Christian Testimony - May 2005

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 Another wedding for your files!  

Texas Christian singles look very cozy at a baseball game

Engaged Amy and Dustin at a Texas Rangers Game!

We both were on and started talking in less than two weeks. Our first Cafe message was on January 15th. On February 5th Dustin drove from Houston to Dallas (leaving at the crack of dawn, so excited to get here). We were to meet at 11 a.m. - he sat in a parking lot waiting, arriving much too early.

Dustin was more nervous than me, however, the fun "all day" date was comfortable and sweet. Not wanting to leave, and much later than expected, I made him sleep on my couch (don't tell my Mom!). We attended my church and that was a true blessing. You would have thought we had been together for a very long time.

Dustin immediately canceled his membership when he got back to Houston. Coincidentally mine expired on Valentine's Day. Since our first date, except for one weekend due to a preplanned date with a girlfriend, we have been together every weekend since.

We are now engaged and have wedding plans in the works! Moving to Houston, and searching for a job, and we'll be married on July 23rd!

Thank you for being a wonderful Godly place to meet the perfect mate,

Amy-sophio512 {Texas} & Dustin-printtotape949 {Texas} May 2005

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 Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to meet and fall in love!  

A woman leans in affectionately after meeting a single Christian man at a baseball game

A simple message from Tara was all it took for Lonnie!

February 21st, 2005 was the date that neither of us will ever forget. That was the day Tara and I met with a simple exchange of a Cafe Quick Message.

Through her initiation and my pursuit, we were given the opportunity by our Lord and Savior to meet, fall in love, and spend the rest of our lives together! Coming into the online dating scene for the first time, we came in with a little hesitation. But with the opportunity to meet many wonderful Christian friends, and to learn about their walk with our Savior, gave us the opportunity to truly find the person of our dreams!

We will never forget you all. Thank you! God Bless!

Lonnie-soullaidbare821 {Pennsylvania} & Tara-teachertara320 May 2005

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 I met my unspeakably-worth-waiting-for husband on in July 2003.  

Beautiful photo of newlyweds kissing in Central Park

Haydn and David pose in beautiful Central Park

A strong groom carries his beautiful and joyful Christian bride

Haydn held by her unspeakably-worth-waiting-for David!

David & Hadyn - Married 1 year ago!

We met face-to-face in August and were in love within 3 days. Six months later, David sent me on a 3 -1/2 hour scavenger hunt around New York City (where I lived) and asked me to be his wife atop Belvedere Castle in Central Park.

We married 3 months later in our beloved Upper West Side neighborhood complete with a bagpipe parade down Broadway as we walked from West Park Presbyterian Church to the Moroccan Lounge where we celebrated with our guests.

As we approach our 1 year wedding anniversary, we continue to eagerly serve our great God together and worship in awe the Perfect Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord.

Thank you,, for serving as a means to receive God's blessing upon those who are "equally yoked"!

Haydn {New York} & David {New York} May 2005

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 Another success story!  

A pretty woman smiles as she sits on her fiance's lap

Melanie and Jamie thank God for using to connect them

Jamie & Melanie met on on July 2, 2004. They chatted for a month, then decided to meet halfway in Albany, New York.

After an awesome first date, they decided to give a relationship a try. On their 9 month anniversary, Jamie asked Melanie to marry him, and, through the tears, she said yes.

They are getting married on August 27, 2005, and have recommended to all their friends!

We thank God daily that He used to bring us together!

Jamie-youthwkr644 & Melanie May 2005

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 Thank you for being an instrument in God's hand to bring me and my future wife together.  

I met my wonderful fiance, Jamie, on October 23, 2004 through your service. We are going to be married July 16 of this year.

We both are very impressed with your service and would highly recommend it to anyone searching for a godly partner. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

In Him,

Bart {Iowa} & Jamie May 2005

 You have, by far, the best service I have seen.  

Keep up the good work!

Joe-joeallen133 {Alaska} May 2005

 I would like to thank you for such a wonderful service you provide to singles.  

In His plan, I met Henry at your website in August 2003 and we got married last month on 23 April.

Susan-Susan225 {Indonesia} & Henry-sirach565 {Ontario, Canada} May 2005

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