Christian Testimony - January 2006

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 The Lord has used to bless our marriage.  

Collage of wedding photos between American and Bulgaria Christians

Paul and his wife were hesitant about using Look at them now!

We just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to meet and for the Lord to bring us together.

Both of us were hesitant about meeting someone online. One of us was in the United States and the other in Bulgaria. It has been a fantastic relationship that we have had. Both of us are committed to putting the Lord first - we even got engaged on a missions trip to India.

Paul-paulvon427 {United States} & Wife {Bulgaria} January 2006

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  I count Gordon as one of my most treasured blessings from the Lord.  

A beautiful bride holding flowers in one hand and her lucky husband in the other smiles

Andrea was given immeasurable more than she asked, in Gordon

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how the Lord used your service to unite two servants of His.

Gordon and I met on last May and were married on November 19th.

We both knew what we wanted in a lifetime partner, but knew that God had not yet introduced us to that special person. I had never used an online dating service before and decided to do so after my father passed away on March 4, 2005.

Don't ask me why, except that God was speaking to me and led me straight to My experience was wonderful and I communicated with many wonderful Christians. Gordon and I both know that our love is God-given and God-centered. We truly desire to have the Lord at the center of our relationship.

God used to accomplish His Will for both our lives. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit and the cultivation of spiritual discernment for both of us to recognize the Holy Spirit's warning to wait on the Lord. Have patience; you might be ready, but God still may be working on your future husband or wife.

I ended my wedding vows with Ephesians 3:20 which tells us that "God is able to do immeasurable more than we ask or imagine". I encourage all who are reading this to keep focused on the Lord and He will do just that! God bless you all.

Andrea & Gordon January 2006

 We love each other very much.  

A couple laugh as they hold hands in an office

Michael and Judith's love is evident to all!

A couple share a giant cone hat

Michael and Judith will marry in the Philippines

We got engaged!

Dear, thank you for your site. You brought me and my fiancee together, she in Hong Kong, me in the United Kingdom. I proposed to Judith on 26th December 2005 on one knee.

We met on Christian Cafe in May 2005, and we met in person in Hong Kong 18th June 2005. Since then we text each other every day.

We will marry in Manila 1st April 2006.

Michael {United Kingdom} & Judith {Hong Kong} January 2006

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 Thank you so much for providing the venue for God to bring us together.  

Happily married Florida Christians smile together

Eric with the love of his life, Lori

A cute girl in a pink dress in the mall

Eric and Lori beautiful's "Cafe Baby"

I met the love of my life within one month of joining back in the beginning of 2003.

We dated for 9 months before getting married in November 2003 and then became pregnant with our beautiful daughter right away. She is now 18 months and the most wonderful blessing we could have ever asked for.

Eric-clearwaterman490 {Florida} & Lori-sienna794 {Florida} January 2006

  I truly believe I have found my soul mate in Duane.  

Blended Christian family hold hands and pose outside their house

Donna, Duane and their blended family

I joined on February 6, 2004. My very first night on the site, a really nice guy from Indiana wrote to me.

I was born and raised and living in the New Orleans area. At that time I was adamant that I wouldn't even consider meeting anyone that wasn't from my area because I had two kids from my first marriage.

Duane and I wrote to each other several times throughout that first week, and I even told my friends I'd found a really great pen pal and what a shame it was that he didn't live near me.

Well, I was online eight days later, Valentines Day. Duane wrote to me, and we ended up chatting for about four hours that night. Then we chatted for three and a half the next night, and the next, and the next. Well, I was hooked. Two and a half months after meeting on the site, we met in person.

We then took turns flying to see each other until on our one-year anniversary from the first letter he sent me in the Cafe, Duane asked me to marry him. We got married on June 25, 2005.

What an adventure it's been to blend our two families! We're now a family of six, and we live in Indiana. Our kids are siblings in the truest sense of the word with its usual ups and downs and a lot of love to go around. We are so thrilled to be able to show our four kids what a true Christian marriage looks like, and we look forward to finding out what God has in store for our beautiful family.

Thank you for bringing us together!

Donna {Louisiana} & Duane {Indiana} January 2006

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 Thank you!  

A pretty woman is hugged from behind by a man in love

2500 miles couldn't keep Kathy and David apart!

My husband David and I met on in June of 2001. We were about 2500 miles away from each other (David was in Pennsylvania and I was in Calgary, Alberta), so we thought nothing could ever really come of a long-distance relationship.

God had other plans for us; over four years later, we were married in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on October 29, 2005.

Blessings to you and all that use your wonderful site!

Kathy-vintagetrinkets860 {Alberta} & David {Pennsylvania} January 2006

 I just recommended to a single cousin of mine and in doing so, reminded myself I needed to take the time to write to you and send you photos of our wedding!  

Senior Christians marry while holding hands and facing each other with the pastor giving his blessing

Trish marries God's man for her, Joe

A woman in her wedding dress leans into her husband who looks very pleased

Trish and Joe joined for fellowship but ended up marrying their true love!

My husband Joe and I met through in 2001.

At the time, you were offering those that would host a Chat Room a free membership. Joe hosted a Chat topic "Hearing the Voice of God." I was hosting the topic "Isaiah 54: Biblical Restoration."

On our profiles we were a 100% match when we clicked on QuickMatch, the Cafe's computer-generated list of matches. I had just moved from Colorado to Arkansas and then to Houston, Texas, and Joe was in Ft. Worth.

I had much sadness, grief and trials in my life. I never thought I would be able to return to my beloved Colorado, but due to God's intervention, blessing and provision in my life, this time I would return with HIS man of God for me. I'm getting ahead of my story!

So, we met online at, chatting, emailing, attending each other's Chat forums, and finally speaking by phone. Eventually Joe drove down to Houston one weekend and we attended Joel Osteen's church together as our first 'date'.

The next week I went up to Ft. Worth to attend a Mike Murdock "Wisdom Conference," and thankfully, 'the rest is history.' After dating a few years, we were finally married May 18, 2004. We had both been married & divorced before, WEREN'T LOOKING, but just came to for godly friendships and to help others.

The Lord then detoured us to Florida. We are both retired airline employees, Joe is 64 and I am 51, but we were able to become ordained through True Gospel Temple in Oklahoma, and are doing 'lay ministry' in our area. We will soon be chaplains at a brand new hospital on a voluntary basis, not far from the church where we are active here in central Florida.

God is now opening doors for a life-long dream for both of us, to have a ranch, and through a series of 'miraculous' happenings we are now purchasing 40 acres in southern Colorado (a few hours away from where my 3 grown kids & grandbaby live) where we will most likely have a Wedding Chapel, House of Prayer, Bed & Breakfast-type ministry. (There are a few doors yet to be opened to that end!).

My husband and I just can't EVER thank you all enough, for being faithful to the Lord in starting this web site. I don't think you can truly ever know all the joy, and in the eternities, all the souls that will be there, because you had a vision from the Lord, worked hard in faith, and He brought it to pass here at

Rev. Trish-harvestforjcangel681 {Texas} & Rev. Joe {Texas} January 2006

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 It's very difficult to meet someone these days when you're not into the "bar scene" or parties.  

Smiling couple stand together in the church after marrying

A very happy Janelle and Jason on their wedding day

Christian bride and groom lovingly kiss

Janelle and Jason seal their marriage with a kiss :)

A bride laughs as she looks up at her new husband who only has eyes for her

Janelle is so glad she came to - she met Jason!

I met my husband, Jason, on in 2004. We married in November 2005 and are very happy.

I decided to try a Christian website since there weren't many men in my age group at my church.

After signing up with the Cafe, God smiled on me. Jason is the answer to my prayers! It's amazing how God sends people into your life. I'm so glad that I came here.

We can't wait for the future and the Cafe certainly was a big help. Thank you so much!

Janelle-crystalsea609 & Jason-simplejay290 January 2006

 Thanks for bringing us together.  

A man looks very pleased as he sits next to a beautiful woman who smiles

Charles with his stunning wife, Nicolle

A man can't stop smiling as a pretty woman leans on his shoulder

Nicolle and Charles have been greatly blessed

Just after I joined the Cafe this past summer I received a message from Nicolle, hiswillbedone890. I was astounded not just by what I saw (stunning beauty), but by what I read in her profile (compatibility). What topped it all was that she is from Brazil, by way of Australia, and I'm in the mid-Atlantic of USA!

Within weeks we ended our memberships, and corresponded daily either by computer (Instant Message is a good thing!), or by phone (international phone cards are getting surprisingly reasonable). I told Nicole I would make plans to go to Australia for Spring Break 2006, when she let it slip that she had thought about coming to New York City to see a girlfriend in December 2005. After much charming of her (guys I mailed her a Romance Coupon; trust me it works!), I convinced Nicole to visit me, upon which we had a 29 day love affair which culminated in us getting engaged right before she left to go back to Australia.

We talk everyday, plan to have two weddings this summer (July 2006), and love each other with all our hearts.

Thanks; a good, compatible mate (man or woman), especially for Christians is very hard to find, but your website blessed us tremendously.

Charles-debonairgent906 {New York, United States} & Nicolle-hiswillbedone890 {New South Wales, Australia} January 2006

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 We'd like to thank for its vision.  

A couple hold hands as they cut the wedding cake

God answered Sekou's prayers, with Nicole!

Newly married Christians laugh together in a touching moment

Nicole and Sekou clicked on every level

Because of your vision and our prayers, Nicole and I were wed on January 6, 2006.

I became a member of during the summer of 2004, I prayed the prayer I had posted on my profile, and I left it in God's hands. In June 2005 I met Nicole from Michigan.

We emailed and talked and I visited her 4th of July weekend. She was just as beautiful in person as she was in spirit.

The fireworks used to celebrate the 4th had nothing on spiritual celebration we encountered. We clicked on every level, likes/dislikes, foods, worship, convictions etc. So again, I'd just like to say thank you Lord for allowing two of your children to meet on the Cafe, and thank you again Cafe for your vision.

Keep up the good work.

Sekou-godspoet444 & Nicole {Michigan} January 2006

[Editor's note: See November 2008 for news of their "Cafe Baby"!]

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 You have a great website.  

Aside from the obvious virtues of providing a vehicle for Christian singles to mix and mingle in a safe and pleasant atmosphere, the site is very well designed, from an architecture standpoint, and succeeds on a lot of levels in my judgement.

Clearly, you must have put a lot of thought and hard work into its creation and operation. It is impressive and very well done.

Bob January 2006

 Thanks to we were married on March 18, 2005.  

Having been on 5 different Christian web sites for 4 years, I began to think this was a hopeless pursuit. In fact, I told God, "OK, I get the message; I'm supposed to be single the rest of my life."

I had decided to let all my memberships expire, as I was so weary of the games, the "professional singles," the insults and outright rejection, and often being totally ignored.

Then I saw the profile of jesusfirst134 and was tempted to contact him. However, I wanted to make sure that any communication was God's doing and not mine, so I refrained. After all, I was giving this up, remember? After a few weeks, I had a message from him to which I responded, and the relationship took off from there.

Once I gave him my phone number, we talked for at least an hour, sometimes two, every single night until we began flying back and forth to meet and get acquainted with our respective families.

We are very compatible and enjoy each other's company immensely. So another success story for your organization.

Alice-Jesuslover884 & jesusfirst134 January 2006

 Thanks won't cut it. Frankly, no words can express my gratitude.  

What you are providing at is nothing short of incredible. WOW! Hey guys and gals, you are incredible, and God smiles when he thinks about all of you.

I am canceling my membership and deleting my profile because in a matter of a few weeks God connected me with my soulmate Cecille 14 time zones away in the Philippines. Keep the extra month or two worth of membership, because I wish I would have paid for a year or two in advance; you would deserve the extra $.

Now there are just a few minor logistical and financial issues to address (smile), and then Cecille and I will be together forever.

Tom-tombeacon798 & Cecille {Philippines} January 2006

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 Another Thank You. I met my wife through Christian Cafe.  

We often reflect on our meeting and refer others to Christian Cafe.

There aren't many women out there who are as my wife. Thank you for providing a wholesome online venue to meet such a wholesome caring person.

Dr. Michael {Australia} January 2006

 I am happy to inform you that I met someone on in May 2004 and we are getting married very soon, probably in February 2006.  

Thank you for allowing my mate and I to find each other. His username was radioclown955.

Donna-myself382 {California} & radioclown955 January 2006

 Thank you for helping me find my special someone.  

I met someone on Christian Cafe back in June of 2005, and on February 25, 2006 we are going to be married.

Kelly-peacheslpn987 & sappercpt359 January 2006

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 Thank you SO much for your site.  

I met my fiance on Christian Cafe last May (May 8th, 2005 to be exact) and our wedding date is set for June 10th, 2006.

Kara-pugs867 {New Jersey} January 2006

[Editor's note: See April 2007 for their wedding update and a photo!]

 I met the love of my life because of!  

Allen and I were married in 2001. Thanks again for being here.

LuAnn & Allen January 2006

 Christian Cafe is an excellent way in which to meet someone who shares our values.  

Thank you very much for aiding me with my problems attaching a photo, and emailing it to you. I would also like to thank you for the "Cafe."

I also like the way that you have setup the profile with short essay questions. I think that it's the best way, short of actually meeting someone, for others to properly evaluate a person. Thank you again for all of your help.

Lon-thejoker652 {California} January 2006

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 I just wanted to share that last summer through I met Sandra.  

We got married last month, December 2005. Thank you for your great website and service!

Henry-hispraise300 {Florida} & Sandra-grecia661 {North Carolina} January 2006

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