Christian Testimony - July 2006

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 When I first saw Brandon I thought it was too good to be true, we had a connection and it felt like we knew each other for many years.  

California Christian singles cuddle by a Christmas tree

Christmas is now a couple-filled time!

A woman embraces a happy man in St. Lucia

Brandon and Kim on honeymoon in beautiful St. Lucia

A couple relax on an ATV

Brandon and Kim felt like they'd known each other for years

A woman hugs a man who laughs while she takes a selfie

Life keeps getting better for Brandon and Kim!

It was the end of February 2004. I went to and I saw Brandon's profile. I thought he was cute and I loved what he wrote.

So I sent him a message and the next day I got a message back, after that we talked for 8 hours everyday for about 1 week until we decided to meet.

I thought I couldn't fall in love with someone that fast, but God had another plan for me that I didn't know at the time. Right away we both felt something that we never felt before and we fell in love with each other.

He was what I was praying God to help me find. Brandon was the guy I had always wished for, so when I met him I thought I was in a dream and I would wake up any minute and he would be gone.

My Dad was worried about me meeting him for the first time, until I came home and then he knew that Brandon was the guy I was going to marry because Dad said he never seen me smile that much and be as happy as I was.

I realized Brandon wasn't going anywhere when I had to have surgery, he was there during my surgery and the 2 weeks that I had to stay in bed. After that I thought life couldn't get any better.

Well it did, we dated for 5-6 months then Brandon proposed to me. He had a horse and carriage, you know the whole fairy tale. He was so romantic, I never expected anything but of course everyone else did, they all already knew what he was going to do.

On April 16, 2005 we got married, that was the happiest day of my life. We went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon and it was so much fun, and we plan on going back for our 5th anniversary.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet the person I love more than the world and would do anything for.

I urge everyone who is wanting to met someone to go on and try it out, they will find someone and be as happy as we are.

Thank you!

Kim-cntrygrl687 {California} & Brandon-brandonma662 {California} July 2006

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  We both had lost our previous spouses due to cancer and God has richly blessed our lives.  

Hesitant senior Christians look comfortable after meeting

God will do mighty things in the lives of Shirley and Steve

A short time ago, I signed up on your website. I did not really know what to expect and was quite hesitant at first, but my daughter thought that it would be good.

I just wanted to let you know that I met the most wonderful and kind woman on this website that I was really interested in. After much prayer and thought, I contacted her and she was like me, kinda hesitant, but we connected.

I really believe that God had all of this in His hands and plan.

On June 17, 2006 we exchanged wedding vows and I know that God is going to do great and mighty things in our lives. I also know that if you keep God as the center of this website, then you will prosper beyond anyone's expectations.

I wish to tell all others out there to not give up and to continue letting God lead your life.

Steve-fishandhunt174 {Texas} & Shirley-jean139 {Texas} July 2006

  I really was just curious, but God had other plans, because I was very adamant about being by myself for the rest of my life.  

A cute Christian couple full of smiles on their wedding day as she holds beautiful flowers

Charie and Elder's meeting was not a coincidence!

A man hugs his wife tightly while standing behind her as she smiles joyfully

Charie and Elder have been married for 4 happy years

Proud parents laugh while they try to pose with their 3 active sons

Charie and Elder in Aug 2003 with Jamal, Jayden and Joshua

In January 2002, I met my husband on your website. I had recently become a widow and he was recently divorced. I was surfing the web when I came across and browsed through some profiles. Although I had three boys, I trusted God would provide their needs as well as mine, so I was not looking for a relationship.

When I came across my (now) husband's profile, I was impressed and wrote him a message entitled "Praise the Lord!" I told him I wanted to hear more about his testimony and a day later he responded all the way from California where he was stationed (I was in Pennsylvania) and the rest was like an excerpt out of a romance novel.

We exchanged numbers after a couple months of emailing and Quick Messaging on your website, then we both canceled our subscriptions because of our undeniable interest for each other, and we talked every day on the phone.

Finally after he won over my love, I went to visit him in California and we became engaged in June. We got married on March 11, 2003 (it will be four years this March) and moved to Okinawa, Japan in August 2003.

We are writing you after nearly four years to thank you for providing a website like this for people like ourselves who may have never had the opportunity to meet had it not been for the God-ordained Internet "love connection." We share our testimony about meeting on and people are so surprised when we tell them.

There are no limits in God and if He purposes to bring two people together, He'll use whatever means it takes, even (smile). Our meeting was not a coincidence, but God-ordained and the "will of God for our lives." We are blessed and thank the Lord for using to bring us together!

Charie-charielavette362 {Pennsylvania} & Elder {California} July 2006

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  We want to share our happiness!  

A couple hug and look up at church on their wedding day

Ethel and Paul married in April 2006 and are very happy!

Four years after getting in touch through, here we are, thank God, married and happy. Our wedding took place on April 28th, near Brussels, where we live currently.

When we started our relationship, Paul was living in Holland and I lived in Brazil. There have been several international trips, we visited foreign countries together, did a lot of tourism, and learned how to know and understand each other better.

Paul is the most wonderful man I could ever meet, a true Christian and I feel a true and deep love for him, as well as I feel myself loved and protected. Praised be Our Lord for his grace and mercy upon us!

Ethel {Brazil} & Paul {Holland} July 2006

 There is such a thing as true love and we have found that in each other.  

Maid of Honour bursts out laughing while groom walks arm in arm with his new bride

Bri sold everything and travelled across the world to marry Jean in June 2003

A pretty American woman is hugged by a handsome Australian man

Don't Bri and Jean make a great couple!

Long overdue! I know that I should have written when Bri and I met, but we just got so caught up in each other, I haven't found time until now. That being said, let me tell you our story.

In January 2003, I decided that I just wanted a friend, someone I could send emails to and share my love of the Lord.

One morning as I was browsing, I thought to myself "I'll see who is online. But where should I search?" Then the thought came to me, "Australia, that's far enough away to be safe! No pressure here to meet too soon or get involved right away."

I found a few profiles that showed guys actually on line at the time. Remember, this is Australia and they are 17 hours ahead of us and it is 7:30AM in Houston, Texas.

I found someone who had a great sense of humor, was in my same age group, and who's picture was quite nice. Then I thought I would have to say something clever to get his attention. So I typed "What time is it in Australia now anyway?" I waited a minute or two, but no answer. Having to go to work, I signed off and left.

When I arrived home that evening and logged on to the site, lo and behold there was a response from gentlyeasygoing912 (Bri). That was just the beginning.

We had so much in common, we both love motorcycles, Bri has two sons, I have two daughters. We are musically inclined, he plays guitar, I play piano.

The occasional messages grew to daily messages. After a couple of months of "talking" online daily, then twice a day, one morning he types: "What is your phone number? I'm going to call you."

I thought "right, a guy in Australia is going to go to the expense of calling me!" He said he was serious, so I obliged and within minutes the telephone rang and I heard: "Hi Jean, this is Bri in Australia".

That accent melted my heart! We chatted for 30 minutes and I left for work with my head in the clouds. I returned the favor and called him a few days later.

Those every 2 or 3 day telephone calls became daily with him calling me in the morning and me calling him every night. I remember praying to God: "Lord, please, please help me to keep my wits about me and not get all caught up in the romance of the fact that a man in Australia is interested in me. Please give me discernment in what could be the man of my dreams."

After many, many more telephone conversations, emails and online conversations, Bri asked me that if he came to the US, would I marry him. I answered without hesitation that YES I would marry him.

He sold all his possessions and left the only home he has ever known with a guitar, two saddlebags and a suitcase. He arrived in the US on June 3, 2003 and we were married on the 28th.

We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary. I have no doubt in my mind that God was guiding us every step of the way, but I know that without we would have been searching for so much longer before we found each other.

So for all you skeptics out there, keep looking and don't give up. God does answer prayer!

Jean {Texas} & Bri-gentlyeasygoing912 {Australia} July 2006

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 I found my soul mate on!  

Groom realizes camera nearly caught him kissing his new wife

Dara and Steve were a long way from each other but look at them now!

God used your site to bring me together with Steve, the love of my life. He lived in Wisconsin, and I was in Sweden BUT there is no distance in the Body of Christ.

We met in the Cafe in September 2005 and got married on the 30th of June 2006!

We thank you for the service and we thank God for using this means to bring us together.

Dara {Sweden} & Steve {Wisconsin} July 2006

 Marriage plans!  

Iowa Christian singles look very comfortable together arm in arm

Manuel and Jan are perfect for each other!

Thank you for our meeting. I want to thank you for bringing amesdiva668 and myself together. We met through and have been told by friends that we are perfect for each other.

We plan to marry but haven't set a wedding date yet.

Manuel-mcorton809 {Iowa} & Jan-amesdiva668 {Iowa} July 2006

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 Had my younger sister not told me to try Christian Cafe, I may not have met Hope and we would not be married.  

A couple hold hands while married outdoors

Shawn and Hope are soulmates

Groom can't stop himself kissing his new bride on the front lawn

Happy and very much in love!

A new bride looks radiant as she sits with her new flowers

Hope is everything Shawn was seeking

Many Thanks! About 4 months ago I signed up with Very quickly I became involved in an online relationship with a member, until I saw with regret that this relationship would not work for me. So I continued to search, and the next person who responded to my profile, I took the time to get to know a little better this time.

This second member, called Hope, in fact walked through the first experience with me and in the end, we agreed to meet. The Lord told Hope to invite me for a weekend for a Meet and Greet. This was difficult for Hope because she usually ran away from even a hint of a relationship and had turned many a man down in the past. But she obeyed.

I packed a few things and made the journey from Calgary, Alberta, to meet a woman in Trail, British Columbia, whom I had never met other than to correspond with by email and by telephone. The odd thing for me was that I sensed that I would not be returning to Calgary, but at the time I did not understand why. As we had gotten to know each other by email and by phone, feelings on both sides had started to develop. Sure we had exchanged pictures before but when I arrived finally 9 hours later, we saw each other and neither one of us felt anything. We were stumped on that.

The next day Hope went to work and I started to work on the family computer. While I was doing so, God started to tell me about Hope's qualities. He told me "Consider my daughter, she is gentle, kind, sensitive, godly, and fair, you would be hard pressed to find anyone like her anywhere else." At that moment I told the Lord he didn't have to sell me any further, I was sold. A reference from God Almighty himself, could not go ignored.

When Hope got home I told her what God had spoken to me. She told me her heart just melted right there. The other thing God had told me while selling me on his daughter, was that we were soul mates. Hope also felt that God had told her this. We entered a relationship and felt strongly that the Lord was leading us to get married.

I went to church with Hope and I felt I was to speak to her pastor. I told him of our intention and my need to get work and a place to live in this area. Well two weeks later Hope and I were married. We both knew it was rushed and sudden, but we felt so strongly that this was what the Lord was guiding us to do. We asked ourselves every question we would ask anyone we knew were they in that situation. But in the end, obedience won out, and we were still married on the day we initially planned.

Our honeymoon was small and short as Hope had to return to work. We are happy and very much in love and yes we faced hard times already and the difficulties of getting to know each other, but our relationship has been strengthened and our love has deepened. Our 2 month anniversary was on July 12th, 2006 and we are still going strong.

I would not trade Hope for anyone, even if I could. I want to thank for being an instrument of the Lord in Hope's and my meeting.

Shawn-hopeatlast430 {Alberta} & Hope {British Columbia} July 2006

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 I've found the one I love.  

I found someone on We started our relationship on the 29th May and everything has been going great since. I would definitely recommend to others. I am so happy!

Sanchia-buttercup503 {England} & Chika-chris4130 {England} July 2006

 I thank God He led me to Jane through  

I got to know Jane on the Cafe and thank God for that. We are now good friends and things are going well.

We are leaving the rest to the Lord. He will lead us on from here. Thank you for your help in this.

Grant-german281 {Scotland} & Jane July 2006

[Editor's note: See November 2006 for their marriage testimonial!]

 I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am indeed very grateful.  

I met my husband over 2 years ago in the Cafe. I was living in London at that time and he was living in Southampton. October will make it 2 years we have been happily married now.

Keep up the good work!

Amanda {England} July 2006

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 I just wanted to say thank you to your Christian site.  

It was such a great alternative to scoping out guys at a mall. Thanks to you, my very first day on the site I met the man of my dreams. We are now engaged to be married on August 19. Thank you so much.

Amanda-idolgal129 {Canada} & mrgardiner483 July 2006

 Wedding Bells!  

Thank you for being there and letting God work through you. I have found my soul mate on and we will wed November 19 at 3:00. We will send a picture and a big thanks from both of us.

Joyce-windchyme697 {Texas} & GodsMan600 {Texas} July 2006

 I want to thank you for the chance of a lifetime for me.  

Christian Cafe's questionnaire prompts you for great information that allows you to get a good idea of the other member before you even make contact. By the time you have corresponded for a while, you have really gotten to know a lot, all without meeting and getting "hooked" by the physical things (looks and touches).

Your website allowed searches that really narrowed down the search, so I was only looking at people that I might be compatible with. The questions were great because they caused me to really examine my own personality to know what I really wanted. I tried other websites, but yours is by far the best. I recommend every chance I get.

A site like this I know takes time and money but out of all the dating sites you take them all hands down, and I want to THANK YOU for a Job well done, I found the lady of my dreams. We are making plans here in the near future sometime in late 2007. Thanks again for a site well planned.

Sandra the lady of my life has come, and with God's help my dreams have come true.

Jim-diamondvison342 {Colorado} & Sandra July 2006

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 I did not join the Cafe expecting to meet a husband, I just wanted to make some friends, get out of the house, and have some fun.  

I want to thank you for creating and starting I signed up in January 2002. In November of that year I met my now husband in person after emailing for several months.

He promised me we would be friends for life the day we met in person. He proposed in April 2005 and we married in July 2005. We just celebrated our one year anniversary.

After I joined the Cafe my cousin heard about it and her brother joined and met a girl he liked a lot, so then she joined too and met a guy. Both my cousins later married the people they met on the Cafe. went far above and beyond my expectations, but I do believe this is the man God chose for me.

Diane-diane242 {California} & Carlos-hotrod July 2006

 I thought there was little hope of finding someone in my region (Bermuda).  

However, I met the most beautiful person ever on the site and we have been dating for two months now and things are going great.

She actually encouraged me to write to you to thank you and also to encourage other Christians on this site that God is in control and always has the best set aside for you. He knows exactly what you have need of and He truly took care of me.

This lady is intelligent, funny, a true Christian who loves the Lord, and is simply stunning beautiful.

Thanks as God has truly used you not only for us, but for several couples in Bermuda as well.

Randy-shoulder247 {Bermuda} & Laura {Bermuda} July 2006

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