Christian Testimony - January 2015

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 We are happy with God's blessing to us!  

Devout Christian singles now married and standing together outdoors in cool weather on their wedding day

Our wedding day, December 20, 2014

I want to thank for introducing myself to the most precious man I ever met in my entire life and who now is my husband.

I am from Brazil and he from the US. We met each other on in August 2013 and our wedding was on December 20, 2014.

May God continue bless this your ministry! Thanks a lot!

Meire-christy863 {Brazil} January 2015

 On the other side of the world  

A beautiful Asian bride leans back and laughs heartily at a funny joke her husband made

We were married on November 8, 2014

Bride and groom stand in between beautiful bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen

Our wedding party

I had been a member of on several occasions. I enjoyed talking to people on there and I am still friends with some of them. is a great place to meet fellow Christians, but you must on the alert for scams. I had my share of those too.

I met Joecelyn in July 2013. She was in Singapore at the time working. Her contract was coming to an end and she was moving back to The Philippines. We managed to stay in contact from time to time. I decided to go and see her in January 2014.

To make a long story short, we got married on November 8, 2014. I can honestly say that she is more than I could have ever hoped for. I never thought I would find the love of my life on the other side of the world. God truly used to bring us together.

We are now in the ministry together and it is great having someone by my side who loves serving Christ. We just want to say thank you to everyone at

Pastor Dwain-skrtangle451 {Alabama} & Joecelyn-peacemakerjj372 {Singapore/Philippines} January 2015

 I met the love of my life on  

A former single man from Ontario looks full of joy seated next to his beautiful new bride

Robert and Janice married in June 2013

Thank you so much for helping my wife and I meet. We used your website to communicate in June 2012 and were married in June 2013. We want to thank you for providing your service.

Robert-guyseventyone185 {Ontario} & Janice January 2015
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 I want other people to be blessed even as I was.  

I found someone through your site, and clearly the time has come for she and I to give it a go. I wouldn't have met Dina any other way. I'm 43, so you can imagine how I'm just so thankful to find someone like her.

Matthias-warmsocks545 {Ohio} & Dina-dina943 {Ontario} January 2015

 We've been married for a year now!  

Thanks for your service!

Richard-roeboat934 {Kansas} January 2015

 We appreciate your service in connecting people who would otherwise not meet!  

We are enjoying the Christian fellowship!! Thank you so much.

Cathy-samiam967 {Alabama} & Paul-supermannot406 {Texas} January 2015
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