Christian Testimony - October 2006

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 You have just made two more people very, very happy; namely myself and this terrific fellow I'm now married to!  

Newly married Christians from Quebec stare at each other lovingly near a river

Heidi's marriage to Eric was the happiest day of her life!

Groom can't help himself kissing his new bride while she looks at flowers

Heidi and Eric fell hopelessly in love when they met on Christian Cafe

Dear, just wanted to congratulate you on another job well done.

After having connected on your site in the summer of 2004, Eric and I met later that year, began dating, and fell hopelessly in love; gradually realizing more and more that our meeting was God's design.

To make a long (but beautiful) story short, we were married in July of this year. Our small, romantic, meaningful wedding, surrounded by 60 of our immediately family and closest friends (and performed by my father, who is a pastor) was without question the happiest day of my life. The reception and honeymoon were wonderful too. I could not have asked for more!

At the risk of sounding gushy, I can certainly attest to the fact that God knows exactly what's hidden in the deepest part of our hearts, because He fulfilled all of my teensy-est, tiniest wishes that day, especially in this wonderful man He has given me to love and spend the rest of my life with.

This being the second time around for both my husband and me, I truly thank my loving Heavenly Father for this lesson in learning to trust Him more with my life, and for the opportunity to bring glory to Him in this way.

He is the Healer, Restorer, my Glory and the Lifter of my head, and is able to do abundantly, immeasurably more than we ask or imagine. Our marriage is living proof of that. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you." Ain't that the truth.

Thanks again for your part in God's plan to bring us together. We shall be forever grateful.

Heidi-heather644 {Quebec} & Eric-skyty179 {Quebec} October 2006

[Editor's note: See the testimonial from March 2006 to read how Heidi and Eric met]

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Australian Christian single stands next to his beautiful bride from Singapore

Andrew and Clarisse are looking forward to the promises God has in store for them

When I first saw Clarisse's profile on 20th April 2004, I was drawn to her beliefs and her convictions in Christ and was prompted by God to write to her.

We exchanged messages for about 2 weeks and we met in person in Singapore on 10th May 2004 when I was there for a business meeting.

Since then, I could not stop thinking about Clarisse and had to commit my feelings to God. This was my first business trip to Singapore, in fact my first time out of my country, Australia. I was there for my business meeting for 5 days and Clarisse was very kind to show me around Singapore and I can say that she's a great tour guide!

After I went back to Sydney, we remained as friends and kept in touch via emails and phone calls. About 2 months later, when I was sure of my feelings for her and received confirmation from God, I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said Yes. That made me a happy man! We dated for about 6 months, then I prayed to God for more confirmations in regards to marrying Clarisse, and once I had the peace of God in me.

I started looking around for a custom made diamond ring for the special woman in my life and planned a special day to propose to her. When Clarisse was in Sydney for holiday from February to March 2005, I got down on one of my knees on 5th March 2005 to propose to her at Mrs Macquarie's Chair in Sydney after we got out of the limousine I had booked for a scenery viewing from my house to Sydney Opera House. I think Clarisse was very thrilled when I proposed to her and she accepted my proposal straightaway without any hesitation. After those nervous and happy moments, we went to celebrate our engagement at an Italian Restaurant at the Sydney Opera House.

On 16th March 2006, we had our church wedding service held in the Chinese Gardens of Friendship at Darling Harbour in Sydney. We even had our wedding pictures taken at Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, the place where I proposed to Clarisse!

We thank God that throughout this period of courtship and marriage, He is always with us to give us grace, favour, wisdom, guidance, confirmations and peace. We are now happily married and are looking forward to the promises God has in store for us. Jeremiah 29:11 is always my favourite verse in the Bible. Indeed, He has given us hope and a future.

Andrew-casper {Australia} & Clarisse-preciousjewel899 {Singapore} October 2006

 I was a huge skeptic about "going online". A friend finally persuaded me to give a try in April 2004.  

A man hugs a beautiful woman in front of a fountain

Christy is so happy to have found Tom

Relaxed Christian groom on his wedding day

Tom was searching for just the right girl

A radiant bride looks beautiful in white holding her flowers

Tom found the perfect woman in Christy!

Bride kisses groom to stop him talking

Christy and Tom are perfect for each other!

After being on the Cafe for 3 weeks, I had decided that while I had met a lot of nice people, online was not for me. On my last day, I got a message from one more guy and I replied out of politeness.

Little did I know, this was the man I would marry!

Tom had been on and off the Cafe, looking for that just right girl. While I had never been online before, I had also been looking for a while for a man of the caliber of Tom. As it turned out, we were perfect for each other!

We got married on September 23, 2006 and we are so happy! We truly believe that God brought us together.

When people ask how we met, it makes me laugh to tell them that we met online, especially when I had been so reluctant to go online! I am so happy to have finally found Tom and to begin to build a life with this wonderful man.

Thank you for giving us the the opportunity to meet each other!

Christy-edes756 & Tom October 2006

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 Thank you,, for helping us to find the Godly partner we had been praying for.  

Widowed Christians find love. Couple holds hands and presses cheeks while smiling in doorway

Joe and Toni, both widowed, found new love in each other

Upon the advice of a friend, I looked into online dating at in 2004 several months after my wife of 30 years died.

Within several weeks I had made contact with Toni in Ohio. She had recently become a widow after 20 years of marriage and was praying for God to lead her to the man He would want for her.

We both liked because we could look for profiles to match the qualities we had in mind for a person we would date. Also we thought the safe communication inside the site to start a conversation was great.

After a few weeks of messages, then emails, then phone calls, we knew we wanted to meet in person. Our first meeting was October 23, 2004 in Atlanta, halfway between Ohio and Florida, where I live. We visited a church we were both interested in and had a dinner date. As a result, we were both overwhelmed (me especially), completely smitten with each other, and praising God for His goodness to us.

It became clear to us we had met the person we were hoping to meet when we started the online dating process. We continued communicating long distance while making regular trips to each other's home cities as time would allow over 2005. Major priorities for us were praying together, studying the Bible, and working through several books about preparing for marriage. At the end of 2005, I asked Toni to marry me. She said Yes, and on July 29, 2006 we began our new journey as man and wife.

We are both so thankful for and how God used your site to bring us together.

Joe-jwpbfl863 {Florida} & Toni {Ohio} October 2006

  I would have never thought two years ago I would be sitting here writing this testimonial..  

A tall Christian man from California stands next to his beautiful and joy filled bride

Bill and Tara Met May 2005, Married August 2006.

I had been on for a while and had met and dated a couple of people. None of them really caught my attention or inspired me in any special way. I was OK with that though, I was on the Cafe mainly to meet new friends because I was new in town.

As far as meeting "the one" I was beginning to think it would not happen the way I had always believed in my heart it would. I would meet this guy, he would have the qualities I am looking for in every capacity (spiritually, intellectually, physically) come from a nice family, and have his life "together" (which, I was finding was not common among guys in their late 20's early 30's).

I had not communicated with anyone for a while, when I received a short but sweet message from Bill. After examining his profile and liking what I saw, I wrote him back. We messaged once more. Then by chance we happened to be online at the same time and we chatted for about 30 minutes.

I knew instantly Bill was different, special even. We spoke on the phone soon after and then met for coffee.

That first time I met him, I knew instantly that all my inclinations were correct, he was funny, warm, charming and most importantly had such a servant's heart and desired to do God's will for his life, oh and he had it "together".

Needless to say our coffee date turned into a movie and hanging out and just talking for two more hours. Bill lived in Los Angeles, and was out for the weekend in Newport Beach, so we met up the next morning for coffee, then church, then lunch. Needless to say, the rest is history.

It was a long distant relationship, but we made it work. We began Pre-engagement counseling in March 2005, then Bill proposed in Hawaii while we were visiting some friends on April 15th. We were married on August 4th 2006, by our pastor who counseled us throughout.

Being married is such an amazing adventure, and I could not have asked for a more perfect husband!

We have come across common friends though that crossed both of our paths, and we realized we were even at the same concert a few years ago!

I still thought meeting someone on the Internet was "weird" or "desperate", and at first I told people Bill and I "met" at a coffee shop, which technically we did. But now, I am honest and I encourage others to check out, as it is truly a non-embarrassing way of meeting someone amazing you may have never met otherwise.

Tara {California} & Bill {California} October 2006

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 Peter and I are deeply in love and feel as if our relationship is a match made in Heaven.  

A very happy Christian bride stands next to her elated husband in the church

What better birthday present for Sherry than her new husband, Peter!

Senior Christians in love prepare to kiss

Sherry and Peter are deeply in love

Peter & I were married on October 7, 2006 (on my 60th birthday). He and I met on as a result of me sending him a birthday message on his 60th birthday on March 25, 2006.

We are grateful to those of you at the Cafe for being an instrument of the Lord. May He bless you as richly as He has blessed us.

Sherry-heartnsol439 {California} & Peter-pietra685 {California} October 2006

[Editor's note: See June 2006 for their first impression!]

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Just wanted to send in a Testimonial. I met my spouse on your site and wanted to tell everyone.

Wes-bones219 {Alberta} October 2006

 I never THANKED YOU for your services.  

In 2003 I was a member and met this girl! We got married a year later and in November 2006 we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary! And we are to each other like we were the day we met!

I have told all my single friends to join Christian Cafe! Thank you so much.

Larry {Florida} October 2006

 Maria and I met on around March 7, 2006.  

After speaking for only a short while Maria was convinced that I was what she desired in a friend and husband, so she removed her profile. I was way more cautious so we stayed in touch as friends.

Our relationship began to develop feelings much deeper and we knew that we must meet to know for sure. In the beginning of September I flew down to meet her and we spent 5 glorious days together. At the conclusion we each realized that God had indeed chosen the other and ordained our love.

We are planning our marriage. I opted for July 2007, we compromised for a spring wedding and she's pushing hard for the first week of January; she must not want this "catch" to get away!

Maria prompted me to tell our story and though this short account doesn't really do our story justice, we wanted tell new members to not enter this site expecting anything but just enjoy making friends, and don't be surprised if a relationship like ours happens.

Adrien-drient787 {Georgia} & Maria-poofah673 {Florida} October 2006

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 Thank you for the opportunity that the Cafe has given me.  

I am getting married to someone I met on

Jim-jayman358 {Manitoba} October 2006

 God used as the opportunity for my fiance, Bill and I to meet.  

He and I live just over an hour apart in two different cities in Virginia so there was little opportunity for our paths to cross in everyday life. When we met, we'd both been waiting on God to bring the person He'd intended for us both. Until I met Bill, I had no clue just how much God had intended to bless me. Around the end of March, I joined the Cafe. I really didn't have very much of an expectation of meeting someone online and actually told God that if it was meant to be, He'd have to do it, because I wasn't writing to anyone. I didn't want a meet (meat) market experience.

While browsing through profiles, I saw Bill's picture and something in his eyes caught me. I read through his profile and realized that we had many similarities, but since I wasn't writing to anyone, I just kept browsing. For a few days, I kept that word to God, only messaging someone whose profile I found hilarious, but not intending to "hook up". On day 3 or 4 I received a "wink" from Bill and was excited since he was the one that had caught my eye.

Bill and I exchanged a couple of "How are you?" messages and then ran into each other online two nights after the "wink". We began chatting very casually and realized 3 hours later that we better get to bed for church the next morning. That night was Saturday, April 1, 2006 and Bill and I had made a connection. For the next couple of days, we'd chat online for hours and send each other emails during the day. On Wednesday, Bill asked for my phone number in the sweetest, not pushy way and I was static! His church was in the middle of a big conference so he couldn't call me until later, but when we got on the phone, it was exciting and we were both nervous, but it was easy, too. After talking for 2 or 3 hours, Bill asked if I wanted to meet and I agreed. When he asked to meet that Saturday, I agreed and then got really nervous. I wasn't afraid of him, I was having the "Oh my gosh, what if he doesn't like me?" butterflies.

Fast forward to Saturday and hours of phone conversation later, Bill and I met at a coffeehouse in Richmond, my hometown. We hugged when we met; shaking hands was too informal as we were already great friends. After an hour or so of chatting over capuccino, Bill and I went to dinner (Italian is our favorite), then went bowling (he failed to mention that he was a decent bowler and proceeded to shame me on our first date!), then we sat in the parking lot of the bowling alley talking for several hours while listening to worship music. IT WAS AWESOME! Our date lasted for 8 hours and we hugged when we parted. Through our talks and our 8 hour date we'd connected so much that we even missed each other after the date and talked on the phone during his trip back home. After a month of talking nightly for 2-3 hours, talking an hour during our morning commutes, and meeting on the weekend for dates, we knew we were each other's "The One". We began discussing marriage and our lives together, met each other's families and continued courting. On August 5th, Bill proposed to me and our wedding is October 28th - 7 months after meeting!

Bill is an awesome, Godly man and it's obvious that God made us for each other. True, God-planned, God-ordained, God-created love is perfect, it's the most wonderful thing ever. I tell Bill often that he's the greatest blessing I've ever received, second only to salvation. I had so many expectations and hopes and dreams for my spouse and God made him everyone of those and more. There were things that I'd never even realized that I wanted or needed in a spouse that Bill is. We're so much alike that desires that we've each had for years are identical. For example, we're both musicians and growing up I always said that I wanted a room just for my instruments, a music room. Bill's had the exact same dream AND once we're married, the second bedroom of the apartment we'll live in will be our music room. Only God can do things this perfectly.

I've had a couple of relationships - NOTHING COMPARES TO THIS! I tell you fellow Christians, HAVE FAITH! Do NOT compromise! God has the perfect person for you. This person will not be perfect (only Jesus is perfect), but they will be the perfect "help mate" for you. They'll be stronger in many of the areas in which you have weakness and vise versa. They'll encourage and support, strive to succeed with you, keep you in every thought, and make decisions that include your well being, and they'll do their best to treat you in the manner God has declared righteous in His Word.

It is worth the wait! Bill waited 14 years, I waited 7. GOD IS FAITHFUL!

Blessings to everyone and remember to seek God, not the spouse. When your eyes are set and focused on Him, He'll prepare you for the perfect person at the perfect time and will cause you to meet. Be prepared, but don't be looking, it happens SUDDENLY!

Monica-monica5310 {Virginia} & Bill October 2006

 We wanted you to know how happy we are to have found each other.  

Thank you so much for your website! Michael and I are getting married November 18th. We have had a wonderful year and are looking forward to a wonderful future together.

We will be posting our profiles at our wedding so our friends can see how we met. Thank you again so very much!

Michael-genuinegent530 {California} & Penny-penny458 {California} October 2006

Editor's note: See December 2014 for Michael's update 8 years later!]

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 This note is long overdue, but I wanted to write to say Thank You.  

My husband Mike and I met through your website. We started communicating on October 18, 2001 and were married April 12, 2002.

You have a wonderful service. I have referred many people to!

Laurie-ozmagrrl127 {Washington} & Mike {Ohio} October 2006

 Thank you very much for helping me find the love of my life.  

He is a wonderful man.

Loretta-maenck686 {Kansas} October 2006

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