Testimonials - March 2006

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  I hope everyone else finds the happiness we did.  

A beautiful bride awaited a man who drove hours to be with her

Steven drove 3 hours and spent $500 to see Kayla - but now he's married to her :)

My Wife and I met on your website in 2003. We talked for a few months, but because I was 25 and she was 18 we never really pursued anything other than friendship (I even wrote the Christmas Card that she sent to another guy she wanted to date).

After about 6 months we finally decided to meet at a mall near were she lived, which was 3 hours from where I lived. I started out on the trek really early just to make sure I made it in time. Well a hour into the trip my car broke down on the Interstate. Unfortunately, I did not have her phone number because she didn't want to give it to someone she had never met.

To make a long story short, I ended up spending $500 on a rental car and a tow truck to tow me into Atlanta. I was an hour late to meet her and we were only able to spend 20 minutes together before she had to go to work. After 5 hours of misery I had the best 20 minutes of my life. That day changed both our lives and we celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary on March 5th 2006.

We thank God everyday for ChristianCafe.com. Thanks for everything.

Steven-stevenregal386 {Georgia} & Kayla-kaykay March 2006

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 We are getting married on April 1st, 2006, it's no joke!  

A pretty woman hugs a very happy looking man

Joy knew Jonathon was the man for her the moment she met him

A man wraps his arms around a blonde woman who looks very pleased

Jonathon found his unclaimed treasure in Joy

Once I was online in ChristianCafe.com, I just decided to make friends and learn more about myself. There were many Godly men on the site, but none of them was the one for me.

Then on October, 1st, 2005 I came across Jonathon's profile. The main thing that caught my eye was that he lived in Beaverton and I was moving to Beaverton in 2 weeks and thought to myself, well at least I can find a friend in my area.

Jonathon didn't have a picture on his profile, so I had no idea what he looked like, but his profile really caught my eye. He had traveled almost more than I had, he had been on mission trips and he was interested in writing children's books, just as I had put in my profile. In my profile I wrote that my Grandfather said I was an unclaimed treasure and that I was waiting for the man of God to find his treasure in me. In Jonathon's first message he told me in response to that comment of mine, that he liked pirate movies, aarrgh! I thought that was so cute and loved his sense of humor immediately.

We emailed for a few days and finally he called me on Wednesday, Oct. 5th, and we talked for 5 and a half hours. After I got off the phone I got 2 hours sleep before going to work for the day and I felt like I had slept a hundred years, I was so refreshed. I knew in my heart that morning that I had met my future husband.

Later that day we decided to meet for dinner and in person for the first time near my work. I ordered hot tea, Jonathon drank iced tea and we shared tator tots, but we didn't really eat, and 5 hours later we decided to call it a night.

On my way home that night I called my Dad and told him that I met my husband and he said, "Well you would know, you are 31."

Jonathon and I have been dating ever since. We experienced Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and meeting each other's family together in a very short time.

He is an amazing man and I thank God every day for finally bringing him to me. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him doing whatever God calls us to do.

P.S. Honeymoon: We are not telling! We don't want anyone to know where we are. :)

Joy-joyful632 {Oregon} & Jonathon-artist March 2006

 We were both sure that God had someone out there for us.  

A bride tries to sneak a kiss while the groom is distracted

Laurie and David know God brought them together

A couple gaze into each other's eyes during a romantic dance

Laurie and David gaze lovingly into each other's eyes

Relaxed Christians look very comfortable with life together

God knew Laurie and David needed each other

Thank you ChristianCafe.com! My husband & I met on your site in July 2004 and were just recently married on February 18th, 2006. We lived about 2 hours apart & really wouldn't have run into each other in natural ways, and were open to using whatever God offered for us to meet the ONE He had for us, including the Internet.

People react in various ways when we say we met online, but no matter what, we know God brought us together & that is what counts!

We were both on other Christian dating websites before ChristianCafe.com & we both met a handful of people through our experiences, but we agree that ChristianCafe.com is the best because individuals have the most control of what they want or need and who they want to meet.

We also know that God has blessed us as we followed His will in our "courtship". Both of us come from loving Christian families who have been so supportive. On our wedding day we got to witness that support & love as so many of our friends and our family came out to celebrate with us. We had all our "old enough to walk" nieces and nephews in the wedding. It was precious! We both love being Aunt & Uncle to these little people and rejoice that we are now Aunt & Uncle to twice as many as we were before!

Praise God for His amazing plan for each person's life. We may not have a clue what He is up to, but when we trust & obey He will amaze with his plans! Larry & I often comment on how we wouldn't have thought that we'd end up with each other, but God knew what we needed and He provided far better than either one of us could have imagined!

Thank you ChristianCafe.com for facilitating our meeting & falling in love!

Laurie & Larry March 2006

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 What a blessing ChristianCafe.com has been to us!  

Beautiful archway frames this black and white photo of a married couple walking hand in hand

Kimber and Ryan are perfectly matched :)

Ryan & I met on ChristianCafe.com the summer of 2002. When Ryan would do any search on ChristianCafe.com, I was always the first on the list!

We were married in March 2003 and we celebrated our 3rd year anniversary this month. We are a perfect match for each other. God definitely had His hand in it but we also thank you guys at ChristianCafe.com.

Because of our experience, we've referred dozens of people to your website and we now know a handful of referrals who met their spouse through the Cafe!

Kimber-cb227 & Ryan March 2006

 He is all the things I was looking for, PLUS all the little things I wished for!  

A king on one knee asks for a queen's hand in marriage in the snow

Eric proposes to Heidi in the snow as both wear medieval King and Queen costumes December 2005

Firstly, allow me to say how much I enjoyed my experience on your site. I found the questions you asked subscribers to complete were excellent, and they really helped me to reflect on the things that are most important to me in a mate.

I had been referred to your site by my brother, who had met his wife on ChristianCafe.com in the summer of 2002. He and his wife were married in August 2003.

In fact my brother had been referred by our cousin, who also met her husband on your site! There are of course a number of jokes circulating about how this is becoming a family affair haha.

I met Eric in the summer of 2004. He read my profile on your site, and was struck by how much he matched my (*cough* very detailed) description of the type of person I was hoping to meet.

Even though my account had run out of time, he sought to find a way to contact me. Through you, he offered me a gift of a paid month so that I could come back on and we could meet.

Although I was a bit apprehensive about this at first, I was too curious to pass it up! To make a long story short we were finally able to make contact, and boy, am I glad we did. We began to email back and forth, and then eventually talk on the phone. We had so many things in common, and lived under an hour away from each other. It seemed almost too good to be true!

We finally met face to face in December when we went out for dinner for the first time. Yes, Eric was for real, and even looked like the guy in his picture. No kidding. (No green antennae or UFO parked outside, what a relief!)

Dinner was soon followed by a ballet show, then skating together, then a concert, then a first kiss on Valentine's Day (go ahead, say "awww..."). Things have progressed steadily and blossomed from there.

Eric was an instant hit with my three children, and I have never met a more charming and delightful set of boys than his three. (Yep, do the math: that makes SIX.)

We are incredibly blessed and just amazed at the beautiful dynamic between them all. To top it all off, my family love him and I very much love his family too.

Our love has developed and grown, and we were engaged on December 11th 2005, one year to the day after our first dinner (yep, double "awww..."). We are delighted, and plan to be married this summer. It still amazes me that I have met someone that I enjoy spending time with this much.

This is definitely an excellent example of God answering prayer, and doing exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ask or imagine. So a great big heartfelt thank you, ChristianCafe.com, for your part in God's plan to bring us together. How does that old hymn go? "To God be the glory, great things He has done."

Heide-heather644 {Quebec} & Eric-skyty179 {Quebec} March 2006

[Editor's note: See October 2006 Heidi and Eric's Wedding update!]

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 Thank You from the bottom of my heart.  

I am very new to online dating even though I have been a Christian for over 12 years. I had tried two other so-called Christian sites but I was often offended by the profiles with their graphic sexual detail.

Then I found ChristianCafe.com.

Thank you for the standards that you have. You really protect your users. On the two other sites I did not post any pictures but a few of the contacts really kept after me to send pictures (thank God I never did).

They asked that I send them to their private email addresses which they freely gave. I became tired of the chase, I am sure many of those people may have been on the up and up.

Thank you for posting on your site tips and things to look for when interacting on line. You even helped me to redefine what I am looking for in a Christian mate. Thank you for being my eyes and ears and showing me the way. I can now say I have a Cafe Angel watching over me. Thank you for having integrity as do I.

Grace-goldenray700 {New York} March 2006

 I want to tell you that I haven't been on any other singles websites, because I have not once felt the need to do so.  

ChristianCafe.com is a very classy and very special website and I have made some really wonderful friends all over the world on here.

I have also met a really really awesome Spiritfilled guy with an absolute heart for God on here to whom I can possibly be married not too long from now.

We will both continue to stay in the Cafe and make new friends in Christ as the Spirit leads. Praise God for this website! You guys are doing a great job. Thank you for that! Many blessings.

Love in the sweet name of Christ our Lord.

Connie-RiverJordan916 {South Africa} March 2006

 Your chance will come if you believe.  

I do not really know why I joined ChristianCafe.com. Your site showed up as an email and 10 minutes later I was a paid member. What is even more interesting, that is how my life is led, or should I say shoved into place (smile).

I believe that when you listen to what you're told, not in your head, but your heart, you will be led to where you need to be. I joined the Cafe last December 5th. and I met my very own soul mate, Yvonne, only three nights after joining.

Neither one of us was really searching for a mate. We both had many difficulties to overcome. Friendships meant more than relationships; strength and prayers were greatly needed. I was SO! skeptical. And she had been hurt so bad.

We finally met in person February 17th of 2006. Now I am not going to attempt to speak for Yvonne, but we are 100% devoted to each other; and hate to continue to be apart. That will soon be changing.

All the people I have met in the Cafe Chat Rooms have become dear to me and to Yvonne (lovetohug839). I wish to encourage all members to stop by Chat and get to know it. Tell people I sent you and above all BELIEVE your time will come.

So many people give up hope and get down on the holidays missing the one they have not met. Please take a chance, step outside your security box and believe, as I do NOW. I would not have what I do, if I had not listened to the message, given to me. I would not have what I do, if I had second guessed my heart. I would NOT have anything, if I did not BELIEVE.

Thank you ChristianCafe.com and God bless.

Vince-snoguy390 {Alaska} & Yvonne-lovetohug839 {Oregon} March 2006

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 I just wanted to thank you so much for being the site that facilitated me meeting my future husband.  

After being quite fed up with the dating scene, we both turned to ChristianCafe.com, hoping to find a deeper, more Christ-centered relationship.

We first noticed each other in December 2004, but initially we were too shy to talk to each other. In January 2005 we chatted on the site, then Zak asked for my phone number, and we began talking on the phone. We would talk each night for hours, and eventually changed our cell phone plans so we could talk for free. He lived in Nashville, Tennessee, and I was in Houston, Texas.

Zak flew to Houston to meet me and my family for the first time in February, and we continued to fly back and forth to see each other every month. Last July I moved to Nashville so we could be closer to each other, and he proposed this past Valentine's Day.

We praise the LORD for allowing your site to bring us to know and love each other. I have never shared a relationship with anyone like Zak, and couldn't imagine my life without him! We're getting married this October, and have ChristianCafe.com to thank (of course through God's mighty hand).

Kristen-prettypalsy244 {Texas} & Zak {Tennessee} March 2006

 God is FAITHFUL to His faithful servants! Through ChristianCafe.com, I met my future husband to be.  

I never realized that God would use this website for us to meet and chat and email and call each other (Florida- South Africa) talking about God and putting our relationship in His Hand with God`s covering and protection.

Yes it is a long distance relationship, but for us, we see it as there is no distance between us in Prayer. AMEN!

I`m sending this testimony for all the members to keep an open mind to the Holy Spirit to click you to the MAN of God that He has prepared for you. You will be surprised, what you wish and pray is far greater than what God has in store for you!

Faith {Florida} & Imani-prayerbishop926 {South Africa} March 2006

 I want to thank ChristianCafe.com for such a wonderful experience.  

I believe I have found the woman God prophesied was coming to me over fifteen years ago.

We found each other on ChristianCafe.com, began corresponding, became friends and, over a very short period of time, realized that we falling in love, and were perfectly matched. And while we aren't looking for wedding rings just yet, we are definitely moving in that direction. So, once again, thank you for drawing me into becoming "one of those singles site people".

I also want to thank you for making your site so accessible for the handicapped by being so user-friendly. God bless the entire staff at ChristianCafe.com!

Mike-zkm762 March 2006

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