Christian Testimony - November 2013

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 Thank you for providing the service that you do.  

Joyful Australian Christians pose together, dressed in Victorian steampunk wedding clothes

Lara and Andrew celebrate their wedding Victorian steampunk style!

Andrew and I found each other on last year and immediately hit it off, despite being on opposite sides of the country!

We got engaged a few months later, and we just got married a few weeks ago. Our wedding was Victorian steampunk in style - who knew there was a guy waiting for me on the other side of country, with the same interests!

God knew. And He used your site to draw us together.

Lara-butterbii553 {Western Australia} & Andrew-corvus802 {Tasmania} November 2013

[Editor's note: See March 2013 testimonial for Lara's engagement announcement.]

 "There are no coincidences with God".  

Very happy Christian couple stand hand in hand outside while on an evening date

David and Marie will be married in March 2014

That is a term I have used throughout my dating experience. I joined at the beginning of August, 2013, and at almost the same time, Marie joined on your free trial. In July 2013, I was using what I now refer to as a "pseudo-Christian" dating site and became frustrated with it. An elder at my church met his wife on and suggested I give it a try.

About the same time some 3,000 miles away, Marie also had a bad experience with another pseudo-Christian site and had all but given up, when, an elder at her church also met his wife on and suggested it to Marie. "There are no coincidences with God!"

Over the first few days and weeks, I met some wonderful Christian women on but wasn't convinced any of them were the right "fit" for me. Understand that I hadn't dated in over 37 years, so I asked God that whomever He wished for me to be with contact me.

It wasn't long before I receive a letter from Marie! "There are no coincidences with God"!

After doing some searching and meeting some men, Marie was becoming discouraged, then she noticed a button on menu marked, "View similar profiles" and clicked it. Among others, up came my profile, which she really identified with, so she reached out to me. After reading Marie's nice letter, I pulled up her profile, which impressed me, and she being a beautiful woman didn't hurt either!

As is my habit, I call most women "sister" or "sis", so when I wrote to Marie using this term, she quickly responded, a little perturbed at me for calling her "sister" as she thought there was more between us than brotherly love, and she was right but, I was being cautious. It was as if she reached through the computer monitor, grab me by the shirt and said, "Hey you, come here!" as she pulled me through!

From that moment on she had my full, undivided attention! I quickly realized I had my hands full with Marie and was summarily "smitten". It wasn't long before we were both ready to close down (archive) our profiles. I knew I was done looking and no longer desired to view any more profiles. Why should I? God clearly set His choice before me, and I had no doubts Marie was the right "fit" for me and, Marie felt the same way about me.

Knowing what we are looking for as determined in the profiles, makes moving forward less awkward. Within a few days Marie and I were conversing over the phone. It didn't take long before I realized I had fallen in love with a woman I had never met face to face, and Marie expressed the same about me. We both felt a strong connection, a kindred spirit.

In my own crude way, I described us as matching Velcro. It so fits us. Everything I desired in a helpmate, the spiritual qualities, personality, right down to physical beauty, was all wrapped up in Marie. In turn, Marie expressed that the qualities she desired in a husband are in me. She thinks I'm handsome, which I don't see, but her opinion is the only one that counts, so, if I'm handsome to her, that's the only person I need impress.

The fact that I am of Scandinavian descent also attracts her. Funny, 'cause I think Italian women are some of the most attractive women in the world, as is Marie! Coincidence? Not a chance!

When we are obedient to God and desire His will in our lives, He blesses us. God desires for His children to be happy and grant us our heart's desire, if our priorities are in order. In our case, God met every single expectation for the both of us, and so much more! Throughout our courtship, God put the puzzle pieces together ever so perfectly, every detail. A story script couldn't have been penned any better! God prepared me for Marie, without question and, God prepared Marie for me, again, without question. Neither of us has ever had so much peace about entering a relationship; it just fits.

"East Meets West". We initially "met" on on 9/11/2013. We visited over the phone several hours a day until October 23, when I flew from Seattle, WA to New York City to meet this "cute little fluff that turned my head"! We became engaged on October 26, 2013. I proposed at the "Top of the Rock" (Rockefeller Center).

We plan to wed in March, of 2014. We both realize this was fast and would discourage most couples from this but, for us there were never any red flags, no concerns, no hesitations, no drawbacks. Nothing ever felt so right in all our lives. Marie and I have a combined total of over 65 years of marriage and don't wish a repeat and are taking every precaution to ensure a blessed union. Sex is for the marriage bed and we both have agreed to wait for that special day to consummate our vows. has been an important tool for bringing two broken, damaged people together.

We are not the only success story out there either. It is important to be mindful in any relationship to keep God first. If we do this, He will bless us beyond measure!

From both Marie and myself, we thank you,, for having a quality tool to bring Christians together.

David-borntwice707 {Washington State} & Marie-songcatcher464 {New York} November 2013
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 I heard about in November 2012 from a couple that met on your site and got married  

A happy couple pose inside a general store

Amanda is no longer discouraged - she's met her soulmate Keith!

An encouraged Christian single woman stands next to a man and radiates joy

Amanda and Keith married in March 2013

but at that time, I was too discouraged in my life to even give it a try. By The Grace of God I got myself together and signed up for a 10 day trial in January 2013.

I met the most wonderful man!!! I truly believe it was Divine Intervention! After talking & emailing a few days, we scheduled our first date. We picked a half way location and met for church & lunch.

On February 13, 2013, we got engaged and on March 23, 2013, we got married. I have never been happier!

I Thank God EVERY DAY for my husband and now I'm thanking you,!

Amanda-redheadlu726 {Illinois} & Keith-digger321 {Missouri} November 2013

 Over ten years ago I met my husband on  

Widowed Christians marry in an outdoor wedding and look very comfortable together

Debra and Cal received a second chance at love, and were married in June 2013

Early last year he went home to be with The Lord. Before he left me he insisted that I get back onto and meet someone new that the Lord would have for me to meet, after he was gone.

After a while I knew I was lonely and very ready to meet someone else who loved the Lord as did I. So, I came back to and met a wonderful man who also had lost his wife the previous year.

We were slow starting out, but happily, this past June we were married. The Lord has been so good, and faithful. Thanks for being here.

Debra-chosen744 {Ontario} & Cal-courtjestor898 {Ontario} November 2013
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 Please let my membership expire as of now:  

I have found a wonderful man. We are getting married in November this year and I will be moving to Texas. Thank you and many Blessings.

Helga-traveler690 {Ontario} November 2013

 I had lost hope and reading so many wonderful profiles of godly men; it was at times confusing.  

I have met a nice Christian and he is writing to me. We are praying. If we go more serious, I will send a pic. May God bless you all. I am thankful to you to be used by God to have hope.

Celina-happysmile797 {Peru} November 2013

 Met my wife after just 10 days!  

Had help creating my profile (I was near computer illiterate, but have since improved) and the site worked really well for me. I met Cristina, from the Philippines, and we're now married.

Rob-humblerob520 {Western Australia} & Cristina {Philippines} November 2013

 Daniel is American and I'm Canadian.  

The drive is only 1 hour and a half. We met at a park in Canada last year and walked around and had dinner and a movie and hit it off nicely! He's definitely my soul mate :) This Wednesday is actually our one year anniversary :)

Randa-rangel298 {Ontario} and Daniel {New York} November 2013

 I found my beloved man here on  

and want say thank you for your service. Paul and I met many years ago on We talked every day on your site and got to know each other step by step. We knew immediately that God brought us together forever.

We both are very grateful for this time with At that time I still lived in Canada until a sad blow brought me back to Germany. Our love grew immeasurably and this distance was over years. Now I go back to Canada and I will share my life with Paul and his wonderful son.

Kirsten-chris1616 {Ontario} and Paul November 2013

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