Christian Testimony - October 2013

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 I joined to put the tips I learned from the dating Bible study I was leading into practice.  

A woman breaks out in laughter as she poses with a man in glasses

Deborah persevered and met Tracy, whom she married in July 2013

I never imagined that I would meet my husband. Online dating can be depressing. I signed up for a 3 month membership in December of 2012 only as a way to try out some of the dating tips I had learned in the Bible study I was leading.

I emailed about 3 guys a night in order increase my chances for meeting someone. Even though I met some nice Christian men, after a while I became discouraged because deep down I really wanted to meet "Mr. Right" and these guys weren't him. Being 38 and still single, I was ready to get married.

Two weeks before my membership was about to expire I received an email from Tracy. The email was thoughtful and he expressed what he was looking for. I could tell he had read my profile and was truly interested in getting to know me. Having my mom and best friend give their approval after viewing his picture helped, too.

After a couple of emails we decided that since we didn't live too far away from each other it would be a good idea to meet. He asked me out on Valentine's Day for that Friday. We met and it was not love at first sight for me. I was much more apprehensive.

He respectfully continued to pursue me and let me know I was worth pursing. Once I realized that it was fear that was keeping me from falling for Tracy, my heart melted. We decided to go the marriage perspectives class at our church to make sure that we were not just being overly emotional, but that we really were compatible.

When we went for our marriage counseling our pastor said, "It's nice to finally meet Ken and Barbie in person." It was the confirmation we needed to know that we truly were compatible.

We were married on July 6, 2013 and have been sharing our story with people ever since. People love hearing that we met online; it gives them hope that it can happen for them too. We are very happy and grateful to the Lord (and for bringing us together.

Thank you for being a vehicle for people who would normally never have had the opportunity to meet. God used to bring two hearts together that love the Lord and now get to share in this journey of life.

Deborah-mformarriage708 {Minnesota} & Tracy {Minnesota} October 2013

 I am happy to say my husband and I met on last September.  

Caribbean Christians stand proudly together after marrying

Patrina and Kervin married in August 2013 in Trinidad

We were married August 2013 in Trinidad. I am from Jamaica and my husband is from Trinidad. We met for the first time last December when I traveled to Trinidad to meet him and his family.

Patrina-jesusgirl203 {Jamaica} & Kervin-kervingeorge311 {Trinidad} October 2013
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 I just got married last month to a wonderful lady I found on 3 years ago.  

A devoted man stands proudly with arms on shoulders of his seated bride

Christopher and Grace all smiles on their wedding day

A lovestruck man hugs a beautiful woman on a sunny day

Christopher and Grace knew right away God brought them together when they met

She lived in Ireland we became good friends. In November of last year she moved to Scotland not far from where I live.

So in February this year we met face to face. She is from Kenya and has lived in Great Britain for 11 years.

We knew right away that God had brought us together and on the 17th of August this year we got married in Inverkeithing Baptist Church. We had a wonderful time indeed.

God bless everyone who runs this site. We both thank you for having this site available for Christians to meet and get to know each other. God bless you for your hard work in keeping this site open and helping others find their partner.

Christopher-chipper873 {Scotland} & Grace-celine263 {Scotland} October 2013

 When I joined this site, it was hard to meet someone, but I had faith in God.  

A beautiful Asian woman wearing flowers in her hair leans against a White man who smiles

Reni and Mark married in November 2010

I met Mark in August 2008. He was in Perth, Australia and I was in Jakarta, Indonesia. And we began communication in Dec 2008.

He came to visit me in May 2009 for about 7 days and he asked me if I would visit his country. Then he bought a plane ticket for me on October 2009 to visit him and then asked me to marry him.

We got married on 13 Nov 2010. We had a wonderful wedding with friends and family. And now we live in Perth and have a happy life. Thanks to God and for everything.

Reni-butterfly7233 {Indonesia} & Mark-markspivey283 {Australia} October 2013
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 I'd like to foremost thank the Lord for leading both Rhowie and myself to this wonderful website called  

A tall man stands next to his bride who holds beautiful flowers and looks radiant in white dress

Aaron met the woman of his dreams, Rhowie

Aaron: After 4 years of praying for God's guidance in finding the woman I'm to spend the rest of my life with, I felt led by the Lord to give this site a try.

I was totally against all the other social medias and dating sites that were so popular with the secular crowd (I never heard, nor was aware that even existed). But through prayer, and faith, I was introduced to by a co-worker.

I joined, and believe it or not, it wasn't but a couple of days that I met Rhowie. Through God's grace, I met the woman of my dreams. The Lord is good.

Rhowie: I had just ended a long relationship of 10 years, and I never expected to meet anyone. I felt that the Lord had the right man for me, but I didn't see anything happening in the near future. But I too was praying, and keeping my faith in the Lord that the Lord would bring the right man into my life.

One day, I was on the Internet, and I received a free membership to When I saw the free membership, I didn't realize what the site was. I thought it was like a forum, or a place to have prayer partners... I didn't know that it was a site for men and women to meet online. But after 4 days of joining I met Aaron.

We started out becoming good friends, but thanks to the Lord, we progressed more and more until we both fell in love.

Aaron: So thanks to the Lord, and through, both Rhowie and I are not only in love with each other, but we are now married!!!! Praise the Lord!!

Thanks for the wonderful experience. We both are very thankful. We both strongly recommend to anyone seriously looking to find love. Keep your faith in the Lord and He will lead you straight.

Aaron-donnybro225 {Ontario} & Rhowie-marhow298 {Singapore} October 2013

 My fiancee and I met here on last December, thanks to you.  

I recommended friends and family to try this site too. It's been nice getting to know each other, even meeting my fiance who is based in South Africa; I am in the Netherlands.

We are talking about marriage even though this site was quite a test of our trust for each other.

Anne-elle654 {Netherlands} & Peter {South Africa} October 2013

 I'm glad you started and have the forums.  

The forums really are a good way to safely interact with folks.

Linda-biblelady354 {Kansas} October 2013
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