Christian Testimony - June 2002

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 I've found my heaven on earth that was made from above: my soulmate.  

Christian singles hug in the forest while on a hike

Robyn and Curtiss on a beautiful hike

Thank the Lord for putting in your hearts a service like this. God has all matches that are made in heaven, and through this service, our faithfulness to God, & patience He gives us our other half.

Curtiss and I are to be married on June 23rd, and to begin our lives together serving our Master and King!!! Thank you ChristianCafe.

Robyn & Curtiss June 2002

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 Having met face to face we knew from the start that this was God's plan.  

Senior Christian couple marry overlooking the ocean

Henry sings Enrique Iglesias's Hero to his beautiful bride, Cindi

We are very happy to announce that we were married May 10th (one month ago) after having met through ChristianCafe.

Tennessee is a long way from Florida but shortened the miles. We got married on the Bayfront in St. Augustine, Florida.

In the photo Henry sings to his new Bride the Enrique Iglesias song "Hero"

Henry {Tennessee} & Cindi {Florida} June 2002

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 I'd like to thank you for this wonderful site!  

Christian couple dressed warmly cuddle on the tundra in Sweden

Aline and her man in Lapland, Sweden

Brazilian Christian woman and Sweden Christian man in the mountains in the arctic

A Brazilian in the far north!

I met the man of my life here and we will be engaged very soon. Here is a picture of us in Lapland/North of Sweden, where we went and had a very good time together!

A Brazilian woman and a Swedish man are together, all this because of! Thank God !!!

Aline {Brazil} June 2002

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 What amazes me is that the Lord has given us such a love for one another, even after having both lost so much...the Lord does give you the ability to love again!.  

Widowed Christians hug behind a San Diego Harbor sign

Ken and Sheila having an awesome time in San Diego

I just want to take an opportunity to thank you so much!! I joined in Jan. 2002.

I was a widow just coming up on one year having lost my husband. On Jan. 6th I wrote to a Dairy Farmer in Wausau WI. He too was a widower, and was also coming up on one year of widowhood.

It was a neat time as we corresponded and encouraged one another. Eventually we began to speak on the telephone, and then he, Ken, came out here to San Diego to meet me. We had an awesome time, as I showed him all around the city.

I am flying out there on May 25th, and he is going to be coming out in June. I don't know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future!

I feel like a teenager in love all over again! Thank you so much!

Sheila {California} & Ken {Wisconsin} June 2002

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I stumbled upon in January of 2002, made a profile just to see if I would get any response. Within days, I met Ron.

We talked practically every day and in March the doors opened up for us to meet in person. So sweetheart Ron drove 1060 miles from Boise to San Diego to see me.

We fell in love and are soon to be engaged. Everyday we laugh about how strangely our relationship came about but we know the Lord had a hand in this. Thanks again!

Kristen & Ron June 2002

 I am enjoying ChristianCafe very much.  

With true Christians the true meaning of Christianity shows through. Good things are happening here more than the matches for mates.

Christian friendships are being made and Christ is being worshipped. It is fantastic!

Arleen June 2002

 Truly God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.  

We met by "chance" on one lunch hour in late September last year. What started that meeting was a sincere desire for Christian fellowship for both of us.

We knew God was with us as we continued the long distance relationship. Prayer, Bible reading and genuine concern for one another developed on a higher plane as we continued to feel safe, nurtured and edified through the use of this medium...(

We laughed, talked and joked, prayed together...bore each other's burdens and most of all drew closer in the Lord.

We would like to thank staff and friends who fostered our meeting and especially since we were at great distance from one another! The groom in California and the bride in Michigan!!

Yes, we were married April 29th this year in Michigan. Now we live in sunny California...with thankful hearts for all God's providential greatness and His loving kindnesses to us.

Thanks...friends, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Kathy {Michigan} & Marty {California} June 2002

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In 2001, I learned about and decided to try it. I met several nice guys and had fun dates, but after about six months I almost gave up on the service.

However, just for the fun of it, I sent a few more messages to new members I found interesting. This time, I was not trying to "sell myself" to them, just letting them know I found their profiles interesting.

One of the profiles floored me. This guy seemed way too good to be true, and if he was, I thought he would never go for someone "ordinary" like me. I could not resist sending this guy a message, asking him, "Are you for real?" To my surprise, he wrote back with the same question for me, having been equally floored by my profile.

This was very flattering, but I still was uncertain about him. We sent a few more messages back and forth for almost two months, then decided to meet in person.

It was a lunch date, safe for two cautious people who did not want to get their hopes up too much. Well, that noon meeting lasted until midnight, and by the end of the date, it was clear that both of us wanted to get together again.

One week after we met in person, we arranged to meet each other's parents. By the end of the third month, we got engaged. In August of this year (2002), we will be married.

I just want the skeptics to know that this type of approach is not only safe, but very likely to work! Maybe not everyone's soulmate is waiting to be met online, but a system like makes it so easy to meet people.

For me and my husband-to-be, was a great find! Thanks for your wonderful service.

anonymous Bride-to-Be June 2002 is not just a site, it is a ministry and I believe God is using HIS plans and will continue to do so in the future.  

Thank you, for the wonderful time you gave me in your site. I enjoyed talking and sharing God's LOVE to that part of the big family we are going to be in Heaven, but with whom we're living the worlds apart in the meantime.v

The Lord spoke to me during this time I have been using your site and He has a message for all of us: you want to get an answer to your questions??, then get on top of the-mountain of olives-! Top of the mountain means prayer! Pray for one-another like one big family.

GOD bless you!! I love all of you!

Ester June 2002

 We compliment each other very well. Our relationship is so blessed.  

I just wanted to say thank you! Someone met me through this service. She is a Woman of God -- no doubt -- and a professional lady. I'm so glad that she found me -- or that we found each other.

Thank you Jesus! Thanks ChristianCafe! I highly recommend this service to those of you who may be inquiring within the Lord's leading. Blessings.

Doug June 2002

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 Thank you a billion times over!  

Where do I start? First Thanks to you all. I've finally found my prince charming and it's all thanks to you. Because He Lives,

Edith June 2002

  I could never find that perfect someone, until a friend pointed me in the direction of  

Thank you so much for providing this site for singles. I have been in and out of relationships my whole life. But then I met this sweet, beautiful, Godly young Lady.

We almost immediately knew that we were right for each other. I visited her a few weeks ago and the Lord confirmed in my heart, hers, and also our parents' hearts that we have been brought together by God.

God has put on us a burden to reach the U.S. and bring that nation to Christ. We are looking at being united in marriage next summer and working together to further the Kingdom.

Thank you you have been a God send.

Andrew & Jenn June 2002

 If it weren't for Christian Cafe, I would have a very lonely and empty life.  

I have met some very nice friends here. I hope I will meet a more permanent partner sometime, but for now I have met some really wonderful warm people who make my life complete, plus the people like you who operate and keep Christian Cafe going 24 hours a day around the world.

Please keep up the good work!

Craig June 2002

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 In January I met a woman that now having met her and gotten to know her I consider her to be perfect for me.  

In the time we are not together we discuss future plans for things we like to do. She is also a very good person and a strong church woman and a lay reader in the Anglican church.

I hope we are on the way to wedlock as we are not very young - she is 70 and I am 74 and I did meet her through I would like to thank the membership of Christian Cafe for having been here at the right time for me to meet her.

William June 2002

 Thanks, you guys are on top of communication!  

anonymous June 2002

 The Bible says that those who trust in God never lack anything.  

Praise the Lord, I am saved and I'm so glad to have some Christians like you who always think about me, thanks a lot.

Also I am so glad to hear that members are increasing. I will continue praying for you.

Read Psalm 84:11. May God bless you.

Wambui June 2002

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 I like the sense of community at  

The other, secular sites just do not "do it" for the Christian singles - Christian Cafe does.

Katy June 2002

 I am marrying the man of my dreams on August 3rd, 2002.  

And yes, I met him on Christian Cafe. Thanks for helping bring the two of us together.

Tasra June 2002

 I thank for the wonderful job you are doing.  

My prayer is that God will give you the grace to continue and bless you richly in all your doings. More grease to your elbows...I will always do my best to spread the good news of ChristianCafe.

Chimezie June 2002

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 Christian Cafe has been such a pleasant experience!  

I love ChristianCafe. All of the people are kind and friendly, and I have met some awesome people on here.

Thank you very much for allowing me to have a free trial membership, and the additional days as well! God bless you, and have an awesome, blessed day!

Blade June 2002

 Thank God, the first time, I came to, God blessed me with so many things in my life.  

I am a church counselor. This is what I wanted you to know - how God is blessing me so much.

Thank God it is well with my soul.

Jesse June 2002

 I would just like to thank for their wonderful quality site and to say I have met a wonderful man in the USA.  

I live in New Zealand so geographically there is a few miles between us but we intend to meet in Fiji for a week in August and God willing it could be the start of something beautiful.

God led me to this man and I thank this site for enabling me to find him. So I thank you immensely. Here is a poem I have dedicated to him. God bless you all at

While searching on the net one day
I came across ChristianCafe
There I saw a Christian man
Whose profile made me take a stand

His artistic manner appealed to me
His love for God certainly
I took a chance and sent a note
Got a reply in which he wrote

Encouraging words so heaven sent
His writing oh so eloquent
We continued to write every day
Getting to know each other in every way

His faith is oh so very strong
His praise for God he does in song
I've had the chance to get to know
This wonderful man on the telephone

He works so hard and faithfully
Serving God so well and graciously
I pray his blessings do abound
For this wonderful man that I have found

anonymous June 2002

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 I was praying for God to bring me an awesome guy who I could become best friends with.  

2 days ago on Christian Cafe, I met a true sweetheart and his name is Ryan. Yesterday we went and fulfilled his perfect date (off the profile:)...dinner, a movie, and a beautiful sunset.

It was wonderful and I'm praying for God's best for both of our futures, whether we're together or not. I just wanted to thank Christian Cafe for lining up ways for other Christians to meet. You all rock!

Keep up the great work and may God continue to bless this site! Love always,

One Happy Girly!! June 2002

 There were so many websites that I visited to meet that special person and I met a lot of men online, however, there was just something about  

It got to a point where I realized that I was trying too hard and decided that I would give this over to God. On January 2, I was about to delete my profile from Christian Cafe when something stopped me.

That's when I met someone. I don't know what made me give him my number cause I was wary about that since there was no pic. That proved to be the second best decision that I made in the life, the first when I gave my life to Christ.

Since that day, we have been speaking & praying every day. By the way, I live in Jamaica and he lives in the States. We finally met on May 23 in Jamaica and on May 24 he proposed to me. We have set a date in the summer to be wed.

Thank you and to all those out there who want to give up, don't. Proverbs 3 v 5-6...Trust in the Lord, lean not unto thine understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths.

God bless u all who work here and THANKS!!!

[Editor's note: See November 2006 for their wedding testimonial!]

Suzette-boopie164 {Jamaica} June 2002

 Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful site for singles - is by far the best Christian singles site I have ever used.  

Now that I have met my soulmate, and many wonderful friends, I would like to have my profile removed from your database.

Thanks again for this essential service. May God richly bless you all.

Carol June 2002

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 I am a 21 year old female from WI... ... I just wanted to write and say this site REALLY works!  

I had tried other sites to find a soulmate but came to several dead ends..I was talking to my grandma one day and she suggested I try I thought to myself... sure why not?

I put up my profile and got some replies but one stuck out... a young man from MN.. I just thought we would be pen pals... or friends... little did I know.. God wanted us to be together... I have to say ... he means A LOT to me!!!!

Thanks again for sending me a true "angel".....

P.S. My grandma said she was gonna read the testimonials so I hope this one makes it cause I owe my grandma A LOT for suggesting it... As I look back I am grateful I took her advice ...

Thanks granny... :-)

anonymous June 2002

 I can't describe it, but i instantly knew something was there.  

Over a year ago, i joined to hopefully find a man that shared the same interests as myself, but also, and most importantly, to share a common love and passion for Christ.

I wasn't overly hopeful, but curious to see what the Lord could do in my life, through this awesome ministry.

After a few weeks, i came across a man who absolutely struck my heart, as well as my eye. He was exactly the kind of man i had been praying for and he had the look i was looking for as well. However, it was something I felt, immediately when I looked at his picture on his profile and into his eyes.

I contacted him (even though he lived 2,000 miles away), and shared my heart. He immediately responded, and though we were still talking to other people on, we kept coming back to each other.

Over the next few weeks, we began chatting online, and without hesitation, i gave him my phone number. Our first initial conversation was good, but not as i had anticipated. However, the next night we talked, something happened. While sharing our personal stories on how we got saved, I fell in love with him.

By our third conversation, which lasted 5 hours or so, we didn't hesitate to tell each other how we felt. I knew from that conversation, that I loved him and I wanted to be with him. We prayed for the Lord's will for our lives and even though a little part of us was scared, we continued our telephone romance.

I told my mom i was in love with this guy, and i told her i knew I was going to marry him. I just knew.

I had never felt like this before, not even in my previous four year relationship. My father wasn't as happy, he was a protective father, being that i was only 23 years old and Joey was 30.

We made arrangements for Joey to fly to Chicago from Spokane, and on the second night he was here, my dad ( who is also my pastor), said he believed that Joey was the man God had sent for me. When Joey went back to Washington, I was devastated, but God was yet again, in our relationship, and by his leading, Joey moved here about 2-3 weeks later.

God provided him with an instant job, after only living here in Chicago for a week, he provided him with a place to live and one month later God allowed us to return to Washington so i could meet the family.

We got engaged, on the way home from Washington, and this past December, we got married. Everything was going great, but I wanted to be able to complete the puzzle and have Joey's parents meet mine.

We prayed for a way, since my parents had little money, we weren't sure if they would ever meet. But we sought the Lord, and one month after we were married, Joey's parents finally got to meet my parents, and the puzzle was completed.

What a true testimony of the Lord's faithfulness and love for this children. We are in ministry together at our church as Worship leaders. How awesome is the Lord! I praise him constantly for my husband and thank him for a wonderful website like!

Thank you for all you have done! We are looking forward to our lives together, and excited about the future that God has in store for us.

To put and end to our wonderful story, we are expecting our first baby next year. God is good! May he bless you all for what you are doing, and keep up the good work!

God is faithful and will remain faithful, as long as we are seeking Him and His will!

Catrissa June 2002

 My life has never been so good.  

I would like to take this moment to thank I met my soulmate on this site; we have been together for 2 and a half months now.

Christian Cafe is just great for meeting good Christian singles and I just wanted to thank you.

anonymous June 2002

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 I Praise God for the day your show up on my computer.  

Bob & I would like to thank you for bringing us together. We are planning on being married really soon.

Thank you for all your time & help. May God bless you all. Love In Christ,

Bob & Pat June 2002

 It is true that God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him, like the Word says.  

I also met the man of my dreams here....we hope to post a picture here soon.

To all who read this, do not give up! When you get discouraged, thank God for your mate and pray for him or her. Keep yourself pure for that special someone, and do not settle for less than God's best!

Juli June 2002

 I've enjoyed Christian Cafe so much I'm buying my membership today.  

Thank you for helping those of us who have so much in common get together. We probably would not get the chance any other way.

Here in my community the groups are so far and few between and no one attends so I'm so glad I found Christian Cafe.

anonymous June 2002

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 Thank you to for providing the forum for Christian singles to share, meet and fall in love!  

We've both been through some tough times so we're taking it slow, but he is so great and I am so blessed to be getting to know him.

I'm curious to see where God will take this relationship, and content to leave that in His hands. God bless you.

Ally June 2002

 I had become somewhat discouraged and disillusioned about dating, or ever meeting the lady God has for me--until one day in February.  

Thank you for providing such a wonderful Christian network. I received this letter from the most wonderful Christian lady, I could have ever met... we met in Ont. early April, and we both said it was love at first meeting!!!

We are so matched, she is such a lovely spiritual lady, exactly what I have been looking for, for several years!!!

We are getting married on June 8th, and we both have such a peace, and confirmation from the holy spirit, that we were brought together by God. So thank you, for making it all possible. God Bless.

Richard & Karen June 2002

 My husband and I met on and within a year we married.  

I suppose the most surprising thing is he lived in Michigan and I lived in the U.K . I had no desire to move countries and neither did he, but God had other plans.

Now here we are in the States happier than ever, married for nine months and loving each other more each day. Praise the Lord for his many blessings. I wish you all the same joy!

anonymous June 2002

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 In less than 3 weeks I found a wonderful lady on Christian Cafe.  

Thanks to my oldest son telling me about and for being here for the Believer. I was privileged to take my future daughter-in-law and son out to dinner and then a week later met my future wife on Christian Cafe!

We are engaged and want to get married as soon as possible if we can get and stay together since she is overseas.

Virgil June 2002

 We met on your site in September 2001... became engaged February 14, 2002...and were married last week.....May 23rd, 2002.  

We would never have met if not for We both feel that God directed us to your site and that His hand guided us to each other.

We are blessed, indeed ! Thank you !

David-Redeemed552 & Donna-Donna118 June 2002

[Editor's note: See June 2005 for their 3rd anniversary post, June 2007 for their 5th anniversary post and May 2014 for their 12th anniversary post!]

 I have found the most wonderful man.  

I know God through Jesus Christ our Lord led me to this site. Be blessed one and all.

anonymous June 2002

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 I met the man that I have been waiting for all of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I just want to thank you!

Nicole June 2002

 I want to say how grateful I am for Christian Cafe.  

I have found someone with whom I am in contact, on an almost daily basis and with whom I may have a future. I couldn't have done it without you!

Please accept my gratitude.

Robert June 2002

 Thank you for the time I had on  

I found my soulmate there, and we are in the dating process.

So, this is a message to thank you and to encourage you,, to keep helping Christian single people to find the person who the Lord has separated for them.

Vanias June 2002

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 I am very impressed with Christian Cafe and how well it operates.  

You have all done a great job...kudos to your techies! Christian Cafe is very easy to use and navigate, I am really pleased so far. Thanks!

I will probably be joining after the Free Trial period is up. I have never used a generic singles site before, but Christian Cafe is such a quality site with quality members, I feel confident that it's a good thing. Keep up the great work!.

Sheree June 2002

 It is with great joy and thanks to God that I write this!  

I have found my match on!!! Thank you so much for this site...It is a tool that God really does use!

Julia June 2002

 Joining was the beginning of the end of single life.  

Hector and I met on in January 2000. We talked on the phone for hours and then met a few weeks later.

We hit it off immediately but I was graduating from college in a few months and returning home...five hours away. We kept in touch sporadically over the next two years. In January 2002 we started talking again and after numerous hours on the phone, I decided to visit him.

We very quickly realized after seeing each other again that our initial meeting had not been an accident and God had a very special purpose for our lives.

We are engaged and planning our wedding for later this year. "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken" Eccl 4:12.

anonymous June 2002

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