Christian Testimony - December 2006

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 How does a gal from Northern Ontario end up marrying a guy from Southern Ontario?  

Perfectly matched Christian singles from Ontario laugh and stand cheek to cheek after marrying

The distance couldn't keep John and Kori apart!

Through, that's how.

My wife and I were married on July 8, 2006, just ten months after we met online through your website.

God brought us together and only He could have known how perfectly matched we were. He used as a starting place for us to get acquainted.

For one month we emailed each other before meeting in person. As much as we enjoyed exchanging letters, it wasn't until we met in person and began dating that we really discovered how much we had in common (e.g., never married, no kids, passionate for the arts, active in church ministry), and how much of a role God had been playing to bring our paths together.

Thanks for the excellent service you provide to single Christian men and women, and thanks for getting us started on our new life together as one.

John-kitchenerguy775 {Ontario} & Kori {Ontario} December 2006

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 Being a little skeptical and hesitant, I decided to join  

Christian singles on a romantic dinner date

Josh and Esther at a romantic dinner

A well dressed attractive Christian couple on a boat

Josh and Esther were both skeptical about but look at them now!

A beautiful bride sits on the grass with her husband who kisses her

Josh sneaks a kiss from Esther

Excited Christian couple hold hands and lean in close together after marrying

The proud couple on their wedding day

Being a Christian I often looked at Christian websites. One day as I was going through these sites, I stumbled across Being single, the Cafe caught my curiosity; I had heard of many people going on Christian dating sites.

I worked diligently researching my perfect matches. After searching for only two days in November 2005, I met my (now) husband Josh. Josh's Dad had been trying to get Josh to date and find someone. Josh had been hesitant, just like me!

Josh and I got married in August 2006.

Before meeting Josh, after I became a Christian I would only settle for a preacher. Josh is called to preach for the Lord. Who would have ever known that this is the way the Lord would have put us together?

Esther-baptistliz454 & Josh December 2006

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 Married July 5th, 2006 in Colorado Springs, Colorado!  

Mountains in the background for Christians who sit together on a bench and smile

What a beautiful setting for David and Marva to get married!

Thanks for all your help!

David-david327 & Marva December 2006

 Truly is a great help for those who are seeking a mate.  

An interracial Christian couple site arm in arm on the couch

Elwyn and his beautiful wife Jema married in November 2006

Glory to God! Truly, if God has destined both of you to be together no matter how far the distance, God will bring you together.

We would like to thank you for helping more singles to find their mate through this website. We met in Christian Cafe in 2005 and we got married in November 2006.

Elwyn-lovesearch447 & Jema December 2006

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 I came to expecting nothing to happen, but, WOW! I met the woman of my dreams.  

Groom with a seeing eye dog smiles while standing next to his beautiful Christian fiancee

Julie is the best thing to ever happen to Travis

We began to talk via Cafe messages and email and then started to call each other. We soon found we had so much in common that we felt like we knew each other all of our lives. Julie is the best thing to ever happen to me.

We talked for more than a month over the phone, then decided to meet in person. I traveled to Virginia from Georgia and we met at the airport. We spent the next week falling in love all over again. We have now been dating for 5 months and I have asked Julie to marry me. We will be married by July 7, 2007 and are looking forward to a life filled with each other.

Had it not been for we would never have found each other. Many people doubt Internet relationships, but I think that it is just another way for God to bring people together who may not have found each other without Him. Thank you so much for everything.

Travis-radar950 {Georgia} & Julie {Virginia} December 2006

 Bible Believing Bikers.  

Bible Believing Biker couple stand hand in hand smiling on their wedding day

Don and Susan grow more in love each day

I had been a member for a year and had met many wonderful ladies but had not found the "one". I had just renewed my membership for 2005 when I met Susan. She had just signed up and had not even posted a photo yet.

We met in person in April 2005. We were married September 10, 2005. We have just completed our one year anniversary and are growing more in love each day.

The Lord leads us where He wants us, and if we listen He blesses us with the perfect companion. He used to bring Susan into my life and I thank Him every day. And thank you all at for providing a forum for Christians to meet.

Don aka "Preacher", Pastor, Bible Believing Bikers & Susan December 2006

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 Together forever and ever and always.  

Senior Christians hold hands affectionately and smile

Tim and Barb have been together for 3 loving and caring years

Christmas wedding for seniors who stand with their pastor

A very happy Tim and Barb with their pastor

Wedding party laughing together

The wedding party

Barb and I met January 4th, 2003 at your wonderful site. It was truly a God incidence which you would not believe and I am not joking. The story is long, but the bottom line is: we were married December 26, 2005.

We are coming up to our third year of loving, caring, respecting and accepting each other and working to have Jesus as the centre of our relationship. Barb and I have referred your site to many people and will continue to do so.

Again, you can not imagine what life is like when you are in a covenant marriage tied with the light of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for all the good you have done for us, and you do for all the people out there.

Tim-tim531 & Barb December 2006

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In October I travelled to the United States to meet a lady I was corresponding with on the site. I am pleased to report that we are now engaged to be married.

I will be traveling to the United States for our wedding on May 26, 2007 and we will be returning to my country to live. Thank you for providing the forum in which we could meet.

Wayne-handydad979 {New Zealand} December 2006

 I got married last April to the man I met through  

We started to correspond in December 2003. We are happily married and I wish that others will have the same or even better results that we have had.

Thank you for the service that you provide. Please keep up the good work.

Marcey-marcey555 December 2006

 God used you,  

I couldn't help but drop you a line to let you know that God used your site to bring yet another couple to the altar.

Russell and I met almost 4 years ago in the Cafe and began dating. We have taken things very slowly and just this past weekend celebrated our love with our friends and loved ones as we exchanged vows and became husband and wife.

Thank you so much for the service you provide and the opportunity to meet the person God has in mind for others.

Carol-kansasviv655 {Kansas} & Russell December 2006

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 Just wanted you to know what has meant to our family.  

My husband and I met through, and in November 2006 we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. It has been the best 5 years of our lives.

We are older and have children and grandchildren and each had an abusive spouse before. But a marriage based on Christ, shared values, and prayer, has made this a wonderful marriage.

Not only that, my daughter and her husband also met on and will soon celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary.

And, my son will soon have his 7th wedding anniversary from

Carol December 2006

 Through Christian Cafe I met the guy who introduced me to my husband.  

If it wasn't for meeting the first guy I went out with on a date I may not have met my husband!

So I just wanted to encourage others, that even though they may not find the love of their life on this site, that just meeting other people opens up communications with even more people. You never know what could happen!

Amanda December 2006, you have already done for us what we wanted.  

We met on in July 2001. My wife Nancy lived at that time in Manila, Philippines, while I lived in Portland, Oregon. We corresponded and chatted by Internet daily. Occasionally we called and talked by phone.

Then in April 2002, I flew to Manila to meet Nancy. I arrived on Friday and the first Sunday I asked her family for permission to marry.

I returned with my mother and children in December 2002 to marry Nancy. She joined me in Oregon in April 2003. Today, we live in Hood River, Oregon. We are more than happily married. Our honeymoon continues even now.

We tell every single person we know to go to Thank you for serving as the contact point God used to bring us together.

Glenn-gec238 {Oregon} & Nancy-hope796 {Philippines} December 2006

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 I married a lovely Filipina Christian lady in March 2001 and now have been married for over 4 years.  

In addition we have a lovely 2 year old boy, so it is not too late to have a son at the young age of 60.

It all started through where we met.

Anton {Australia} December 2006

  I am married to someone I met on in 2000.  

We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary next month!

Katy-katydid293 December 2006


I met the love of my life, Brian, on your website 5 years ago. I lived in Arizona and he lived in Texas. We chatted for quite a while and then exchanged phone numbers. The connection was magical!

About 5-6 months in, he paid for a plane ticket and I flew to Texas to finally meet face to face. When I arrived, into his loving hug, I was home! It was surreal.

3 and a half years ago I moved to Texas with my son and married the best husband on earth. We have been married for over 3 years, and he has legally adopted my son. I have never been happier!

Thank you for helping God bring my family together.

Denise-denise777 {Arizona} & Brian {Texas} December 2006

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 A new life and love.  

My husband and I found each other through your website 4 and a half years ago. Our courtship stretched out over 3 years, its start at I had all but given up on a new start on life and love after visiting and trying out several different match-up sites previously.

My husband and I exchanged our vows in the garden of Walnut Tree Farm 1 and a half years ago, July 30, 2005. We thank God every day that He gave us this wonderful chance to live together for Him. We are very happy and enjoy sharing our happiness with those who could use a little encouragement.

Thank you for allowing us to use your website to find each other. We used to tell people sheepishly that we met at But now, it's commonplace. We met online and we've told others to check out your website as well.

Charity December 2006

 We are loving married life.  

I met my husband on in 2003. We got married this summer in Manchester, England.

Laura-milly946 {England} December 2006

  I am the most blessed man alive having this fantastic (and gorgeous!) lady in my life.  

For some time I used to meet ladies in my area solely for social interaction. I had no other intent and was always right upfront about that. So I did not ordinarily visit with ladies more than a few miles from my home. (Living in a major metropolitan area, there were literally thousands within a few miles.)

For some unknown reason I did not send my standard "Thanks, but no thanks" letter to one lady who was GU (Geographically Unavailable) but rather read her profile and responded to her. We did meet for breakfast a couple of weeks later while I was on a business trip to where she lived in Oklahoma. Neither of us was particularly attracted physically to the other, rather humorous for each of us as many we encountered regularly considered each of us very attractive; we just weren't each other's type.

That was really fine as neither of us was open to any kind of relationship anyway; I was never going to remarry and she wasn't going to marry again until her children were grown. We did hit it off spiritually however, as I thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever encountered. Over the following months we built quite a friendship and two years after we first met online we were married. That was a year and a half ago

We thrill to tell others how we met. Ours was a "God" relationship from day 1. Both our focuses centered upon submission to His will for our lives. I know of no other place where I could meet a lady so spiritually harmonious with my entire life. Thanks!

Jack {Arizona} December 2006

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 We're getting married!  

My fianc�© and I met on your site a little over a year ago. I had been meeting people who weren't right for me, so I decided to try something fairly new for me. Being a Christian, I felt it better to use a Christian site. Well I got some winks and messages, but my fianc�© was the only one I kept corresponding with. He lives in Canada, and I live in Texas.

We have just met in person after almost a year of meeting and talking, and he proposed! We are engaged to be married. I love him, and he is a blessing to me. made it all possible. We are getting married next month, and I will send pictures if you would like.

Brittany-cottoncandy680 {Texas} December 2006

 Please delete my account.  

My fiance and I are happy to announce that we are getting married. We met on your site.

We are happy that was available for us to meet each other.

Thank You from the both of us!

Pamela-pamela710 {Ontario} December 2006

 I am now very happily married to a lady I met on  

Although I believe that God had a big hand in the two of us finding each other, falling in love, and finally marrying, your web site was of much help.

The story that there is someone out there for everyone came true for the two of us.

I feel that there are many success stories out there, and we just felt we needed to add ours.

Once again thank you all at

Diana-dizzydee927 & Hugh-pulpmaker616 December 2006

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 I found my husband in the Christian Cafe.  

We have been happily married now for 2 years.

Thanks and praise to

Donna-lookingforward499 December 2006

 It worked!  

I won't be needing to join again because I will be getting married soon, to someone on met on!

David-notaboutme410 {California} & Debi December 2006

 What a ministry!  

I knew of over the years but did not take any action. Recently here in Israel a woman from the US came to speak to our women's meeting and shared a poignant testimony about how she as a widow met her new husband, a widower, on your site. They are both "quality, G-d-fearing believers" in international ministry and so I thought, why not give it a try!

I have been on for 10 days and so far the men I have been corresponding with seem to be genuine, substantial G-d fearing brothers. I am so pleased and it renews my hope that the Lord has the partner He has set apart for me and vice versa even at the eternally youthful, never-married yet, age of 52 (next month)!

Batia-zionsdaughter453 {Israel} December 2006

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 I'm happy to report that my husband and I met February 2004 on  

We were married last December (2005) and are very happy together. Thank you for your service.

Letitia-tish149 December 2006

 I am delighted to report to you that I met my husband on  

He is from Ohio, and I am from Oklahoma. He moved to Oklahoma and we are married now. We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary.

Thanks guys for your website!

Michelle-lavishnhisglory757 {Oklahoma} December 2006

 On May 6, 2006, I received an email invitation from your web site and I accepted.  

Since January 15, 2006 I had been praying to God, "Lord, you have filled me with such a love for You, that You must want me to share it with someone. If that is Your will, please show her to me."

On May 6, He did. After filling out the questionnaire and running 3 or 4 different search criteria, I sent a message to lovehearts523. Her profile had come up in every one of my searches and although she did not have anything besides her picture and location (none of the questions filled in), I felt drawn to send her a message. She lived in Chilliwack, BC and I lived in Tacoma. We messaged each other, then on Monday, May 8th, I went to Canada.

We are being married on 10th. December 2006.

We were in the Cafe for only 3 days each! In those 3 days God brought us together and answered our prayers. He wrote her a song that goes, in part, "I am love and I smile from up above and I say see all the great things I have done. I have healed all your pain, because you love My son, tell others all the great things I have done." That is our ministry.

Ken-kjarr739 {Washington State} & lovehearts523-British Columbia} December 2006

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 I am so glad I received and accepted an invitation to join in March 2006.  

I met some nice people. I met one woman in particular who lived only 10 minutes from me, named Barb.

We met on Good Friday in person after talking on the phone for a week.

We were married on September 1, 2006.

Thank You Christian Cafe!

Bill-carfix364 {Canada} & Barb {Canada} December 2006

 Success Story - I married the woman I met via  

My wife and I are a true testament that really works. We have been married now for 6 months.

Thanks for making it possible to meet my wife.

Nick-nickyp261 December 2006

 I am cancelling my membership.  

God has used your service to introduce me to the most wonderful woman. She's all I could have hoped for, everything I prayed for. Key words here being "prayed for". We met in the Cafe just before Thanksgiving, 2005 and have just become engaged with plans to marry in May, 2007.

I've learned a lot through my experience with online dating. I've tried a number of services and in my opinion, is as good as it gets. I've told many of my friends and acquaintances about you and I thank you all for your tireless efforts in maintaining the finest Christian venue on the Internet. May God continue to guide you and bless you in your service.

To God be ALL the glory!

Norm-seekr665 {Florida} December 2006

  I met the man of my dreams, and God's choice for me, on in April 2006.  

We are planning to be married in the summer of 2007. During the time I was a member I met a lot of wonderful people in the Cafe, not just for dating but in friendships for a lifetime. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality Christian site.

God bless your efforts! Merry Christmas and thank you again!

Cindy-pookie847 December 2006

 My husband and I met on and we got married on December 12, 2004.  

We wanted to thank you so much for your service. With me living in Texas and him in Montana, we would have probably never have met otherwise. We are now living in Colorado.

We feel truly blessed.

Sandy-faithful368 {Texas] & Ernest {Montana} December 2006

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