Christian Testimony - March 2007

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A very happy groom laughs and buries his head in his bride's shoulder as she smiles

Yvette and Natie: a match made in heaven

A smiling Christian man sits behind a beautiful woman holding flowers

Yvette and Natie didn't settle for second best

A couple kiss while silhouetted in the setting sun

Yvette and Natie are so incredibly happy

A couple laugh for joy outdoors after marrying

Marriage has been the most awesome time of their lives!

A bride in white is surrounded by her bridesmaids in green

Yvette's wedding party

I have a wonderful story for you.

I met my husband through last year in June. We started messaging each other around June 12th. and really got chatting. After 2 weeks I just knew that Natie would be my husband, not knowing that he was thinking the same thing. We only found this out later!

I was staying in London at the time (had been living there for 4 years, with no intention of returning to South Africa, even though I am South African). Natie lives in South Africa, so he paid for my flight to go back and meet him. I only went for a week and during that week he proposed to me.

On my return to London, I resigned from my job in recruitment and got things sorted out to return to South Africa. We got married on November 25th last year, and have really had the time of our lives.

I think that when a relationship is so clearly from God, two people are on the same page spiritually, and God will grant the desires of your heart when you put Him first in everything. You will find what you have prayed for in a partner. It is not worth settling for second best because of being desperate to get married.

I am 29 years old, and had my first boyfriend the year before last (and it was only for 8 months). In waiting for God's choice, He has blessed me in persevering to do His will, and leave the choice up to Him. My husband and I are both very musical and athletic, love cooking together and doing virtually everything together. This is so important to know that your husband to be is already your best friend and your soul (and sole!) mate. The strength of our relationship is communication, and the most rewarding and wonderful thing to do is marriage counselling together. A married couple cannot afford to neglect that no matter how long they have been married for, or how much they think they know.

Because of doing things right from the start, God has truly blessed us and is continuing to bless our marriage. It is so important to be equally yoked spiritually and I pray that more others will be able to have a wonderful testimony like ours.

Our marriage has been the most awesome time of our lives and we are so incredibly happy, a match made in heaven. Just when I thought I am never going to get married, I am too fussy, God really surprised us both!

Thanks again. I just love the layout and setup of your site. In comparison to other sites, it is the most user-friendly and safe.

Well done!

Yvette-yvettelee928 {England} & Natie {South Africa} March 2007

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 A New Baby!  

Bible college graduate stands with his arm around his wife in front of their house

Jason and Mandy have been abundantly blessed

Rapping baby girl!

Sweet "Cafe Baby" Addison

My wife Mandy and I met on in December 2004. We were married in August 2005. Since then God has abundantly blessed us. Since being married, I graduated from World Harvest Bible College in Columbus, Ohio in May 2006. And we recently welcomed a new addition to our family, our beautiful daughter Addison.

Addison was born on January 7, 2007 at 7:19 A.M. She weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 21 inches long. She is truly a blessing, and we thank God every day for her.

We are now living in Southeast Missouri, on staff at a church. And we are working vigorously for the Kingdom of God.

Our lives could not be any better, and we thank you! God bless you!

Preparing the Way of the Lord,

Rev. Jason-revjay685 {Michigan} & Mandy March 2007

[Editor's note: See September 2009 for their wedding photo!]

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 I first signed on to in May 2005 as a lonely Christian.  

A happy woman stands in front of a man who smiles while holding her

Sarah was completely bowled over when she met Andy!

English Christian couple laugh together in their wedding car

Sarah met every one of Andy's prayer requests!

A huge wedding photo in the Swiss countryside for English couple married in Switzerland

Sarah and Andy married in a beautiful setting in Switzerland!

I had recently returned to my faith and had for some years led a sinful and unfulfilling life. I was nervous around other Christians as I still felt shame and guilt from my past, this made it so difficult to make any friends at church. I knew about online dating services but I wondered whether I could find a Christian dating service. Up popped, and so I found a new way of talking to people, the Internet!

Several days after joining I saw Andy's profile and noticed that it was his birthday, so my first message to him was simply "Happy Birthday".

From then on we spent hours online and knew that something special was happening. We finally met in person on June 18th 2005 in Greenwich Park, London. Andy drove 120 miles from Norwich to meet me and I was completely bowled over. I felt like I already knew him from our conversations online, but I also discovered he was very attractive and quite a romantic, and we shared a very special day together.

Andy had prayed so many times about meeting someone and had even specified what sort of person he had wanted to meet. I met each requirement! God never fails to amaze us with answered prayer! We feel so blessed.

Within 2 weeks I had found a job in Norfolk and moved up from the big smoke (London)! Two months later on our first holiday together in Switzerland, Andy proposed. A year and lots of preparation later, we went back to Switzerland to get married, on August 25th 2006. The day was magical, like a fairytale and a true testament to our love for each other.

Thank you God and thank you for bringing us so much joy and happiness.

Sarah {England} & Andy-silverline457 {England} March 2007

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 Bob and Peggy got married!  

Christmas wedding for a Christian couple who pose together lovingly

Peggy and Bob are truly blessed!

Please accept our gratitude for creating your website.

We began corresponding May 2005, met in person June 2005 and were married on 11 December 2006.

We are truly blessed and thankful to God for bringing us together. We pray others on your site will be as fortunate and find a special love/friendship that brings joy and happiness to their lives as well.

Bob-robertm734 & Peggy-northridge755 {Michigan} March 2007

 I found my miracle on!  

A laughing man wraps his arm around a Texas Christian woman who smiles

Jim found his miracle, Pam

Jim and I started messaging on your site in November 2005. I was living in Texas as a single mom of two girls, while Jim was back in my home state of Missouri. We had both suffered the loss of our spouses and found we had much in common both emotionally and spiritually. We also found out we had many mutual friends. We quickly became close as we continued to talk over the phone.

We met in person for the first time in February 2006. Jim met me, my girls, my parents, and my extended family all at the same time. What a trooper! They all loved him and so did I.

We were married this past June in a little log cabin and I am now back in my home state.

God really does work out all the details when He is the author of your relationship.

Jim {Missouri} & Pam-justagirl {Texas} March 2007

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 Marlin and I have God and to thank for bringing us together.  

A nicely dressed groom holds on to his beautiful bride who smiles after marrying

All it took was a message from Marlin. And look at them now!

We never would have met if we hadn't both had profiles on

It all started in June 2004 when Marlin sent me the first message. From there we messaged and emailed almost daily. We then started to talk on the phone too.

We didn't meet in person until August 25, 2005, and we started dating a week later.

We got engaged February 17, 2006 and we were married June 17, 2006!

So thanks for helping to bring us together!

Jen {Canada} & Marlin March 2007

 When we are together, we just enjoy being in each other's company so much.  

Midwest Christian senior couple sitting together and smiling on the couch worked for Jose and Jan!

Jose and I met on almost 3 years ago. Jose lives in Wisconsin and I live in Michigan. He drove over to Michigan to meet me for the first time in April 2004. We began a wonderful friendship writing emails back and forth for awhile. We then began talking on the phone. Jose has visited Michigan many times over the last several years as well.

We have found as the years have gone by that we have a lot in common. We are both teachers and also share a deep faith in God. It was also very important to both of us that we find a relationship with someone who is "peaceful". We have found that in each other.

I have never met a man that is so sweet. I have nick-named him "my sugar cane man" from the Dominican Republic. We have now decided to be together for the rest of our lives. Our wedding date has been set for July 7, 2007.

We have been going through "premarital counselling" with my pastor since November 2006. It is an eight session course. We would recommend premarital counselling to any couple thinking about marriage, young or old. We have learned A LOT about each other which will certainly help us to have the best marriage that we can have. That is our GOAL.

God bless your wonderful site. It worked for us! Thank you.

Jan-setfreeforevr699 {Michigan} & Jose {Wisconsin} March 2007

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 I'm convinced it was God's divine hand at work in bringing us together.  

A beautiful Christian couple smile together on the beach under a palm tree

Renewing her membership allowed Cheryl to meet Adam!

Adam originally sent me a Cafe message back in April or May 2006, and apparently I had deleted it without responding. (I have no memory of this, but we laugh about it today!) In November while searching profiles, Adam again came across mine. He said he'd give it one last shot and sent another message. I was not a member at that time, but thanks to the Cafe, they don't delete your messages, they persuade you to come back! I'm so glad they did.

When I came back, I logged on to read my mail and came across Adam's 2nd. message to me. This time I responded!

Immediately we hit it off despite him living in Indiana and me living in Florida. We talked for many hours every night and saw each other via webcam (for all you "long-distancers" I would highly recommend the webcam! You really get to know each other much better and faster when you can see each other's facial expressions.)

We met face to face after 2 weeks and it was as if we had been together for months. From the first night we spoke, we prayed together. We knew we needed God to be at the very center of our relationship to make it successful. It soon became evident that God brought us together for a future, and on February 13th on the beach in Key West, we were married!

I couldn't be happier. It's so hard to find someone you click with that is also your best friend; add Christian on top of that and it's like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thanks for being the metal detector!

I just wanted to say thanks to the Cafe for introducing me to my husband who is an awesome, God-loving man and everything I was looking for in my profile, and then some!

I encourage everyone out there to not give up. God has someone for you and they just might be on Christian Cafe!

Cheryl-brook242 {Florida} & Adam-miniracer806 {Indiana} March 2007

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  I would not have met such a Godly man if it were not for the "wonders" of the Internet and  

I became a member in April 2006. Within 3 days Father introduced Stan (among MANY others but Father raised Stan head & shoulders above the rest) to me, and we continued a long distance relationship from Alberta, Canada to Upstate New York.

We finally met in person in New York the day after Christmas and Stan proposed January 20, 2007.

I had asked Father for a Godly man and had this long list, "Shopping list of Qualities", that I thought was impossible, BUT OUR Dad is the God of the Impossible! It just raises my confidence in Father to see His heart and care for me and for all His children to give only the BEST Gifts to us.

Praise God! And Bless for giving hope to the lonely and hurting singles out there.

I have been sending many singles to the Cafe and I continue to pray for them as I know you will, that Father will heal their hearts and their hurts and bring a new song into their future.

Many Blessings to you and I ask Father to Prosper All that you touch in His Name, Amen!

Catherine-kate993 {New York} and Stan-stanthewoolmn295 {Alberta} March 2007

 Cindy and I met on and have been married since May 2006.  

Thank you for the avenue.

Ed & Cindy March 2007

 Getting married!  

I met a wonderful man almost a year ago on and we are getting married in July.

God has really blessed us!

Crys-lncrys447 {Arizona} March 2007

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 Because of I was able to meet my future husband Paul.  

I joined the Cafe in December 2005. Three months later I did a search, which gave me the man I was looking for, Paul.

Paul had been a member for only three weeks. I wrote him. We hit it home right away, we had lots in common. We wrote and talked on the phone three times or more daily.

After a month Paul flew out to me in Houston, Texas, and he proposed to me on the first visit. I took him to my church and he loved it; he being Roman Catholic and me being Southern Baptist, it was quite different for him. I sing on the choir but that first visit for Paul I sat out with him. It was great.

Paul expressed a wish to change to Baptist so we can worship together, he did not want us worshiping separately. I thought that was sweet.

Since then we have been on the airplane to see each other monthly or every 2 months. We both have free nationwide and unlimited minutes plans on our cell phones which helped to keep our long distance relationship together.

We got engaged and wedding plans are on the way for 2007, quite soon. We have 3 dates, have not yet come to a consensus on one, due to work schedules for each of us and the time off we need to get to a honeymoon in the State of the Midnight Sun.

We both thank God and thank you for making this possible. At Church the Singles Group seem more geared for the younger singles, not for middle age like Paul and me, plus we do not drink so we do not go to clubs and bars. was the best site for us. God led us here as Christians. We were both skeptical of the possibility of meeting tricky people, but prayer kept us safe on the site.

Thanks to for providing this site to Christian Singles like me and at a very reasonable rate.

Paul-paulr236 {New Jersey} and Myrna-aprillove362 {Texas} March 2007

 When we were first in contact she told me my profile was "unique" and "honest", and that she "kept coming back to it".  

I joined your site in 2004. I didn't know it at the time, but my profile had attracted the eye of the woman I would eventually marry.

Within a year we were engaged! We've been married for almost a year now, and I can't imagine being with someone more perfect for me.

Matt {Texas} March 2007

 Found my love.  

God found me a very special person through

I also want to thank you for your site as it's the best one out there and I enjoyed my time on it, free of the garbage that exists on other sites.

God bless as you continue providing an avenue for people to meet and develop relationships that are hopefully honoring to God.

Paul-carpediem709 {British Columbia} March 2007

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 Met the love of my life.  

We got engaged on February 13th, and we are getting married on April 28th.

Charles-charmr678 {Michigan} March 2007

  I met the most amazing man and we fell in love.  

Joshua and I had a great year together, and we always said that the day we got engaged we'd write this testimonial up together.

Sadly, that day will not come, because Joshua passed away in February 2007. However, without your site, I would have never met the love of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.

Jessica-jeddica386 {West Virginia} March 2007

  I met my future husband, who is from the United States, on  

We are getting married in Northern Ireland at Easter.

Clare-clare316 {Northern Ireland} March 2007

 Please take me off  

I am now married to someone I met on your site. I will have to say that it was not a bed of roses in the beginning. We dated, got engaged, he wasn't ready to be engaged, so we dated some more. Then after full circle we ended up getting married.

It's been a rocky road, but it seems to be smoothing out a bit. So does your web site work? The answer is "YES"!

Joyce-vanillarose124 {Maryland} March 2007

 New Relationship!  

I have met someone through your service. We are now in a serious relationship, praying about what the Lord will have in store for us.

I want to thank you for offering this service; without it I doubt that we would have met each other.

Donna-farmgirl789 {Texas} March 2007

  I've been on this site for a few months now and just met a wonderful guy named Dave who actually lives only a few minutes from me.  

Sandy-alexandra684 {New Jersey} March 2007

 Lance and I met almost 9 years ago and have been married for over 8 years.  

We are best friends and God has blessed our marriage and we want to tell all Christian singles that the Cafe does work. Put God first and He will faithfully bring you the right spouse.

Robin & Lance March 2007

  New members search is more efficient and a real time saver now that you have separate lists for male and female members.  

Judy-judy683 {Pennsylvania} March 2007

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