Christian Testimony - May 2002

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 Yes, it's another perfect match and I owe it all to!  

Very happy Christian singles cuddle after getting engaged

A very happy Lanette and Greg are engaged!

Greg and Lanette got engaged on April 17, 2002 and are getting married on July 27, 2002!

I contacted Greg after seeing his profile and we hit if off right away. It worked for us, why not someone else?

Lanette & Greg May 2002

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 You guys are great!!  

I really love your service and believe me - I really mean it when I say you have the BEST service going.

Phil May 2002 has definitely been worth every penny!!  

Your site is wonderful and I have many new friends because of it.

David May 2002

 Through Christian Cafe I have met a very special man.  

Thank you for having this service for Christian singles who are looking for a mate for life.

anonymous May 2002

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 I have no need of your services anymore!  

Thank you for the wonderful service you have provided. God has used Christian Cafe to introduce me to the most wonderful person in the world.

Keep on doing what you do best, and may God bless you. In HIS Service.

Stephen May 2002

 I have met the man of my dreams.  

Actually, it is the man the Lord has brought into my life. What a great way to get to know someone.

I was once very suspicious of online romance, but, through the urging of a friend, I ventured into new territory. I'm so glad I did.

Thank you for this wonderful service which helps connect the perfect matches for meaningful relationships! My "special friend from Florida" and I plan to marry in the summer. We are truly blessed.

So, many thanks to for providing this service.

Sue May 2002

 I married this past March to someone from  

THANK YOU!!! Your site is a blessing and I have told many singles about it.

anonymous May 2002

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 I have enjoyed my time meeting ladies through ChristianCafe.  

I want to thank everyone for help and support. I found a friend and our friendship has turned into a great relationship.

Doug May 2002

 I have found the girl of my dreams on!  

I just wanted to thank you for making your website! I found Michelle on and we clicked right away.

We are now very much in love!!!

We never would have found each other if it wasn't for Our love for each other begins with our mutual love for Christ. We are both very happy and we owe it all to you.

Thanks again. God bless,

Eric May 2002

 I have met the most wonderful person.  

We have met in person and felt so comfortable with each other it seemed we had known each other for years.

We are discussing the possibility of marriage and relocating and it is so exciting. Thank you so much for your service and your Christian values.

Lorna May 2002

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 I have to thank you folks for introducing me to Dr. Jim's singles ministries.  

I gained a lot of wisdom to use in my relationship with Crystal to increase the wisdom and the romance!

Thank you, and may the Lord bless your ministry to the single Christians out there! In His Love,

Randy & Crystal May 2002

[Editor's note: See our blog for great Christian dating advice from Dr. Jim and others] had already paid off when I met Danielle, a blond from northern Kentucky and a delightful person in many ways.  

She is a Realtor and we are both Air Force brats with fathers having been stationed at one time at Wright Patterson USAF base in Dayton, Ohio.

I have also communicated with one gorgeous woman from Ukraine, who "wow" she speaks English. Yes, I have tried other dating services; but I would rank, for me at least, to be at the very top of the list.

I have communicated with a few girls from Ohio too through; and some women from other parts of the world, which is fine; cosmopolitan is great and hometown and local works out very best - for me.

Thanks for having such a good dating service. May God bless.

anonymous May 2002 is THE BEST!!!  

I've so thoroughly enjoyed membership with this site, that I've recommended it to several of my Army buddies, without looking for any credits, simply because I believe God is working mightily through!!!

I've met the GREATEST gal through, and we're looking forward to spending lots of time together when I've returned from Kosovo, mid-May!

Thanks again, and may God continue to bless you all greatly!

John May 2002

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 The people who have written to me thus far have been so filled with the love of Christ that it has brought both smiles and tears to me.  

I thank God for the link that enticed me to visit

I will encourage other single people I know to join. I am also looking forward to taking the singles cruise you mentioned on your site.

Jennilee May 2002

 Kevin and I have become engaged, with plans to marry on the 4th of July!  

When people ask how we met, I say and several of my friends have since logged on with you. In Christ,

Rhonda May 2002

 You have a wonderful service.  

Extremely well done, bravo!

anonymous May 2002

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 In our daily lives we can encounter various amounts of hardships and struggles, so it is always nice to find refuge in other Christians via this type of media.  

I have appreciated my time on tremendously. Not only do I thank the individuals I have met at this site; But, ALSO, the friendly staff rapport that I've encountered during my short time of conducting business here.

May God Richly Bless you & Yours at this Ministry.

Janeen May 2002

 The people I communicated with were kind and respectful.  

It really changed my mind and attitude about virtual friendship. May God bless and those that are members of it.

anonymous May 2002

 Thanks for all your hard work and what a TERRIFIC site.  

I've never been on a singles site before, but if I recommended anyone it would be

Nona May 2002

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 What a great way to meet people that would normally go undiscovered without today's technology and sites such as!  

I have thoroughly enjoyed your website! Thank you for the free trial offer - without that, I likely wouldn't have been interested in becoming a member.

This is the first time I have felt it appropriate to actually send money for membership on a singles virtual dating site. And besides, I see I have mail waiting for me in my mailbox that is just driving me nuts to see who it's from! :)

Thank you for all that you do in helping singles meet that special someone. I do believe the Lord can use as a tool in meeting His children, some of whom will develop a life long friendship/relationship together.

Looking forward to becoming a full-fledged member! In Christ,

Karen May 2002

 I just became engaged to a wonderful Christian man whom I met on  

He lives 68 miles from me and works in the same town in which I live, and we attend different churches in the same town! Small world after all!!

I have enjoyed my time with, met some nice people to talk with. Without, it would have been difficult to find the love of my life, David.

God has indeed used your wonderful, "safe" service to bless my life. I pray God will continue to prosper your ministry and that many other "matches will be made in Heaven" through

Thank you.

Lori May 2002

 Marcy and I met in Wilmington,Ohio on April 13, 2002 and we fell in love, almost immediately.  

We both are committed to Jesus and have so many things in common. If it had not been for, we would have never met, I know.

This is a great site for people to meet at. In the future, Marcy & I hope to walk down the road of life together, enjoying the bliss, that only God can bring, we feel completely fulfilled & wonderful in each other's presence, being led by the one who said "I came to give life, and give it more abundantly".

Once again, thanks to,

Paul {Ohio} & Marcy {Ohio} May 2002

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 The LORD used and brought already on my very first day and first hours there someone wonderful into my life.  

He is a full-time preacher in San Diego, CA. We are engaged and going to be married....yet, everything in God's time and way.

I always knew that God had for me someone special in the States, for last time when I was Nov. 92 He spoke to me and told me that He was going to take me back there and from there to different countries and places.

And I understood within my spirit that He spoke to me also about someone whom He had there for me. He led me to your site by someone with whom I used to serve God together in one ministry...a few years ago.

The one I was waiting for came through your site. And I can only affirm that God is really moving here and making miracles. is covered by much prayer and I'd like to wish you God's blessings in carrying on the good work He has entrusted unto your hands.

It is the most worthwhile work you have been doing. Just look at all these testimonies here. Won't it be a confirmation to everything I have experienced here.

He is full of grace. And His goodness lasts forever. Thank you very much for the birthday greetings. Actually my husband to be has a birthday tomorrow, just one day after mine. Isn't that wonderful what God has been doing?

With greetings and a grateful heart,

Tina May 2002

 We met on! We are engaged now! WOW!!  

God works though!! We will be married on June 23 of 2002!!

Thank you!! Thank God for this service!! God Bless You!

Curt May 2002

 In April after a short time we started talking to each other on the phone.  

We finally met at the beginning of May and it has been a Match made by God.

He and my children fell in love with each other at first meeting and it has been such a blessing for me. If all goes well, by the end of this summer we will be planning for our wedding and we are both excited for what God has ahead of us.

Heather & Chuck May 2002

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Already a member? Sign in here. is great!  

I have made some great Christian friends that are a blessing to me! In Christ,

Jamie May 2002

 On March 17 I married a wonderful Christian man I met on  

He loves to tell the story of how we met: When he first joined, he started searching in Ohio (where he lived).

Little by little he enlarged the search circle until finally he was looking across the whole US... which is when my profile came up (I'm in Alaska). When he read my profile, he says he 'knew' -- but he told God, "Alaska, God?? OK, but if she's the one you want for me, You'll have to have HER contact ME."

Three days later, after attending a seminar for people working with women who have been abused, I felt compelled to write to him and share some of what I'd learned in response to something he'd mentioned in his profile... not your usual "hi, how are ya, liked your profile, want to correspond?" That was in August of 2000.

We wrote, instant messaged, and before long began talking by phone. I fell in love with his soul before I ever laid eyes on him -- and in December (2000), he flew to Alaska to meet me and spend a week together.

It was very different to hear a voice I knew so well coming out of a man I had only just laid eyes on, but it was wonderful and before long we felt we'd known each other forever.

We spent last summer together both in Alaska and Ohio, and in September 2001 he took a teaching job here and moved to Alaska. We were engaged in December 2001 and married March 17, 2002.

I want to thank you for your web site. It was easy and fun to use, and it certainly changed both our lives! We have given the URL to several singles we know and encouraged them to use to meet other Christian singles and develop friendships.

After all, who knows how God will use it to bless you?!

Sharon {Alaska} & Ron {Ohio} May 2002

 This is a note to commend you on your Christian singles site. is one of the nicer and best organized that I have found. I have already had contacts from people who seem to be among good quality singles.

From my experience, you want this to have high standards and respect from those who use it. Thank you.

Inez May 2002

 Finally, after using many other online dating/meeting services, was the one that finally got the job done.  

I was very hesitant at first because of the many disappointments I experienced on all the other services due to the lack of spiritual maturity and overall shallowness of people on these other services.

I finally submitted a profile on in late January 2002. After a few days with no response, I decided to do a search. I came up with 4 names.

Was I surprised to meet Aholyone, who not only met my expectations, but exceeded them! We started communicating in late January, finally met face-to-face in March and we are now engaged to be married sometime this summer or fall.

We both feel that God used to connect us and we give Him all the praise and glory. He has turned our captivity and we are a living testimony to the fact that God uses the unusual to accomplish His will.

So thank you, for being there and allowing God to work through you. You truly are a blessing!!!!

anonymous May 2002

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