Christian Testimony - March 2013

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 We met on I was sure I only wanted to meet someone from Ontario  

A beautiful woman poses next to a good looking man while holding red roses

Illian and Sarka are very happy and truly grateful to God for connecting them via

but one evening (by what seems like fate) I looked to see who was online Internationally. I spotted a girl from the Czech Republic and adored her cute English.

Her photo was distant and semi-blurred but so beautiful and bestowing. I never imagined we would meet in real life but I still I wrote 'hello, you're beautiful'. She wrote back and we clicked!

Even more amazing, we could see past our language barriers and saw so many core similarities. Sarka became such an amazing friend, we just could not have planned anything like this.

To make an excited story short... She flew here, I flew there, we fell in love, saw miracles and walked through confirming signs. It all just appeared before us and I didn't question it.

I proposed to her in the romantic city of Prague with a 'hidden ring' inside a balloon of many white balloons. I 'Pop' the question and she said 'YES', so we tied the knot (on Valentine's Day). Sarka is my endearing friend and my endowing love. Daily I'm so grateful for her. Thank you God is Good.

From Sarka (Czech Republic): Just before I met Illian I had a vivid dream in which I saw my future husband - it was a dream of love. It was almost hard to believe such a dream, but still my heart felt such warmth.

A week later, I randomly discovered on Google and decided to join. It was by sheer happen-stance (the timing and everything) but another seven days later by fate I met Illian.

It was love at first sight, as if in a dream. We chatted and got to know each other, and then 3 months later I found myself on a plane to Canada. Our confirming feelings only deepened, and we knew that we found something rare and so right.

There were also a lot of pretty incredible signs which the Lord had revealed through out. Illian came to the Czech Republic, we had such a great summer and at the end he asked to marry me. I said Yes!

We had a beautiful wedding day in Prague on Valentine's (2013).

Finding Illian was like to find a needle in a haystack in the first few seconds. He is my best friend and such a great husband, a real gift from God to me. God knew all the desires of my heart and gave me exactly what I always wanted.

We are very happy and truly grateful to God and the instrumental part played in connecting us! The wait was worth it.

Illian-illian637 {Ontario} & Sarka-sarka292 {Czech Republic} March 2013
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 I just wanted to write to thank you for offering a Christian matchmaking service.  

My Fiance and I were blessed to find each other using, and we're excited to be getting married in October.

Lara-butterbii553 {Western Australia} & Andrew-corvus802 {Tasmania} March 2013

[Editor's note: See November 2013 testimonial for their wedding announcement and photos.]

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