Christian Testimony - November 2006

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 4-Year Anniversary.  

Limo ride after the wedding

Still crazy in love 4 years into their marriage!

I had originally written a testimonial in June 2002 and had indicated I would send a picture. This is our wedding picture taken in August 2002 after I met the most wonderful man on in January 2002.

After 4 years we are still crazy in love.

When we look back at how we met, we came to the only conclusion, it had to be God. We are soulmates. I know what my husband is going to say and sometimes we come out saying the same thing. Each day we laugh and just love each other so much more.

We are truly compatible. In addition, my daughter absolutely loves him and I could not have asked for a better man. Everything I asked God for he gave me and more.

I just want to say thanks again and continue to wish you all the best. For those that are still looking, don't give up. I was living in my Jamaica and was about to cancel my profile but changed my mind. God does work miracles.

Suzette-boopie164 {Jamaica} November 2006

[Editor's note: See June 2002 for Suzette's original wedding testimonial]

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 After meeting on, we started a friendship for three years that led to our wonderful marriage.  

Christians ride in Wedding Carriage which says Get Er Did

Jason and Bibiana turned their loving friendship into their dream

Bibiana was living in the Gulf and I resided in Oklahoma. This posed a problem, but through God's Grace we turned our loving friendship into our dream.

We were married on September 2, 2005 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Not a big wedding; just us.

It all worked out perfect.

Thank you!

Jason-jdaforjc856 {Oklahoma} & Bibiana November 2006

 My fiance and I would like to thank you for your wonderful service, which God has used to bring us together from opposite sides of the globe.  

Eddie no longer single Christian as he sits with his beautiful South African fiancee

An ocean couldn't separate Eddie from Sonja!

I, Sonja, am South African, living in Cape Town, and Eddie is from Sydney, Australia.

We met 18 months ago on and are now getting married on 2 December 2006.

Eddie has relocated to Cape Town and we are excited about starting our new life together. Keep up this wonderful work. Blessings in Christ,

Sonja-conchita341 {South Africa} & Eddie {New South Wales, Australia} November 2006

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 My husband and I met on and couldn't be happier.  

Melina holds on tight to her new husband

Melina never expected to meet her husband but look at her now!

We started chatting October 2005, met a couple of weeks later and to make a long story short, we got married this past September 29th! I never expected this to happen to me, and my husband feels the same.

Thank you so much for providing a service where Christians can meet Christians. There was nowhere else for us to turn when we wanted to find a special someone through online dating. This was both our first times trying online dating and now we're huge believers!

Melina November 2006

 Thanks for having  

Terje and Raluca on the grass full of joy

Terje and Raluca are so thankful to be brought together!

Raluca and I want to thank you for bringing us together on We are getting married 6th of January 2007.

May God bless your work further.

Terje {Trondheim, Norway} & Raluca November 2006

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 A special testimony from Quebec, Canada.  

Kissing the bride's hand

Karine didn't give up and is now married!

Bride and groom Looking back as they walk away

What a wonderful setting for Karine's wedding!

Karine walks on the grass while her husband watches

The beautiful couple after marrying

It all started when my (now) husband wrote a little message to me, Karine, just to say hello, and asked if I spoke French (being in Quebec) on September 29th 2005.

I wrote back and after just 2 messages discovered that we had common friends, but had never had the chance to meet each other. We lived only 2 hours apart.

We met face to face 2 weeks after the first message! God really blessed us and we knew from the start that we were made for each other.

Being a single mom for nearly 10 years, I never thought I'd meet somebody who would accept the fact that I had a child, and love her as his own. Wow, they got along from the start like they already knew each other!

We got engaged right after Christmas, and my fiance moved to my city to be a little closer. We got married on August 5th 2006 on a beautiful sunny day. Thank you Jesus!

I had not wanted to create a profile on, but my sister convinced me. I was online for about 4 months and never really replied to any of the guys who wrote to me; I guess it never 'clicked' until I met my (now) husband.

For those who feel they will never meet anyone, I had that feeling too, for a long time. Trust God, be careful to whom you write, reply to people who seem to be looking for the same things you are.

Don't give up! God has reserved someone for you! Pray everyday, God will answer. Thank You

Karine-kkg917 {Quebec} November 2006

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 We met on about 4 years ago and we have been married since February 7, 2003.  

February wedding for April and Mick at the altar

April and Mick married Feb 7, 2003

Great day for groom who laughs

A joyful wedding day for Mick!

Red dress for her, James Bond suit for him outdoors

The beautiful couple at a reception

Mick hugs April on a fun evening out

Don't April and Mick make a great couple!

Here are some pics of the 2 of us.

April & Mick November 2006

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 Boy do we have a wonderful story to tell you!  

We are a couple "of a certain age" who met and married due to Harold, a widower, lives in lower Alabama. During the summer of 2005 he decided it was time to begin dating after the loss of his wife. He received an email from the Cafe and posted a profile. He also began dating several women who lived in the local area.

I, Brooke, lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee. One of my closest friends, who lives near Harold in Alabama, told me about the Cafe. I have owned my own business for 18 years and on August 5th, with the help of my office manager, posted my profile on the Cafe. It was time to date!

On August 6th, my office manager gave me her resignation. It was not unexpected, as she was way over qualified! Boy was I in a quandry about the future of my company, and finally decided to close it and go to work for another firm (God was preparing me for what was to come). Over the next couple of months I met several nice men through and corresponded with them. My friend in lower Alabama suggested that I look at profiles in her area, so I did! I sent Harold a wink. Guess what, he responded! Our first correspondence was on October 16th and we continued through October 18th, then we talked on cell phones.

During this time Harold was dating a couple of women and talking on the phone with me. He began asking me when I might come down to visit my friends in lower Alabama. I told him I had a trip planned the weekend before Thanksgiving, so we planned to go to dinner then. A few days before I was to leave for lower Alabama, we spoke on the phone. I was hearing a bit of hesitation in his voice regarding taking me to dinner. He had begun a very steady dating relationship with one of the women in his area. So I asked, "Harold, I'm going to ask you one more time, are you sure that you are comfortable taking me to dinner on Saturday night?" His response was what I expected, "Oh Brooke, I feel so bad, but I just don't know how I would do it. I'd have to lie to [his date], and I don't feel right about that. I'm soooo sorry! Can we still be friends? You can never have too many friends!" Of course I said yes, and pretty much that was the end of it.

At Christmas, I drove to Houston to see my family and stay with my friends in lower Alabama. So prior to leaving on the trip I sent Harold a Merry Christmas email, telling him. By the time I got to Houston I had an email back from him stating that "things had changed" he was no longer seeing [his date], or anyone else. He also stated he'd be honored to take me out to dinner when I came back through.

Our first date was on December 28th. Wow what a date, Harold wanted me to stay through the New Year's weekend, so we could get to know each other better. Because I no longer had the responsibility of owning my own company (God is so good), I was able to change my plans and stay over. When I left on Tuesday AM for Chattanooga, I knew this was the start of something very special. We talked every day after that!

Long story short, we were married on August 12th, and we both couldn't be happier!

Brooke-brooke754 {Tennessee} & Harold-lonelywidower718 {Alabama} November 2006

[Editor's note: See February 2007 for their wedding photos!]

 Follow up: we're Getting Married!  

As a follow up to my testimonial in July 2006, I want to thank you for your website. Jane and I are to be married in March 2007. We thank you for helping us in this way and we thank God that it was possible.

We now commit our way into the Lord's hands and once again offer you our gratitude.

Grant-german281 {Scotland} & Jane November 2006

[Editor's note: See July 2006 for their initial testimonial]

 I think you guys have such a great site, a great way to meet other Christians.  

Even though a lot of people do not understand online dating, I found it easier to meet and communicate with other people on your site than I did in real life. Probably, mainly, because when you read somebody's profile you already know if there's anything of what you are looking for.

I got married about 2 months ago to a guy that I had met October 23rd, 2005, on He was from British Columbia, and I lived in New Brunswick, so our major source of communication was the Internet.

I want to thank you for having such a site, and making it possible for people like myself to find exactly what we are looking for.

Gina-buttercup902 {New Brunswick} & hepster898 {British Columbia} November 2006

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 God is awesome! He works in amazing ways.  

On March 13, 2006, I began talking to Dena, ladyraider402. I am a teacher in the Chicago area, and she lives in Texas.

On May 31st (the last day of school), I flew to Amarillo to meet her. We spent a few weeks together during this past summer and on August 10th, I asked her to marry me. We are getting married on December 23rd of this year.

I met the most amazing woman in the world on! Lucky for me, she feels just as blessed as I do.

For those that are still searching, be patient. You will find somebody you never dreamed possible on this site! I promise!

Thank you so very much!

John-mjfan299 {Illinois} & Dena-ladyraider402 {Texas} November 2006

 First Year Anniversary!  

I almost did not write since your webpage says you have volumes of testimonials. However, since you said it makes your jobs more worthwhile:

We began to write through in March 2003. We just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in September 2006.

Neither of us doubts that God brought us together. It would be difficult to imagine a better fit than the two of us. However, I think your website makes God's job a bit easier. How much more worthwhile can a job be than to do that!

Nissa-livforhim350 November 2006 allowed me to meet the man God intended for me to marry.  

We met through your web site and a year later married on October 15, 2006.

I just wanted to let the staff know that we both appreciate so much the service you provide.

Audrey-sunniup249 {Hawaii} & Phil November 2006

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 New Zealand is beautiful and our marriage is beautiful.  

I lived in Colorado as a single mom of 4 kids. I went on the Cafe 4 years and 10 months ago. I was on the site maybe 2 months, maybe less, and I met a man that I fell in love with. His name is Neil. He and I talked for hours on the Internet and on the phone.

On September 9th 2002 I moved to New Zealand and brought my 2 children who were living with me at the time. Neil and I got married on the 21st of September. We have been married for 4 years and 2 months.

Thank you very much for making available to us this wonderful ministry. It has meant the world to us.

Susan {Colorado} & Neil {New Zealand} November 2006

 We are going to celebrate our first year of marriage.  

We met through about 2 years ago. On December 23, 2004 we went to have dinner at a local restaurant, for just a couple of hours. We continued talking and sharing our minds and souls; talking about our beliefs, the Bible, etc. until 4:00am the 24th. of December 2004!

Then on the 24th. (Christmas Eve) we went to church and my family, and later to a restaurant. It was as if we were meant to be which each other. We are extremely similar.

We married on November 23, 2005. Our marriage has been wonderful.

Thanks to God, who put us together in His time and manner. Ecclesiastes 4:12 is our main scripture. "Nudo de tres no se rompe facilmente".

Edwin-arcangelazul958 & Elaine November 2006

 We have never been happier and everyday feel like the luckiest people on earth.  

I went through a really bad divorce and was involved in a mentally and physically abusive relationship. I have two young girls and really never thought I was ever going to find a man that would treat me well and love me for the rest of my life. When all else had failed and I just wasn't finding anyone I got an email from your website. I took the chance and logged on in July 2003.

My (now) husband had logged on then too. He messaged me and then we started chatting. I lived in Arizona and he was in the Marines in San Diego.

We met in person in September 2003, we got engaged in October 2004, and we were married in May 2005.

We are a blended family; I have two daughters and my husband has 3 children.

When people ask how we met I tell them: "We met on Christian" They are shocked and can't believe it.

I just want to say Thank You.

Samantha-sammi542 {Arizona} November 2006

 God used to bring us together.  

Joe and I met in September 2003 on We spoke and then decided to meet. Our first date was on October 10 of that year. I am proud (and blessed) to say that we were married on May 14, 2005. Our marriage is still going strong.

Adriana-agenan458 November 2006

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