Christian Testimony - May 2007

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 I could never imagine or think what God had in store for me.  

Very happy, relaxed Christian couple smile after marrying in Florida

Mirtes and Paul hit it off right away

I just want to say Thank You for having this wonderful website.

I was living in Florida when suddenly I met my wonderful husband, Paul, on your site. He lived in New Jersey.

We started talking by Cafe messages, then emails, then we started talking on the phone.

In less than a month I flew to New Jersey to meet Paul; it was so wonderful, we hit it off right away. We used to fly back and forth every month to see each other.

Paul is beyond what I ever asked or prayed for, God is so faithful and cares so much about us. We are tremendously blessed and so happy that we found each other.

We got engaged in April 2006 and got married on September 9th, 2006 in Florida. Then of course I moved to New Jersey.

Thank you for opening the way for us. I always tell people about

Mirtes-godlywoman196 {Florida} & Paul {New Jersey} May 2007

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 We only lived about 2 1/2 hours from each other.  

Funny photo of wedding party trying to time celebration jump

The large wedding party

Couple dating on April Fools receive blessing as they marry

Bethany and her husband are 'completely happy'!

My husband and I met on in February 2005. We talked in messages, then emails, and finally phone calls.

My husband has family who live close to me, so he came down one weekend in March 2005 and stayed with them. That's when we met in person. We've been together ever since.

We started officially dating on April Fools Day of 2005 and he proposed to me in June of that summer. Yes, we only officially dated 3 months!

We were engaged for over a year, and were married this past summer on July 15th. We are now approaching 9 months of marital bliss! We are completely happy!

The wedding was a dream and now I'm married to my best friend whom I met through Christian Cafe.

Bethany [No usernames given] May 2007

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 Greetings, from one happily married couple in Montreal!  

Christian couple from Montreal can't stop laughing at their wedding

Bernadette's face hurt from smiling so much!

Wife checks to ensure husband signs his name correctly on wedding license

Another big smile from Bernadette!

Happy Christian singles engaged on Valentine's pose together

Bernadette was engaged on Valentine's Day

Happy Christian marriage kiss

Not the moment for smiling :)

After joining the Cafe several years ago, I met a few 'virtual' guys (you know, the type who don't seem to ever get around to agreeing to meet!).

In March 2002, just before Easter, I was about to delete my profile, but decided to have one last look. But this time, only for guys in Montreal (my city).

carruthers545 was the only Montreal male listed as *NEW*, so I clicked. He sounded like a nice, well read and interesting man, so I wrote him a quick note, asked him to read my profile and write back if interested. He did!

We both love films, and he had seen my favorite film, 'Wings Of Desire' (German, B&W), so I was impressed. He told me he felt the same way upon hearing that I liked a 'foreign' film.

We agreed to meet on March 28, which was Maundy Thursday. I skipped a church service to go on this blind date. My Pastor knew (I work in the church office), and he said it was OK (*wink*).

We met for a drink at a local pub. My husband doesn't actually drink, and I have but an occasional glass of wine, but it was 'neutral' ground.

We met just outside, around 7:30 p.m., the snow lightly falling around us. During our 'drink', I remember thinking my face hurt from smiling so much.

The one thing that impressed each other with that very first night was that we both knew what 'Dialectic Progression' is, and we both thought it was an interesting theory that could never work without God!

The bar was smoky, so we went for a walk around the block and looked at old houses; we still like to do that. We actually ran into my Pastor and his wife (on their way home from the Maundy Thursday service I had skipped!) that very first night, and they liked my husband right away (as did I).

After a few months of dating, he took me to meet his Aunt (his mother's sister) who lives nearby and she checked me out for his Mum (who lives in another part of the country).

We got engaged just before Valentine's Day the next year and married that June 28. We even catered our own wedding, of just 50 close friends and family!

We are very happy collecting art and antiques, old books and movies, and getting to know Montreal. We enjoy having parties for our friends and trying out new gourmet recipes at said parties. We also love dreaming and planning which wonderful old house we will one day buy and fix up together!

It turned out we only lived about 20 blocks apart in this very large city, but we likely would never have connected without, so we wanted to finally write and say a proper thank you., thanks for being there for people of like mind and like faith to connect in this great big world!

Bernadette-susie870 {Quebec} & carruthers545 {Quebec} May 2007

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  I was never interested with any online dating stuff but I thought of trying out to make friends.  

A couple hug tightly cheek to cheek and smile for joy after marrying

God used the Internet to bring Chie and Tim together

Happy Christian couple with their new baby cuddle on the couch in front of Christmas tree

Chie, Tim and their 5 month old daughter, in Ohio

I am writing to share with you how my husband and I met at In August 2005, I was living in New York City when I joined

I got a lot of messages from different people, but one guy named Tim caught my attention because of his Cafe message, sharing his testimony, and how he wants to be a missionary someday.

I have a very high interest in missions too, so I responded to Tim's message.

A few days later, we wrote to each other again, then we began calling each other on the phone. Sometimes when you say you won't do something, you find yourself doing it! That's how our relationship began.

I never thought I'd be ready for a relationship since I had just moved to New York, and came from the Philippines. Tim still had another semester in college.

After 2 months corresponding online, Tim flew to New York to meet me. We prayed that we would do God's will. It's hard to think how God uses even the Internet for us to meet the one He has for us.

I flew back with Tim to Indiana, got married after 2 months, on a cold snowy day. Now, we're living in Ohio and enjoying our time with our 5 months old daughter.

We're still looking forward to someday working together in the mission field.

Thank you from our hearts and may God continue to bless more people through

Chie-labuyo635 {New York} & Tim-pentecostalman129 {Indiana} May 2007

 We can not thank your website enough for what you've done for us.  

Reverend marries his beautiful bride

God has blessed George and Cheryl so much

We met online in December 2003. We got married on February 19, 2004. We have been happily married for over 3 years. God has blessed us so much we really wouldn't know where to start.

We pray that God will continue to richly bless your website, so that through your website many couples that have been praying for mates can find each other.

Rev. George & Cheryl {Georgia} May 2007

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 5 years and counting!  

Christian army man holds hands with a beautiful woman in front of large American flag

Jerriann and John, still strong after 5 years!

Christian parents pose by the Christmas tree holding their 3 children

Jerriann and John with their 3 "Cafe Babies" :)

Cute baby looks at camera

"Cafe Baby" #1 :)

Cute daughter laughs for camera

"Cafe Baby" #2 :)

Cute girl smiles while lying down

"Cafe Baby" #3 :) we need to thank you once again. My husband and I just celebrated our 5th year of marriage.

We met online during the spring of 2001 and face to face in the fall. We were engaged on New Year's and married in April 2002. I was in Indianapolis and John was in West Virginia at the time.

Now we are in Georgia while he is serving our country. We have been apart the 5 years more than we have been together while he does his duty but since we found our soul mate in each other it is all worth while. The toughest times is when I know he is in harm's way, but our deep faith sustains us.

Thank you for helping me find the one I can call my personal hero and the father of our beautiful girls. 5 years and counting!

Jerriann-msjerriann584 {Indianapolis} & John {West Virginia} May 2007

[Editor's note: See February 2003 for their 1 year anniversary post!]

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 I joined your website and boy am I glad I did!  

A Christian single woman hugs her match in a park

Terri met Adam, the man of her dreams

Cute couple site by the waterfall

Terri and Adam truly complete each other

After much prayer and thought, and a good friend telling me about, I decided to open a door that God seemed to be pushing me towards.

After a very short time online, I met the man of my dreams!

Adam and I met on April 9, 2006, when I saw his profile and sent him a Quick Message. I never thought that my message would lead to anything more than casual conversation, especially since I had only been a paid member of the site for a week or so.

I left for a mission trip and when I returned there were several messages from Adam asking what happened to me. I knew this guy was different. We exchanged home email addresses soon after I returned and about a month into emailing he asked for my phone number.

On June 10th, Adam made the 4 hour trip from Upstate New York (where he lives) to Southern New Jersey (where I live) for our first face to face meeting. We had an instant connection!

We now take turns driving the four hours each weekend because we love being with each other. We truly complete each other. We began talking of marriage in July and were formally engaged on September 23. We will be married on July 7, 2007 in my home State. We can't wait to begin the next stage of our lives together!

We are both grateful to the Cafe and to our heavenly Father for the wonderful opportunity we were given to get to know each other slowly and in a safe way. Thank you God! In Him.

"There is nothing we can do to make God love us more; there is nothing we can do to make God love us less." Philip Yancey
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Terri-tbrick695 {New Jersey} & Adam-firstman799 {New York} May 2007

 My wife, Emily, and I lived worlds apart. But by the power of the Internet and we were able to meet.  

Husband photobombs bride as she laughs while taking a selfie

Stephen and Emily knew it was meant to be!

Beautiful Christian couple pose on the beach on Lake Ontario

Stephen and Emily were first married in Canada

Canadian Christian single marries his sweetheart in NZ

Stephen and Emily had a wedding in New Zealand, too!

I just wanted to share my Testimonial and thank you for creating this site.

She was originally from New Zealand and I was in Toronto, Canada. At the time of our meeting on Emily had just moved to San Francisco, California. We started messaging each other through and then quickly moved to phone calls. We were hitting it off rather nicely.

We flew out to see each other several times until Emily decided to move to Toronto. We prayed about our relationship and we knew it was meant to be. We fell in love and were married the following year.

We had two, yes TWO, weddings half way around the world in ONE weekend! One in New Zealand, where Emily's family is from, on July 1st. 2005, and one in Toronto, Canada, where my family is from, on July 4th. 2005.

We had people all over the world attend our weddings! People from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, and the United States came to see us get married. It was a great weekend wedding and wonderful experience. We loved it. Who says Internet dating doesn't work? Ha! And it doesn't matter how far apart you may live.

Last year my wife and I bought a house and we live in a small town outside Toronto. We are extremely blessed. And as the saying goes, we are living happily ever after! Thank you Jesus and thanks

Stephen-adobe912 {Ontario} & Emily-kiwi881 {New Zealand} May 2007

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 Marriage, kids, life, with PICTURES!  

Beautiful Christians singles meet and marry

Joei couldn't ask for anything better in Jason!

Gorgeous flowers and children surround Christian parents in spring

Joei and Jason along with 2 of their 5 children, Darien and Jourdan

My husband and I met through in October 2002, became engaged 2003, married summer 2004! Jason lived in Williamsburg, Virginia, and I lived in San Antonio, Texas.

Jason decided to pack all his belongings, along with faith in his back pocket, and drive to live in Texas. Since we married, we have a total of five kids. Darien and Jourdan (12 and 9) from my previous marriage, Justin (8) from Jason's previous marriage, and Noelle and Tyler (14 months and 4 months), our two babies we have together.

I am so thankful for God has used this website to join thousands of couples together and I am so grateful. God has blessed me with a wonderful family. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Joei {Texas} & Jason {Virginia} May 2007

 I believe it was God's way of bringing us together even for a short time.  

Very happy man shown hugging his late wife

Mick and Lita were married for nearly 2 years.

Lita and I met on here in September 2003. I phoned her the first time in November 2003. We met in person and became engaged when I went over to Hong Kong (Lita was from the Philippines) in February 2004. Because of some difficulties we decided to marry in January 2005.

Lita's cancer returned and for the next 2 years she underwent surgery and many chemo sessions until she died late last year. Had it not been for, I would have never known Lita, and a large part of my life would have been missing. I know what some think of online dating/searches, but I do know in our case it worked. My life has truly been blessed and changed by

Mick-mick348 {Texas} & Lita {Philippines} May 2007

  It's as if I made a checklist of everything I ever wanted to find in a soul mate, and God brought him to me through  

Smiling couple laugh together effortlessly at a party

Laci and Josh will be married in August

We're getting married! I have yet another wonderful testimony to add to your page. I signed up for your site after hearing about it on a Christian radio station in Fresno, California.

They were holding a contest where they'd pick 8 local guys and 8 local girls that created a profile on, then would treat us all to a baseball game where we'd meet a new single each inning.

I created my profile and started browsing just for fun, telling myself that I was never going to actually pursue anything. Almost immediately I stumbled upon Josh's profile.

I was surprised to see that his writing style reflected his personality, and that we sounded very similar. In a moment of bravery, I sent him a Cafe message.

To my surprise we hit it off immediately. Every day I looked forward to his funny and in-depth messages. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Josh wasn't afraid to bring up important topics, and was straightforward about what he wanted from life and from a relationship.

We progressed to phone calls, and though he lived almost 6 hours away, we decided that it was worth the distance to meet in person and see if this was a relationship we wanted to pursue further.

In August we had our first official date at Disneyland. I brought my best friend and her boyfriend, and we had a wonderful day filled with laughter and fun.

It was amazing how comfortable Josh and I immediately felt with each other, and my best friend approved wholeheartedly. Feeling that God had blessed us in finding each other, we began making frequent trips between Fresno, California and Orange County, California to continue to get to know each other.

It was a difficult time for both of us, but allowed us to take things slow and really develop a strong foundation. Soon, a friend of mine emailed me to say that she was moving to Orange County and needed a roommate, so after a lot of prayer, I decided to make the move, and I've never regretted it since!

On April 18, my birthday, my wonderful Josh led me on a scavenger hunt to find my presents on the campus of our church. The last clue led us to the prayer chapel where we had once shared our first kiss, and as I walked through the door, there were our entire families gathered with cameras.

With a smile, Josh dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring, asking me to marry him with tears in both our eyes!

We are so incredibly thankful that we both took a chance and joined We would never have found each other without your help, and every day I thank God for that.

We'll be getting married in August, and I'll be sure to tell all my single friends about you!

Laci-gsusfreak567 {California} & Josh-bluazul584 {California} May 2007

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 It was a miracle how we met, and we thank God for that miracle every day of our lives.  

Woman in veil holds holds her husband's hands at their wedding ceremony

Lee and Anna exchanging vows

Flower girl in veil holds groom's hand while his bride unveiled holds the other

A beaming Lee with his new wife Anna!

A woman wraps her arms around her husband

Anna isn't letting Lee go!

Wedding dance for the newlyweds

A special dance for the newlyweds

Man sits on a swing and smiles as a woman hugs him

Don't Lee and Anna make a great couple!

On December 3, 2005 Anna and I spoke for the first time on your website. At that time, I lived in Canada and Anna lived in Indonesia.

On February 27, 2006 Anna and I met for the very first time in person. I was so excited to meet Anna. She was a very beautiful woman, but an even better person.

A special thanks to for making the impossible possible.

We got married on August 19, 2006 in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Anna's birthday. Anna got her visa in March and arrived to Canada to be with her husband on April 18, 2007.

Thank you Jesus! Now, the miracle is complete! Amen.

Lee {Canada} & Anna {Indonesia} May 2007

 Without, I am almost certain I would have never met this amazing man, considering we are not just in separate states, but in separate countries!  

A beautiful woman hugs a man wearing a cap

God answered Tiffaney's prayers when he showed her

A couple hug and hold hands while smiling in front of the fireplace

Tiffaney and Ken connected on many levels right from the start

A man wraps his arms around a woman who looks joyful

Tiffaney and Ken are a match made in heaven!

Our divine story! Dear, It is with great joy I share with you that through your site, Ken and I were able to meet, fall completely in love, and commit to spend the rest of our lives together!

I cannot thank you enough for the privilege of being a part of this Christian network of singles.

From the moment Ken and I began our conversations, I knew this was different. We connected on so many levels right from the start, and within a few short weeks, we both knew this was a match truly made in heaven.

Ken asked me to marry him on April 26th and we are planning a wedding for November 10th of this year. I thank God every day for the amazing blessing Ken has been in my life, and I cannot wait until we are together for a lifetime.

Although I was myself skeptical about the possibilities of a long distance relationship, I can now say with confidence that when God is at the center, anything is possible (Phil 4:13). We are proof that God answers prayers for He surely answered all of mine when He first put this site in my path and then delivered my precious fiance to me.

Thank you for providing an avenue for believers to seek out other believers in the pursuit of a Christ-centered relationship. I couldn't be happier and I wanted to share with you our amazing love story.

Again, thank you for providing a great way to bring Christian singles together. I was able to find the most amazing man I have ever known, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Tiffaney-newheartogive426 {Kentucky} & Ken-ken866 {British Columbia} May 2007

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 Thank you!  

I have met an amazing woman on your site. She is in Phoenix, Arizona, and I could never have met her any other way.

Thank you so much.

Tom-tom205 {Oregon} May 2007

 I never expected to actually meet someone through Christian Cafe.  

After all, I am 55! But God has used the Cafe to bring the most wonderful man into my life. He loves Jesus with all of his heart as do I. AND we live 1372 miles apart but those details can be worked out later. Our God is a BIG God!

For now, we are both removing our profiles so we can concentrate on the possibilities before us! IF this ends where we are both hoping it to, you will be the first to know!

Thank you Christian Cafe!

Becky-funinphoenix127 {Arizona} May 2007

 I am leaving because I am getting married.  

In December 2006, I found Bruce's profile, and sent him a wink. I liked his profile, and thought we would have a lot in common. I also liked the idea that he lived just across the Long Island Sound in Bridgeport, Connecticut which is easily reachable by ferry. Bruce answered my wink with a Cafe message, and I immediately could tell that he had a sense of humor.

We corresponded for two weeks, then spoke on the phone. That first conversation lasted two hours, and my sides hurt from laughing so hard. This was a man who really brought joy into my life!

We finally met in person on New Year's Day, and Bruce proposed two weeks later. We are getting married in August.

I am grateful to for bringing us together. We were both praying to meet a Christian partner, and God used your channel to accomplish this task.

Nancy-agoodcook596 {New York} & Bruce-buzz579 {Connecticut} May 2007

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After searching Canada, U.S.A. and Norway, I found someone through Christian Cafe on my own backdoor step!

We've just had a tremendous first date,and look forward to so much more. Thank you Christian Cafe and Praise be to God!

Jennifer-cranachan688 {Scotland} May 2007

 In April 2005 I met the man who is now my husband, on  

Thank you. God Bless.

Teresa-teresa116 {Alberta} May 2007

 A Big Thanks!  

I just want to say a Big Thank You to all at I have met the "girl of my dreams". Life just couldn't be better, more exciting, and jam packed full of adventures!

I was initially very skeptical about Internet dating, but my advice to everyone is to include God in all you do, and for most of us that includes both the Internet and relationships. Trust God - He has a plan for us all and cares passionately about us and the deep desires of our hearts. Be Prayerful, be Beautiful. You are made in God's own image. And be careful.

Luke-lumunawi212 {England} May 2007

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 I do want to share with you how impressed and thankful I am to you for your trust.  

You truly let people try your site first, no charge, unlike all other sites, Christian or otherwise.

God bless you all for your work.

Michael-realeight833 {California} May 2007

 I met the love of my life on only a few weeks ago.  

We met at the beginning of March 2007 and we knew that it was God's will for us to be together. We are so in love it's hard to imagine life without each other. He is my dream come true.

We will be getting married this August 2007. This will be only 6 months after we met but we both love God and have been born again for over 20 years. We know that we have added to each other spiritually, emotionally, financially and socially.

My fiance will be relocating to my area and joining my church soon and we are both so excited. He has already taken a vacation to come meet me, my pastor, family and friends. Everyone loves him including my dog!

A match made by heaven because of Thank you for your commitment to serve the Christian community.

Tracey-nwilson987 {Alabama} May 2007

 I met a man from your site in 2006 and we got married on January 1, 2007.  

We are very happy and we would have never met if it wasn't for

Thanks again.

Kathleen-kitkat418 {Washington} May 2007

Editor's note: See February 2007 for their wedding photo!]

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 Keep it up, you're doing a great job. is an excellent site! I have met some very nice people.

Todd-peanuts156 {Michigan} May 2007

 I always enjoy the Post a Prayer page.  

Marylou-mlou912 {California} May 2007

 I found someone on this site that has taken my breath away.  

We are both happy to report that we are sure our search is over!

Thanks again.

Jenny-jerppt499 {Iowa} May 2007

 Awesome! I just want to thank you so much for letting me use Christian Cafe.  

I found a wonderful woman from Tennessee. is better than sliced bread! You know how hard it is to go shopping at Church for a woman?

Al-swashbuckler904 {Florida} May 2007

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