Christian Testimony - April 2014

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 I met a lady on your website a year ago and we got married on March 29th this year.  

A beautiful British Christian couple kiss lovingly in front of their wedding cake

Courtney and Gillian were married in March

We praise the Lord for his faithfulness and are glad for your website.

Courtney-smithereans118 {England} & Gillian-gilly145 {England} April 2014
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 Dear Sam, having grown up with you at church  

I've always thought that it was funny that I was a regular user of I've been on for years and have met some wonderful men through the site, but none has been quite so wonderful as a man named Stan whom I met through and married this past February!!

Stan is a widower who lost his wife of 30 years, a year and a half ago. He looked for sites that were owned and operated by Believers and he happily discovered

We are off to Israel in a few weeks for a late honeymoon and will then be back in Ottawa to celebrate our marriage. I see my marriage to Stan as an answer to prayers uttered many years ago for the young people of our church and see it as something worthy of much celebration.

I am so happy that I waited 42 years for the man of the Lord's choice.

Elizabeth-eljoy296 {Ontario} & Stan April 2014

 I want to thank you for what is the first good and Godly dating website I have encountered.  

Last year, I joined [another dating site], tried another one twice, plus 4 others. I had horrible experiences on all of them and got off within a few weeks or less as a result. I quit all dating websites for over six months, until one day this month, I had a tug at my heart, telling me to try to find a Christian one that was well-reviewed: I found you.

One of the things I have learned at this late stage in my life is much like "The Bachelor/Bachelorette": finding a mate shouldn't be about taking the first one to come along, but, like in finding a wife for Isaac, should be a carefully thought out and prayed about endeavor.

Jane-victoriamin516 {Minnesota} April 2014

 I met someone and we are going to meet in person soon.  

I thank you and I give all praise to God for what He has done through you and your team. I believe that I will have a success story for you.

Surrendra-pearlscale300 {Trinidad and Tobago} April 2014

 I was so thankful to be a part of your site!  

I liked your lay-out and the profile of the site! Good job!

Ingrid-jesusgirl926 {Norway} April 2014

 I won't be returning to ... because it worked!  

Thanks to your fantastic service, I met the most wonderful Christian man in 2013 and we plan to marry before the end of this year.

Catherine-catx527 {New South Wales, Australia} April 2014

 I am happy to share that I found my fiance on here April 2009  

We are getting married this year. Thanks so much providing for us the way to know and nurture our relationship since 2009.

Marielle-ayesha145 {Philippines} & Don-justaman179 {Illinois} April 2014
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