Christian Testimony - July 2007

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 God's Fingerprints.  

Huge wedding party flanks smiling Christian couple as they pose outside

Andrew and Allison, like so many others, met on

Dear, we would like to first and foremost acknowledge our Heavenly Father for using your Christian based website to aid singles like ourselves to meet.

Throughout my membership I have read countless success stories testifying how with God all things are possible.

My husband and I, like so many others, met on your website. That was two years ago, May 25th. Now two years later and after being happily married this past April, we couldn't be more ecstatic with the results.

We are awed with how God's timing and fingerprints were on us meeting.

Andrew lived in Wisconsin and I lived in Minnesota. With our separate attempts at dating on and off using Christian based and secular dating websites, we had little success.

When we thought that the single life was meant for both of us, we came across It wasn't long before Andrew sent me a Cafe Instant Message and we began communicating.

Through much prayer and consulting God, we met face to face a month after we met online, by Andrew visiting me in Minnesota.

During our first meeting, we made an instant connection (with our interests, hopes/dreams, our humor and chemistry). Through the course of a year with numerous visits to each other, we realized we were ready for the next step (one of us moving to the other).

It made more sense for me to move as the Lord gave every indication that I was ready to go. However, the choice wasn't easy to make as I wasn't certain of the future (Andrew had not proposed yet) with moving and job wise, but I knew I just had to trust in God.

The following fall I packed up my things and moved to Wisconsin. That same weekend Andrew and I went to New York for a short getaway trip. With Andrew seeking God's leading every day, Andrew proposed to me near Bethesda Lake in Central Park.

As we look back, we realize how much God's fingerprints were so evident with our meeting. For instance, Andrew had not bought a computer until the fall prior to our first communication. Andrew had put in his profile "friends first, and then God's fingerprints have to be on it." This was truly the case for us and we thank God.

Thank you Lord and Thank you!

Allison-coopersprout632 {Minnesota} & Andrew-christiandude {Wisconsin} July 2007

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 Two former members getting married!!  

A man hugs a woman and pulls a flower off a tree as he prepares to kiss her

"Dr" Francis and Nurse Dana are now in a joyful relationship!

Romanian Christian marries a man in a kilt as they pose outside together full of smiles

Romania brings home a bit of Scotland!

I am British and my wife is Romanian; we are both Baptists and in our mid-40s. I was busy studying for a Ph.D. in England and had little spare time; my wife works as a nurse and was also busy running a mission for Christian single people in her country.

However we both had access to a computer and took the opportunity offered by of meeting possible life-partners anywhere in the world.

I had always loved the music of Eastern Europe, and my wife had been to Scotland due to her work for a charity based there. After a few weeks of writing to each other we agreed to meet at a cousin's house in Italy and it was love at first sight!

We got married in May 2007 and now live in my wife's home town of Cluj-Napoca. God has blessed us so much in our lives, and we can see how hard times led up to this joyful experience for us.

We would like to thank for bringing us together.

Francis-francis921 {England} & Dana-dana2822 {Romania} July 2007

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 They met on Christian Cafe and are now married.  

A beautiful Christian couple pose together at their wedding

Christy's best friend met the perfect guy for her.

My friend and her new husband met on Christian Cafe. He's the perfect guy for her!

They met on a year and a half ago. On July 14, 2007 they had a covenant marriage ceremony in Bossier City, LA.

Christy's Best Friend (Bride) Married July 2007

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 I am very happy to announce another wedding.  

I met a godly, loving, patient, kind-hearted, not to mention handsome, tall young man on I joined your site in January 2006. As with most people, I felt apprehensive about this online dating thing. To my surprise however, I actually had fun on your site. I communicated with a variety of different men and learned what qualities I liked or disliked.

My future husband, Dennis, and I started communicating at the end of January 2006 with a wink. We began talking on the phone at the end of February and met in person on April 14, 2006.

When Dennis arrived after driving for 4 hours to meet me, I had serious second thoughts about how crazy it was to meet someone from the Internet no matter how cute he was. However, Dennis won me over with the same character that drew me to him online and on the phone.

We officially began dating in June and Dennis proposed on November 20, 2006 on a vacation trip to our Nation's Capitol. The funny thing is that we were both on another Christian site which does matching for its members, at the same time as, but weren't matched to each other.

We both found your site to be more conducive to "natural" interactions.

I want to give hope to all those women out there who believe there is no hope of finding love, particularly in their 30s and older. How the man comes across on a website page is nothing like getting to know him face to face.

Be open-minded. The Internet is just one of the mediums God can use to have you meet your spouse.

Kelli-kellilee434 {Illinois} & Dennis July 2007

 The design is fantastic.  

All the different ways we can search and retain information is great.

Allan-psalmman522 {Georgia} July 2007


I would like to notify you that I am engaged and would like to be removed from your service.

Your service works!

Connie-cxdolar441 {California} & Gerald-jerry933 {California} July 2007

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