Christian Testimony - September 2013

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 We were married in South Africa in July 2013 and had an Australian reception for family and friends.  

Newlyweds laugh while posing together while kangaroos can be seeing in the background

Philip and Urshla married with kangaroos on the golf course!

We're now enjoying married life in Australia and thank God everyday for the gift He has given to each of us. The photo is taken at our Australian reception. We wanted kangaroos grazing on a golf course in the background, as a novelty picture for our friends and family in South Africa.

Thanks again for being the agents of God, in bringing us together. Without this site, and God's goodness to us, we would never have met or known the happiness we're now enjoying.

Philip-pjohn297 {Queensland, Australia} & Urshla-christian174 {South Africa} September 2013

[Editor's note: See September 2012 testimonial for their engagement announcement.]

 As promised, we'll be back to thank you ( and to give a little testimony on how the Lord had used your website to add two more happy people in this world.  

A collage of an interracial marriage photos, including huge smiles from the bride and groom

Beth married Danny, who lived on the other side of the Earth, in May 2013

First of all, I was never a believer of internet dating. I couldn't imagine falling in love (I mean the real kind of love) with someone I'd never met and from halfway across the earth. But there's this friend of mine who seems to be enjoying herself with it. Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and I joined

Halfway through my 10-day trial period, a wink caught my attention. That was in December 2011. And from there, we started chatting on almost all the social networks that we're both into.

He came to visit me in the Philippines on May 2012, proposed, started working on my fiance visa and got married May 2013 in the US. And since then... I am the happiest.

I had never in my wildest dreams thought this wonderful thing could happen to me. This is indeed a miracle from the Lord. My most wonderful blessing of love.

Praying the Lord will continue to use your website as an instrument of His blessings. God bless all of you.

Beth-beth215 {Philippines} & Danny-flaguy804 (Florida} September 2013

[Editor's note: See also September 2012 testimonial for their engagement announcement.]

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 We started chatting on in March of 2010.  

A bride and groom nearly doubled over laughing while the bridal party joins poses and laughs too

Dorothy and Isaac married in May 2011 at a wonderful wedding with friends and family

A loving couple pose in sunglasses near the ocean

Dorothy and Isaac now have a one year old "Cafe Baby"!

My husband was in Colorado (originally from Ethiopia) and I was in Pennsylvania.

Made it all quite the challenge but we immediately felt a connection through our faith in God and other ways.

He flew out to visit me in June and we spent about a day and a half together and he asked me if I would officially be his girlfriend. I couldn't believe this was happening because I really didn't expect to meet anyone and was just weeks away from letting my account expire when he left a message in my inbox :)

We were back and forth flying to see each other about every 6 weeks, and then on October 31st I was out in CO to visit and he asked me to marry him. We knew God meant for us to be together and I said YES!

We were married the following May and have been living in CO. We had a wonderful wedding with friends and family. We just want to thank you for your site and for making it possible for us to meet. God was and is definitely in it still.

We are so happy and have a little one year old son now. Thanks to your site and to God for making this possible.

Dorothy-lovinlife656 {Pennsylvania} & Isaac-solidrock823 (Colorado} September 2013

 I was a member of for 3 months during Aug-October 2011,  

and during that time I met my husband (we got married as of August 3rd 2013!).

Jacqueline-j440 {England} & Sinisa-sinisa955 {Serbia} September 2013
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 My wife and I met on over 5 years ago.  

After joining for a trial period on I had not yet found a woman that I felt God had for me. I had seen my wife's profile and sent her a message. Her profile had touched me and my interest was perked. My wife was a paying member of

Two days before my trial was over I received a note from my wife that she had relations in the area. I asked her for a picture and sent her mine. When I received her picture I then asked her for her phone number and she shared it with me.

We met afterwards in a neutral town and we both began to feel we had met our match. Her relation in the area was my boss, imagine that!

We have been married now for 5 amazing blessed years. We are looking at the rest of our lives together being only better.

William-taskmanbill770 {Missouri} & Marilyn-jefma682 {Missouri} September 2013

 I met a sweet Dominican girl and we met on  

We have been chatting now for 6 months. I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic to an all inclusive hotel to meet her and do some diving, and Fanny came up to see me and spent a long weekend with me (different Rooms). The hotel is quite huge and the strange part is our rooms were 4 rooms from each other. What are the odds of that happening? Maybe God's will.

She drove in from Santiago earlier in the day to surprise me but I was on a dive excursion. I got back from a SCUBA diving (at the time she was to be there) I called her to let her know I just got back and I knocked on her door and I supposed she was the cutest gal I have ever seen! We hugged and sat and talked for about an hour, then went to dinner. We hit it off from day one.

The more we talked the more we became closer and closer. We took long walks on the beach (very cliche I know). By day 3 we were in the pool just talking and kissed for the first time. She drove me to her home town Santiago and I met her mother and brother and showed me her town, and her culture. We had a romantic dinner and talked for hours.

I never thought I would find anyone again. She has shown great character, and Christian morals and is very active in her church. Fanny will be coming up to meet my family in December for 2 weeks.

We are praying that this relationship will be God honoring and God's will that there will be a future together. We will give you an up date in December.

Steven-navy227 {Ohio} & Fanny {Dominican Republic} September 2013

[Editor's note: See March 2015 for their engagement announcement and September 2016 for their wedding update.]

 With the exception of needing a distance between 200 and 500 miles I LOVE your saved search features!!!  

Especially the coffee cup icon that shows up when someone in the Who's On or anywhere on the site 'matches' a saved search. AND you tell me WHICH saved search it is from...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

I love the options AND the ability to not select an option if it doesn't matter to me. OK, pat yourselves on the back for an all around good site (I've said this before but it bears repeating).

Great site - wish it was around when I was in my 40's and had known about it.

A Child of God-childofgod1961 {Minnesota} September 2013

 We met 5 years ago on the dating website  

In the midst of middle-aged, mid-west women offering me awkward-yet-thoughtful "you're handsome, good-luck in your search" messages, and for Shereen a surplus of elderly Norwegian men offering her their "you're pretty, maybe we can meet when I come to the US" messages, we still found each other.

Fast forward a few years to a rainy Saturday, some rain boots, and a committed photographer, our story became less paper-and-pencil, and more ink and printing press.

Read the full story, which was printed on, and see photos of the surprise proposal!

A couple in California September 2013
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