Christian Testimony - December 2014

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 I met my husband on 7 years ago and we've been happily married for over 6 years.  

A beautiful woman receives a heartfelt kiss from a tall dark man

Diana and Scott have been happily married for 6 years

A Christian couple kiss lovingly on their wedding day under her veil

Diana and Scott on their special day

Former singles from California laugh while pretending to read together white seated on a stone wall

Newly married librarians reading together

I signed up as a favor to help out a friend to give her free time and I ended up finding Scott. I barely used the site after we met and we were married 6 months later.

I've attached a couple of our wedding photos. We had a library themed wedding, since we are both librarians.

Diana-ohdiana712 {California} & Scott-roboscott139 {California} December 2014

 Ligia was getting ready to cancel her account with but she decided to stay.  

Former Romanian Christian woman is smitten with former Alabama Christian man who hugs her from behind

Chris and Ligia on their wedding day

A handsome man stands confidently while holding a beautiful woman's hand

The happy couple walks down the aisle together.

Former Christian singles from two different continents wrap themselves in their country flags while hugging

Two cultures brought together in love

A very happy young Christian couple pose outside church

Chris and Ligia outside church

A beautiful European woman in a red dress leans into a man standing next to a vintage car

Chris and Ligia were an ocean apart but love brought them together.

Six years ago, on a warm Alabama 4th of December, Isaiah6 wrote his first message to Romanian Cheerful560, asking her to send some cold weather his way. She was getting ready to cancel her account with but she decided to reply to his kind email. He wrote back. She replied again and he wrote back. After a few warm messages she started to think of a way to stop the delightful correspondence because of the huge geographical distance between them and everything related to it. But she couldn't. It was hard to not reply again and again to this kind man who seemed so special and made her feel special.

After months of correspondence online she received a real handwritten letter in her mailbox. They had their first audio conversation online. Then, their first video conversation online, followed by hundreds. And one day, he flew over the ocean to meet her. That was his first flight! He didn't like flying, but for her he boarded a plane 14 times in total. She liked flying so she travelled to the States to meet his parents. They liked her and in January 2012, he flew over the seas again. This time, he was carrying a precious ring. He knelt in the snow and she said 'yes'. In September 2012, he left the beautiful woods of Alabama to move to a big, busy city in Romania and marry his princess. Their first year album was all 'made in Romania'. They are now adding new pictures taken in the beautiful woods of Alabama.

This all happened because the Lord put it together for us. We were not the kind of people to meet someone online. We were not the kind of people to ever think of leaving our home countries. We were so different but now we are one, because the Lord was good to us and orchestrated things beyond our expectations. Thank you for being a tool that the Lord used to bring us together. Many blessing to y'all who take care of the website and to y'all who are still looking for someone. The Lord can make all things possible if we trust and obey Him.

Ligia-cheerful560 {Romania} & Chris-isaiahsix583 {Alabama} December 2014

 I met my husband Darryl on  

Former Florida Christian singles on a date near the ocean

Claudia and Darryl married on September 26, 2014

We met on Christian Cafe in 2012 and we got married on Sep 26, 2014.

Claudia-byfaith985 {Florida} & Darryl-byhisgrace708 {Florida} December 2014
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 Thanks to my earlier involvement with, I am very happy to say your services are no longer needed.  

I met my wife using your services in July of 2005, and this past November 18th, we celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary. We even had our profiles blown up and displayed on a poster board at our reception for all to see.

During the past 8 years, we've fostered 3 children and adopted 1 and have been happily married with no complaints.

I was reminded of the part your organization had in the blessing of bringing my wife and I together. We are both so grateful for your part in God's plan in bringing us together.

A very belated, but fully heartfelt, thank you for your service to us. May God richly bless you, as He has us, in all your endeavors.

Michael-genuinegent530 {California} & Penny-penny458 {California} December 2014

Editor's note: See October 2006 for Michael's engagement notice!]

 I didn't believe it could work for me. And look at me now!  

I am dating a guy from May The Lord continues blessing more and more people through!

He was the only guy I started talking to, and we talked for one month almost! When he saw my photo he said I was really pretty. We later chatted outside the site and were able to listen to each other's voices, and we really liked each other! We have plans to meet each other's families.

The funny thing is that my friend from church wanted me to join for a long time, but I didn't want to, but now I am living a fairy tale story! I feel like I am a princess! We are very happy and super thankful for!

Natalie-natilove545 {Brazil} December 2014

[Editor's note: See November 2019 for Nat's marriage update!]

 I got married in May of this year. I met my beautiful wife on  

We met 2 years ago, on December 12, 2012, and now we're married.

I thank God for you and but without you (and God of course) I would have never met my life mate. We are so glad to share our story with your members. God was truly in the midst.

We met in December, the twelfth month, on the twelfth day of the 2012th year. To God Be The Glory.

Sam-inspyerone938 {Georgia} & Charelle-ladyloc842 {Tennessee} December 2014

 I want to thank for helping me find my future husband! Yay!  

Dale and I met over a year and a half ago and are getting married in December.

Jessica-jessvanm809 {Ontario} & Dale December 2014

 Thank you for finding me a soul mate from God.  

I married on 6 Dec 2014. I met her at the end of December 2013 on the site and met in person in March 2014. We thank God that He brought us together. All glory & honor belongs to Jesus Christ.

Daniel-danielhow265 {Malaysia} & Meilkachen December 2014 has been used of The Lord to meet my wife.  

We've been married now for over 2 years. Thanks and may The Lord continue to bless you.

Kamy-hediedforme169 {North Carolina} December 2014
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