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 I cannot even imagine what I would have done all this time without the soul mate and helpmate that God intended for me.  

My wife and I met on ChristianCafe.com. We have had twelve years of absolute bliss. Thank you for your services.

Bob & Jodie {no locations listed} September 2014

 I married the woman I met on ChristianCafe.com.  

When I signed up over 2 years ago I talked to one woman only and we met shortly afterwards and we got married last February. Thank you.

Jeff-jlagin583 {Michigan} September 2014

 The reason I left ChristianCafe.com is that I found the love of my life on your site.  

Thank God for His bringing the two of us together in such a wonderful way. Also, thank you!

Bill-bill8921 {Michigan} September 2014

 I met someone on ChristianCafe.com and we are getting serious.  

One if my best friends that referred me to your site is getting married with a girl he met on ChristianCafe.com, too. You guys are doing a great job by connecting good Christian people together.

Jean-adado285 {Tennessee} September 2014

 Your site is much better than [another dating site].  

Marilyn-justdivine559 {New York} September 2014

 Remove my account. Thanks to God, I have found a match!  

Gary-donjerri479 {Connecticut} September 2014
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