Christian Testimony - November 2003

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Christian dating site owner cuddles his wife in beautiful Bora Bora President Sam and Polly on honeymoon in Bora Bora

Yes, it's true, Sam, your site administrator / co-owner / creator married Pollyanna on November 08, 2003! We spent the rest of the month in Tahiti on our honeymoon :-)

How did we meet? Well, that's an interesting story :-) Before starting, I was using other Christian singles sites. I wasn't happy with them, so I set out to build a better one.

A young lady from one of these sites had contacted me in 1998 before I launched She and I met and became friends. The following summer (1999), she introduced me to a student of hers named Polly. I needed a marketer for and soon after meeting, Polly came to work for me.

She was a major reason we succeeded in those early days, getting us widespread advertising all over the Internet (you probably found out about us from one of her ads :-)

Well, one thing led to another and 2 years later, we started dating (in 2001). 2 years after that we got engaged (Sept 2003). As I mentioned, we were married Nov 08, 2003 and recently returned from our honeymoon in Tahiti!

So, you could say that what we do has worked for us, just like it has for hundreds of you! God bless you in your search for the mate God has for you :-)

Sam-directoroffun {Ontario} & Polly-funsupport {Ontario} November 2003

P.S. The young lady who introduced us had a widowed father who then met his new wife (a widow, as well) on! What an amazing story, eh? :-)

[Editor's note: See January 2004 testimonial to read Brenda's father's story.]

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 I would like to thank for the excellent service and the opportunity to meet my husband Cliff.  

American Christian couple smile together

A very happy Ana & Cliff on their wedding day

We met in April and by Sep 17 we were already married. God is awesome and He still answers prayer.

Ana-sunrise556 {New York} & Cliff-candyman455 {Nevada} November 2003

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 I wish to announce my exciting engagement to Kim (I used a jigsaw to proposed to her!!!).  

Australian Christian couple look very happy together, all dressed up

Marc & Kim will be marrying in beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Kim and I met 7 months ago, using your 'high tech' way to meet a Christian partner. I was praying for some time for a Christian partner and knew in my spirit that I would meet her on the WWW! allows for creditable interaction between like minded people. The questions you ask of people allows one to assess the other's faith, genuineness and overall suitability.

Kim and I both gave lengthy answers to all questions and 3 photos (formal, at work and play). Our openness was the contributing factor to our success. Our relationship was meant to be, her photo caught my attention and then after reading her profile, I knew that I had found my soulmate.

Kim and I are marrying in May 2004 on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, which will also be my new home. Many thanks for a great Christian service.

Marc-marcfromoz939 {Australia} & Kim {Queensland, Australia} November 2003

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 My Susie and I are as happy as a couple of clams, love each other deeply and unconditionally, and both serve our Lord and Savior in every way possible.  

Senior Christians no longer single!

It happened for Terry & Susie - it can happen to you, too!

It has always been a pleasure dealing with and through you I have met my soulmate. We met via Christian Cafe back in August and I'm happy to say, have set a wedding date of December 20th, 2003.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the "Cafe" staff for providing this wonderful vehicle for people like myself to meet, become friends, and who knows from there. Our relationship has been blessed by our Lord from the beginning.

In fact, when my Susie walked down that airport hallway for our first meeting, after more than a month of email and phone correspondence, we knew immediately that we were meant for each other.

I'm 59 and Susie is 55, and it can happen! So I encourage all of you out there who may be in that dark, lonely state right now. Take heart, it can and will happen, when God feels you're ready.

Terry-terry465 & Susie November 2003

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 The Lord continues to shower blessings on me!  

Happy interracial Christians laugh together

Tara with her blessing, Phil - the most wonderful and loving man!

Through, I have met the most wonderful, loving man. My dreams of a "mate" shadowed in comparison to how much of a beautiful man he really is!

I want to celebrate and declare to the world how much the Lord is blessing us! We met here on back in August... both of us were a little skeptical at first.

He lives in England and I in Canada, but we couldn't stop talking to each other! Through several VERY long emails, (boy how we can both write!) we learned about our relationships in Christ, as well as how much we had to give and share with each other.

We planned to visit each other fairly soon into the relationship, but to my surprise he booked his ticket and arrived in October! We spent a wonderful week together, sharing in our Lord and really getting to know each other face to face.

The face to face meeting really solidified everything we had felt via the telephone. I will be heading to visit him and his family in December. We have started to talk about our futures together and hope to be married sometime in late 2004.

We both know that the Lord had brought us together with the aid of, so thank you for giving us the tool to meet! For all of you out there looking, really does work!

Tara-qtee724 {British Columbia} & Phil-nubianprince613 {Manchester, UK} November 2003

[Editor's note: See June 2004 testimonial for their engagement announcement]

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 He asked me, 'Will you spend the rest of your life with me Marlena.' I said, 'YES.'  

Christian woman can't believe her good fortune at meeting a wonderful Christian man

Marlena and John were perfect on paper and in person!

John & I were brought together through Within a few days I met John and we were perfect on paper.

Then my trial ran out. I would never have known whether he wrote to me again had I not signed up for a full membership.

Sure enough John did email me. 8 months later we were hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Forest. I turned around at one point to find him on his knee with an amazing ring in his hands.

AHHHHHHHH! I couldn't believe it, I threw my hands up on my face and started bawling.

He began to tell me how much I meant to him, how blessed he was to meet such an amazing woman of Christ. My knees were weak and we sat down and hugged and cried and it was unexplainable. It was unbelievable!!!

Thank you and God Bless you!!!!

Marlena-marlena291 & John {Colorado} November 2003

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 After almost two years of telling me I should try by my friend, Evelyn, I finally gave in.  

A Christian couple laugh together for a beach selfie

Good thing Cynthia listened to her friend and joined - she met Brian!

My husband and I met on sometime in October 2002 or November 2002. I finally met him in person in Canada on 31 December 2002 at approximately 11:45pm we were walking to the park when we rang in the new year.

The snowy scenery was breathtaking, being that I lived in Florida and hadn't seen snow in over 6 reminded me of a Currier and Ives card.

He was and still is a Christ-loving, Christ-centered gentleman. On Valentine's Day, he proposed to me via messenger and I accepted. While waiting to be called for our license in New Orleans, we were talking with another couple and Brian was able to minister to him there and share the was great!

I have been living in Canada with my husband now since 16 May 2003 and it's been interesting. I thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for His hand in our marriage. Without Him, we wouldn't be where we are today or have this great marriage that He has blessed with us. He continues to be the focus of our lives and prayerfully will always be!!!

I thank for the means to meeting Brian...and Evelyn too because without her nudging, I wouldn't have met my husband.

The photo I'm attaching was taken the day after our wedding in Destin, Florida (near where I lived).

My marriage continues to be the fairy tale I always dreamt about because God is in it! Take care and God bless!

Brian and Cynthia-reo413 {Florida} November 2003

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 I have read a number of articles by Dr. Jim, and I find his advice to be excellent.  

I really appreciate this resource, and I have discovered many of these truths myself, through my own fumblings, and through the Word. Thank you for including this wisdom.

Elizabeth November 2003

 Thank you for your help in finding the sweetheart/helpmate that God had for me.  

Martha started to write to me from Mexico in June. We went back and forth quite a bit, she came to Wisconsin to visit, and it was soon evident that God had something much greater than just friendship in mind.

We're getting married in Mexico on Nov 22, and in Wisconsin on the 28th.

Roger {Wisconsin} and Martha {Mexico} November 2003

 We both adored each other from the outset.  

I have met, after quite a short time, a wonderful man here on Things are not going to be easy by any means, but we are trusting God for one more miracle.

Den lives in Washington State and I am all the way over here in the UK. We are getting to know each other really well and I really believe God has bought us together and he will enable us to be side by side one day.

Everything we said to each other was like our own hearts talking. Sometimes, we even said the same thing at the same time in the same message - just eight hours apart!!

There is nothing else to say but thank you.

Sue {UK} and Den {Washington State} November 2003

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 We finally met in person and the rest is history.  

When I joined I was praying to find a husband who was a dedicated Christian and a spiritual leader. God led me to Jon.

We are 2000 miles apart, and were just email buddies at first, but it didn't take long for us to feel the connection we had. Our wedding is set for August 7, 2004.

We both know in our hearts that God brought us together and we are so grateful to Him and to you.

Regina-speshul211 {Arkansas} November 2003

 I have a true GOD sent friend thanks to!  

PRAISE YOU LORD & thank you, which have been a real blessing to me personally. I have made a friend who lives in America & I live in Australia.

He is sent by GOD - I know this to be the truth. He paid my membership for 1 year without knowing anything about my prayer a few months ago (asking God to help me with membership costs) & since we have been best Internet friends & brother & sister in CHRIST JESUS, he just seems to know when I need companionship & help although we live so far away.

I wanted to share this with you: no matter what the distance, when GOD sends a friend there is no distance as they live in your heart!

Donna-faithfuldonna671 {Australia} November 2003

 The opportunity I had being able to meet one good friend here was amazing!  

You came at the right time... "To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1.

To whomever is that anonymous email sender who told me about, my heartfelt gratitude to you...All the best...God is good!!!

Josephine-mannah289 {Australia} November 2003

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 I think is fantastic.  

I have recommended it to two people and both have found a Christian friend very quickly. It is quite amazing. It is very interesting to read the profiles of really lovely Christians who are looking for friendship and marriage.

I will continue to tell other people about the much needed service that you offer. May God bless you in this very special ministry.

Miriam-brazillian831 {UK} November 2003

 The Lord used to bless us.  

We last sent you our testimony in March 2002----here's an Update on the blessing the Lord brought our way as a result of your ministry.

My husband and I met on on June 23, 2001. He proposed July 21 and we married in the Lord August 25, 2001.

We have celebrated our second wedding anniversary with blessings and joy for we see each day how our marrying is God's perfect plan for us. Some family members and friends were skeptical about our marrying so soon, but when you seek the Lord first in all you do and follow HIS will and not your own, the blessings come pouring down from our Heavenly Father.

We both Love the Lord and we serve the Lord together in ministry.

Norma & Bo-eightbyjune259 {California} November 2003

 Thanksgiving is nearly here and I want you to know that I count among my many blessings. is a wonderful source of blessing to so many people who come to find friendships and then end up finding true love in the process.

Lots of people have no one else during the holiday season and can always find someone to talk to here, when they are lonely.

I pray that God continues to use your ministry to bless His people. His hand is surely upon you.

Debbie {Florida} November 2003

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  I met my soon to be husband on here- and the rest is history.  

I want to express my thanks for

snowdrop346 {Massachusetts} November 2003

 We are both so glad we depended on a Christian site to find our significant other.  

I was called Penname and she was called Bee. I had four kids, three still at home, and she had two. We lived in different, but neighboring states.

After talking with and meeting several ladies in Christian Cafe, I still had not found anyone with who I seemed to belong. She had not yet found anyone that intrigued her.

Seems like God worked to get us together on We met in August, married in December and are still wonderfully in love and our blended family is going great.

It is truly a family without the complications you might fear from "step" issues. We purchased a new home and our combined children and dogs and fish and so on all have room now.

Life is great, we have a great church where we are involved and it seems that every family member is so happy to be "us" now. Thanks,, you were certainly worth joining!

Penname and Debbie-bee November 2003

 We are a married couple who met through about 3 1/2 years ago.  

I live in Canada, and Desmond is in Ghana. After Desmond and I corresponded for about 1 1/2 years and talked on the phone every week, we were very much in love and sure that we had found a soulmate in each other.

The Lord gave me an opportunity to go to Africa in August 2001, so I went to Ghana and Desmond and I were married there. After a 5 day honeymoon, I returned home and we began the long immigration process for Desmond to join me in Canada.

Neither of us ever imagined it would be more than 2 years before we saw each other again! But finally, Desmond has received his visa and next week he arrives in Canada to stay.

We are celebrating!

We are very grateful to for introducing us to each other.

Jane {Canada} & Desmond-skairo449 {Ghana} November 2003

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 I have met a wonderful lady on, and last Saturday I proposed to her in Lichfield Cathedral, and she accepted.  

We are currently making plans to get married, either next summer of the summer of 2005. Many thanks for the wonderful service you provide and for the many friends I have been blessed in making.

I will recommend to anyone. I have been more blessed than I could ever have dreamed of, and so has Sharon.

Tim-equinetim463 {England} November 2003

 We are both widowed and over 65.  

Joyce and Charlie give thanks for Charlie contacted me two months ago and we emailed and have talked on the phone.

We live over 200 miles from each other but we felt something for each other and wanted to meet to be sure so Charlie came to visit me and we are planning to get married as soon as possible.

We feel God has given us this second chance at happiness and we don't want to let it go. Thank you so much for being there when we needed you.

Joyce-Mollyo766 and Charlie-Chaz995 November 2003

 We met each other in 2 years ago, and we are going to celebrate our first anniversary this November 2 :-)  

I am Australian, and my wife from Guatemala, Central America. With the help of the Lord and our dream was a reality.

We are happily married.

Peter {Australia} & Marina {Guatemala} November 2003

 Thanks to I won't need any more memberships!  

In February 2002, I met the most wonderful girl on and we're getting married this month.

I can't say enough about

We are so well matched that we both believe God brought us together using your tool. I am referring others to in hopes that other Christians will have a safe, alternative way of meeting quality people.

Mike-megamike850 {Australia} November 2003

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