginia} January 2005

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  I prayed for many years for God to bring a godly man into my life. I never imagined meeting him on!  

Smartly dressed Christian couple on a date

Heather and Steve Engaged Christmas Day 2004

Steve and I would like to thank you for allowing us to meet. Steve is truly a blessing from God.

We only wrote through for one week and then we met in a public place. We clicked immediately and began seeing each other every week. We celebrated our one year dating on November 8, 2004.

Then on December 25, 2004 Steve proposed. We became engaged Christmas morning!

We are planning to get married during early fall of 2005. We our very much in love and we give God all the glory! God is truly using to bring Christian couples together.

Heather and Steve January 2005

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 Just when I had given up and told God I was just going to stay single...  

In October 2004 I started talking to a most amazing man, Grant, in

As this gentleman and I started talking in the Chat Room more and more I was being blessed. We ended up chatting on the phone every day, sometimes for hours on end.

In December Grant joined me in Branson at my birthday party which my friends had arranged for me. As we sat talking he handed me a present and began to tell me the story behind it, of being led to this exact present by the Lord and of him finding out it was a wedding angel; my heart was pounding as we took the angel out of the box, then Grant asked me to move to Minnesota and be his wife. I was speechless, was I dreaming?

How I love and adore this man that God blessed me with through On February 5th we will walk the aisle and become man and wife.

My heart is truly blessed by the amazing family I have made on this site in Chat. I say to anyone looking here, look with the Lord and your heart, trust Him and know the friends that can be made in Christ in this Cafe Chat Room are MORE THAN WORTH IT. They have blessed me and I know will continue to bless me. I love and adore you guys from so much and always will. Thank you Lord, thank You, my heart is overflowing, and I'm still stunned and speechless, blessed beyond belief.

Hope-hopefaithlove538 {Louisiana} & Grant-ford167 {Minnesota} January 2005

 One of my goals for 2004 was to find a tall, attractive, professional Christian woman that loved the Lord, loved kids and who had a great sense of humor.  

I also asked God that "just for fun" could I have a wife whose name started with a "D" to go with Dave, just because those names go well together, e.g. Dave and Donna, Dave and Denise etc.

On December 31,2004, (God's time, not mine) after only 10 days of emailing each other and one phone call, I met an "angel" on New Years Eve. She is 5'10", gorgeous, an engineer, she loves the Lord, sings in the choir and she loves kids, and, as an extra perk, her name is Diane.

God sure is good! Thank you for your service,

Dave-forhimandyou479 {Wisconsin} & Diane January 2005

 God has truly blessed us.  

I joined in August 2004. A month later I started corresponding with a man from South Carolina, and we started dating.

We had both come to be on through suggestions from family members to join an online singles site to meet people.

I'm so blessed to announce that we are getting married on June 25, 2005. God truly used your service to bring us together. Thank you so much.

Alene-alenealien585 {Virginia} & yirmiyahuii {South Carolina} January 2005

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 God can work miracles - read about Angie and me.  

I live in Ontario, Canada and Angie lives in North Carolina.

I've been working non-stop for almost 8 years since my last vacation. We started talking on in September 2004, and I spent two and a half weeks in North Carolina. Now, I would love to live there, it felt like home.

God has blessed us in many ways and our prayer is that I can get a visa to live and work there. Please pray for us and God's perfect will. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

David-david5089 {Ontario} & Angie {North Carolina} January 2005

 Thanks to I've met my husband.  

We met in November 2003, got engaged in June 2004, and were married Christmas 2004 on December 18. Thank you so much for bringing me the man of my dreams!

Tami-texas634 {Texas} January 2005

 Thank you for introducing me to John from Scotland.  

We met three months ago on Christian Cafe and are engaged to be married within two months.

John is leaving Scotland behind to start our new life in America. We will attend World Harvest Bible College in Columbus, Ohio and attend World Harvest Church.

When we marry in two months, I will send a photo of us. God Bless and Thank You!

Rebecca-rhapsody463 {Texas} & John-hymacjock221 {Scotland} January 2005

 Thank you for your website and service.  

I joined in 2002 and quickly met a wonderful woman. I am in Iowa and she was in Michigan.

We exchanged hundreds of emails and talked on the phone for hundreds of hours before we finally met nine months later. I am happy to announce that on May 28th of this year, we will be getting married.

We are so thankful that God used your site to bring us together. We cannot believe how incredible of a match we are and of how blessed we are to have found each other.

Thank you again.

Mark-markjon658 {Iowa} January 2005

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