Christian Testimony - November 2007

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  I just wanted to encourage everyone out there never, ever to give up.  

A smiling Christian couple and their dog pose on the 100 mile wilderness trail

Michelle and her husband on the Hundred-Mile Wilderness Trail

I went into one of the Cafe Chat Rooms and clicked on a username to read the profile. It was forevernorth. My life has never been the same since.

We talked every day for a month. Then in September I flew a thousand miles to meet him. I felt like I had truly come home. We saw each other at different times during the year.

We got married September 22, 2007 and went on a two week honeymoon to Maine. This is a picture of us hiking out on the 100 mile wilderness trail.

I knew that God had truly brought us together. I had never believed I could meet anyone on the computer and now look!

Thank you Christian Cafe for being the tool God used to help me meet the love of my life.

Michelle-michelle707 {Florida} & forevernorth November 2007

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 My husband and I just want to say Thank You to for giving us the opportunity to experience finding our one true love.  

A couple lovingly pose together on their wedding day with beautiful water in the background

Emily found her one true love, Duke!

We also want to say Thank You to God for blessing and giving us each other to have a wonderful life together. is a wonderful way to find your Christian soul mate.

Emily-emily757 {Kansas} & Duke-dwf0229 {Florida} November 2007

 I have tried many other dating sites and ALWAYS ended the experience feeling let down and mislead by not only the dates I had been on but the legitimacy of the site itself.  

Blended family for Christian couple from Indiana, all holding flowers and smiling

It really works! Christina and Bill with their new family.

I decided to give a go in June 2006. Shortly after joining, I received a wink from a gentleman by the name of Bill. I read his profile and was surprised at how well his profile conveyed the depth of his love for Christ. Bill was an everyday guy with a deep passion for the Lord which is what I was looking for.

So we started communicating in July 2006 and met face to face for the first time in August 2006. This year has been a wonderful journey of falling in love, preparing two families to merge, and allowing God to guide us to the place of becoming one. We were married June 9, 2007.

Thanks for having a forum for Christian singles to get to know one another. It really works!

Christina-angeloufan833 {Indiana} & Bill-billbalding175 {Indiana} November 2007

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 We are expecting our first Cafe Baby!  

Ultrasound of a 6 month pregancy for a Christian couple

Cafe Baby Bailey Grace ultrasound 16 October 2007, due January 17, 2008

Zach and I met on in August 2004. We were married in July 2005.

On January 17th, 2008 our first baby is due. Her name is Bailey Grace.

We cannot wait for her to get here! Thanks for "hooking us up"

Melody-melelane314 {Arkansas} & Zach-zestes575 {Oklahoma} November 2007

[Editor's note: See September 2005 for their wedding announcement!]

 I met my fiance Seth from Illinois on Christian Cafe last year.  

A couple laugh together while seated

Nikki and Seth's relationship is a gift from God

A beautiful Christian couple smile and lean in close together

Nikki loves Seth's beautiful smile, but fell in love with his heart

We met about one month after talking on the phone for the first time. I will never forget his Illinois accent over the phone, and his beautiful smile when I saw him the first time.

I was in love with his heart before I even saw him face to face. We flew back and forth a couple of times, and he moved here to PA in June!

We've been dating for a year now and he asked me to marry him. We are both Christians and the number one thing to us was finding the person that we could fulfill God's plan with, to find a help mate that desired to put God first, always.

This relationship is a gift from God. I had never had a relationship with anyone that was truly built on a solid foundation, our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our Rock.

Thank you I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Here are two pictures of us together.

Nikki-nikki374 {Pennsylvania} & Seth-seth152 {Illinois} November 2007

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I married a woman from on July 23.

We are very happily married and praising the Lord!

Pete & Janet-louise754 {Utah} November 2007

 Through we were able to meet, talk, and get to know each other without the stress of a blind date.  

My husband and I met in September 2005. We became friends first. After about 3 months of friendship, we started dating. In early August 2006 we got engaged. On October 22nd, 2006 we got married.

I am writing this email to give testimony that your site has brought yet another couple together. We will be celebrating our one year anniversary this coming Monday.

Thank you for giving single Christians the opportunity to meet such wonderful people. My husband and I thank you for giving us this opportunity.

Rhonda & Eric November 2007

 I've really enjoyed using so far.  

It is very professional and easy to use. Thanks!

Bryant-bman102 {Indiana} November 2007

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 My fiance and I met on  

We are giving you credit on our wedding website in our "About us" section. Peace and Blessings.

Thomasena-soundzlovely284 {Pennsylvania} November 2007

 Thank you for helping me meet Mr. Right.  

Danny and I met in April 2007. He is a wonderful man and we have fallen in love so deeply that we are planning to marry in the near future.

Thank you again.

Marg-angel3568 {British Columbia} November 2007

 Keep standing in with the power of the Holy Spirit. Stay on path with your vision.  

I have sent messages to quite a few members and just enjoyed sharing the Word. It has really caused me to look at myself as far as how I stand with my heavenly Abba Father.

Sue-boots302 {Georgia} November 2007

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 Cancel my account!  

I would like you to cancel my account because I found someone on your site. Thank you!

Erin-nahokuangelxo349 {Hawaii} November 2007

 Christian Cafe helped me find my soulmate. I would like to thank God for you.  

May God continue to bless your organisation and all those who are on the program.

Rose-rosepaohu426 {Solomon Islands} November 2007

 Almost 6 years have gone by since I met Ken on  

He was a widower living in Wisconsin and I was a widow living in California. I was lonely and in a bad place having lost my husband to brain cancer. I was on a totally different site, and noticed a banner for your site, "Christian? Single? Click here". I remember at the time thinking single sites were for desperate people, but went ahead and decided to just take a "peek".

I can remember querying up widowers and noticed Ken's profile. I remember reading he had lost his wife right about the same I had lost my husband, so I sent him a note. Of course those notes led to more notes and Quick Messages, then telephone calls. Finally we met face to face when Ken bought a Harley and rode across the United States to meet me.

I am very happy to tell you we have been happily married over 5 years now. Ken is the love of my life and we have a 4 year old named Jonathan. We are so happy we met, and we know we would never have met without

Thank you and God bless you!

Sheila {California} & Ken {Wisconsin} November 2007

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 I met a God fearing good man on  

It's been a year now, and we are planning a wedding for next year.

Marilyn-lindha175 {Florida} November 2007

 During the month of June the year being 2006, I met a young lady, Aretha, on  

I physically met this young lady during the month of July 2006. She was from Houston, Texas, and I was from Dallas, Texas. On May 11, 2007 we got married; that was eleven months after we met.

I want to just say Thank You My Lord and Savior for - it really works without a doubt. I continue to recommend single men and women, one being my Aunt, to

Thanks again and may God continue to bless all of you the way he has Blessed my wife and me.

Julius-rutherford528 {Texas} & Aretha {Texas} November 2007

 Happy Ending in the works!  

I have a good story to share. Trevor and I met through your site. I actually had contact with about 8 members, but no other friendship "took". The questionnaire on made it easier to find someone like-minded compared to unstructured profiles like on [another Christian singles site].

Trevor and I graduated from site chat to private email, then I got his phone number and phoned him long distance. Eventually, I gave him my phone number so he could call me also.

We talked about 9 months regularly on the phone before meeting and by then, we had feelings for each other. They were confirmed when we met in person.

Trevor spent 3 weeks in Ontario and we continued to talk about the possibility of marriage someday. We started doing detailed exercises from a Christian premarital counselling workbook that my church recommends and we were, and are, reassured of compatibility, all the while praying for God's blessing.

Trevor was only back home in British Columbia for 5 weeks when he flew in to Ontario unannounced and showed up at my door with a beautiful pink sapphire and diamond ring and a proposal. I came downstairs after preparing for a bath, in a red sweater and pink fleece pyjama bottoms, in my haste to finally get to the persistent door bell ringer, my boyfriend, now fiance.

It had been almost a year of contact and I said "Yes!". That was October 26th. We continue to pray for God's will in our lives. We are very happy and I look forward to Trevor moving here in the spring and setting a wedding date.

It was an article in a Canadian Christian magazine about Christian Internet dating and about the founders of that made me give a second Christian dating site a try after one badly broken heart last year that included a cancelled wedding.

Please pray for God's will for us. I believe Trevor is the one God has for me. Time will tell definitively.

Thank you for Christian Cafe; it is a great tool, and it brought Trevor and me together. I can't think of another way that I could have met such a kind, caring, devoted Christian man.

Patricia-lilac {Ontario} & Trevor {British Columbia} November 2007

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 My fiance and I met on Christian Cafe in January 2005.  

We didn't end up meeting in person (even though we lived in the same city) until April 2006. A few months later we began a dating relationship. I had been hesitant to get involved with someone, but he was persistent and it paid off!

We got engaged in the summer and are getting married in 2008.

My sister also met her fiance on your site in December 2006 and they are being married in 4 weeks!

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide.

Andrea November 2007

  I am dating a wonderful man and we are perfect for each other.  

We have so much in common, right down to the same car and we even live right off the same street. We go to the same school and worked at the same company over the summer.

I just want to say thanks again. Keep up the great work!

Louise-jynxie807 {Ontario} November 2007

 Customer service praise!  

You truly are a Christian site and when asked the question "What would Jesus do?", you guys rose to the occasion.

Lori-angel890 {New York} November 2007

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 I just wanted to say I really appreciate the constant improvements on the site.  

It's great to know you guys really care and have the interest of your customers in mind, and are practicing the stewardship of your resources.

May the Lord continue to bless all of you at the Cafe.

Michael-mykl331 {Oregon} November 2007

 When you are single, it is easy to believe the lie that there are no other single people out there who share your values.  

Thank you so much for running such a great website. When I joined, I wasn't sure if I would meet "Mr. Right" or not. I actually figured I wouldn't meet him on a website.

Nevertheless, it was encouraging every time I logged on to see thousands of Christians all over the world who are single and choosing to live lives honoring to Christ.

It was encouraging to see that there were thousands of others out there who were keeping the faith, fighting the good fight.

Friends sometimes were confused as to why I posted a profile on a dating website. But I'm not sure how else Christians meet each other with this "Sex and the City" mentality that surrounds the modern dating scene.

Anyway, it took about a year. I met a lot of great guys on, most of whom were not "love connections" but whose Cafe messages brightened my days and encouraged me to keep the course nevertheless.

But after about a year, I met someone really fantastic, actually, the love of my life. Our paths would have never crossed had it not been for

Thank you so much for doing what you're doing. God Bless.

Tiffiny-vjcvjc780 {Nebraska} November 2007

 I had nearly given up on meeting the right person when I met Alan and now I am so happy to have my dreams fulfilled.  

I never would have thought it would be through the venue of the Internet, however God did use Balaam's donkey to get a message out!

God Bless you. And thank you for the role you played in bringing us together, I never would have met him otherwise.

Thanks to, I have met the man of my dreams!

Terri-pureheart645 {California} & Alan-menorah701 {British Columbia} November 2007

[Editor's note: See December 2007 to read Alan's post!]

 Thank You!  

You generously helped me during the trial period to learn the site and how to use it. I just wanted to say Thank You, and maybe after I become able to use my hand and arm again I can sign back on.

Very Sincerely,

Martha-martha391 {Mississippi} November 2007

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