Christian Testimony - February 2007

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 We have recommended to our friends and family looking for their right person.  

Senior Christians stand lovingly together in front of a fireplace

Jim and Lisa started the new year by getting married!

You provide a great service for Christian singles. In September 2006 I saw Lisa's profile and sent her a Cafe message. We continued to communicate online, then by phone, for about a month before our first date. After that we dated regularly and fell in love.

We got married on New Year's Day 2007.

Thanks again for providing such a wonderful service for single people.

Jim-imyourtype205 {Texas} & Lisa-prayergirl909 February 2007

Editor's note: Like the next testimonial, Jim and Lisa were also married on Jan 1, 2007!!

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 We are a really good match, just what we were both looking for in a mate for life.  

A man smiles broadly while standing next to his new bride at the altar

It only took a wink for Dennis to connect with Kathleen!

I sent my first wink October 30th. 2006. I soon received a response back November 1st. Kathleen and I corresponded for a week and then we met in person. We decided to marry as soon as we could. Everything fell into place; it was amazing.

We were married January 1st. 2007. We are very happy.

Thanks for the really great site.

Dennis-stillhealthy431 {Oregon} & Kathleen-kitkat418 {Washington State} February 2007

Editor's note: Like the previous testimonial, Kathleen and Dennis were also married on Jan 1, 2007!!. Also, see May 2005 for Kathleen's submission]

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 He got his rib back!  

Christian singles nuzzle in after meeting and marrying near the ocean

Rien's rib was replaced with Janice!

This is the story of tinmaniii587 and desmalia867, two people who lived only a few blocks from each other but had never crossed paths.

It all began in July 2005. (OK, really we know it began long before then, as God had been working all along in their lives to bring them to this moment!)

Each having been on their own for years, they were content as singles, but still desired a loving and Godly companionship. Neither was seeking a physical relationship or a fling. They longed for what only God could provide in a spouse, and would never settle for anything less.

No, it is not an easy road to wait for that, tinmaniii587 was 34 and desmalia867 was 30 years of age. They were both still waiting and praying. They wanted friendship, and hopefully, marriage some day.

She was browsing Cafe profiles one day and came across his. One thing he said was "I think God said it best when He said that 'It is not good for man to be alone.' I want my rib back, you can hang on to it, but I want it back."

She thought this was funny, and sent him a quick Cafe message to say so. Neither thought, based on their profiles, that they would be a match, but saw the potential for a new friendship. (Apparently opposites DO attract!)

Thus began the online messages, which eventually grew to be over 20 pages in length and took hours to respond to. During this time they discovered they had the same values, were in the same place in their spiritual walks, and wanted the same things in life.

Eventually it progressed to long phone conversations, some lasting over eight hours straight. And then came the time to meet in person for the first time, and on her birthday (for dinner) no less. (no pressure here).

From their first meeting each felt an attraction, but neither wanted to rush into a romance so quickly. So they developed a friendship without sharing their growing feelings for each other. That phase lasted for just over a month. But alas one of them caved and thus began the most memorable evening of "the beginning".

That evening was the beginning of the realization that God may have more in store for this new friendship than they had initially thought. After much prayer, discussion, and contemplation, they decided to begin a dating relationship. They proceeded with this romance prayerfully, asking God for guidance, and moving forward only if He did not give them a "No". Despite their growing love for each other, both desired only to be together if it was God's will. God did not give them a "No", and blessed the relationship time and again.

Exactly six months after they began dating tinmaniii587 took desmalia867 to a beautiful beach and pulled out of his pocket a little clam shell containing an engagement ring. He pledged his life and heart to her and asked her to marry him.

She accepted with joy in her heart and tears in her eyes. Being the creative and romantic man that he is, he engraved his proposal on a plaque and buried it in the sand, right there on the beach for her to find. Three months later, July 2006, they were married on that same beach in a small, intimate ceremony with family (and a few dozen sunbathers!).

We are constantly amazed and humbled by God's great blessings, workings, and guidance, as He has shaped our lives to bring us together.

He orchestrated this union long before we were born, and we are so blessed to be witness to His miraculous workings. In our young life together we have already been faced with such difficulties as long-term illness and the loss of a parent, and it has all served to strengthen our love.

We are growing closer emotionally and spiritually daily. We aspire to follow the marriage principles laid out for us in the Bible. Marriage is a covenant between man, woman, and God that cannot be broken. It is also the opportunity to experience God's love in new and wonderful ways. It is an adventure and a responsibility that we both embrace with open eyes and great joy.

We would like to thank for providing the tool that God used to bring us together.

Rien-tinmaniii587 & Janice-desmalia867 February 2007

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 Thanks to I met my husband.  

An American Christian man stands behind a beautiful Australian Christian woman with his arm around her as she smiles

Bob bridged the gap of 12,000 miles to meet and marry Vicky!

A woman kisses a man on the cheek near the beach in Cairns

Vicky and Bob honeymooned in Cairns, Queensland, Australia

A man relaxing in the warm night air smiles

Bob soaking in the sunshine in Cairns

a beautiful bride pose in her wedding dress with flowers in front of a field

The beautiful bride on her wedding day!

It's a long way from Perth, Western Australia to Iowa, USA, but Bob and I both see the hand of God in how we met.

Actually Bob was the first contact I had on We both had lost our partners within a month of each other, and so we immediately shared a common sadness.

More especially we both love the Lord Jesus and over the next few months we became good email and phone friends. Then at the insistence of a relative that I should go and meet a couple of the guys in the States, I decided that it would be appropriate.

Again Bob was the first to meet me in the US and it was good to put a face to that voice. Within a day I knew that I liked this interesting man with the strange accent. By the third day he had proposed and of course I said Yes.

There was just one big problem. We live 12,000 miles away from each other. So it was with a heavy heart I said farewell and went back to Perth. But we persevered and kept talking and discussing plans for our wedding on Hillarys foreshore on 24th December 2006.

It was with bated breath I scanned the passengers from the Sydney flight to see if he would turn up, or was it some bad April Fools Day joke and he wouldn't show? The wedding was the next day and there wasn't any time to reschedule.

Bob arrived all smiles and the so the wedding was on. It was casual, in sultry hot weather, and very romantic. We honeymooned in Cairns, Queensland.

I'm planning on relocation to the US in July to finally build our house and be with Bob.

Vicky-vmat487 {Western Australia} & Bob-bobisagoodguy258 {Iowa} February 2007

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 We sent our story which you published on your testimonial pages in November 2006.  

Southern Christian widower stands next to his beautiful new bride in front of a fountain

Brooke and Harold were married August 12, 2006

A newly married older Christian couple smile on their wedding day outdoors

A great first date turned into a wonderful relationship and then marriage!

A happy Christian couple hold hands and smile

Brooke and Bob couldn't be happier!

Here are three wedding photos that go with our story.

Brooke-brooke754 {Tennessee} & Harold-lonelywidower718 {Alabama} February 2007

[Editor's note: See November 2006 for Brooke and Harold's story!]

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 I could never have dreamed up such a man, he definitely came straight from Heaven.  

I could have asked him, "Did it hurt when you fell?" I had to meet him fairly soon, because I knew I didn't want to have just an Internet relationship.

It all started after having my profile on your site for a while, when a lovely man contacted me to wish me a Happy Birthday. He is incredible, we are incredible together. This gentleman had read my profile although I didn't even have a photo on the site, so I was touched and wrote to discuss some of the interests my profile mentioned.

Our meetings all went amazingly well; he lived across country, so he stayed in a hotel and we went out by ourselves during the day and to a concert with another friend at night. Some time has passed and the good news is that we are making plans to marry, build a life together, a home, a family, a future and whatever may come. We adore each other. So, my advice to people is to be patient, to not put off meeting each other, after you are completely sure that there are no warning signs that the person is unsuitable.

Anne-livewire844 {Victoria, Australia} & Steve-nifs278 {Queensland, Australia} February 2007

Editor's note: See August 2016 for a marriage update!]

 My husband and I met on your site about 2 1/2 years ago.  

Kelly February 2007

 I met a godly man through  

We have now been married a month. It was so cool, yet odd how this happened; but God can do great things, in this case online through

Faye February 2007

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 Please delete my profile.  

I have met an amazing woman on your site. Keep up the good work you are doing. is definitely the best Christian site I have seen. God bless you and prosper you for your honesty and integrity. Praise the Lord!

Tony-tony837 {Alberta} & Maria-maria535 {Uzbekistan} February 2007

 I wanted to congratulate you all on the new design and all the new features.  

I like especially the feature which allows me to see who has viewed my profile,and their thumbnail photo.

I'm a Graphic Artist and Designer and I think this is a great ministry. Jesus is really at work on here!

I've really had a chance to meet some really REAL people. Keep up the work!

Barrie-barrie273 {Newfoundland} February 2007

 Please remove my profile.  

I just wanted to say Thank You so much for your services. I have found my future husband in the Cafe.

Linzy-inzy530 {Ontario} February 2007

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Thank You,, for providing the means to introduce Ron & me. On Saturday January 20, Ron asked me to marry him, & now we are engaged to be married in December 2007.

I really believe it was the Lord that led my Mom to introduce me to, because otherwise I would never have met Ron.

Sharon-lovetosing276 {Arizona} & Ronald-ronaldjames646 {Arizona} February 2007

 God used in a miraculous way to have me meet my fiancee, a word which I love to say!  

We are amazed at what God has done for us. We have actually started to write a book which we hope will glorify God and encourage and teach Christians that through prayer and long suffering, waiting on THE Person God has for you, all things are possible and even more than anyone could imagine.

We will share more with you, Lord Jesus permitting, as our lives together continue. We are praying for protection and ask you to join us in that prayer for our marriage and for how God may choose to continue to use us in ministry.

My life has changed and I have fallen even more deeply in love with Christ as a result of meeting Regina. She is from God and we are meant for each other by God's Grace alone. I am very blessed to ask you to remove my profile from your site, as I won't need to log in again.

Regina and I thank you, the web site God used to introduce us, for your prayers. We will send you more information on our lives together so that you can continue to encourage others. Serving Him, by His Grace alone,

Lee-lee476 {Illinois} & Regina February 2007

 I met the man of my dreams on and that we are engaged and getting married in June 2007.  

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalms 37:4.

Jenna-jennaf397 {California} February 2007

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 May Wedding Planned.  

My fiancee and I met on in February 2006. After initially trading a few messages and finding each other interesting we gave up because neither wanted a long distance relationship. Sara lives in Fresno, California and I live in Fullerton, California (232 miles apart).

What initially had drawn Sara to my profile was that Fullerton fell under Fresno alphabetically and my screen name was "swingdncr" since I like to swing dance and she does as well. After a few weeks passed and us not talking, we contacted each other again, and the rest is as they say "history".

We don't know what changed, but we're pretty sure that it was God's doing!

We met in person on March 18, 2006 in Bakersfield, California which is the halfway point between Fresno and Fullerton. We've been able to see each other on about 75% of the weekends in the past 8 months. What drew us together was that Sara felt that I seemed sincere in my profile and that I have a strong relationship with God and was committed to a good group of other men. I found the same with her.

We've seen some bumpy spots in our relationship in the last 8 months, such as my Dad being diagnosed, treated, and now in remission with Lung Cancer Stage IIIC, losing my job and finding a new one, and Sara's Grandparents going downhill in health towards their last days. I really enjoy her company and love doing everything with her, and her family reminds me of my own. I think our parents will get along just fine.

I proposed to Sara on November 18, 2006, exactly 8 months later from the day we first met. We had met halfway on this day and I proposed to her from atop a mountain outside of Tehachapi, which was where we'd watched the sunset together on our first date. We'd like to first and foremost to thank God for bringing us together, and to thank for providing the venue for that to happen.

Dan-swingdncr356 {California} & Sara {California} February 2007

Editor's note: See April 2007 for Dan's countdown to wedding :)]

 I met my husband on in 2003.  

We're both very glad to see that in 2007 continues to help singles connect.

Sarah-sarahlareina766 {Texas} February 2007

 I met my husband on this site last year, February 2006, and we got married on 19th August 2006.  

If you are a true child of God and are on this site for the right motives, attitude and intention, the good Lord will connect you to the right person.

Funke-funky966 {England} February 2007

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 Matt, and I met through in August 2005 in our first Cafe weekend.  

We met in person that September and got engaged in December 2005.

We got married on 12 August 2006.

Please remember everyone, if you think God has forgotten you, He hasn't. He has someone special waiting for you just as he did for me.

Pam {United Kingdom} February 2007

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