Christian Testimony - August 2012

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 I have gotten engaged to a girl I met here.  

Romantic Christian singles from New England lie on the grass and admire her ring

Caleb and Lisa share a special moment

She found me on the site the same day or next day after she signed up for the free trial.

After we started writing she decided she wasn't going need her profile anymore :) God works in wonderful ways. I never would have thought I would find a wife through the internet.

I want to thank you for your great website,

Caleb-lovingjesus463 {Maine} & Lisa-solideogloria862 {Massachusetts} August 2012

 We got married 5-6 years ago (2006) after dating from your website!  

A happy couple sit on a couch laughing after being in the sun

Michelle and Reid, the happy couple!

Cute Christian couple stand next to a wedding pedestal and grin at the camera

Michelle and Reid were married in 2006

A contented girl sits in a park holding an American flag

"Cafe Baby" One!

A playful looking boy squats on top of a play structure

"Cafe Baby" Two!

ex-singles from California sit proudly on a brown sofa with their 2 children

The whole happy family

We were both the shy type when it came to being in big College groups but made it all possible for us!

My husband was going to cancel his membership the same day that I e-mailed him after he "winked" at me only a few months prior to my e-mail. After he received my e-mail he decided to re-up his membership!

We were able to talk on your website through e-mail first. Then after only a few weeks, we dated. We were both San Diego natives and, after only a four months of dating, we got married!

My husband said that he knew the first time that he saw my picture and bio on your website that I was the one for him! He even told his Mom after our first date that I was the one for him! God blessed us with finding each other and God has now blessed us with two children!

We have a happy marriage with a good Christian foundation and, we are so happy to have found your website!

Michelle-artzigrl608 {California} & Reid {California} August 2012
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 We thank you for being the vessel through which God began the writing of our story.  

A man overcome with joy hugs a beautiful woman who looks very contented

Chauna and Jon happily married

A woman hugs a man from behind and smiles as he leans into her

Jon isn't going anywhere :)

A woman screams with joy and laughter as her husband tries to kiss her

Chauna is ecstatic to have found Jon!

When we first began communicating, we agreed that we would just be Christian Pen-Pals, because Jon lived in Virginia and Chauna lived in Colorado.

We had a great time getting to know each other and developing our friendship, lifting each other up and celebrating life together by email and phone calls.

Despite all our efforts to remain "just friends", it soon became apparent that God had other plans. It wasn't long before we found ourselves completely in love.

We never imagined our story would read this way, but Jon moved to Colorado, and we were married in August of 2011.

A year later, we still agree that neither of us has ever experienced this kind of connection with someone before. We communicate effortlessly, and find a new sense of joy in life everyday with each other.

It is our prayer that everyone can experience something like this in their lifetime - our life together and our marriage is incredibly fulfilling. When God decides it's time, there's no stopping Him!

We've included a couple pictures from our "wedding", a beautiful elopement in the mountains of Estes Park, Colorado. Thank you again!

Chauna-daddyzgirl559 {Colorado} & Jon-bjd2580 {Virginia} August 2012

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 We became wife and husband on the 28th July 2012.  

Former London singles smile with pure joy after marrying

David married Bekky July 2012, in Trinidad and Tobago

Bekky from London and David from London finally met in October 2010 after numerous calls and texts and phone calls.

The one thing that caught bekky585's eye was a Chicken Run poster in the background of flash477's photo and thought they may be kindred spirits.

They got married in Trinidad and honeymooned in Tobago.

Bekky585 and Flash477 would like to thank for providing them with the opportunity to build a relationship centered on Jesus Christ.

Bekky-bekky585 {England} & David-flash477 {England} August 2012

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 I had a roommate and we both found our wives here on  

We have both been married for 4 years now. I have 2 beautiful daughters and the first was a honeymoon baby.

Victor-victor504 August 2012

 I just want to thank you for your excellent site.  

I have done a lot of research on Christian dating sites before I decided to join

I met a wonderful guy on your site and we are dating for 6 months now. He is the perfect match for me, and I really believe it was God's plan that I should join

Your site is an example of how a true Christian dating site should look and function.

Berdene-lily987 {South Africa} August 2012

 I found my wife on, in 2007 and were married in June of 2008.  

Great experience.

Glenn-lkennedy921 {Washington} August 2012
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 My husband and I met through & have been happily married for 16 months now!!  

Thank you for having a great Christian dating website - we always recommend you to our friends and anyone else who asks us how we met.

My husband jokingly says "Thank God for the internet", but we really do thank God for the miracle of bringing us together through

Nancy-nancy688 {New Jersey} August 2012

 I met someone on last year and we are getting married next month!  

Stella-stella444 {England} August 2012

  I met a lovely lady on your site two and a half years ago and we got married last week in London.  

Thank you for your service and God bless you all.

Halle-itzmee702 {England} August 2012
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 I have met the woman of my dreams.  

We met in March at when she winked at me. I read her profile and that sealed everything.

We are very serious and very compatible. I am looking to increase my income so that I can fly to Philippines and marry her in her own country.

Bob-handyman947 {Ontario} & Perlie {Philippines} August 2012

 George and I met on 3 years ago.  

We married 2 1/2 years ago! Thanks to! We're happily married!

Lois-lambie847 {British Columbia} & George August 2012

 Last January I met a beautiful young lady who worked in a church in Davao.  

We are now awaiting a Visa and have planned to marry on 12th January 2013.

We had both had traumas in our lives but are now happy and contented talking daily for 2 to 3 hours a day.

Brian-kell673 {South Australia} & Lina-lyn841 {Philippines} August 2012
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